Toward A Disciplined Society

Why is society seemingly out of control? Could it be that the fabric of civil governance is indiscriminately losing its thread count? The incidents of curt remarks to those in authority and the laissez faire (let them do as they please) approach to life seem to be the order of the day. The gradual demise of self-control has eaten at the very ingredient that so strongly guided a once principled nation. No wonder the decadence that pervades our society has resulted in subversive activities that threaten our welfare and that of so many in and out of our circle. Are we heading for trouble? Can our children survive in an arena of unwelcomed chaos and anarchy? I wish not to paint a picture of gloom, but if we do not put some austere measures in place, we are inadvertently satisfied with an indiscipline society.

All is not lost. However, our efforts of redemption must be intentional. We can no longer deem society as “a hopeless case” but instead employ principles of order and control in our little spheres. We can eradicate the mounting cases of traffic bullying, student bullying, cyber bullying and other negatives that emanate from the perspective of sheer negligence of the stakeholders. We can no longer feel comfortable in “our space”. Yes, like Jabez, (cf. I Chronicles 4:10) we need to ask the Lord to enlarge our territory. What does this include? We should establish a process toward a disciplined nation. This begins at home. When the home fails, the church and school must make the difference; hard though it may be. Yes, it is an uphill battle when listless parents relegate their children to the whims and fancies of happenstance.

We must bear in mind, that though many look to government to fix their problems; it is not the panacea for our ills. One thing that remains constant despite the change of governments is “us”. The government agencies are inadequate to handle the mounting cases of neglect and abandonment of our youth. Each citizen can become a powerful agent in the execution of goodwill by harnessing the shrubs of indiscipline that sprout in our own backyards. These unruly growths exist to make life painful. We must not get weary in well doing. Yes, it is a mammoth task but if each one ploughs at his own furrow then move over to assist his neighbour, what a beautiful garden we will harvest? Then we can share the fruits of our labour! Let us tackle a little each day, in our homes, at the food store – wherever we go. Just be consistent. Make a difference in our Bahamaland as we move toward a disciplined society.

Article By: Joan Scavella,
Education Director, SBC

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