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Bahamas Academy Receives Donation For School Band

A brand new school building in a century old system of education! What could be missing in this equation? Could it be a swimming pool? Or is it solar panels? What could make this school different in its offerings of over 100 years?

Bahamas Academy encourages the harmonious development of the whole person by offering options in all areas of the faculties, yet has decided to move from good to great in the area of music. It has been the dream of all stakeholders of Bahamas Academy is to have a fully complemented school band.

With the employment of a band teacher in August 2013, the school now has a fledgling band. Students with and without musical abilities have gravitated toward the efforts of investing in instruments. This dream has been unfolding since the principal, Mr. Burrows procured a few instruments and accompanying effects. Just when the school band was planning to perform at its official opening in November 2013, a philanthropist, from Reiss Engineering Limited, Mr. Bill Taylor made a generous contribution to further mature that ongoing project.

The school is grateful to Reiss Engineering Limited for this injection of goodwill and extension of faith in the success of the music programme at Bahamas Academy. We will now move from good to great because they cared enough to make our dream a reality!


Reassuring Your Gift

So here’s what I want you to do, God helping you: Take your everyday, ordinary life—your sleeping, eating, going-to-work, and walking-around life—and place it before God as an offering. Embracing what God does for you is the best thing you can do for him. Don’t become so well-adjusted to your culture that you fit into it without even thinking. Instead, fix your attention on God. You’ll be changed from the inside out. Readily recognize what he wants from you, and quickly respond to it. Unlike the culture around you, always dragging you down to its level of immaturity, God brings the best out of you, develops well-formed maturity in you. Rom. 2:1-2 (Message)

As I sat along the artistically chiseled rocks of the Inagua Island, All my senses savored the awe of nature. The tranquility of being surrounded by the mighty blue ocean with the sounds of water tumbling over rocks, rushing into cracks then splashing against the narrow shore line was simply captivating. The last rays of the sunny cast an impressive silhouette against the clouds that threatened rain and I thought, “What beauty!”.

In the distance, not far across the water, I could see the heads of mountains that belonged to another land where the concept of freedom and equality was starkly different from mine. The people of that nation saw the same sunset, heard the same ocean, felt the same balmy breeze but had a different rhythm in their heart. The unfairness of it all distracted my evening’s meditation. However greater disturbance was yet to come as the Holy Spirit impressed me with a new thought: “You don’t have to cross the ocean to sense this pitiful contrast. There are many persons on the same land on which you sit that have not the sense of freedom and beauty you now discern.”

It got even worst as I considered that just moments before I too, a few steps away from this altar of inspiration, was locked in a room surrendered to the redundant information on TV and the Internet. I too was oblivious to the beauty that surrounded me. It’s a choice one makes everyday. Though we breathe the same air, serve the same God, sing the same hymns, our experience of freedom in Christ is so vastly different. The extent to which we are free is the extent to which we choose to be free.

So as I tasted the saline splashes of the ocean on my face, I prayed a simple prayer; “ God give me the consciousness of my need to choose and the wisdom to choose aright. May I choose praise over pity. I want to always choose contentment over covetousness. Help me to see challenges as the fitting room for triumph and disappointment as the waiting room for my glorious destiny. - Patrice Williams-Gordon

Breath Of Life Member Gives To Children

Ali McIntosh Children Charities (AMCC) will warm the hearts of thousands of Bahamian children this year with their gifts of brand new shoes, care packages, book packages and rice & soy meals. Almost four thousand (4000 lbs) pounds of humanitarian items was imported into the country this past week, to help brighten the faces of many children during the holidays. With the help of their U.S. ministry partner One Hope One Life and its president Pastor Frank Schindler of Dallas Texas, the gifts were arranged and sent to The Bahamas.

The shipment which left the warehouse in Cincinnati Ohio since October 29th, took exactly one month to arrive in the possession of Ali McIntosh Children’s Charities. The items were as follows:

A) Fifteen hundred pairs of new shoes for children
B) Thirteen hundred pounds of rice and soy meal packages
C) More than a thousand care packages that include shampoo, body wash, toothbrush and toothpastes, lotions, and other hygiene items
D) More than a thousand book & pencil packages

The shipment of shoes will help support the ‘Shoes for Tots’ program, which was started three years ago. The program has expanded each year, with Ali McIntosh Children Charities receiving an additional 500 shoes each year to distribute. In the past, the shoes were given to children in New Providence, Grand Bahama, Abaco and Exuma. However, this year, the reach will be expanded to children in Andros, Eleuthera and Cat Island.

In addition to the community organizations that will receive donations, the children at all government children homes will receive shoes, care packages and books packages. This year, the young girls at the Willamae Pratt Centre for Girls will also be receiving care packages.

Re-visioning of Youth Ministries

“We have an army of youth today who can do much if they are properly directed and encouraged. We want our children to believe the truth. We want them to be blessed of God. We want them to act a part in well-organized plans for helping other youth. Let all be so trained that they may rightly represent the truth, giving them reason of the hope that is within them, and honouring God in any branch of the work where they are qualified to labor.” (General Conference Bulletin, January 29, 30, 1893, p. 24)

Youth ministry is not something that exists alongside the ministry of the church. It is an integral part of the church and its ministry. Its philosophy is based on the same foundational principles that undergird the ministry of the whole church.

There are four independent forces that have sustained the life of the early church and continue to provide motivation for the growth of the church today and these are as follows:


Today, this youth blog has been launched to engage you the youth in an open dialogue about the “Re-visioning of Youth Ministries” and what can we do to “Rebuild Youth Ministries.” It also offers news and resources about the youth at South Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

Health & Lifestyle Training Program

Health Flyer 2013

The New Bahamas Academy Officially Opens For Services

Article By: Patrice Williams-Gordon
Special Events Co-ordinator, SBC


Sunday November 17, 2013 marked the official opening of the new facilities that houses the one hundred year old educational institution, Bahamas Academy group of School. With much pump and pageantry the friends and well-wishers of the school gathered to mark the momentous occasion. The ten million dollar facility was officially declared opened by the Honourable Jerome K. Fitzgerald Minister of Education, Science and Technology of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas who represented the Rt. Hon. Perry G. Christie, the Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. President of Northern Caribbean University, Dr. Trevor Gardener, delivered the keynote address while the oldest living alumni, Mrs. Elizabeth Moses, executed the ceremonial cutting of the ribbon. Special tributes were made to Dr. Leonard Johnson, former board chairman, and Mr. Winston Ash for their outstanding contributions to the actualization of this reality.


Bethany's Family Ministreis Enrichment Weekend

Bethany Family Life Weekend

Nostalgic Chapel Exercise: For Bahamas Academy Centennial Celebrations

Article By: Patrice Williams-Gordon
Special Events Co-ordinator, SBC


In tribute to the way things use to be, the faculty, staff and students of the Bahamas Academy group of schools successfully recreated the aura and attitude of ‘chapel’, from back in the day.

As a part of the weeklong centennial anniversary celebrations, current students and guests were treated to a full reenactment of the ceremonial ‘chapel session’. The weekly Wednesday morning assembly of students, though still a cooperate worship and inspirational session for the entire school body, has relinquished a few of the hallmark actives such as flag raising and inspection.

The entire group of schools, from the Early Learning Center through to the high school, stood on parade in the school’s courtyard. Arranged in classes and led by the grade’s teacher, all students were physically inspected and infractions to cleanliness and uniform guidelines were noted. Then to further model to the student body the way things use to be, former school administrators Mrs. Hermia Brown and Dr. John Carey, escorted by Inspector Skippings, conducted inspection on a select group of alumni. It was both nostalgic and amusing to see former students again dressed in their school uniforms and subjected to the rigors of a formal inspection. Dr. Carey and Mrs. Brown punctuated the entertaining procedure with detailed remarks, dismissals and even caning of ‘delinquent students’. The laughter of the students’ as they observed the proceedings was indicative of their fascination at seeing tables turned when some of their own teachers, role playing as naughty students, were punished.

In fine military precision, complete with national anthem and pledge, the flag raising exercise was executed by student color guards.
Poetic and dramatic reflections were artistically presented by Mrs. Juliet Sands Mrs. Marissa Cleare-Wilson and Ms. Tamika Mamby. Harmonious and celestial music was provided by the newly formed school band along with the school choir, groups and soloists.

The guest speaker was the illustrious alumnus, Mr. Colin Major who motivated the teachers, student, administrators, parents and alumni to continue the tradition of Bahamas Academy from ‘Good to Great’. He highlighted the merits of a positive attitude, an open mind, motivation, high goals, persistence and good work ethics in making this possible.

Principal Burrows publicly expressed appreciation to Mrs Marie Rolle Smith for her sterling service for the past thirty-two years and wished her success as she leaves the school.

Among the special guest was accomplished musician Mrs. Audery Dean-Wright who has prepared for release during this celebration a musical collection on CD entitled Ivories in Meditation.

Her love for the piano and hymn arrangement are evidenced in this collection of ten compositions, two of which are her original pieces. This product is an expression of gratitude to her Alma Mater.

Centennial celebrations continue on Thursday, November 14, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. Centennial Gala at the Sheraton Hotel on Cable Beach under the patronage of Dr. Hugh A. Roach and Dr. Cheryl R. Rolle with reception starting at 7:00 p.m. & dinner at 8:00 p.m .The ten-million dollar facility will be opened by Rt. Hon. Perry G. Christie, Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas On Sunday November 17.


The Book of Romans

Sunday, November 10, 2013 at 7:00pm The Gambier and Agape Churches will join forces to continue its assault on the Kingdom of Darkness as Pastor T. Basil Sturrup present the light of God's word under the caption "The Gospel According To The Book Of Romans."

This series of sermons is designed to strengthen, enlighten, and provide the steps needed for listeners to apply the Word of God to their daily lives. Come, bring a friend, and participate in this spiritual summit which promises to be an unforgettable walk through the Book of Romans.

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Revealing His Grace In Prophecy 2013


SBC Welcomes New Interns

Elders Manasseh Simms and Alvarico Moss were warmly received into the service of pastoral ministry by Pastors Paul Scavella and Peter Joseph, President and Executive Secretary of the South Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, respectively. Others ministers of the gospel joined them in the reception on Monday, October 7, 2013 at the Conference Headquarters on Tonique Williams–Darling Highway.

Both interns, who obtained Bachelor of Arts degrees in Religion, are recent graduates of Northern Caribbean University (NCU). Elder Simms has been assigned to the Iglesia Adventista del Septimo Dia La Senda De La Vida ( The Path to Life Seventh-day Adventist Church) while Elder Moss is assigned to the Bethany Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Pastor Paul Scavella presented two manuals on Intern Development to the young interns and wished them God’s blessings.
Northern Caribbean University is a private, liberal-arts institution owned and operated by the Jamaica Union Conference (JAMU) and the Atlantic Caribbean Union Mission (ATCU) of Seventh-day Adventists, and is located in Jamaica. Currently the university offers graduate and post-graduate programmes in the sciences, religion, business and education in a spiritually wholesome and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere.

14 Elders Participated in Historic Baptism

In this the year of the Laity 21 precious souls were baptized by fifteen elders on Sabbath September 28, 2013.

Pastor Paul Scavella worshipped at the Bethany Seventh-day Adventist church, where Elder Harvey Braithwaite delivered the Word and two of the three precious souls he worked with were baptized by himself.

Other elders who baptized were:

Todd Beneby: Centreville
Yvon Cherenfant: Centreville
Harrison Moxey: Centreville
David Knowles: Centreville
Freeman Duncanson: Centreville
Oral Gibson: Centreville
Marva Farquharson: Message of Hope
Patrick Sands: Redemption
Ivan Rolle: Mt. Thompson
Leon Mars: Berea
Christopher Stuart: Grants Town
Louis Sama Louis: Ebenezer
Eugene Antoine: Francophone

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SBC Prepares To Host ATCU Annual Women's Ministries Retreat

Under the theme “That I May Share Him,” the women of the Atlantic Caribbean Union are excitedly making last minute preparations for what promises to be an unforgettable Women’s Ministries Retreat. Beginning September 20, 2013 at the Sheraton Hotel Cable Beach Nassau Bahamas, women from The Cayman Islands, Turks and Cacaos Islands and the Bahamas will assemble for their annual retreat.

The Guest Speaker is Heather-Dawn Small who currently serves as world leader of Women’s Ministries for Seventh-day Adventists. As she travels the world, she has three passions-to see more women involved in evangelism, to encourage women to be involved in ministry to others, and to share the joy that God has given her in spite of life's many challenges. Of great concern to her are the millions of women across the world who are victims of violence. The End It Now Campaign is one program she zealously promotes to address this concern. The main goal of the campaign is to raise awareness and to educate the church and the community about the problem of violence against women.

