Inagua In Good Hands

Local News Item 1
Inagua, the southernmost Island of The Bahamas, renowned for its abundance of wild life and Salt ponds, is in good hands. This was the verdict of Pastor Danhugh Gordon as he visited the Island recently. He recognized good stewardship among the church members, security force and citizens in general as a tell tale sign for diligence and continued development.

Pastor Danhugh Gordon, non-resident Pastor for the Matthew Town SDA church, paid his first visit for 2013 on the weekend of January 25. As always, he was impressed by the slowed pace and warm disposition of the residents who on the surface seem to enjoy a stress-free existence. The tidy group of faithful members shared multiple worship sessions over the weekend including Holy Communion. There was much enthusiasm expressed at expanding the reach and influence of the Adventist church on that island.

Pastor Gordon and his wife Patrice, shared in a brief devotional exercise with the local security officers at the Mathew Town Police Station. this, before the law enforcers embarked on the activities of the day which included overseeing the voting for the referendum. Pastor Gordon was impressed by the warm welcome he received and intends to make this a regular activity.

He noted, with tender admiration, the humane side of the policemen and their dedication to the preservation of the uniqueness of Inagua. In what may seem to be an insignificant gesture, the local policemen rescued and continue to care for a lone foal (baby donkey) on the premise of the station. Two years ago, Robert, as he is affectionately called, wandered onto the compound one night and has never left. The wise man Solomon writes in Proverbs 12:10 “A righteous man cares for the needs of his animal…”

The Bible has more to say of faithfulness in small things being a pre-requisite for larger responsibilities and of such we must not take this act of kindness for granted.

Order, cleanliness, kindness and yes donkeys are still the hallmark of the beautiful and tranquil Island of Inauga thanks to those who live and lead there. Indeed, Inagua is in good hands.
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