Grant's Town Womens' Ministry

Grant's Town Womens' Ministry

On Saturday February 21th, 2015, The Women’s Ministries Department of the Grant’s Town Church hosted a program under the theme “Heart Smart” in keeping with Heart month.
The focus was on keeping our hearts healthy physically and spiritually and the ladies were all dressed in reds and pinks representing the colors of the heart.
The Women’s Ministries Director of the South Bahamas Conference, Sis. Jacqueline Gibson gave us the Charge on how to keep our spiritual hearts healthy and Dr. Dionne Dames-Rahming enlightened the women of the importance of keeping our physical hearts healthy.
All refreshments served focused on heart related healthy food – Fruits, Nuts and Grains, fresh fruit juices.
To God Be the Glory for the Women’s Ministries Department of the Grants Town Church.




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