John & Evelyna Musgrove

In her magazine, Oprah writes a column, ‘What I know for sure’. Borrowing that thought, I know for sure that my parents are still in love after 50 years. How do I know? Well you only have to watch them! See the way they smile at each other, walk and sit close to each other. Every morning Dad dares not leave the house without mom’s goodbye kiss. He gets home as early as he can and mom has dinner waiting when he arrives. They do almost everything together and except for childbirth and one time when Dad had a short stay in hospital, they have never slept apart. They’ll both tell you, “I married my best friend and I’d do it again in a heartbeat.”

Their story began a long time ago. Dad says, “Since I was about 8 years old, I prayed to God for a wife that I could live peacefully and happily with. He gave me your mother.” Mom says, “Chile, I know your daddy from I had sense” – typical of her sense of humor. She refers to the fact that their families knew each since they were children. Read More...