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Prayer Prayer in a school setting often looks like an exercise in foolishness. But that’s faith. Faith is the willingness to look foolish.  Elijah looked foolish by calling upon the name of God to burn the offering after he said three times, “Fill four jars with water and pour it on the burnt offering and on the wood”    

Prayer in a school setting often looks like an exercise in foolishness. But that’s faith. Faith is the willingness to look foolish.       

   Elijah looked foolish by calling upon the name of God to burn the offering after he said three times, “Fill four jars with water and pour it on the burnt offering and on the wood”; but the result speaks for itself. Not only did God answer Elijah's prayer but the Bible says, ‘when all the people saw it, they fell on their faces and said, “The Lord, He is God.”’ 1Kgs.18:20-40

   At Bahamas Academy school, throughout the day we call upon the name of God through prayer. One of the most encouraging promises in all the Bible ensures us, "Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in the time of need" (Heb. 4:16). This promise makes plain the fact that God has appointed a way by which we are to obtain mercy and grace, and that way is prayer.

   A day of prayer is a necessity and an experience which plays a vital role in the spiritual well-being of both students and staff at the school. It is fascinating to hear great testimonies of what the Lord has done in the lives of many students. The whole school is engaged during chapel and in the classroom. They are able to confess and cry out to God for the Holy Spirit and sing praises to Him for His goodness and leading. It has always been a transformational experience.

   Ellen G. White posits, “Prayer Keeps us in God's Power — (MYP. 248.) 

This is a fact, for the greatest chapters in the life of the school could only happen because of earnest prayer.

   Sometimes we neglect what’s more essential—sufficient quiet time with God in prayer. Hence, we cheat ourselves out of the richest experiences God has to offer. A day of prayer encourages students to begin their prayer adventure and to help them set their priorities through the aid of the Holy Spirit.

   Our goal from the Chaplaincy Services Department of Bahamas Academy is to facilitate an atmosphere where the students can see Jesus and feel free to cast all their burdens, anxieties and fears at the cross; for burdens are lifted at Calvary.

“Cast your burden on the Lord...He shall sustain you”. – Ps. 55:22 

   Our main objective will remain to spend quality and intimate time with God. For David encouraged us in this when he said, "Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart." (Ps.37:4 KJV)

   Jesus is coming again. Through Prayer we are alerted with a clear spirit of discernment of the signs of the time that is going on right before our eyes. We are all challenged to begin living a life of prayer, and to stay in readiness for Christ’ soon coming.

March 13, 2019 will be recognized as a Day of Prayer in our Seventh-day Adventist Educational Institutions around the world.

Johny Davilmar, Chaplain, Bahamas Academy.




Meistersingers Director – Mr. Antoine Bowe

South Bahamas Conference Music Committee

  • Annette Dorsett - Chairperson
  • Antoin Bowe
  • Harold Dorsett Sr.
  • Latoya Burrows 
  • Wayne Curtis            
  • Ashley Knowles    
  • Dale Mcphee    
  • Carol Thompson        
  • Colyn Major        
  • Raymond Antonio       
  • Nelson Bain                
  • Carl Johnson    
  • Addley Cadet          

Children & Adolescent Ministries Assistant Director:  Cindy Stuart


Television Coordinator: Harold Dorsett II

Pastor Leonardo Rahming, Executive Secretary


2: International Women’s Day of Prayer
9: Convention to the Family Islands

10: YWOP Preacher’s Training - SBC Office Board Room
13: Day of Prayer for Educational Institutions
16: Global Youth/Children’s Day
16: GC Global Youth Day¨ Adopt a Prisoner, a Patient an Orphan Joint Youth Rally – Edmund Moxey Park
17-22: GC #YWOP (Youth Week of Prayer Local Churches) Visiting College Students
23: Adventist Education Emphasis Day
23: GC Youth Homecoming Day & Youth Baptismal Sabbath
24: Communication Leaders/Media Teams Training
24-29: Uchee Pines Wellness Seminar, Seale Alabama
28: SBC Executive Committee Meeting
30: Stewardship Emphasis Day





2019 Reaping Campaigns in ATCU

The prayer focus of The Atlantic Caribbean Union (ATCU) for the week, March 10 – March 16, 2019 is: Blessings on Wives.



