Maxine Rolle Sleeps… Her Life Still Speaks

Maxine Francita Rolle, wife of Elder Vernal Rolle Sr. for fifty years, was laid to rest on March 10, 2013 after a spectacular display of admiration and celebration for one who was special to many. What could be said of this magnificent woman? Words fail to capture such a profound, majestic gem whose voice was soft and comforting, whose heart was compassionate and filled with unspeakable love for her God, her family, friends, and her fellow man.

An exemplary Bahamian woman, Maxine was born on January 19, 1943 in the picturesque settlement of Smith's Hill, South Andros. Who knew that this beautiful baby girl would grow up to marry the very dashing young Vernal Rolle and this union would produce five debonair princes, and one beautiful princess. Together they offered dedicated service to the nation for twelve years, travelling across many family islands as keepers of the lighthouse stations. Her attention to civic pride and service was riveted in all her children who reciprocated her fine example as outstanding civil servants to our nation.

Sister Rolle’s commitment to mankind was second only to her unswerving dedication to her God. She believed in fellowship and regularly attended and participated in her church right to the very end. Her work for the Lord saw her travelling to several other countries impacting other cultures and touching many lives. However, her premier missionary post was her family. Along with her husband they reared their children in the fear and admonition of the Lord ensuring that they accompanied them to church each and every Sabbath. As testimony to a job well done, all her children boast membership in the Seventh-day Adventist church family in which they grew up and are presently serving the church and the community.

What a legacy she has left! Maxine was a woman filled with grace and keen wisdom and she was indeed connected to the True Vine, Jesus Christ who was the source of her strength. She believed in and relied on her Saviour and taught her children and grandchildren to do the same. Sister Rolle was a humble lady who never rejected a hug which was always accompanied by a shy but sweet and endearing smile. A kind word and or warm advice were the order of the day for those persons who came in contact with her. She was a wonderful and devoted wife, mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, a melodious singer and accompanied her energetic husband whenever and wherever.

A beautiful rose that caught the light of the sun, whose lovely petals were kissed with such gentle tenderness that from its essence poured joy. Though this rose, this light is now faded from this life, we hope to one day in the kingdom made new, gaze upon that exquisite blossom, Maxine Francita Rolle. Sister Maxine Rolle captivated the hearts and touched many lives and will be missed immensely by everyone who knew and loved her dearly.

She remains in the hearts of those who appreciated her until on that great getting up day when we will hear her sing, see her smile and rejoice in the fulfillment of her faith.
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