Then Came The Morning

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Nassau, 18 March, 2014. For four days this Easter, The South Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists will present Then Came the Morning, a dramatic musical set in the shadow of Golgotha in the hours following the execution of Jesus Christ.

Combining narrative monologues, vocals, live music, video and choreography, the production delivers a multisensory display of the extraordinary events of Good Friday by presenting the story of Christ’s passion and crucifixion through the eyes of those who knew and loved Him best.

“Because Then Came the Morning opens after the death of Jesus, we don’t actually witness the spectacle of Christ’s torture or see Him portrayed hanging on a cross,” said the production’s Writer and Director Melanie Hutcheson. “What we focus on instead is a series of firsthand accounts of those chaotic hours, each full of emotion and punctuated with music and choreography in order to demonstrate the impact of Jesus’ sacrifice on His loved ones and other witnesses to His execution. We hope that by experiencing their grief and observing the change that comes over each of them, this sacrifice will become real to the audience and cause them to draw closer to Him – either for the first time or as a return to faith.”

All the key characters, including Jesus’ mother, disciples and friends, are intimately characterised and invite the audience to share in the range of their emotions, from the grief, guilt, doubt and despair of His crucifixion to the joy and surprise of its startling aftermath – the morning of His resurrection.

“The South Bahamas Conference is pleased to be a part of Then Came the Morning and to be working with the young writers, chorographers, dramatists, musicians and singers who are using artistic expression to bring an awareness of the healing power of Jesus Christ,” said conference Fundraising and Special Projects Coordinator Patrice Williams-Gordon. “The production was conceived as an evangelistic tool to reach the community through Christian drama and adds yet another bold and distinctive dimension to the church’s mission to tell people from all walks of life about the unconditional love of Jesus. Wherever your spiritual journey has taken you, this drama will be meaningful for you.”

Then Came the Morning will debut at the Dundas Centre for the Performing Arts and has a scheduled run of April 16th, 17th, 18th and 20th at 7:00 PM. For more information, visit or email

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