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Each Morning when the sun rises my greatest joy and comfort is in knowing that my life is hidden in Christ.  This fact assures me that whatever the challenges that might come, there is maximum support from the ultimate source of hope and comfort namely Jesus Christ.

More often than not, at the office, or over the phone, and just in meeting with people by the way, the reality is that so many folk are without this God joy.

At the same time when one reflects on world events, like the posturing of North Korea's new Leader and his efforts to create fear in the hearts of nations around the world,  the terrorist bombs at the Boston marathon disrupting  the lives of so many, and other timely world event's, and yet much closer to home,  nightly murders or shootings one humanness would tend to be fearful.

At the hospital this past Monday in the emergency room, as I visited a member, I looked on the faces of the scores of people there and what I saw was fear and uncertainty.

However I am reminded of the words of scripture which says "Great peace have they which love thy Law and nothing shall offend them".    Psalm 119:165

Each and every day my goal is to love Christ perfectly as I rest all my cares upon Him.   

Today you have a choice, to have this perfect joy, or live with intense restlessness. Choose you this day!

Let me invite you, the reader to day, If there is a restlessness in your heart, to consider the Love of God and a full surrender to His love. It comes with peace, joy, and happiness in the package.

The free spirit, and lasciviousness that prevails our nation is a direct fulfilment of Bible prophecy which states that men will be lovers of self more than lovers of God.

I can assure you today, the emptiness you sense right now is erased simply by saying yes to an intimate relationship with Christ. 

On the other hand if you have joy, real joy, wonderful joy it is directly related to an intimate relationship with Christ.

If you would like further study and counselling re a walk with Christ give us a call at 341-4021, or email and I would be delighted to provide a support group for your spiritual growth and development.

Also the first 25 persons who call will receive a free DVD gift from Path to Life Ministries when you make contact.

Additionally 88.3 FM is the only seventh-day Adventist operated radio station in the Bahamas that will assist in this process as we uplift Christ to the nation everyday 24/7.  Tune in and be blessed.

May I suggest that you visit any one of our 46 churches in our conference scattered throughout the Islands of the Bahamas and experience the freedom of a joyful walk with Christ.  

Article By: Paul A Scavella
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