The weekend promises to provide a safe place for healing, understanding and growth with much opportunity for prayer and fellowship. Mrs. Denise Johnson, Director for Women’s Ministries for Atlantic Caribbean Union is ecstatic at the overwhelming support of this year’s host field, the South Bahamas Conference Women’s Ministries Department lead by of Donnalee Bowe. The Presence of the Lord is anticipated to change lives and restore hope.

SBC Launches 40 Days Fasting and Prayer

South Bahamas Conference launched 40 days of fasting and prayer on Wednesday September 4, 2013 at the Hill View SDA church. Hundreds of members and friends converged on the hilltop to worship, praise and pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Choirs from across the Island led a soul stirring praise service, which preceded an interactive exercise on the Privilege of Prayer. Solemn reminders from Dr. Leonard Johnson, President of Atlantic Caribbean Union, and a compelling testimony from Bro. Stanley North, deepened the listeners resolve to strengthen their relationship with Christ through quality time in prayer and reading the Word of God.

Drawing on the sterling example of boy king Josiah, Pastor Paul Scavalla, President of South Bahamas Conference, presented important steps to turning a nation back to God. Pastor Peter Joseph, Prayer Coordinator and executive Secretary outline the intent of the initiative and invited participants to identify activities in their lives from which they need to fast so as to intensify the prayer experience throughout the next forty days.

Each day has been assigned a special emphasis the details of which can be fond on the Conference’s website by clicking this link. During these forty days, joint noonday services will be held every Tuesday at the Centerville SDA Church and at 6 am on Sunday mornings at the Living Faith SDA Church. All are invited.


Vernal T. Rolle - 2013 Laity Awardee

localnewsrolle14567In recognition of the year of the, The Northern Caribbean (NCU) Board on the nomination of the administration of South Bahamas Conference awarded Elder Vernel Rolle for outstanding service in the field of Lay Evangelism. The 2013 Laity Award recognizes the valuable services of laypersons within the field of Atlantic Caribbean Union (ATCU) and Jamaica Union (JAMU) in support of the World Church’s Year of the Laity.

To be eligible for the award the awardee must:

- fulfill his calling from God by living his life in service to others
- model servant –leadership both in the context of his life and his ministry
- advocate Christian Education and
- strive to promote Christian dignity

This award was presented at the 2013 Baccalaureate Service on Saturday August 10.

Vernal Theophilus Rolle, Sr. was born on February 23rd, 1942, in the settlement of High Rock, South Andros Island in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. on September, 10th, 1963 he was baptized into the SDA Church by Silas N. McKinney, former Union President and subsequently became a member of the Grants Town SDA Church.

Elder Rolle's evangelistic efforts began in 1976 and after just three years, his outstanding performance qualified him to attend the Festival of the Laity (held in Barbados) as the champion Lay- Bible worker of the Bahamas Conference with over 100 souls baptized as a result of his lay efforts. From 1976-2013, Elder Rolle's baptismal Record confirms that well over nine hundred and fifty-five (955) souls were baptized into God's Remnant Church. Elder Rolle was instrumental in establishing two (2) Churches in the Bahamas, namely The Real Harvest and High Rock SDA Churches. He also was a charter member to establish the Bethany SDA Church and served as the Church’s first Head Elder and Personal Ministries Director.  As a Bible-worker in Crusades with Evangelist Peter Joseph held in Jamaica Elder Rolle has been a favored worker. To God be all the Glory" is his consistent exclamation regarding the accomplishments. Elder Rolle is married to Maxine Rolle (deceased) and they have 5 sons and 1 daughter.

South Bahamas Conference congratulates Elder Rolle for his sterling service to God’s work in our region and abroad.

Bahamas Academy Centennial Gala!

On behalf of the Chairman of Bahamas Academy School Board, Pastor Paul A. Scavella, we wish to officially announce the event of the century: Bahamas Academy Centennial Gala to be held on Thursday, 14th November 2013 at the Sheraton Hotel, Cable Beach.

Persons appointed to serve on the BA Centennial Gala Planning Committee are as follows:

Valderine Heastie (Chairperson), Anthony Burrows, T. Milton Lewis, Todd Beneby, Gayle Farquharson, Dwain Wallace, Stephanie Hutcheson, Allerine Damastus, Pandora Moxey.

This event will be one of the highlights during the week of Celebrations leading up to the official opening of Bahamas Academy at its new campus on Marshall Road. The Committee will keep you posted on plans and will be reaching out to you for support to make this event a memorable success.

It will be the Centennial Homecoming of BA Alumni and Friends and you want to be there.

Thank you for your anticipated support. Save the date!

Joan Scavella (Mrs.)
Director of Education
South Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

Grant's Tows SDA Launches Series

Grant’s Town Seventh-day Adventist Church, Wellington Street, hosted scores of parents and children from the Bain and Grant’s Town Community at its inaugural Community Parenting Workshop held at the church on Saturday, August 3 at 2:00 pm. In attendance to bring remarks to parents was The Hon. Dr. Bernard J. Nottage - Minister of National Security and M.P. Bain and Grant’s Town. Also in attendance to bring brief remarks were Pastor, Dr. Leonard Johnson - President, Atlantic Caribbean Union, Pastor Paul Scavella - President, South Bahamas Conference, Pastor Peter Joseph - Executive Secretary, South Bahamas Conference of S.D.A and Senior Pastor of Grant’s Town, S.D.A., Pastor Kenny Deveaux - Family Life Stewardship and Trust Director, South Bahamas Conference of S.D.A. Acting Deputy Commissioner, Leon Eddison Bethel was the Keynote Speaker and addressed parents on the topic ‘A Parent’s Role in Making Your Community a Safer Place’

The series of ongoing FREE parenting workshops is designed to educate parents with children ages 0 -17 about their role and responsibilities and equip them with the resources to develop more effective parenting skills that will engender the desired attitudes and moral behaviors in children to become good moral citizens of The Bahamas. The series will cover a wide array of topics to include Parenting Roles/Responsibilities, Parent/Child Relationships, Love & Discipline, Health & Nutrition, Emotional Security, Conflict Resolution, Child Abuse, Family Planning, Domestic Violence, Peer Pressure, Self Esteem, Single Parenting, Communication, Education, Teenage Pregnancy, Safety, Stress, Spiritual & Moral Values, Behavior Management, Alcohol & Drug Addition, to name a few.

Close to 200 parents from the community attended the workshop while approximately 80 children, accompanying their parents, were entertained with bible stories and skits hosted by the young adult and teenage Pathfinder Club members of the church. A ‘Needs Assessment Survey’ was conducted as part of the workshop to assess the needs and concerns of these parents. The survey results will be used to identify additional resources to meet some of the needs of the community and as a guide for future planning of these workshops, including the development of other outreach initiatives. Immediately following the workshop, parents and other invited guest were provided with a hot meal and each parent went away with a bag of grocery items. As parents returned to their respective corners and shared their experience with neighbors, between 30 – 40 new parents dropped by to collect grocery items and register for future workshops.

This programme came as an inspiration to Grant’s Town member Wendy Butler who envisions the church playing a significant role in the solution to the unprecedented levels of crime and other social ills that continue to threaten the social fabric of our once peaceful nation. The overarching goal of these workshops is to build meaningful long-term relationships with the community that will bring about healing and social change. Organizers of the event included Peter & Wendy Butler, Stephen & Alfreda Knowles (Family Ministry Leaders), Moses & Anniemae Armbrister , Dawn Albury-Gaitor, Chilean Burrows, Aniska Barnett, Joann Lewis, Sandrena Benjamin, Harold & Carol Dorsette, Linda Hepburn, Antoinette Darling, Alexandria Scott, Obed Datus, Corey Wallace, Oneil Green, Horatio Sullivan, Ricardo Reid, Mark Brown, Pastor Peter Joseph, Elder Christopher Stewart and Inspector Chrislyn Skippings. Special thanks to our donors South Bahamas Conference, D’Albenas Agency, Xtra Value Food Store, Blue Hill Meat Mart, Thompson’s Trading, Super Value Food Stores, Milo Butler & Sons Wholesale, Asa H. Pritchard, Lowes Wholesale, Purity Bakery, Phil’s Food Services, Island Wholesale and members of the Grant’s Town S.D.A. church.

Clark Family Concert & CD

Clarke Concert Flyer

Adventist World Leader's Visit Attracts Hundreds

Article By: Pastor Keith A. Albury, Director of PARL

On Saturday July 26, 2013 Pastor Ted N.C. Wilson, President of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists (with headquarters in Silver Springs, Maryland) made his first official visit to the Bahamas. Dr. Leonard Johnson, President of the Atlantic Caribbean Union of Seventh-day Adventists welcomed Pastor Wilson and his wife Nancy along with other church officials rom the Inter-American Division, South and North Bahamas Conferences, Cayman Islands Conference, and the Turks and Caicos Mission to Nassau for the occasion. In a special thanksgiving service held in the Independence Ballroom of the Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort, Pastor Wilson addressed thousands of members, giving attention to the church’s worldwide theme of “Revival and Reformation.”

In attendance was the Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, The Rt. Hon. Perry G. Christie, who affirmed the positive impact that the Seventh-day Adventist Church continues to make toward our nation’s development. Mr. Christie commended the church for its pioneering work in relationship to the practice of healthy living, and applauded its faith-based initiatives such as youth and community initiatives. The Prime Minister challenged the Seventh-day Adventist Church to produce a proposal to the government for a joint venture, introducing some of their successful programs to the citizens of The Bahamas.

Also bringing remarks was the Leader of the official Opposition, The Hon. Dr. Hubert Minnis. Dr Minnis underscored his admiration of the church, and added that while serving as Minister of Health he had the opportunity to become familiar with many of the health programs of the Seventh-day Adventist Organization. “I’ve worked with the church and I’m happy to hear that the Prime Minister has made a determination, and in fact, an obligation that both he and I will work together and be guided by the programs of the Seventh-day Adventist church, in terms of improving the quality of life for the people of The Bahamas,” said Mr. Minnis.

Dr. Leonard Johnson, President of the Atlantic Caribbean Union expressed the privilege of hosting the church’s world leader, and commented on the significant opportunity for those present to witness all levels of the Seventh-day Adventist Church being represented in one locality. Pastor Leon B. Wellington, vice-president for the Inter-American Division, also highlighted the privilege afforded Seventh-day Adventist Bahamians with the church’s world leader having visited the shores of The Bahamas.

Before arriving at the Sheraton Nassau Beach Hotel for the historic service, Pastor Wilson, along with fellow conference administrators, met with members of the press. The world leader addressed questions ranging from the denomination’s global concerns to local issues. When asked about the church’s official position on stem cell research and therapy, the general conference president was not hesitant to weigh in on the nation’s current discussion. Pastor Wilson said, “the Seventh-day Adventist Church has not taken an official position on stem cell research but is very much in support of the preservation of life.” He continued that as the church upholds its Christian principles, “if there are ways to advance science and research, in terms of using methods that would not require the taking of life, then it is something to be followed. However, the church does not support taking the life of one person, to sustain the life of another.”

The Seventh-day Adventist church has 17,000,000 baptized members, worshipping in more than 70,000 churches in over 200 countries around the world.

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ATCU Welcomes World Church Leader

Today marks a historic event in the life of the fledgling Atlantic Caribbean Union (ATCU). After weeks of anticipation, God has made the visit of our world church leader a reality. We praise God for granting him and his wife, Nancy traveling mercies across the expanse of wood and water.
We look forward to a blessed experience in Christ as our leader, called for such a time as this, proclaims God’s Word in an atmosphere of praise and thanksgiving.

“Sound the battle cry! See the foe is nigh…. These words have fashioned the life of our leader since his early sojourn with Christ. Like many of us, he has traversed the channels of time observing, discussing and arresting some of the challenges faced by our church, yet he remains undaunted as he embraces them with urgency. With a ready heart and a steady head he rouses this great army of believers to stand firm and rest our cause upon God’s holy word. The foe that presses us to battle makes our longing for Christ’s second coming even more desirous.
Our illustrious leader, Dr. Leonard Johnson, president of the Atlantic Caribbean Union invited Elder Ted Wilson to the territory. We are blessed to have this convocation in the South Bahamas Conference. So with grateful hearts our members gather for this holy sitting.

Let us celebrate our God with our world church leader! Soon Christ will come and there will be no parting over there! -Pastor Paul Scavella, President, South Bahamas Conference.

Pastor Wilson who was born in Takoma Park, Maryland on May 10, 1950, was elected as president of the Seventh-day Adventist world church during the General Conference Session in July 2010. The son of former General Conference President Neal C. Wilson and Elinor E. Wilson, he spent part of his childhood in Egypt.

