People to People Ten Island-Wide Evangelistic Series  August 10 to 17, 2019.  People to People are ten evangelist series to conducted at ten Adventist Churches on the island of New Providence, The Bahamas.  There will guest speakers from the Caribbean for each site.  

Sites For Reviving The Spirit Of Service Campaign August 10-17, 2019: It’s time to revive the spirit of service. Get involved at your site. The method is PEOPLE TO PEOPLE. Jesus said go into all the world. People reaching people.  

Here are the ten sites

  1. Centreville and New Haven
  2. Peardale, Ephesus, Agape, Message of Hope
  3. La Senda de la Vida
  4. New Englerston and Living Faith
  5. Grant’s Town and Johnson Park
  6. New Providence and Real Harvest
  7. Maranatha, Philadelphia and Redemption
  8. Bethel, Francophone, Ebenezer
  9. Hillview, Bethany, Adelaide, Gambier
  10. Good News, Berea, Breath of Life

Standby for more information