What I Like About Teenagers 

By Barrington H. Brennen

Far too many of us only think negatively about teenagers.  Truthfully, teenagers have many positive attributes.  It is important we start thinking more positively about our teenagers and cease condemning and criticizing them. 

These two Ellen G. White's statements about teens are powerful:  “The Lord has appointed the youth to be his helping hand.”—Testimonies for the Church 7:64.   “With such an army of workers as our youth, rightly trained, might furnish, how soon the message of a crucified, risen, and soon-coming Saviour might be carried to the whole world!”—“Education,” page 271.


Teens Are . . .

ADVENTUROUS:  They are willing to undertake or seek out new and daring enterprises.  They are risk takers.

BOLD: Similar to adventurous, but also means confident and courageous

BRILLIANT:  Teens are exceptionally clever and talented.  They can wonderful unbelievable things.

CREATIVE:   Teens are have great imagination and original thinking. If you want a novel and fresh idea, as a teenager.

NAIVE: This is a very important attribute.  Teens lack of experiences and exposure in life gives them an advantage to face the unthinkable.

INDEPENDENT:  Many have difficulty accepting that during the teenage years they only need distant supervision and not hands-on supervision.  They are highly independent and if respected rightly, they will develop into productive adults.

SPIRITUAL: They are sincerely seeking for a higher power outside of themselves to add meaning to their lives.  Christian teenagers can be deeply spiritual and connected to God.  Their spiritual commitment surpasses those of adults.

Let's respect our teenagers

Beatitudes to Teenagers

Written by Barrington H. Brennen in 1983 while serving as a pastor on Crooked Island, The Bahamas. Updated in 2019.

Blessed are the teenagers who never confuses love with lust.

Blessed are the teenagers who develop self control over their desires

Blessed are the teenagers who prefer a few years on loneliness, than a whole life of misery.

Blessed are the teenagers who develop their bodies physically for it pleases God

Blessed are the teenagers who study their lessons well so they may develop intellectually

Blessed are the teenagers who refuse all forms of illegal drugs, liquor and tobacco, for they are not good for the mind.

Blessed are the teenagers who love and honor their parents, for they will live long

Blessed are the teenagers who respect their teachers for they will be greatly honored.

Blessed are the teenagers who treat others as they treat themselves for it is good in God’s sight.

Blessed are the teenagers who do not cheat or lie in school or at home for they will grow as children of God.

Blessed are the teenagers who do not let smart phones and other electronic devices dictate to their behavior so they will create a healthy mind and body.

Blessed are the teenagers who gives their hearts to Jesus when they are young for when they are old they will receive rich reward.

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