He began his church career as a pastor in 1974 in the Greater New York Conference. In 1975, he married Nancy Louise Volimer, a physical therapist. The couple has three married daughters - Emilie Louise, Elizabeth Esther, Catherine Anne, and seven wonderful grandchildren.

Pastor Wilson served as an assistant director and then director of Metropolitan Ministries in New York from 1976 to 1981. He went on to serve as departmental director and later as executive secretary in the Africa-Indian Ocean Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, based in Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire, until 1990.

Following his post in West Africa, he served for two years at the church's world headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland, United States, as an associate secretary. Next he accepted the position of president of the church's Euro-Asia Division in Moscow, Russia, which he held from 1992 to 1996. Pastor Wilson returned to the United States to serve as president of the Review and Herald Publishing Association in Hagerstown, Maryland, until his election as a General Conference vice president in 2000.

An ordained minister, Pastor Wilson holds a doctoral degree in Religious Education from New York University, a Master of Divinity degree from Andrews University, and a Master of Science degree in Public Health from Loma Linda University's School of Public Health. In addition to English, he speaks French and some Russian.

Atlantic Caribbean Union Teachers' Convention

Article By: Mrs. Marie Church-Smith
Bahamas Academy

The much anticipated Atlantic Caribbean Union Teachers’ Convention became a reality on July 14, 2013, when all roads led to the Sheraton Miami Airport Hotel and Executive Meeting Center, Miami. Florida. under the astute leadership of Dr. Cheryl Rolle, Education Director Atlantic Caribbean Union, It was the first of its kind for this brand new territory of the Inter-American Division of Seventh-day Adventists.

Under the theme, “A Teacher After God’s Own Heart”, these four days gave educators from the Cayman Islands Conference, the North Bahamas Conference, the South Bahamas Conference and the Turks and Caicos Islands Mission, an opportunity to sharpen their skills as they sat at the feet of guest speakers and presenters who shared their expertise so that the work of the attendees could be of extraordinary quality. It was an exercise that allowed not just for professional growth, but also to enhance ones relationship with God. 

The opening session generated much excitement as faculty members with their respective Education Director and Administrators participated in the Parade of Institutions, bedecked in their respective colors and toting individual school banners. Dr. Gamaliel Florez, Education Director of the Inter-American Division of Seventh-day Adventists gave the keynote address. Dr. Florez stated that teachers are the most important instruments God has for His church. By themselves they are nothing, but in God’s hands teachers make the difference in a child’s life.

Intensive breakout sessions sensitized participants in areas of Bible textbook training, using media, teaching special needs learner, effective classroom management strategies, integration of faith and learning, how to engage pastors with our schools, dealing with bullying, teaching critical literacy skills and identifying the key ingredients of a thriving Seventh-day Adventist school. 

Special presenters included Cheryl Alonzo, Pastor Shane Anderson, Kathiann Antonio, Courtney Brown, Luis Cortes, David Daniels, Trevor Gardner, Jacqueline HoShing-Clarke, Raquel Korniejczuk, Pastor L. A. Johnson, Lorna Leon, Marleen Martinborough, Faye Patterson, Jicell Taylor and Pastor Samuel Telemaque.


Complicated Grief

localnewsgrievingstepsArticle By: Barrington H. Brennen
Sounds of Encouragement

We all grieve when a loved one, friend, or acquaintance dies. It is always painful to face the death of someone you know. Unfortunately, many do not understand the dynamics of grief, thus when trying help someone to heal they cause more pain and suffering. They expect the one who is grieving to "snap out of it" or to "get over it." The truth is you never get over it. On the other hand you can learn how to cope and how to resume normal life even when facing loss.

It is important to note that people mourn when there is a loss of anything, not just of a relative or friend, but also the loss of the ability to function the way they always do. For example: children lose baby teeth, a pet dies, a child graduates from high school, a lover abandons you, a friend leaves you, a relative moves away, a spouse succumbs to cancer, retirement occurs, you are fired from the job, a leg is amputated.

The grieving process can last from two weeks to two years. There is no required length for grieving. We all grieve in different ways and for different lengths. Ivan Chan, a specialist in dealing with grief and loss states "It is also quite normal to be able to experience joy, contentment, and humor even amidst the worst loss. Factors contributing to soothing grief include strong social support, optimism, and physical exercise. Most people recover from grief and can continue with their usual activities, while still feeling moments of sadness, within six months. Some people feel better after about a year to a year and a half. For others, their grief may be longer lasting, continuing for years without seeming to improve or with any break, and this may be due to factors before the loss such as pre-existing depression or high dependency on the departed."


When someone dies, who was ill we do mourn, but the intensity of the loss might not as greatly aswhen there is unexpected death. This brings me to the topic of complicated grief. Complicated grief occurs when there is an unexpected or violent death, suicide of a loved one, lack of a support system or friendships, traumatic childhood experiences, such as abuse or neglect, childhood separation anxiety, close or dependent relationship to the deceased person, being unprepared for the death; in the case of a child's death, the number of remaining children and, lack of resilience or adaptability to life changes.

Here is what one psychologist gives as the signs and symptoms of complicated grief:
  • Extreme focus on the loss and reminders of the loved one
  • Intense longing or pining for the deceased
  • Problems accepting the death
  • Numbness or detachment
  • Preoccupation with your sorrow
  • Bitterness about your loss
  • Inability to enjoy life
  • Depression or deep sadness
  • Difficulty moving on with life
  • Trouble carrying out normal routines
  • Withdrawing from social activities
  • Feeling that life holds no meaning or purpose
  • Irritability or agitation
  • Lack of trust in others

When these signs and symptoms are present it is best to talk to someone. However, when the following symptoms are evident, it is wise to seek professional help from someone who is trained and knowledgeable about grief and loss:
  • Intense pining or longing for the deceased that occurs daily or is distressing or disruptive
  • Trouble accepting the death
  • Inability to trust others after the death
  • Difficulty moving forward with life
  • Excessive bitterness or anger related to the death
  • Feeling emotionally numb or detached from others
  • A feeling that life is now meaningless
  • A belief that the future won't be fulfilling
  • Increased agitation or jumpiness

These symptoms can cause numerous complications. They include: depression, suicidal thoughts or behaviors, increased risk of heart disease, cancer and high blood pressure, anxiety, long-term impairment in daily living, post-traumatic stress disorder, substance abuse, smoking or nicotine use. Some of these complications may not only require psychological help by medication assistance.

We must be more sensitive and understanding with someone who is grieving. Avoid saying things that can cause further pain. Avoid saying "God knows best," "just pray about it," or "snap out of it" or "don’t cry" or "don’t talk about it anymore." These are myths and unrealistic expectations when grieving. Just be there for the person. Allow them to grieve. Encourage them to talk about their loss. Encourage them to cry and feel their pain. This is best for recovery. { SEE TIPS ON GRIEVING }

Contrasting Good-byes

What do you say to a wife who has lost her husband of just ten months? Can those same words soothe the void of a child who has lost a parent they have known all their life or a parent who has the pain of burying a son? Words are inadequate. Sunday July 7, 2013 will long be remembered as a day of contrasting good-byes. The Seventh-day Adventist Church eulogized two outstanding members whose ministries touched many lives and leaves behind a legacy of service: One in the evening of her life the other at high noon, yet words still fail.

Florence Eulee Scavella

In 1934 The seaside Settlement of Tarpum Bay welcomed the first child of The late John and Alice Carey and released her to the world as an ambassador of dignity. This beautiful Bahamian damsel touched the lives of people wherever she resided; From Eleuthera to New Providence to South Andros, from New York to Jamaica. Her artistry as a baker was closely rivaled by her keen sense of business skills she used to complement her most treasured calling, that of wife and mother. Eulee emptied herself in service for many years before yielding to the tenacious clasp of Alzheimer’s for ten years. During this period she imperceptibly groomed the caring and thoughtful side of her children and grandchildren as they returned the doting love and attention she had once lavished on them.

Eulee fell asleep in Jesus on June 27, 2013 at the age of 79. She has labored and now she rests.

Yvan Neil Cherenfant

Unlike the disconcerting news of September 11, 2001, there was joy and celebration in 1980, September 11. Yvan Neil Cherenfant had arrived armed with charm and humility to transform lives. The second child of Yvon and Alice Cherenfant and brother to Stuart and Alex he brought a unique texture and flavor to this exemplary family. Yvan distinguished himself as a student, an employee, a basketball player, a speaker, a musician, a friend and a husband. Just when everyone expectantly anticipated the further unfolding of his life, Yvan collapses while playing basketball and never revives. No long goodbyes, no chords of amendment. Just a compelling reminder to all he touched: “Live your best consistently, just incase you have to leave suddenly.” The tributes of friends and family members excavated a void that will never be filled until that glorious Morning when Jesus calls him back to life. What a life! What a man!

Article By: Patrice Williams-Gordon

The Internet - An Excellent Evangelistic Tool

Dictionary.com defines evangelism as “the spreading of the Christian gospel by public proclamation or personal witnessing”. According to a recent study done by CNET Networks, the average person spends 13 hours per week on the Internet. Keep in mind that this is just the average. The same study has found that 20 percent of adults use the Internet for more than 24 hours per week. What an opportunity this presents for people interested in evangelism. Nevertheless, the Internet is one of the most underutilized personal evangelistic tools for one reason… an inability to create websites!

While professional website creation can be an extremely difficult task for many not trained in the field, it does not have to be a deterrent to the spreading of the gospel over the Internet. Here are three ways to help accelerate your Internet evangelistic efforts, despite your limited knowledge in website creation:

1. Piggyback on another professional website: type in the words “I Love God” in Google and you will be surprised to see a Facebook page with over 1.7 million likes. Social media websites are counted among some of the best websites in the world, with hundreds of millions of users. Why not create a professional evangelistic page by piggybacking on these corporate giants. It is as easy as signing up and posting.

2. Use a Content Management System (CMS): if you don’t want to piggyback off another professional website why not create your very own website using a CMS? There are many with drag and drop simplicity. Among them are webs.com, weebly.com, or iweb for the mac users.

3. Avoid websites altogether: creating websites are not the only way to evangelize over the Internet. There are many services that are offered for free that can allow you to reach people all over the world while in the comfort of your home. Among them are emails, and live feeds such as skype, instant messenger, etc. They can be a great platform for conducting Bible studies or encouraging fellow believers.

Piggybacking, CMS and Live Feeds are excellent ways to use the Internet for evangelism. Many organizations have experienced much success using these tools, and you can too. The best way to find out how successful this venture can be is to get started. Why not start your Internet evangelistic outreach today?

They Served God and Community

Honoring three church members for their contributions to the first Bahamas Independence Day celebrations on July 10, 1973

On Sabbath, July 6, 2013, the Centreville Seventh-day Adventist Church celebrated the 40th Independence Anniversary of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas by honoring three of its members who played an integral part in planning and organizing the Independence Day ceremonies for July 9 and 10, 1973. They were Retired Deputy Commissioner of Police Keith Mason, the architect and commander of the Independence Parade. Retired Adventist Pastor, Conference and Union President, Silas Napoleon McKinney (represented by his son) who was one of the pastors who prayed for and raised the national flag. Former Ambassador, His Excellency, Carlton Leroy Wright, who played a major role in the organization and protocol for Independence Day activities.

Community pastors and leaders were invited to attend the Sabbath service. They were Pastor Vaughn and Mrs. Wendy Cash of the Evangelistic Temple, Pastor Allen and Mrs. Renentia “Nancy” Lee of Calvary Bible Church, Pastor Franklin Knowles of Light and Life Community Church, and Lovern Wildgoose, president of the Cancer Society; Pastor Leonard Johnson, president of the Atlantic Caribbean Union Mission of Seventh-day Adventists, and Pastor Paul Scavella, president of the South Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

The church was packed with enthusiastic Bahamians and visitors as they raised their voices to sing the National Anthem and the National Song, and repeated the National Pledge. They also sang a hymn composed by Audrey Dean Wright entitled “Father Bless Bahamaland” The church pastor, Barrington Brennen preached on the topic “40 No More . . . What’s Important Now.” He shared about the psychological and spiritual significance of the number forty. He shared that in the Bible one would notice when 40 is used whether is a time period, whether days, months, or years, it is always a period of testing, trial, probation, or chastisement (but not judgment) and ends with a period of restoration, revival or renewal.

image2 they served god and countryimage1 they served god and country
image3 they served god and country
Original Article Published By:
Centreville Seventh-day Adventists Church

Conference Administrators Form New Spanish Company

localnewssbccompanyimage47 church added to Conference in South Bahamas Conference: History of the first Spanish Church plant in the South Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists By Student Missionaries from Montemorelos University, Mexico. Reported by: Dr. Wilfred T. Adderley, Sr., Sabbath School/Personal Ministries Director
Mission Project: Local Coordinator July 1, 2013.

