ASI Convention 2019 Photos

Adventist Services and Industries (ASI) Convention in The Bahamas, October 21 to 24, 2019 at Atlantis, Paradise Island, Nassau, The Bahamas

"Talking and living the church’s mission is never far from a Seventh-day Adventist gathering. It was not the exception for the more than 300 Adventist laypeople, church leaders, and government officials who met on the opening session of the Inter-American Division (IAD) Adventist-laymen Services and Industries (ASi) convention in Nassau, The Bahamas, on August 21. The annual event, taking place this year at the Atlantis Convention Center under the theme “Reviving the Spirit of Service,” drew Adventist professionals, entrepreneurs, and others in ministry to worship, network, get training, and gain inspiration to better share Christ in the marketplace. . ." Adventist Review 

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Starting the service

Below: Dinning Room

The Atlantic Caribbean Union ASI Coordinator, Pastor C. Melvin Lewis in photo below

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