COVID19 - Tips for Boosting the Immune System

Exercise regularly. The more physically fit that you are, the more likely you can prevent the development of an infection.

Eat an immune-promoting diet. Consume foods with lots of antioxidants (fruits and vegetables), and avoid excess sugars, fats, and highly processed foods.

Maintain optimum vitamin D levels. Through daily sunshine exposure and Vitamin D3 supplementation.

Fresh Air. Keep windows open with a constant flow of fresh air through your home or workspace and spend much time outdoors in your yard.

Take daily contrast showers. Take daily contrast showers. With your shower, alternate between hot and cold, beginning with hot and ending with cold. It is important to note: If you have heart disease, are elderly, or have balance issues, do not use this.

Rest. Those who are well rested are better able to fight or resist infections. Sleep deprivation causes immune suppression. So, get to bed early and rest at least 7-9 hours each night.

Drink freely of water.

Maintain a good attitude. Thoughts, whether positive or negative have direct effects on our immune system. Those who are happy, joyful, confident, loving, compassionate, etc. are better able to resist infection than those who are depressed, insecure, suffering from guilt, revengeful, and self-focused. Therefore, a strong relationship with God and trust in His love has a significant impact upon immune function and susceptibility to infection.

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