Oh Hush

Have you ever been to Worship and the saints with which you sit seem to insight an unholy chastisement from you? I was visiting on of the more traditional churches on the Island where worship takes on a somber and conventional mood. The hymns were beautiful and, as a worshipper, you were careful not to smile too wide least it be misconstrued as a frivolous grin. The organ and piano left no room for you to miss the percussion instruments and the deaconesses in full white waited on your incidental need for assistance.

My mother was visiting and I was more than pleased to know that her need for conventional worship would certainly be met. Then I heard a mutter and noticed a visitor, obviously so by his casual dress, speaking animatedly to his neighbours, also visitors. When the chatter continued for more than a few sentences, I flashed a disapproving glance. I hoped my mother would not have noticed, spoiling my bid for a perfect worship experience.

But it continued, stopping only for singing and the responsive reading of the scriptures. As the speaker begun the sermon so the chatting continued. What was even more disconcerting was that the man was doing all the talking and the others just seemed to be facilitating his incessant chatter. The more animated the preacher got the more so he became. My body language was sure now louder than his gab as I was incensed with holy indignation. How irreverent could one get?

As the sermon came to a close the pastor acknowledged the guests visiting from Brazil and hoped they too received a blessing. That is when it dawned on me…the target of my fury, that ‘chatting visitor’, was actually interpreting all this time. I need not mention how embarrassed I was at my intolerance of this worshipper who was using his gift of tongues to bless others. Without his aid the visitors would not have understood a word of that beautiful English sermon.

Am I alone in my impatience with other gifts when I cannot see the big picture?
God has plans for each of us and it is not always his wish to reveal the whole picture to each of us. Let us be patient with each other knowing that God has given us all different talents and in time He will reveal the working of all things together for good. The Brazilian guests sure got the blessing I missed but I learnt a great lesson. - Patrice Williams-Gordon
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