Friendship Week - November 19-25. 2011

Theme: “Be a Friend. Make a Friend”

  • Friendship Saturday – November 19 - Emphasis in churches. Repeat Friendship Pledge. Sing Friendship Anthem (Music Attached)
  • Friendship Sunday – November 20 – Emphasis in churches
  • National Friendship Day – Wednesday, November 23 – parade of Civic Ceremony with the Governor General. From Rawson Square (10 a.m.) to Southern Recreation Grounds.
  • Friendship/friendliness every day in every institution, businesses, school, home.
Friendship Week and National Friendship Day is coming. Make sure your church or institution is a part of Friendship Week.

Pastors and school principles, note carefully the Friendship Pledge and Anthem on the website

The Friendship Pledge

Driven by the spirit of friendship for my family, neighborhood and country,
I pledge:

My out stretched hands to serve and protect you
My attentive ears to care and listen to you
My winsome smiles to cheer and warm you
My rightly spoken words to inform and guide you
My time, efforts and motives to do to you as I would have you do to me;
So together, under God we remain one people, UNITED.

Written by Patrice Williams-Gordon
Member of the National Friendship Committee (c) 2011

The Bahamas Friendship Anthem

Friendship Cords
Lyrics and Music by Marguerite Samuel (c) 2011

Let all the nation join us in love and friendship chords,
For each of us was given a life to share his love.
Be kind to those who do you wrong, and smile to cheer their day.
This simple act of grace will change the pattern of disgrace.

We cannot let our quarrels and preconceived ideas,
Erase divine compassion, benevolence and grace.
For in our sin God ransomed us, defeated every grave.
But if we love beyond ourselves, our problems He will take.

When someone seems too angry and their frustration stings,
Make sure to think beyond their present so distinct.
Reach out to them; don't mind the sting, for God's love conquers all.
Your kind embrace will melt disdain on our Bahamian shores.
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