A Taste of Convention 2019—Cat Island

A Taste of San Salvador, South and North Andros in Photos Below

Cat Island, the beautiful Bahamian island located 138 miles South West of the island of New Providence, hosted Convention 2019.  The two churches on the island came together on the weekend, March 8 to 10, 2019, for inspirational and informative meetings conducted by leaders from Nassau: Pastor Alvarico Moss, Curtis Bryan, Men’s Ministry Director of the Conference and Kimberly Bryan, chief financial officer of the conference.

“Christ Our Only Hope” the theme for the Conference was the theme for the weekend.   The visiting team touched down on the island of Cat Island on Friday afternoon ready to proclaim the good news of salvation and encourage the members and friends of the Seventh-day Adventist community to continue working and winning souls for the kingdom as we await the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Note that Cat Island, the native home of actor Sir Sidney Poitier, is 48 miles long and has a population of more than 1600.   It is a quite and unspoiled island in The Bahamas.    The two Adventist Churches on the island are 40 miles apart (one in the North and the other in the South).  On Friday evening March 8th, the bus began picking up members from the Orange Creek Inn in the North and drove into Devils Point for the vesper service. Elders Norman Seymour and George Williams led in a lively song service during the more than one-hour bus ride, that when the bus arrived at the church every member on it was ready for the preaching.

The thought was brought by Curtis Bryan and the members were encouraged to “Be a Servant”. He reminded that God equips us with talents (Ephesians 4, 1 Corinthians 12), and empowers us with the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:8). On the ride back the singing got even sweeter that upon arrival at the Orange Creek Inn, we were still singing.

On Sabbath bright and early, church members and visitors gathered at the Seaview Adventist Church in Bennett’s Harbour in the North.  The day started with Sabbath School led by Desa Bodie and Curtis Bryan with a most vibrant review of the Three Angels’ Messages of Revelation 14:6-12. Mrs. Kimberly Bryan brought greetings on behalf of the administration and thanked the people of the district for their support of Pastor Moss, their faithfulness to the church and pledged the support of the administration working alongside all of its Family Island Churches, with Cat Island being no exception. She reminded that the Devil’s Point new sanctuary was on the list of Family Island Churches for assistance and that administration will see the project through to completion.

The sermon for Divine was brought by Pastor Alvarico Moss. Again, members and visitors were encouraged to “Hold On”. As this was Pastor Moss’ final sermon as Pastor of the Cat Island District, he told his friends there he did not want to say goodbye, but he was certain he’d see this island again as pastor, so continue to work for the Lord.

During the weekend the singing musicians were Nydia Dawne Forbes, Anastacia Miller and the Convention Choir conducted, by Curtis Bryan.  After the Sabbath service delicious meal was provided for everyone.

In the afternoon the team from Nassau enjoyed a nature walk up Mount Alvernia, the highest elevation (206 feet) in the entire Bahamas.  It was breath-taking and beautiful.  According to Wikipedia  "It was named Mount Alvernia by Monsignor John Hawes, a Roman Catholic priest. It is said to be reminiscent of La Verna, the hill in Tuscany that was given to St. Francis of Assisi as a place where he could peacefully contemplate, and is reportedly where Assisi received the Wounds of the Cross." (Photo on the left)

The Cat Island district, led by Pastor Alvarico Moss; local leaders, Anthon Miller, Norman Seymour, George Williams, Eugene Marcellus, Willard Cleare, Rudolph Hart, their families and all of the members of the Cat Island District of churches, must be congratulated and thanked for their continued support of the as it grows. We wish to encourage the district to have the faith of Jesus as admonished in the Sabbath Lesson Study in Revelation 14:12.

  • South Andros – Pastor Leonardo Rahming (Five Churches-Joint at Macedonia Church)
  • North Andros – Pastors Jamal Franklyn and C Melvin Lewis (Three Churches--Joint at Lowe Sound Church)
  • San Salvador – Michael Toote Jr. & Nathelyn Lacroix (One Church--Cockburn Town)
  • Cat Island – Kimberley and Curtis Bryan, and Okell Damastus (Two Churches--Joint at Devil's Point Friday and Joint at Seaview on Sabbath)
  • Exuma – Pastor. T. Basil and Lavern Sturrup (Two Churches--Joint at Mouth Thompson)
  • Crooked Island & Acklins – Pastor Nikita Thompson (Landrail Point)
  • Eleuthera – Pastor Peter Joseph (Five Churches --Joint at  . . .
  • Inagua – Anthony Burrows and Winston Ash (One Church--Matthew Town)
  • Mayaguana – Pastor Kenny Deveaux and Darlene Deveaux (One Church)
  • Long Island – Pastor Valentino Campbell  (Two Churches . . . )




With Pastor C. Melvin Lewis


With Pastor Leonardo Rahming

South Andros Convention 2019 was a smashing success. We started off on Friday night with a powerful message entitled "Christ In You."  Sabbath Morning Pastor Kareem Black led out in the Study of the Bible lesson and the Sabbath School was conducted by Shantel Miller.

During Divine Service hour Pastor Leonardo Rahming, Executive Secretary of the South Bahamas Conference spoke on the topic "Be Transformed" from Romans 12:1-2.

In the afternoon he gave a seminar entitled "Everybody Ought To Know" and the day concluded with a grand family Social. On Sunday Morning we had two seminars.  One with the elders of the South Andros & Mangrove Cay District and then one with the Leaders from throughout the District. The pastor, officers, and members all left feeling encouraged, motivated and energized to continue working for the Lord.


Conference president, Kenny Deveaux, standing with local leaders in Mayaguana