This Special Church-Plant Project Commission
: came into being, at the Autumn Council Meetings of the Inter-American Division of Seventh day Adventists, held November, 2012. It was voted that a team of student missionaries from Montemorelos University in Mexico, travel to the Bahamas and plant a Spanish company during their summer-break. There were about four such projects for this year to be done in the Caribbean and in the Inter-American Division. It was about January 14st, 2013, that President Paul A. Scavella indicated to Dr. Wilfred T. Adderley, Sabbath School and Personal Ministries Director, the need for starting a Branch Sabbath School with a few Spanish members, within our Conference. Unfortunately, Pastor Adderley, suffering from a spinal injury was given medical leave for some ten weeks. The President on Monday, April 29th, 2013, began with a small group of about fifteen persons, some desiring to learn English and others desiring to learn Spanish. This initiative attracted a few more persons, who attended the weekly classes from May 6th and May 13th, which was led by Sister Karlene Miller, a Conference Bible-Worker and Mrs. Wilkinson a Spanish teacher. It was on May 27th, that Pastor Andrew Burrows, Associate Personal Ministries Director of the Atlantic Caribbean Union assisted by Dr. Adderley, Local Coordinator for the Spanish Church project met with the group and presented the missionaries Strategic Plan to plant a church, grow a church and expand God’s kingdom. Elder Carlton Wright, Nadia King and Osvaldo Rodriquez, along with Yamali Harris assisted with translation.

The Team of twenty-five Missionaries: on Thursday, June 6th, 2013, arrived at the Lynden Pindling International Airport on New Providence Island, near the capital city of Nassau. Pastor Andrew Burrows, Pastor C. Melvin Lewis, Treasurer of the South Bahamas Conference, and Dr. Adderley, welcomed the group and settled them at the Waterways Condominiums, Coral-Harbor. They were then hosted to a reception by Elder Carlton and his wife Mrs. Audrey Wright at their home in Skyline Heights. Mr. Wright was the former Bahamian Ambassador to Haiti and Cuba and is presently a Sabbath School Director at The Centreville SDA Church. Following a nice Bahamian Cuisine dinner, the group was driven to their hotel by Mr. Solomon Brooks an employee at the Bahamas Academy of SDA. Mr. Brooks was the group’s assigned bus driver for the ten days. On Friday, Mr. Brooks, along with Dr. Adderley and his son Matthew Adderley, gave the group a tour of the western-end of New Providence. The tour begun at Adelaide Village, then to Albany Resort-South Ocean, Clifton Heritage Park, Lyford Cay, Old Fort Bay, Love Beach, Gambier Village, the Caves, Cable-Beach and Bahamar, Goodman’s Bay, Saunders Beach, Fort Charlotte, Arawak Cay, Adastra Gardens, and the Thomas A. Robinson National Stadium.

The ten days mission-trip included seven nights of Crusade meetings: under the caption, “El Cristo Incomparable”, the incomparable Christ. Friday night June 7th was a planning meeting at The Breath of Life SDA Church, located on Marshall Road adjacent to The Bahamas Academy SDA Campus. Dr. Adderley, assisted by the church pastor, Kenny Deveaux welcomed the group and the group’s coordinator, Pastor Jamal Franklyn who chaired the meeting. Pastor Franklyn introduced the members of the team and their area of service: Dr. Adrien Brutus-health, Carolina Campa-Nutrition, Filip Kapusta-Ushers, Jisseth Perez-Dentistry, Juan Carlos-Ophtalmology, Abdy Gonzalez-Evangelism, Daniel Gallardo-Communications, Alba Judith Ruiz Lugo-Children ministry, Johnathan Salazar-Prayer, Daniel Juarez-Drama, Ishmael Facio-Visitation and Bible Studies, Emmanuel de Oleo-multimedia and sound, Mayra Ortiz-Community outreach projects, Dr. Forretino y Samuel Ramirez-Song Service and Music, and Cassandra Quiroz-Co-ordination and Hospitality. The other ten students giving team support were: Paola Armenguil Jaimes, Delta Isabel Alvarez Delfin, Edith Facio Torres, Jamal Doran Franklyn, Nelson Jair Diaz Montenegro, Rudy Oswaldo Dzul Ramirez, Esther Pureza Rodriquez Granobles, Miriam Ruiz Lugo, Dr. Jose Maldonado Castillo, and Dr. Enzo Galicia.

The Nightly program: began from about 6:30 pm with a display on health, weight taking, blood pressure testing, glucose screening, heart and respiratory sounding. At 7:30 pm the crusade meetings began with song service, prayer, welcome, special music and a drama presentation.
The theme song in Spanish, “Nadie pudo Hacer, lo que Cristo hizo dentro de mi ser” in English means ‘no one can do it like Jesus’. This song unified the 180 persons on opening night and the nightly average attendance of 100-120 persons. About 25 Spanish visitors came on opening night and this number grew to about 50 Spanish visitors which were very encouraging to the student missionaries. Five theology students presented sermons nightly on topics according to the following schedule: Saturday-June 8th “By your own account” was preached by the speaker Abdy Gonzales; Sunday-June 9th “The Meaning of the Cross” was delivered by Ishmael Facio; Monday-June 10th “It is finished” was preached by Samuel Juarez; Tuesday-June 11th, “God still moves stones” was delivered by Abdy Gonzales; Wednesday-June 12th “A Preview of Eternity”
was preached by Johnathan Salazar; Thursday-June 13th was the day, the group toured Atlantis and the straw-market, they also shopped and enjoyed swimming at Saunders beach. Friday-June 14th“A Fresh Breath of Hope” was preached by Emmanuel de Oleo; Saturday-June 15th “The best is yet to come” was delivered by Ishmael Facio. Six (6) precious souls, juniors and youth (English speaking) some attending the Vacation Bible School segment responded to the call and were baptized at South Beach adjacent to the Camp-Site. Five Spanish prospects await baptism.

Organizing the Spanish Church Company: was conducted on June 15th, 2013 in the afternoon by Pastor Peter Joseph, Executive Secretary of the Conference and was overseen by the President Pastor Paul A. Scavella, who serves presently as the Pastor of this new group. Elder Kenneth Williams, elected as local leader and Head Elder of the Company is assisted by Sister Belva Zonicle serving as Clerk and Treasurer. Twenty-seven (27) charter members, including six (6) Spanish are the founding members of this Company. They worship presently at the GMCI center the site of the former Bahamas Academy School, located on Wulff Road.

These Charter members are: Dr. Willard Barr, Janet Berris-Parker, Addly Cadet, Jose Cartaya, Sr. (Spanish), Jose Cartaya, Jr. (Spanish), Mary Demari, Anisia Ferguson, Karen Forbes, Yamali Harris, Alfred Johnson, Dr. Mandela Kerr, Nadia King, Kimiko Knowles, Amileisy Lopez (Spanish), Ramon Machado (Spanish) Karlene Miller, Yosvany Plunett (Spanish), Osvaldo Rodriquez (Spanish), Latanya Sterling, Kevin Sterling, Esther Vincent, Carlton Wright, Belva Zonicle, Dr. Renaldo Zonicle, Kenneth Williams and Sister Williams. While being members and officers in their home churches, these persons answered the call to unite and by voice and vote they established the First Spanish Company not only in the South Bahamas Conference but in our Nation, the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.


Sabbath Keepers Run in Inclement Weather

Despite the inclement weather on Sunday, June 30, two hundred and fifty (250) Sabbath Keepers supported the 40th Anniversary Independence Unity Fun/Run Walk at the Thomas A. Robinson Track Stadium. The new route saw participants making four laps around the track, each lap representing ten years of Bahamian independence. The national colours were on display as churches from the western region wore gold, those from the central region wore black and those from the eastern region wore Aqua. This event was especially planned for Sunday to accommodate Sabbath-keepers who were unable to participate in the national event, which is annually held on a Saturday.

Mr. Jack Thompson, representing the Secretariat of the National Independence Committee was pleasantly surprised at the overwhelming support despite the heavy downpour of rain. Members of the National Fun/Run Walk Committee in attendance included Patricia Cleare, Patricia Francis and Seanray Jennings.

Natlyn Lacroix, coordinator for the Seventh-day Adventist churches, was gratified at the support displayed by church members and visitors. The Hillview Church won the coveted trophy for largest delegation putting Grants Town church in second place and Message of Hope church in third. Dr. Idamae Hanna gave brief instruction to the participants on personal care so as not to become sick after having ran under the less than ideal conditions.

Ted Wilson Visits SBC

Seventh-day Adventist World Church Leader to visit the Bahamas on July 27, 2013.

Elder Ted Wilson, who will be accompanied by his wife Nancy, will speak at a service of thanksgiving to God in the Independence Ball Room at the the Sheraton Hotel, Cable Beach.
Services: Sabbath School - 8:30 a.m. - 9:40 a.m. and Divine Worship - 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

40th Independence Anniversay Celebrations

40th independence flyer

Historic Ordination Service

Sabbath afternoon, June 22, 2013, was an historic day in life of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the South Bahamas Conference and Atlantic Caribbean Union. In an ordination service held at the Hillview Seventh-day Adventist church where hundreds turned up to support, eight pastors were consecrated for the gospel ministry. The eight pastors ordained are: Howard Barr of the Acklins and Crooked Island District, Valentino Campbell of the Central and North Andros District, Kenney Deveaux of the Breath of Life Church, Asa- Dane Duncun of the South Andros and Mangrove Cay District, Larry Green of the San Salvador District, Melvin Lewis of the Francophone and Ebenezer Churches, Nikita Thompson of the North Eleuthera District, and Craig Williams of the New Engerlston and Peardale Churches. This represents the largest number of pastors to ever be ordained in a single event in the South Bahamas Conference and the fledgling Atlantic Caribbean Union.

Pastor Leonard A. Johnson, President of the Atlantic Caribbean Union, in his sermon “Called to Minister”, unfolded three main points to the congregants and the ordinants. Using the experience of the Call of Samuel, recorded in I Samuel chapter 3, he underscored firstly that God calls whomsoever He wills. Secondly, he challenged the pastors, to be convicted of their calling. He reminded them that, “ Your call will be confirmed when people see your genuine concern for souls and fulfilling God’s will as opposed to making a name or creating legacies. In his final point, Pastor Johnson emphasized that the pastor must maintain the call. "Hearing and answering God's call is no guarantee of success. You must maintain the call and I know no better way than to live close to God; Depend on Him and not on your knowledge or strength.” He cautioned them that “the ministry is not merely a profession; it is a calling. It is not for a period of time until some other more attractive occupation beckons a man, but it is a lifework.”

In presenting the ordinants to the congregation, Pastor Peter Joseph, Executive Secretary of the South Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventist and Pastor Keith A. Albury, Public Affairs and Religious Liberty Director, summarized the profiles which captured the professional experiences of each of the pastors. The international diversity could not be missed as the pastors originated from the countries of the Bahamas, Jamaica and Bermuda.

A special prayer of consecration offered by Pastor Peter Joseph preceded the presentation of Bibles, a symbolism of the charge to proclaim the word of God. Mrs. Denise Johnson, Shepherdess Coordinator of Atlantic Caribbean Union Conference ,and Mrs. Shelia Adderley incorporated the wives of the newly ordained ministers’ by a special pinning ceremony and extending a warm welcome.

Adventist Risk Management Training

Adventist Rick Management 2013
Members of the South Bahamas Conference along with ATCU attend the Adventist Risk Management training seminars in Washington D.C.

Youth Crusade

Extreme TransformationBannersmall

Our Great Dads

Thank God for dads. Anyone can be a father (sperm donor), but it takes someone special to be a dad. The best thing a dad can do for his children is to love their mother. Research tells us that children have happier lives when their fathers spend time with them. Children do better in school and are less rebellious when fathers are involved in their lives. Dads are not just substitute moms. Dads are friends and playmates, economic providers, caregivers, teachers and role models, monitors and disciplinarians, and protectors. Good dads know that is manly to love intensely. Good dads treat their families as they treat their own lives.

They also accept the fact that dad’s love compliments the mother’s love, not compete with it. Ten years ago I made this statement about fathers: “The love of dedicated Bahamian and Caribbean dads is like crazy glue between two pieces of wood, baking powder in a cake, yeast in bread dough, gray cement in white sand, and water on a dry parched land. A Caribbean father’s love is sensational, powerful, and healing.”

