Pastors & Elders Conclave

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On Sabbath afternoon January 5th the President of the South Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventist invited the 28 Pastors from the 45 churches through the conference to assemble for a time of confession and introspection.

The New Year 2013, presents an untraveled road of which we know not what lies ahead. As we embarked on this journey, the conclave was considered pivotal to the success of our Pastors and Elders in ministry as they continue to provide leadership to the Adventist churches.

The Pastors were directed to the prophet Joel and his directives to “Cry aloud and weep between the porch and the alter”. It was a moving scene as each Pastor was encircled by his Elders and prayers for his consecration and empowerment were offered. In turn the pastor prayed for each elder individually.

The charge from President Scavella, Conference President, echoed the theme of the Conference for this year, “Double Your Portion”. He challenged the listeners to heed Joel’s advice to “bring our grain and drink offerings”, which signifies our need to die to self in order to grow. He further underscored the fact that we can only accomplish the double portion if we are covered with the Blood of Jesus.

Pastors and Elders alike left renewed and committed to the work of ministry. The follow-up meeting will take place in April where the Elders and Pastors will again assemble for a one-day bonding event to begin the second quarter.

Article By: Pastor Paul A. Scavella
President, South Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventist
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