Year Of The Pastor Award 2015

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Northern Caribbean University
2015 Pastorof the Year Award Criteria & Evaluation

Purpose of Award

This award is designed to recognize and reward the valuable services of our ministers of religion within the fields of the Jamaica Union (JAMU) and the Atlantic Caribbean Union (ATCU), in support of the General Conference’s Year of the Pastor initiative. This award is not limited to age, gender or tenure in the field or profession.
Award Criteria
Awards will be granted to one pastor from each Conference/Mission based upon the weights assigned to the following criteria:
1. Advocates Christian education and encourages members of his/her district to attend our Adventist schools/ colleges/universities. 10 points
2. Fulfils his/her calling from God by living his/her life in service to others. 8 points
3. Models servant-leadership both in the context of his/her life and ministry. 6 points
4. Gives credible witness to the truth in both speech and action. 4 points
5. Strives to promote Christian dignity in all spheres of his/her ministry. 2 points

Total Points 30 points
Nomination Process
A nomination for the Pastor of the Year Award should be submitted to the Honours, Awards & Recognition Committee (HARC) of Northern Caribbean University (NCU). Once a nomination is approved by the HARC, it will be submitted to the President’s Cabinet and then to the Board of Governors for approval.
The following guidelines are to be observed:
Nominee – an active ordained minister of religion, approved by the administration of the respective field within ATCU & JAMU. Nominator – any member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in good and regular standing. Kindly submit the following with your completed nomination form:
_Letter from nominator – outlining personal knowledge of the nominee’s work and ministry in his/her field, and/or public or volunteer service.
_Nomination Summary – 50 words or less, summarizing the nominee’s accomplishments.
_Biographical Information – to include nominee’s address, date of birth, education, employment history, public and/or volunteer service.

Date for Submission – on or before Friday, February 27, 2015. Christ-centredness Affirmation Respect Excellence Stewardship
Submit to – the Honours, Awards and Recognition Committee, Office of the Provost, Northern Caribbean University, Mandeville, Manchester, Jamaica, W.I.
Selection Procedures
The Honours, Awards & Recognition Committee will process all applications meeting the guidelines outlined above. Individuals selected for the award will be notified directly or via their respective conferences/missions.
Presentation Procedures
When the University Board has approved the awardee, a letter from the President will inform the awardee of his or her selection. This award will be presented on the Main Campus of the university in Mandeville, Manchester, Jamaica during the 2015 Baccalaureate Service on Sabbath, August 8, 2015.
Disclaimer: Northern Caribbean University will not be responsible for paying any expense related to the nominees’ attendance at the Awards Service.

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