On November 29 last year our daughter and son-in-law gave birth to their first child and our third grand child. What was most exciting was the response of my son-in-law as he assumed the role of fatherhood for the first time. You should have seen the beam in his eyes. I have never seen a dad so loving, attentive, involved, caring, and tender. It made Annick and I feel confident that our new grandson will not only have a great mother but also a great father.

A few weeks ago I came across “Traits of a good dad.” I selected a few of the traits to share in this article. Here they are:

1- He's a good disciplinarian: A good father loves his children, but he doesn't let them get away with murder. He strongly disapproves of his children's misdeeds, using tough love to prove a point. He does this through the power of his words, not his fists.

2- He allows his kids to make some mistakes: A good father realizes that his children are human, and that making mistakes is part of growing up. Spending money recklessly, getting into minor car accidents, getting drunk and sick for the first time, even dating questionable women are rites of passage, and a good father recognizes this. However, he makes it clear that repeated irresponsibility won't be tolerated.

3- He teaches his children to appreciate things: A good father never lets his children take what they have for granted. From the food on the table to the good education he's paying for, a good father will make his children see the value in everything they have.

4- He accepts that his kids aren't exactly like him: Everyone is different and a father knows this well. He won't expect his children to live the same kind of life he does, and do the same kind of work. He also respects their values and opinions, as long as they don't harm the family or anyone else.

5- He spends quality time with his children: A dad knows how to have fun with his kids too, taking them out to games, movies, and supporting their sports teams by attending their matches. He takes the time to listen to his children and have a good, easy chat with them. He also makes time to help them with their homework, every night if necessary.

6- He leads by example: A good father is above the old "do as I say, not as I do" credo. He will not smoke if he doesn't want his kids to do it, and definitely won't drink heavily. He teaches them to deal with conflict with a family member and with others by being firm but reasonable at the same time. A good father also illustrates the importance of affection by professing his love for their mother in front of them. And he won't fight with her in their presence. In all, he adheres to the values he'd like his children to follow.

7- He teaches his children lessons: A father figure is the prime source of knowledge in the ways of men, and teaches his kids accordingly. From shaving to being courageous, a father molds his kids into well-rounded members of society. He especially instructs them in proper etiquette, on being honest and keeping their word, and on being thankful.

8- He protects his family at all costs: As an important provider of security and necessities, a father will do whatever he can for his family. He'll take a second job to provide for them, and he'll put his own safety on the line to keep them out of harm's way. This is how a father instills in his children the importance of personal sacrifice.

9- He shows unconditional love: This is the greatest quality of a good father. Even though he gets upset at his children's faults and may lament that they did not attain what he hoped for them, a father loves his children no less for it.

Perhaps what is the most important trait of a good dad is putting his wife first, then his children. If he does not have a wife or partner, he puts his children first. When this is done we have less problems in the family and the society.

Today I honor our wonderful dads. Contrary to popular belief there are countless good and happy fathers in our community. They are active in molding their children’s lives. They clearly understand that their lives and habits can impact the current and future lives of their children. A good dad is truly a lover. Happy Father’s Day!

Article By: Barrington Brennen

Happy Birth For The One Hundreth and First Time

How many years have you been told “Happy Birthday”? Blunetta Roach would respond, “101 times”! and just to ensure you heard her correctly she’d be sure to add, “I was born 1912, the year the Titanic sink”. The Pastors and members of South Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventist are honored to celebrate with its oldest member another year of Hope in the coming of our Lord and wish her God’s richest blessings in this the twilight of her life.

As can be expected her bank of memories far exceeds the average persons and she still recalls with warmth the joy of growing up with her six siblings while farming “Bert Road Land”, eating wild yam during the war when things were hard, going to school in Devils Point. Her devotion and tender love for her  7 kids, 16 grandkids and 10 great-grandkids exudes from the same heart that was won by her late husband A. Leon Roach. Their marriage of 73 years has raised the bar for their off-springs as they seek to emulate this pattern of a Christian household.

Sister Roach believed the three Angels Message of Revelation 14, and joined the Seventh-day Adventist Church in 1940. As she puts it “I never looked back and never regretted being an Adventist”. She loves to sing and is a woman of prayer. Her favourite hymn is “On Christ the Solid Rock I Stand” and her favourite passage of scripture is Psalm 23 because she has lived it. Sister Roach has served her church in number of areas in the Grants Town and Maranatha Seventh-day Adventist Churches.Though words are inadequate to express the affection she engenders those who love her cant resist repeating the sentiments. For Tamara McGee Andersen, it is a treasured opportunity to be able to wish her Grandmother Happy Birthday as she adds yet another year to her century. In a tribute to Sis Roach Tamara writes:

Grandma, you helped shape my character at your knee. I heard you pray for us you went through your day. I heard you plead with God for us and that has never left me. I laughed as a child and still laugh at your charm and your humour. You always made me believe that I was special. Grandma, you are TRULY a Proverbs 31 woman. We can indeed "rise up and call you blessed." I love you for the memories and laughter that I still carry from my childhood. Happy 101st Birthday Grandma. I love you very much and am BLESSED that YOU were chosen to be MY grandma.

Her children all, Dr. Clara Roach McPhee, Dr. Arthur Roach (deceased) Veronica Roach McGee, Leona Roach, Annette Roach Dorsett, Anthony “Tony” Roach and Adelma Roach rise up and call her “Blessed”!

Article By: Patrice Williams-Gordon

Twenty Students Baptized At Bahamas Academy

During the fall weeks of prayer at the elementary and secondary divisions of Bahamas Academy (BA), twenty students responded to a call to surrender to the saving power of Jesus Christ. Pastor D. Richard Henderson, assistant pastor of the Grant's Town Seventh-day Adventist Church, conducted the services at the elementary division and Mrs. Natalie Roberts, school chaplain, at the secondary division.

Subsequently, ten elementary students and ten secondary students, upon completing Bible classes to deepen their understanding of the Bible and the will of God in their lives, did not hesitate to follow the Lord all the way in baptism on Friday, May 17, 2013. With smiles on their faces and cameras in their hands, parents came to the Berea Seventh-day Adventist Church to witness this most important milestone in their children's spiritual growth.
Pastor Paul Scavella, president of the South Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists (SBC) and Bahamas Academy school board chairman; Mrs. Joan Scavella, education director of SBC; Mrs. Elmore Jacques, vice principal of the elementary division; and a representation from the faculty and staff of BA all shared in the moment.

Pastor Scavella encouraged the students to pray and ask God for strength, because all the temptations and trials that they have been faced with will not automatically disappear after baptism. He continued by explaining that constant communication with Jesus through prayer is vital to overcoming temptation and that the good news is that Jesus is always there.

Let us continue to pray for and support our children as well as our school, Bahamas Academy.

Article By:
Mr. John Garcia
IT Personnel and Spanish Teacher

The Benefits of Tithing

“Bring the full tithes into the storehouse, and put me to the test” says the Lord of Hosts, “if I will not open the windows of heaven over you and pour you out a blessing so large you cannot contain it all. I will rebuke the devourer for your sake and the vine in the field will not fail to bear says the Lord of Hosts." Malachi 3: 10,11

Many Christians struggle with the issue of tithing. In some churches tithing is over-emphasized. At the same time, many Christians refuse to submit to the biblical exhortations about making offerings to the Lord. Tithing/giving is intended to be a joy and a blessing. Sadly, that is sometimes not the case in the church today.
The word "tithe" simply means "tenth," and as it is used in the Bible, it refers to returning a "tenth" of ones income to God.

Our text in Malachi tells us that when we return a faithful tithe we will receive God’s abundant blessings. Ken Blanchard, the author of The One Minute Manager, said, “I absolutely believe in the Power of Tithing and giving back. My own experience about all the blessings I’ve had in my life is that the more I give away, the more comes back. That is the way life works, and that is the way energy works.”

I recently read an article suggesting the benefits of tithing, I would like to share them with you.

1. God is pleased by your obedience. Malachi 3:10 Regular giving is a sign of obedience to Christ. We prove our lover for Christ by obeying his commands.

2. God is honored by your faithfulness. Proverbs 3:9 He deserves our faithfulness.

3. Tithing helps to keep your priorities straight. Matthew 6:21 I believe that giving to the Lord is the number one priority for a believer.

4. You are eligible for a blessing. Malachi 3:10 But remember, the blessing is not always monetary – God has not promised “health and wealth” to the Christian. The believer is to be content in whatever state he is placed and God has promised to shield us from trials that we are not strong enough to face.

5. Guards Christians from selfishness. Acts 20:35 Tithing reminds us that ultimately our money does not belong to us.

6. God loves a cheerful giver. II Corinthians 9:6-12 Are you excited about the opportunity to serve God with your finances?

7. Tithing supports the Great Commission. Matthew 28:19,20 Your tithe should go to your local church and God has chosen to work through the church during this ages.

8. Tithing ensures that your needs will be met. Matthew 6:33 God has promised that our needs will be met. Needs – but not necessarily “wants”.

9. Tithing helps to meet the needs of God’s people. I Corinthians 16:1,2 Hopefully your church seeks to use at least a portion of its budget to help those less fortunate.

10. Tithing reminds us that God is the true owner and giver of all that we have. I Timothy 6:17,18 All we have belongs to God and the tithe helps to remind us of this fact.

Today, I invite you to experience the blessings of God on your life.

Happy Tithing!

Bahamas Academy Students Honoured

Our school Bahamas Academy has consistently demonstrated that they believe and live by the dictates of our heavenly Father and the words penned by an inspired writer, Ellen G. White (Education, page 13):

“Our ideas of education take too narrow and too low a range. There is need of a broader scope, a higher aim. True education means more than the pursual of a certain course of study. It means more than a preparation for the life that now is. It has to do with the whole being, and with the whole period of existence possible to man. It is the harmonious development of the physical, the mental, and the spiritual powers. It prepares the student for the joy of service in this world and for the higher joy of wider service in the world to come.”

Whilst nurturing and preparing our children physically and spiritually, Bahamas Academy is also ensuring its students are developed mentally and academically.

Thursday the 25th April, 2013 will forever be etched on the minds of proud parents, excited students and our school as we assembled in the jam-packed ballroom of the Governor General House to celebrate the hard work, academic, and athletic accomplishment of deserving Bahamian students.

Under the patronage of the Governor General Sir Arthur Foulkes three students from our school Gabrielle Montfort, Sydney Clarke and Allan Benjamin were honored by the Bahamas Outstanding Student Foundation under the theme “Keep your eyes on the prize.”

The guest speaker, the Honourable Jerome Fitzgerald, Minister of Education, reminded the students that hard work, persistence, continued love, and support of parents and teachers will result in success. The Minister encouraged the students to continue to strive for excellence, remain focused, listen to parents and teachers, and to never give up.

We are proud of our students, parents and school. Continue to “Keep your eyes on the prize.”

Thank you Bahamas Academy for ensuring that our students are prepared not only for this life, but more importantly for the life to come. Congratulations and a job well done to the students, parents, administration and our school. To God be the glory, great things He has done!

Women's Ministries Tea Party


Path To Life Family Campaign

Beginning May 4 , 2013 under the Big White Tent on Gladstone Road, just opposite Polar Ice, Pastor Paul A. Scavella will present soul stirring, hope restoring messages just right for this time. 

In the beginning God created man with the ability to live forever. After sin, man was destined to die yet the innate desire to live forever was never removed. No one wants to die. This is evidenced through all the resources, researches, and interventions man has undertaken to lengthen life. Mankind fears death for himself and is torn emotional by the death of those he loves. Though studies reveal that human life expectancy has increased, man is still dissatisfied because long life does not equate to quality life. So the search for life continues.

The Path to Life Family Campaign will give you the answers you have been searching for, with practical guidelines for a better life here and a sure passageway to eternal life.
The features of the crusade will address matters that are close to the heart of every family member. This family-focus is especially needed at this crucial time in our country.  Whatever affects the family affects the nation. The messages will focus on aspects of family life including singles, married couples, those preparing for marriage and those who have been divorced. Children and youth will find that the joy which Christ offers is so much more lasting when compared with the options of the world.
Some of the nightly subjects include:
  • How To Stop Quarreling and end the Violence
    Seven Steps to Get Your Child to Obey
    It Isn’t Worth the Tears
    Can I Be a good Christian and Enjoy Sex?
    Ten Things Every Man Should Know About a Woman
Come share this experience. Register for free health screening and receive Scriptural Text Balloons for the children.
Looking forward to meeting you there on May 4, the Grand Opening Night.

ptl famil campaign

Elder Daniel Adderley

Prayers are extended to the family and friends of Elder Daniel Adderley during this time of lost.

