Vernal T. Rolle - 2013 Laity Awardee

localnewsrolle14567In recognition of the year of the, The Northern Caribbean (NCU) Board on the nomination of the administration of South Bahamas Conference awarded Elder Vernel Rolle for outstanding service in the field of Lay Evangelism. The 2013 Laity Award recognizes the valuable services of laypersons within the field of Atlantic Caribbean Union (ATCU) and Jamaica Union (JAMU) in support of the World Church’s Year of the Laity.

To be eligible for the award the awardee must:

- fulfill his calling from God by living his life in service to others
- model servant –leadership both in the context of his life and his ministry
- advocate Christian Education and
- strive to promote Christian dignity

This award was presented at the 2013 Baccalaureate Service on Saturday August 10.

Vernal Theophilus Rolle, Sr. was born on February 23rd, 1942, in the settlement of High Rock, South Andros Island in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. on September, 10th, 1963 he was baptized into the SDA Church by Silas N. McKinney, former Union President and subsequently became a member of the Grants Town SDA Church.

Elder Rolle's evangelistic efforts began in 1976 and after just three years, his outstanding performance qualified him to attend the Festival of the Laity (held in Barbados) as the champion Lay- Bible worker of the Bahamas Conference with over 100 souls baptized as a result of his lay efforts. From 1976-2013, Elder Rolle's baptismal Record confirms that well over nine hundred and fifty-five (955) souls were baptized into God's Remnant Church. Elder Rolle was instrumental in establishing two (2) Churches in the Bahamas, namely The Real Harvest and High Rock SDA Churches. He also was a charter member to establish the Bethany SDA Church and served as the Church’s first Head Elder and Personal Ministries Director.  As a Bible-worker in Crusades with Evangelist Peter Joseph held in Jamaica Elder Rolle has been a favored worker. To God be all the Glory" is his consistent exclamation regarding the accomplishments. Elder Rolle is married to Maxine Rolle (deceased) and they have 5 sons and 1 daughter.

South Bahamas Conference congratulates Elder Rolle for his sterling service to God’s work in our region and abroad.
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