Youth To The 10th Power


August 9 – 22, 2015

Youth to the 10
th power or Y10 encompasses the idea of a youth spending 10 extraordinary days with Christ and experiencing power magnified to the 10th power. Y10 hopes to help youth see that worship cannot be manufactured for them but they must allow worship to happen personally despite the external or internal factors. Worship must begin at a young age when strength, creativity and vitality are at an all time high. It incorporates the theme of WE WILL RISE. We will rise to the 10th power in 10 days of intense prayer, Bible study, and service.
Target Audience
We aim to reach the following audiences;
     Dormant Adventist Youth
     Youth not in a saving relationship with Christ (on the outside)
     Youth in an active saving relationship with Christ
The H.D. Colburn Gymnatorium is the proposed site. This is a central location and will allow for more space for the exhibits we hope to host each evening.
Aims of Y10

Through Y10, we aim at mobilizing dormant young people in the church to actively work for Christ. These are youth who grow up in the church but take the back seat either because they feel they have nothing to contribute or they are simply not interested.  We intend for youth to understand that evangelism is creative and they are to use their own talents and gifts to spread the Gospel. When they are actively on the field working, they will be pushed to seek a deeper relationship with Christ. They will personally see their own need for them to be filled so that they can pour into others.
Through Y10, we aim to show youth on the outside that life is better in Christ and a part of his fold. He offers all that they desire but on a deep and eternal level. We aim to show Christ through loving them, having Bible studies and praying with them. To reach this target audience, we will also be reaching out to non-Adventist singing groups.
Through Y10, we aim to show youth that their relationship with Christ must not remain stagnant. It can grow everyday and grow to the tenth power. Even though they are actively involved in the church and serving Christ, they must not neglect their relationship
How is Y10 unique?
The following aspects will be implemented and these will make
Y10 unique. Firstly, each person in attendance will have a work book which contains information for each day. The work books will contain power points to remember, questions to ponder, scriptures to memorize, and so much more. We plan to have organizations from the community to set up an exhibit. Each evening, a particular organization will be featured. the exhibit will be open for an hour leading up to the program. Off nights will be designated as Community Power nights. There will be activities taking place that will be open to the community and in which everyone can participate. The program will be creative, participants will be trained, and the speakers will be filled with the Holy Spirit to deliver the Word. This is an experience that no one can afford to miss.

The speakers are two young, and dynamic ministers. Manasseh Simms is an intern at the South Bahamas Conference and Newton Joseph is going into his Sophomore year at Northern Caribbean University in Mandeville, Jamaica. Stay tuned for a full biography on both of our speakers.

You are invited! You cannot miss this experience and you are encouraged to not come alone. Bring someone along who needs to deepen their experience with Christ. This is your opportunity to have your life changed as we are empowered to the tenth power.

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