Elder Daniel N. Adderley was born on May 1st, 1933 in Burnt Ground, Long Island. After the Mac and Mac Crusade that was led by Pastors L.V. McMillan and S. N McKinney, Elder Adderley joined the Johnson Park Seventh Day Adventist Church 50 years ago. He immediately commenced serving as a Deacon under Bro. E.E. Ferment and was given the nick name ‘Deac”. Elder Adderley was a faithful servant of Christ and committed Christian who lived and labored intensely for the Lord. He truly believed that the harvest was plentiful, but the laborers were few. Therefore, he joyfully served in every capacity in the SDA church and was a serving Elder and Sabbath School Teacher until the time of his demise for more than 3 decades. As a building contractor, he also steadfastly labored in a physical capacity to see the new Johnson Park SDA church completed. Most importantly, Elder Adderley had a personal relationship with God. To him every day with his Jesus was sweeter than the day before. He loved the Lord dearly and he lived with the hope of spending eternity with his Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

He was a gentleman, a peacemaker, an optimist, and a biblical scholar who was committed to his family. He was a loving husband, devoted father, and dedicated his life to providing for his family. We have the blessed hope that we will be reunited with our husband, father, and brother in the earth made new, never more to part again. Until that great day, let us all be faithful and remember his watch words: “brother be faithful soon Jesus will come.”

Breath of Life Celebrates 20 Years

The 20th Anniversary Celebrations of the Breath of Life Seventh-day Adventist Church on Marshall Road commenced on April 19th under the theme "Honouring the Past, Pressing Onward to the Future.  Trumpets heralded their melodious sounds with pomp and pageantry to capture the attention of everyone and to announce the commencement of this special occasion.   Pathfinders adorned in all of their regalia marched with military precision as they presented the flags of all of the countries represented in the membership of the Breath of Life church. President Paul Scavella, keynote speaker for the opening session, challenged the membership to remain focused on Christ bearing in mind that our friends, neighbour and co-workers will follow us as we follow Christ. The praise continued on Sabbath morning with an inspiring Sabbath School program, reminiscing the past and looking onward to the future. Wonderful and melodious singing featuring Faith, Bridgette Bastian, Ashley Knowles and Brittany Mackey punctuated the session.   The Breath of Life Choir ushered in the Divine Service by marching into the sanctuary singing "My God Is Awesome".  Dr. Leonard Johnson, President of the Atlantic Caribbean Union and the first pastor of the Breath of Life Church, presented a powerful message anchored in Revelation 12:8-14.  He excavated three important points from the three angels message: endurance, obedience and faithfulness.  He stated that these are the things we need to have for the next 20-year journey.  Attendees were all invited to a scrumptious four-course meal, delightfully served by the men of the church.
A crescendo of lively and uplifting musical performances from Churches throughout our community concluded the weekend’s celebrations. As members continue to reminisce on the 20th Anniversary weekend, a feeling of excitement still resonates in their hearts. They look forward to the future with great expectancy while inviting all to make Christ the center of their lives.  

Article By: Elder Kenny Deveaux
Pastor, Breath of Life SDA

Wellness & Prevention Week at Berea

‘Let Everything That Hath Breath, Praise the Lord!” was the caption of Prayer and Praise Service on Wednesday evening April 17, that marked the start of the Week of Wellness and Prevention at Berea SDA Church. Activities throughout the week included seminars, workshops and live demonstrations on wellness and prevention.

Special thanks to Mr. Basil Miller, Senior Agriculture Officer of the Department of Agriculture, who exposed the dangers of store-bought pesticide-laden plant-based foods (produce) and stimulated great interest in ‘Back-yard Farming’. Listeners were especially startled to learn how dependent Bahamians are on the importation of food, as the food supply in the country can only suffice for two weeks. Mr. Miller underscored the urgency to grow our own food and shared vital information on crop rotation, importance of direct sunlight, soil composition and natural pesticides. The oral presentation was complimented with an outside demonstration of a home-based irrigation system. Over one hundred eager person from the church and attended this seminar. The first forty attendees received a starter kit, inclusive of seeds, soil and an irrigation system.

An engaging question-and-answer session was facilitated by Doctors, John Carter, Joseph Evans, Tony Frankson, Alpheus Alleck, Idamae Hanna, and Alvira Higgs. Matters discussed ranged from simple headaches to issues on fertility.

During the ‘Lets Get Physical’ session on Sunday morning, children and teens were introduced to games of the good old days like, hopscotch, bat and ball (roundance) and jacks among others. These all met the fancy of the kids who were left begging for more.

People are truly becoming more conscious of what they are consuming for food believing the adage “You are what you eat”. This was evident as persons came out in droves on Sunday afternoon to Vegan Cooking Class to learn alternative ways of preparing protein plant-based dishes. Two of the main protein products used for the entire cooking class were, lentils and Tofu. Some dishes prepared were, Carrot Lentil Cake, Scrambled Tofu, Stew lentils, baked brown rice, Lasangua, Stove-top brown rice, Oatmeal Cookies, granola, and Sweet and Sour Tofu.
The first module of The Wellness and Prevention Training Programme, which begun on January 3, concluded with twenty-eight participants ranging from ages 80 to 10, being certified. The program consists of four modules Lifestyle Principles, Anatomy & Physiology, Hydrotherapy and Massage, and Herbology.

The week of activities was truly inspirational. Lives have been transformed and it was evident that the presence of the Holy Spirit was there.

Article By: Nathelyn LaCroix,
Health Director, Berea SDA

Dr. Elliston Rahming: Ambassador To The United States

Dragged Image 3
The leadership of the South Bahamas Conference salute and congratulate Dr. Elliston Rahming on His new appointment as ambassador to the United States.

He is a member of the Philadelphia church and the Adventist Men's Choral.

Our prayers go with you as you leave the Bahamas early next week.

Dr. Elliston Rahming Bio.

Elliston Rahming – was born in the settlement of Black Point, South Andros to the Late Brother Ishmael Rahming and the wonderful Sister Daisy Rahming.

He experienced island life to the fullest before moving to Nassau with his parents and siblings in 1962. He attended Bahamas Academy and while doing so he assisted the family by engaging in small entrepreneurial opportunities such as shining shoes, selling wholesale straw bags for his mother, selling peanuts and newspaper.

Later in life he continued to embrace many other opportunities for entrepreneurship and employment such as being a teacher and newspaper journalist. With self-determination and encouragement from his family to further his education, Elliston Rahming engaged in a one (1) man walkathon around Nassau to raise some of the funds needed for college.

He graduated from Bethune Cookman College in Daytona Beach, Florida with a Masters Degree in Social Work and Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri with a Doctorate in Criminology.

Upon returning home while pursuing other ventures Dr. Rahming was appointed as the first Personal Assistant to former Prime Minister of the Bahamas, the late Sir Lynden Oscar Pindling. For the past eight years (8) he has served as Superintendant of Her Majesty’s Prison.

Dr. Rahming is married to Arthurlue Rahming, Administrator of Project Read Bahamas. He is a father and grandfather and his siblings include 2 members of this church, Brother Charles Rahming and Sister Ivy Rolle. Sis. Daisy Rahming, one of the oldest members of this church is his sanctified mother.

Dr. Rahming’s recent and most notable accomplishment to date is his recent appointment as the Bahamas Permanent Representative to the Organization of American States. Last week Thursday, April 4th, 2013 he received his credential from the Governor General for his appointment as Ambassador to the United States.

All of these accomplishments and more are great, but Dr. Rahming recognizes his greatest accomplishment as being a 3rd generation Seventh-day Adventist, a follower of Christ. He was a member of the Grants Town Seventh-day Adventist Church and is presently a member of the Philadelphia Seventh-day Adventist Church, where he serves as a deacon and is a member of the South Bahamas Conference Adventist Men’s Chorale.

His Excellency Dr. Rahming continues to be a humble person, believing in James chapter 4 verse 6 “But he giveth more grace. Wherefore he saith God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble. Church please pray for him in this new venture that God will continue to be the center of his joy.

From The Heart Of A Servant Leader

Pasted Graphic
Each Morning when the sun rises my greatest joy and comfort is in knowing that my life is hidden in Christ.  This fact assures me that whatever the challenges that might come, there is maximum support from the ultimate source of hope and comfort namely Jesus Christ.

More often than not, at the office, or over the phone, and just in meeting with people by the way, the reality is that so many folk are without this God joy.

At the same time when one reflects on world events, like the posturing of North Korea's new Leader and his efforts to create fear in the hearts of nations around the world,  the terrorist bombs at the Boston marathon disrupting  the lives of so many, and other timely world event's, and yet much closer to home,  nightly murders or shootings one humanness would tend to be fearful.

At the hospital this past Monday in the emergency room, as I visited a member, I looked on the faces of the scores of people there and what I saw was fear and uncertainty.

However I am reminded of the words of scripture which says "Great peace have they which love thy Law and nothing shall offend them".    Psalm 119:165

Each and every day my goal is to love Christ perfectly as I rest all my cares upon Him.   

Today you have a choice, to have this perfect joy, or live with intense restlessness. Choose you this day!

Let me invite you, the reader to day, If there is a restlessness in your heart, to consider the Love of God and a full surrender to His love. It comes with peace, joy, and happiness in the package.

The free spirit, and lasciviousness that prevails our nation is a direct fulfilment of Bible prophecy which states that men will be lovers of self more than lovers of God.

I can assure you today, the emptiness you sense right now is erased simply by saying yes to an intimate relationship with Christ. 

On the other hand if you have joy, real joy, wonderful joy it is directly related to an intimate relationship with Christ.

If you would like further study and counselling re a walk with Christ give us a call at 341-4021, or email [email protected] and I would be delighted to provide a support group for your spiritual growth and development.

Also the first 25 persons who call will receive a free DVD gift from Path to Life Ministries when you make contact.

Additionally 88.3 FM is the only seventh-day Adventist operated radio station in the Bahamas that will assist in this process as we uplift Christ to the nation everyday 24/7.  Tune in and be blessed.

May I suggest that you visit any one of our 46 churches in our conference scattered throughout the Islands of the Bahamas and experience the freedom of a joyful walk with Christ.  

Article By: Paul A Scavella

Car Wash & Bake Sale (Good News SDA)


Women's Retreat (Atlantic Caribbean Union)

womens conference 2013 vfinal final 04-15-2013

Children's Ministries On The Move

The 2013 Children’s Crusade, under the theme "Kids Surrendering to Jesus", climaxed on Sabbath, April 6 at the Berea Seventh:day Adventist Church with 19 precious new souls born for the kingdom of God. Every evening for one week, different child preachers shared with power and conviction on different aspects of Salvation. The speakers were Danae Greene, Charles David Greene, Devon Chambers, Malik Clarke, Oneil Willis, Jayden Roberts, Mary Bien, Damani, David(Exuma), Talia Burrows, Carl Kemp Jr., Derrika Bodie(Exuma) and Shamara Thomas. The evenings’ presentations were complimented by Puppet presentations, prizes, surprises and melodious music provided by
children from various churches and the South Bahamas Conference Children's Combined choir.

The Children’s Crusade is only one of the many annual events that cater to the holistic growth and development of the children within the Seventh:day Adventist Church. It is therefore imperative that the Children’s Ministries Department ensures longevity of its programs and mission through training of new leaders. On the afternoon of Sabbath April 6, thirty two (32) Children’s Ministries Leaders and teachers received certiUicates for completion of level 2 of the training module. Guest Speaker, Pastor E. Danny Clarke, spoke to the graduates and attendees on the theme "Find Us Faithful.” Dr. Cheryl Rolle, Children's Ministries Director of Atlantic Caribbean Union, brought greetings and remarks. In her deliberations, she stressed the importance of adapting to the changes in technology in reaching our children. This climaxed another successful venture of the Children’s Ministries Department of South Bahamas Conference led by Diane Jones. If our children are indeed our future, there are exciting days ahead.

Family Campaign

ptl famil campaign

Preparing For The Crisis Ahead

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Bethany's Blood Drive


8 Weeks To Wellness

It has been four weeks since over 200 participants and coaches started 8 Weeks to Wellness 2013. Already there are many testimonies of weight lost, inches shed, and lots of other important health benefits. Participants are excited to be a part of such a wonderful program.