ASI FAIR:   The ASI Fair will be held on Sunday March 31, 2019 from 11a.m - 5p.m at Windsor Park. To be a vendor at this event, please contact Elder Ian Greene, ASI President at 556-0492 or Ms. Shandera Smith, Executive Secretary at 428-4251.

IAD - ASI CONVENTION:  The ASI Convention for the Inter-American Division will take place on August 21 - 24, 2019 at the Atlantis, Paradise Island. Save the date and plan to be there. -Ms. Shandera Smith, Executive Secretary, A.S.I.                                



   A Combined Children’s Choir practice will be held on Friday March 15, 2019 at 7:15p.m. at the Hillview preparation for the Global Youth & Children’s Day rally where this group will be singing. All children participating on the program for the rally should also be present.

Please note: On this day all children will wear the Global Children’s Day shirts in royal blue as recommended by the General Conference on Global Youth & Children’s Day. These shirts will be worn throughout the year for all outreach events (local and conference). Shirts can be ordered through your local CHAM Leaders.

Lavern Sturrup, CHAM Director.



A training session will be held on the Easy Worship software on Sunday March 24, 2019 at the Message of Hope Church from 9:30a.m -12noon. Instruction will be given on software installation, operation, troubleshooting, etc. Two persons from each church are asked to attend.

Lavern Sturrup, Communications Director.



Sabbath School teachers training will be held on March 29 & 30, 2019, 6pm-8pm & 4pm -7pm respectively.  All unit teachers are expected to be present and on time. –Pastor Leonardo Rahming, Sabbath School Director



First Quarter (January - March)

“WE” (Women Empowerment) - at a glance:

March, 2019

  • 16 – Women’s Ministries Prison Visit
  • 24 – Berea GEMS Vision Board Meet & Greet
  • 29 – Hillview Women’s Ministries “God’s Daughters Embrace”- Long Island Weekend Retreat
  • 30 - “God in Shoes” - Zone 1 Community Outreach - Geriatric Hospital at 4-6pm

DONATION REQUEST:   Used, But In Good Condition Devotionals.  Kindly donate them to your local Women’s Ministries Leader for distribution during our community out-reach projects this year.

 Jacqueline Gibson, Women’s Ministries Director.



Grow: to become larger or greater over a period of time. Glow: to shine with or as if with an intense heat. Go: to move from one place to another
   On Sunday February 24, the South Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists held a relaunch event for the GEMS - Girls Empowered for Ministry and Service. The invigorating affair was held at the Sybil Blyden Hall at Stapleton School and reinforced the GEMS theme of 2019: Grow, Glow, Go!

The hall was completely transformed with an eclectic arrangement of pink and purple balloons, boards, and pictures from past GEMS events. As the young ladies entered, they all received a specially made name tag, complete with a gem embellishment. While waiting for everyone to arrive, the adult GEMS coordinators snapped photos of the gorgeous gems posing behind a creatively crafted selfie square. Furthermore, uplifting, upbeat music complemented the lively ambience while the girls greeted each other and found a seat.

   The first item on the program was an interactive one. The young ladies had to find a person they didn’t know and to introduce themselves. After everyone had been acquainted, a video by Evin Musgrove, a GEM of the Centerville church, was played. Evin is a YouTuber attending Andrew’s University who ensures to use her platform to spread the Word of God. In the video shared at the event, Evin describes five ways she keeps close to God. Despite a few technical difficulties regarding sound, Evin’s captivating personality kept the girls enraptured, and they listened attentively to the video. Following this, a GEM of the Ephesus Church, Mahlia Neely, shared a presentation on her community service experiences. Mahlia is the founding president of an organization called Uniforms for All. This is a uniform recycling project that elicits the public to donated gentle used uniforms, then redistributes the uniforms to those in need. This past year, the organization successfully distributed over 600 pieces of uniforms!

