Outdoor Sabbath Inspires & Revives

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Living Faith Seventh-day Adventist Church first outdoor Sabbath was truly “inspiring, refreshing, and reviving,” according to many who attended. Under the theme, “Communing and Fellowshipping with God through Nature,” the Living Faith Church spent the entire Sabbath day at the Bahamas Youth Camp, Gladstone Road, Nassau, on Sabbath, November 10, 2012. It was a dress-down Sabbath when members left the four walls of the traditional church setting, and clad in casual attire, spent time in nature closer to God and to each other.

It was truly a time for spiritual renewal, fellowship, and fun. Under partly cloudy skies, with a pinch of sunlight now and then, the temperature remained comfortably cool (75 to 80 degrees) the entire day. The members’ responses were remarkably encouraging. This is how some expressed their feelings about the day:

“We need to do this again and again.”
“This has been the best thing Living Faith has ever done.”
“This has revived my spirit.”
“This was a wonderful, refreshing Sabbath.”

Pastor Keith A. Albury, Publishing director of the South Bahamas Conference, conducted the morning devotion. Using Jesus’ miracle of turning the water into wine, he reminded the congregation about the place of miracles in the believer’s life. Pauline McBean coordinated the Sabbath School from 10:15 to 11:30 a.m. Stephen McBean, first elder, led an invigorating and provocative adult lesson discussion. The Youth and Children’s Sabbath Schools were held in the cafeteria and chapel, respectively. It was gratifying to see the enthusiastic response of the youth and children.

The church pastor, Barrington H. Brennen, led divine worship which began at 11:45 a.m. The entire family of believers got together under a tent 30 feet by 60 feet long. Chairs, arranged in a semicircle, allowed for great participation and involvement. At a special time during the divine worship, the Pastor asked the congregants to move from under the tent in groups of twos or threes and spend five minutes in nature praying and observing their surroundings. When they returned, many came with a piece of plant, shrub, or object and shared the Biblical principle associated with the object. Perhaps the best part of worship was the spirit-filled singing Tamika Roberts, Hubert Williams, Bridgette Barrett, and Janice Gibson led the congregation.

After a sumptuous lunch and a resting period, the adults enjoyed a nature walk while the children participated in a special meeting in the chapel. After the walk, Pastor Kenny Deveaux, the Family Ministries Director, led out in a vibrant, interactive discussion on communication and its various components.

Then, it was time to end the Sabbath with a short vesper brought by the pastor. Everyone joined hands in a circle to sing “Side by Side We Stand” and vesper ended with prayer. For the next three hours, the more than 200 participants joined around the small camp fire to roast corns, veggie hot dogs, and marshmallows and eat watermelon. It was certainly a joy to see everyone jostling to get his/her corn roasted.

After a long day, the crowd fizzled away and the night ended just before 9 p.m. We praise God for the untiring work of Barbara Dorsett, Vesta Williams, Ruth Johnson, Novelette Duncombe, and the many others who assisted in cooking, serving, and cleaning up. Let’s have more outdoor Sabbaths!

Article By: Barrington Brennen
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