Each Monday at exactly 6:00 pm participants dressed in their program T-Shirts and armed with their pedometers start their exercise of choice. Some head out to the field to walk with team leader Patricia Ferguson, others get a creative, but invigorating workout while sitting with our chair aerobics group led by Kim Scavella, while many others choose our most vigorous workout session led by Bruce Young and Andy Green. After the exercise session participants cool down to an important spiritual charge by Torri Knowles or Noel Brown. The most loved session of all is the time when we divide into 16 coaching groups. It is in the group sessions where participants get to commit to personal goals, share their accomplishments, their struggles, and encourage each other. Each group is led by one or two dedicated coaches who have committed to call, and encourage their group members each week. The last session for the evening is the half hour health educational session from the best health professionals in the Bahamas. At the end some of our participants become the recipients of gift incentives. Incentives are not given for losing the most weight, but for following some of the important health principles encouraged by the program.

The 8 Weeks to Wellness program came out of the need to provide the public with the tools for health behavior change. Before 2005 the Adventist Health Professionals Association was involved in bringing awareness through numerous health screenings and health fairs. Helping people to become aware of their health status was only the beginning. People needed tools and coaching in order to make significant health behavior change. It was from this back drop that the first wellness program was initiated in 2005.

Over the years the scientific analysis of the participants who completed the program showed significant weight loss and reduction in blood pressure. Participants also show significant increase in fruits and vegetables consumption and physical activity.

On Monday April 29th we will be celebrating with our graduates of the 8th Annual 8 Weeks to wellness program 2013 at 7:00 pm at the Bahamas Academy Gym. It is always amazing to hear the awesome testimonies of how this program as impacted the lives of so many grateful participants. Feel free to come out and be empowered.

Article By:
Idamae Hanna

An Inescapable Call For Compassion

The long anticipated visit of Pastor Dwight K. Nelson and his wife Karen to the South Bahamas Conference is now history. Dwight Nelson, who serves as the Senior Pastor to the over four-thousand-member Pioneer Memorial Seventh-day Adventist church on the campus of Andrews University, Berrien Springs Michigan, ministered to the members of South Bahamas Conference with unforgettable passion and clarity. Renowned internationally through his evangelistic campaigns, he can be viewed weekly on the television broadcast, “New Perceptions,” and heard on many radio stations around the world. Pastor Nelson presented a three part series entitled Tattoos on the Heart: A Case for Apocalyptic Compassion, at the Hillivew Seventh-day Adventist Church on Friday, March 15 and Sunday March 17, 2013, as part of the “Double Your Portion” Adventist rally. Listeners described him as fresh, practical, down-to-earth, and deeply spiritual. The experience was labeled as an unforgettable spiritual feast. Pastor Nelson was accompanied by his wife Karen Oswald Nelson, a registered nurse and his partner in ministry. They have one son Kirk, and a daughter Kristin.

Pastor Dwight’s unique style of preaching attracts thousands of listeners around the world. His spoken word is complimented by his published works, which include Outrageous Grace, Countdown to the Showdown and Built to Last. His gift of speaking and administration has kept him the pastor of the campus church since 1983 (30 years) where the students love him and the church continues to grow under his leadership.

The Protective Officers's Day At Bahamas Academy

God’s presence was welcomed into our hearts as Mrs. Roberts; the chaplain of Bahamas Academy graciously rendered a word of prayer to kick off the chapel service. Then, the rhythmic sounds of wooden sticks striking the snare and base drums and canorous sounding trumpets, trombones, tubas, clarinets, cymbals and a solitaire flute vociferously echoed along the courtyard of Bahamas Academy as The Royal Bahamas Police Force Band commenced the Protective Officer’s chapel by perfecting the National. The Royal Bahamas Police Force band entertained the ardent crowd as the devotees were on their feet as band played the famous “Okay” and the Cupid Shuffle. After that superb performance, an officer from the Canine Unit did a presentation with one of the drug searching dogs followed by a concise history of the Protective Agencies in The Bahamas which was brought by two students from the Elementary Division and two students from the Secondary Division. The President of the South Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists introduced the special guest of the morning, Dr. Elliston Rahming, Prison Superintendent for the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. He was preceded by the Bahamas Academy Elementary school choir, which rendered a special item of music. In His address, Dr. Rahming asked four bright Bahamas Academy students the question, “What was the primary duty of the government?” Asha Lewis, an eleventh grade student of the Academy answered correctly by saying, “To protect the citizens of the country.” She was awarded $9 for her accurate response.

Superintendent Rahming expanded on the Protective Agencies of The Bahamas emphasizing to the students that they are the future police, defense force and customs officers as well as forthcoming Commissioners of Police. He urged students to do their best in school so that they can be successful in the future. The magnificent chapel service concluded with the melodious singing of the Bahamas Academy school song. Bahamas Academy truly appreciates the hard work, dedication and sleepless nights of our Protective Officers who strive daily to make our country safe for all its citizens!

Article By:
Scharlee Thompson

Train up a child...

Proverbs 22:6 says, "Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it."
This text does not mean that if children are properly trained that they may not stray from the proper principles and values instilled in them. They may drift away from what they know to be right but they will come back to the initial proper training learnt.

It is said that training begins at home and ends abroad. Therefore, it should be the parents paramount aim to train their children the best way they know how. With the help of God, these children will grow up to be the type of individuals that will please God and make family and society proud.

Some tips that parents can use to assist in the proper nurturing of children are:

1. Establish a family altar on a daily basis. When Christ is the centre of individual lives, wise decisions will be made each day.

2. Parents modeling how they want their children to conduct themselves. Some parents may set do's and don'ts for children but a child will be more receptive in modeling the behavior of their parents.

3. Use everyday situations to bring out a positive lesson to their children.

These are just a few tips to assist parents with the proper training of their children.

The primary goals of every parent should be to train their children to be productive citizens on earth and above all to make Heaven their eternal home.

Article By:
Diane Jones

Your Child's Best Friend

We have often heard it said that children live what they learn. If this is the case, then we ought to make every effort to model positive character traits before our children. By and large Adventist Education has tried to follow this counsel.

With this in mind, discipline comes to the forefront. There is a need for us as parents, teachers and adults in general to be consistent, decisive and respectful of our children as persons. We need to be reality disciplinarians. This is not to say that we have to be serious, steel-faced and no fun to be around.
On the contrary, we ought to use guidance rather than force, be action oriented and not just satisfied to use words. We must hold our children accountable for their actions. We must help them to become mature, responsible and successful in life.

Ellen G. White admonishes us that, "Higher than the highest human thought can reach is God's ideal for His children, Godliness, Godlikeness is the goal to be reached." Education, p. 18.

Sometimes our most powerful ally is natural or logical consequences. For example, "If you don't complete your chores, you won't be able to attend the class party".

Dr. Kevin Leman in his book, Making Children Mind Without Losing Yours, gives nine ways to be your child's best friend:
- Be sure that the discipline fits the infraction.
- Never beat or bully your child into submission.
- Use action oriented methods whenever possible.
- Always try to be consistent.
- Emphasize order and the need for order.
- Always require your child to be accountable and responsible for his or her own actions.
- Always communicate to your child that he or she is good even though the behavior may have been irresponsible.
- Always give your child choices that reinforce cooperation but not competition.
- If spanking is necessary, it should be done when you are in control of your emotions.

Let us remember to pray for our teachers, parents and students that God's ideal will be realized in each heart as we seek to do His will. Always remember that only what is done for Christ will last.

Article By: Anthony Burrows

Maxine Rolle Sleeps… Her Life Still Speaks

Maxine Francita Rolle, wife of Elder Vernal Rolle Sr. for fifty years, was laid to rest on March 10, 2013 after a spectacular display of admiration and celebration for one who was special to many. What could be said of this magnificent woman? Words fail to capture such a profound, majestic gem whose voice was soft and comforting, whose heart was compassionate and filled with unspeakable love for her God, her family, friends, and her fellow man.

An exemplary Bahamian woman, Maxine was born on January 19, 1943 in the picturesque settlement of Smith's Hill, South Andros. Who knew that this beautiful baby girl would grow up to marry the very dashing young Vernal Rolle and this union would produce five debonair princes, and one beautiful princess. Together they offered dedicated service to the nation for twelve years, travelling across many family islands as keepers of the lighthouse stations. Her attention to civic pride and service was riveted in all her children who reciprocated her fine example as outstanding civil servants to our nation.

Sister Rolle’s commitment to mankind was second only to her unswerving dedication to her God. She believed in fellowship and regularly attended and participated in her church right to the very end. Her work for the Lord saw her travelling to several other countries impacting other cultures and touching many lives. However, her premier missionary post was her family. Along with her husband they reared their children in the fear and admonition of the Lord ensuring that they accompanied them to church each and every Sabbath. As testimony to a job well done, all her children boast membership in the Seventh-day Adventist church family in which they grew up and are presently serving the church and the community.

What a legacy she has left! Maxine was a woman filled with grace and keen wisdom and she was indeed connected to the True Vine, Jesus Christ who was the source of her strength. She believed in and relied on her Saviour and taught her children and grandchildren to do the same. Sister Rolle was a humble lady who never rejected a hug which was always accompanied by a shy but sweet and endearing smile. A kind word and or warm advice were the order of the day for those persons who came in contact with her. She was a wonderful and devoted wife, mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, a melodious singer and accompanied her energetic husband whenever and wherever.

A beautiful rose that caught the light of the sun, whose lovely petals were kissed with such gentle tenderness that from its essence poured joy. Though this rose, this light is now faded from this life, we hope to one day in the kingdom made new, gaze upon that exquisite blossom, Maxine Francita Rolle. Sister Maxine Rolle captivated the hearts and touched many lives and will be missed immensely by everyone who knew and loved her dearly.

She remains in the hearts of those who appreciated her until on that great getting up day when we will hear her sing, see her smile and rejoice in the fulfillment of her faith.

Pastor Dwight Nelson Is Coming To Town

The long anticipated visit of Pastor Dwight K. Nelson and his wife Karen to the South Bahamas Conference is almost here. Dwight Nelson, who serves as the Senior Pastor to the over four-thousand-member Pioneer Memorial Seventh-day Adventist church on the campus of Andrews University, Berrien Springs Michigan, will be in town this weekend. Renowned internationally through his evangelistic campaigns, he can be viewed weekly on the television broadcast, “New Perceptions,” and heard on many radio stations around the world. Pastor Nelson will preach at the Hillivew Seventh-day Adventist Church on Friday, March 15 and Sunday March 17, 2013, 7:00 p.m. as part of the “Double Your Portion” Adventist rally. He will also be the Divine Service speaker on Saturday morning at the Centreville Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Born in Tokyo, Japan, of missionary parents, Nelson converses in Japanese. A graduate of Far Eastern Academy in Singapore, Nelson later earned a bachelor's degree from Southern Adventist University, Collegedale, Tennessee, a Master of Divinity (MDiv) degree from Andrews University and a Doctor of Ministry degree (DMin) from the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary. His spoken word is complimented by his published works, which include Outrageous Grace, Countdown to the Showdown and Built to Last. Pastor Nelson will be accompanied by his wife Karen Oswald Nelson, a registered nurse and his partner in ministry. They have one son Kirk, and a daughter Kristin.

Pastor Dwight’s unique style of preaching attracts thousands of listeners to the campus church in Michigan and to his television broadcast. So much so, that in 1994, the Pioneer Memorial Church hosted ABC Television's National Christmas Eve service. He is fresh, practical, down-to-earth, and deeply spiritual. Wherever Pastor Nelsons speaks a crowd is sure to follow. The Pioneer Memorial Church has standing room only each Saturday morning with eager students, community and faculty members who are anxious to hear the fresh spiritual insights from the Bible. His gift of speaking and administration has kept him the pastor of the campus church since 1983 (30 years) where the students love him and the church continues to grow under his leadership. This is your opportunity to experience what others describe as an unforgettable spiritual feast. You will be richly blessed this weekend by his ministry. Come and join us.

Executing New Bible Studies

Have you ever wished that you could have a series of Bible lessons in a single booklet form. Well, wish no more. Just arriving from the IAD publishers are 1000 thousand of these lessons. They are a part of the year of the laity thrust.

Under the caption (Place the name here for me) these lessons will be available through the PM leaders at your churches as of this week.

Members if these lessons were taken by 1000 members and used effectively what a glorious end result we could anticipate. Ask God today to help you find someone to give a bible study to and assist in meeting a need. Join me in praying to this end today.

By: Paul A. Scavella,

Bahamians Celebrate International Women's Day of Prayer

March 2, 2013, was celebrated in all Seventh-day Adventists churches across the world as The International Women's Day of Prayer. This is an annual celebration experienced on the first Sabbath of March. This compliments the annual international emphasis on women on March 8, when thousands of events are held throughout the world to inspire women and to celebrate their achievements. A global web of rich and diverse activities connects women from all around the world ranging from political rallies, business conferences, government activities and evangelistic efforts.