These two presentations showed the other young gems the possibilities that exist for them to pursue and left them inspired to make their own marks in terms of their personal and outreach ministries.  Following this, the girls filled out commitment cards in which they declared how they plan to grow, glow, and go for and with God this year.

 The program concluded on an awesome note as everyone sang the popular song “This Little Light of Mine”, swaying to the beat with the flashlight setting of their phones on.
Many gems left with goodies because, throughout the afternoon, prizes were given out to the participants who answered questions or shared their ministries.

The coordinators accommodated the meat-eating, vegetarian, and vegan young ladies with walking tacos, cake, and lemonade - pink lemonade, of course. So, the gems were able to eat, mingle, and tac-o-bout (talk about) the upcoming GEMS events, which include volunteering at the Children’s Emergency Hostel and hosting sessions at the Elizabeth Estates Home. 

Mahlia Neely, GEMS Writer



ADVENTIST MEN & BOYS MEET & GREET:  On Sunday, March 31, 2019 all men are invited to a breakfast Meet and Greet at 6a.m. Venue: South Bahamas Conference Camp Grounds under the theme: “Men United in Christ”. Plans will also be discussed for the department. --Elder Curtis Bryan, Men’s Ministries Coordinator.



Let’s Talk Radical Recovery - Rise Above Divorce In Confidence & Love.
 A 10-week program to provide support for healing and transformation for women who are separated, divorced, or going through a divorce. Wholeness, healing, strength, and courage are waiting for you.
 For further information on registration WhatsApp 824-1564 or email [email protected]


GEORGIA-CUMBERLAND ACADEMY CAMERATA VISITS:   On April 16 – 24, 2019 this group from one of our Adventist institutions in Georgia will be travelling to Nassau for a mission trip. They will also be ministering through music during this time. Annette Dorsett, Music Coordinator.



Upcoming Events

Get Ready as the Children and Adolescent Ministries Department Joins Us in Being the Hands and Feet of Jesus in Our Communities.

The MARCH ROUTE is as Follows:

Beginning at Old BA *West onto Wulff Road,  South on Palm Beach St *West on Balfour Ave *Cross East St onto Balfour Ave West, North to K D Josey Ave *West on Poinciana Ave *South on Market St *West on Coconut Grove Ave *Onto Baillou Hill Rd North, Ending at Edmund Moxey Park

We assemble at the former Bahamas Academy, Wulff Rd. at 3:00p.m and the March will leave at 3:30p.m sharp.

 ATTIRE: All youth and persons on the parade must be in the royal blue Global Youth Day shirts or the royal blue ‘Be The Sermon’ shirts ONLY. All others will not be permitted on parade as we seek to follow Risk Management guidelines. --Mr. Patrick Wilson Jr., Assistant Youth  Director   


Public Campus Ministry Youth Congress Panama 2019:  The Inter-American Division PCM Youth Congress will be July 18-22, 2019 in Panama. Expected delegates will be college/university students and professors from across the conference. Tentative total cost per delegate is $312.00 USD + airfare. The criteria for selection will be published soon

Pastor Jamal Franklyn, Youth Director.


At Bahamas Academy, the month of March will be our Anti-bullying Campaign. We will have a special Chapel on Wednesday March 27, 2019 @ 9:00 a.m. and culminate the month with a Color Run on Sunday March 31, 2019 @ 6:30 a.m. Leaving from the school grounds on Marshall Road to the Golden Gates Shopping Center and returning to the school grounds. We are inviting everyone to show your support  for our school and the Anti-bullying events planned for the month of March.

Nadia Rodriquez, Special Services.


Please Email Weekly Announcements by Tuesday @ 1pm to: [email protected]

Conference website:

Telephone: 242-341-4021


March 16, 2019 AT 7:16 P.M.