Bahamas Academy Boys Celebrate Their Mothers

It was a perfect day. Not a cloud could be seen for miles in the sky as visibility was flawless. Cool breeze kissed the cheeks of our student population. Excitement was at its peak. The occasion: Our annual Mother and Son’s Luncheon. February, the month of love, was the perfect setting for such an occasion at Bahamas Academy Elementary School.

Boys casually dressed for the event waited with bated breath for the arrival of their mothers. With the speed of “Lightening Bolt” as the boys spied their moms they ran eagerly to embrace them. They then royally escorted them to the reception area where pictures were taken to commemorate this grand occasion.

Mrs. Elmore Jacques, the Vice Principal of the Elementary School, beamed with pride and pleasure as she welcomed the mothers. She reminisced briefly about the fathers and Daughter’s Luncheon, which was held during the first term of the school year. Following this she offered the opening prayer for the occasion and the blessing of the food.

The mothers had anticipated that the day was going to be special, but they totally underestimated the ambiance and hospitality they received. The maitre’d and his team of waitresses and servers, so spectacularly dressed, catered to the whims and fancies of their special guests. The vegetarian cuisine was attractive, healthy and very tasty. It was prepared by the famous Bahamas Academy Catering Services headed by Executive chef, Mrs. Brenda Scott and her team. It was indeed a banquet made in heaven.

The entertainment was top notch, as items of special music were rendered by a few of the song birds of the school: Ms. Alison Sawyer and Nadia King, followed by a Boyz-2-Men trio from the Secondary division. We could not close this session without a special word to the mothers. This was eloquently done by Ms. Carol Jackman, a grade six teacher from the Elementary Division, as she recited a poem of dedication to Mothers.

The program came to an end as Mr. Nelson Bain thanked the mothers for attending. They had helped to make the occasion a most memorable one with their presence. He sang a love song on behalf of the boys as they hugged and kissed their mothers on both cheeks.

Article By: Nelson Bain

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