Your Child's Best Friend

We have often heard it said that children live what they learn. If this is the case, then we ought to make every effort to model positive character traits before our children. By and large Adventist Education has tried to follow this counsel.

With this in mind, discipline comes to the forefront. There is a need for us as parents, teachers and adults in general to be consistent, decisive and respectful of our children as persons. We need to be reality disciplinarians. This is not to say that we have to be serious, steel-faced and no fun to be around.
On the contrary, we ought to use guidance rather than force, be action oriented and not just satisfied to use words. We must hold our children accountable for their actions. We must help them to become mature, responsible and successful in life.

Ellen G. White admonishes us that, "Higher than the highest human thought can reach is God's ideal for His children, Godliness, Godlikeness is the goal to be reached." Education, p. 18.

Sometimes our most powerful ally is natural or logical consequences. For example, "If you don't complete your chores, you won't be able to attend the class party".

Dr. Kevin Leman in his book, Making Children Mind Without Losing Yours, gives nine ways to be your child's best friend:
- Be sure that the discipline fits the infraction.
- Never beat or bully your child into submission.
- Use action oriented methods whenever possible.
- Always try to be consistent.
- Emphasize order and the need for order.
- Always require your child to be accountable and responsible for his or her own actions.
- Always communicate to your child that he or she is good even though the behavior may have been irresponsible.
- Always give your child choices that reinforce cooperation but not competition.
- If spanking is necessary, it should be done when you are in control of your emotions.

Let us remember to pray for our teachers, parents and students that God's ideal will be realized in each heart as we seek to do His will. Always remember that only what is done for Christ will last.

Article By: Anthony Burrows
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