Since 1990, the Women’s Ministries Department of the Seventh-day Adventist Church has promoted a special day for women to strengthen their spiritual bonds as they pray for and with each other. The International Women's Day of Prayer provides an opportunity for women to learn about each other and pray for one another. It is a time to reunite with God and one another. Prayers for women everywhere create a spiritual network of empathy and understanding between Adventist women. Thousands of women (and men) gather to pray on this day.

In the South Bahamas Conference this day launched a flurry of special events. Throughout the month of March, many exciting things will happen. The New Providence Seventh-day Adventist Church charts the course in a lay crusade and the All Andros Women’s Retreat explodes in South Andros to close out the month.

The purpose of these activities is to inspire women to reach their potential in Christ; to train them to deepen their spiritual life and to put their faith in action by employing their valuable talents in His service, and to play a significant role in hastening the return of Christ. It is also aimed at stimulating a ministry of love and empathy to the spiritually, physically mentally and socially needy men, women and children, showing and declaring the love of God for humanity. Don’t be left out of this opportunity to serve.

Article By: Donnalee Bowe
Women’s Ministries Director

How To Pray

Here is a little known secret: Much more can be learned by actually praying than by simply studying about prayer. It is Therefore a worthwhile exercise to examine how to pray. The answer of course emerges out of the experiences of people who actually enjoyed a life of prayer. One of those persons is the incarnate Son of God, Jesus Christ. In His thirty-three years of earthly sojourn he practiced a life of prayer; In other words, a life of constant communion with his Father. So, how do I pray? This resembles an inquiry that the observant disciples presented to Jesus. They said to Jesus, "teach us how to pray". (Luke 11:1). The following is the model prayer.

"Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one." (Matthew 6:9-13 NIV)

The prayer is not so much for us to repeat word for word as it is for us to genuinely, out of a relationship with Jesus, imitate the attitude seen in the prayer. Firstly, we must pray with an attitude of praise and reverence for our Father and His name. In this we acknowledge the illimitable power and holy character of the Father who rules as sovereign in Heaven and Earth. Praising and reverencing His name brings his authority into our lives. Here we learn that our strength and answers come from above not beneath. When the praises go up the blessings come down.

Secondly, we must pray with an attitude of humility. In this manner the human will submits to God's will. Just as earth is subject to heaven, so the children must be subjected to the Father. The reason is obvious. "your heavenly Father knows that you need them"(Matthew 6:32). Also, He rules Heaven and Earth.

Thirdly, we must pray with an attitude of desire and petition for physical needs. The Father is concerned about our need for food, clothing, shelter and security. As children we have authority to ask. " Ask and it shall be given to you : seek and you shall find ; knock and the door will be opened to you . For everyone that asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks the door will be opened " (Matthew 7:7,8). In these words resides persistence. Continue to ask; continue to seek and continue to knock. It is interesting to note that the words ask, seek and knock all begins with a letter from the word ASK. The idea is that there must be persistence and progression in prayer.

Fourthly, we must pray with an attitude of desire and petition for spiritual needs. Relationship with God and our fellow men is a great spiritual need. We need God and we need people as well. In the beginning, God solved the problem of aloneness by placing human beings in families. Sin has always been the cause of disunity and relational dysfunction, as well as separation from God, hence our need for forgiveness of trespasses from the Father. There is also the desire to forgive those who trespass against us. In addition ask the Father for power to resist temptation and the evil one, Satan. " Submit yourself to God, resist the devil and he will flee from you " ( James 4:7). In order to resist the evil one and temptations we must submit to the Father's leadership.

Finally, we must pray with an attitude of faith and expectation with specificity. " If you ask for bread he will not give you stone..... your Father in heaven is willing to give good gifts." (Matthew 7:9,10).

So, now you know Jesus, pray to the Father in the name of Jesus. Jesus said, " Because I am going to my Father, you may ask for anything in my name and I will do it ." In the presence of the Father, Jesus stands up as our advocate. The Father always listens to Jesus. So with such knowledge, I urge you to pray without ceasing. Here is the total package!


Try it! It works.

Article By: Pastor Peter Joseph
Executive Secretary

Be Healthy Be Happy

It's been a wonderful two weeks since the Be Healthy Be Happy club was formed and now eight people have joined. We meet every Sunday morning at 7:00 at the GMCI centre. I would like you to benefit from this family of exercisers who fellowship at this time. Remember to Bring your large towels or exercise mats.

Could you imagine a fully outfitted exercise Gym at the GMCI. It's the vision we share and join us and make it a reality.

Encourage your none SDA friends to join us and help meet their need for better health while being a witness.

Find an exercise picture to place here with this note for me.

Also get the name of the Lessons as well as a photo to go with it. Have one of the Directors holding a copy of the lessons.

Leandra Barr at 3ABN

Congratulations to Leandra Brunetta Barr who was recently employed by 3ABN Television Network in West Frankfort, Illinois. Leandra, the second of three children of Dr. Willard and Mrs. Irene Barr of the Grant’s Town Seventh-day Adventist Church, Wellington Street, Nassau, Bahamas is a product of Christian Education. She attended both Bahamas Academy Elementary and Secondary divisions where she graduated with honours. After graduating from the College of The Bahamas with an Associate of Arts Degree in Mass Communication and Journalism, Leandra matriculated at Southern Adventist University in Collegedale, Tennessee where she pursued The Bachelor of Science Degree in Mass Communication with emphasis in Media Production. She graduated in December 2012 among the top of her graduating class.

Sister Barr’s aspirations are: to become an outstanding Producer and Christian Television Network Talk Show Host and to encourage and win young people to Christ.

We pray God’s blessings upon Leandra in all her pursuits.

The Road To Success: Refelections of a college student

My name is Daran Erickson Addington Clarke. Most people know me as Pastor Clarke’s son or the Bass singer, but I’m much more than just that. I was born in the Princess Margaret Hospital on February 20th, 1990 and from that day I sought out to be a pilot! Along the way, that vision became distorted and changed a number of times. My educational journey began at Miss Binnie preschool and continued from there to Bahamas Academy where I spent the next 12 years of my life. All I thought about in high school was basketball. However, if I could go back in time, I’d make sure to lay a solid foundation for my college courses and receive lots of scholarships by doing the best in all my assignments and tests and grabbing every opportunity for learning. Living the high school life is great, but every step is about preparing for the next event.

I graduated Bahamas Academy and went on to study at Northern Caribbean University (NCU). There again life was all about basketball. It was a rough transition. I had to exercise a lot of self-discipline to understand that success in college demanded so much more. I learnt that one couldn’t do the same mediocre work that luckily sufficed in high school. In 2011, I decided to transfer to Oakwood University to complete the senior year of my Accounting Degree. To leave NCU with my hands swinging was not an option, so I applied, and received my Associates Degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Accounting. At Oakwood University I had a lot of help from teachers who were willing to press me toward graduation in one year; this despite the large volume of courses I had outstanding to fulfill graduation requirements. This required long hours. One semester I was up to 23 credit hours, including internship time.

My advice to anyone that is going through college or any level of education is, DO NOT GET FLUSTERED. No matter how challenging the task at hand may seem, it is achievable. Once you have a plan to work at it little by little, step by step, you will succeed. I was especially inspired in a worship meeting at Edwards Hall at Oakwood University. A young man, 24 years of age, spoke to us about being diligent and determined to be the best one can be. He is a medical doctor and an Oakwood University Alumni. I then thought about it and determined that if he is a medical doctor at 24, why should I stop working at my education now? Why can’t I go for more? And thus, upon completing my Bachelors Degree from Oakwood University, I began my MBA in the fall of 2012 at Washington Adventist University.

The road has not been an easy one, but once you keep your head looking first at Christ, and then at the bright future, He has promised us hope! I don’t know about tomorrow, what I will be doing or where I will be, but I know who holds my hand! Keep your focus, trust God, work diligently and anticipate the blissful success that is inevitable.

Article By: Daran E. A. Clarke

Toward A Disciplined Society

Why is society seemingly out of control? Could it be that the fabric of civil governance is indiscriminately losing its thread count? The incidents of curt remarks to those in authority and the laissez faire (let them do as they please) approach to life seem to be the order of the day. The gradual demise of self-control has eaten at the very ingredient that so strongly guided a once principled nation. No wonder the decadence that pervades our society has resulted in subversive activities that threaten our welfare and that of so many in and out of our circle. Are we heading for trouble? Can our children survive in an arena of unwelcomed chaos and anarchy? I wish not to paint a picture of gloom, but if we do not put some austere measures in place, we are inadvertently satisfied with an indiscipline society.

All is not lost. However, our efforts of redemption must be intentional. We can no longer deem society as “a hopeless case” but instead employ principles of order and control in our little spheres. We can eradicate the mounting cases of traffic bullying, student bullying, cyber bullying and other negatives that emanate from the perspective of sheer negligence of the stakeholders. We can no longer feel comfortable in “our space”. Yes, like Jabez, (cf. I Chronicles 4:10) we need to ask the Lord to enlarge our territory. What does this include? We should establish a process toward a disciplined nation. This begins at home. When the home fails, the church and school must make the difference; hard though it may be. Yes, it is an uphill battle when listless parents relegate their children to the whims and fancies of happenstance.

We must bear in mind, that though many look to government to fix their problems; it is not the panacea for our ills. One thing that remains constant despite the change of governments is “us”. The government agencies are inadequate to handle the mounting cases of neglect and abandonment of our youth. Each citizen can become a powerful agent in the execution of goodwill by harnessing the shrubs of indiscipline that sprout in our own backyards. These unruly growths exist to make life painful. We must not get weary in well doing. Yes, it is a mammoth task but if each one ploughs at his own furrow then move over to assist his neighbour, what a beautiful garden we will harvest? Then we can share the fruits of our labour! Let us tackle a little each day, in our homes, at the food store – wherever we go. Just be consistent. Make a difference in our Bahamaland as we move toward a disciplined society.

Article By: Joan Scavella,
Education Director, SBC


Law Officers Service

During an address to Law Enforcement Officers and Civil Servants, the President of South Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, Pastor Paul Scavella, encouraged the Officers and Civil Servants to be strong and courageous in performing their duties to the Bahamian people.

The South Bahamas Conference hosted its 18th Annual Law Enforcement and Civil Servants Prayer Service, under the theme “Double Your Portion.” This service was held at the Grants Town Seventh-day Adventist Church, in Nassau Bahamas, on the 23rd February 2013.

With reference to Hezekiah and the rebuilding of the walls, as found in 2 Chronicles 31, Pastor Scavella said that sometimes Law Officers may have the feeling that they are in the minority as they try to uphold the law, but they should do it anyhow because it is their duty to do so.

Pastor Scavella said, “In order to survive in this society today we must be people of courage. No coward should be a Police Officer, or a Custom Officer, or any other Law Officer. Courage is something that is very rare today and to have real courage, courage to do the right, “though the heavens fall” you have to be courageous and stand for the right, for there are more with you than those against you.” He further challenged the Officers to put their faith and trust in God in order to realize their strength.

Each year at this time the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the Bahamas organized and hosted a prayer and praise service for Law Officers and Civil Servants as they endeavor to do their duties.

In attendance were scores of Civil Servants and Law Officers, (active, reserved and retired) from the various Law Enforcement Agencies in the Bahamas.

In his comments about the significance of this event, Mr. Quinn McCarthy, Deputy Commissioner of Police, brought remarks from the Commissioner of Police, Mr. Ellison Edroy Greenslade. “ He said “ I believe that it is imperative to seek the Holy Spirit to direct our steps as law enforcement agencies. The escalation of crime and violence in our country will not be solved with our powers alone. We must at all times seek the Divine assistance to fight the evil that appears to be taking over our country.” He also expressed appreciation on behalf of Commissioner Greenslade to the South Bahamas Conference for hosting this meaningful event.

Article By: Danhugh Gordon
Communications Director, SBC

Bahamas Academy Boys Celebrate Their Mothers

It was a perfect day. Not a cloud could be seen for miles in the sky as visibility was flawless. Cool breeze kissed the cheeks of our student population. Excitement was at its peak. The occasion: Our annual Mother and Son’s Luncheon. February, the month of love, was the perfect setting for such an occasion at Bahamas Academy Elementary School.

Boys casually dressed for the event waited with bated breath for the arrival of their mothers. With the speed of “Lightening Bolt” as the boys spied their moms they ran eagerly to embrace them. They then royally escorted them to the reception area where pictures were taken to commemorate this grand occasion.

Mrs. Elmore Jacques, the Vice Principal of the Elementary School, beamed with pride and pleasure as she welcomed the mothers. She reminisced briefly about the fathers and Daughter’s Luncheon, which was held during the first term of the school year. Following this she offered the opening prayer for the occasion and the blessing of the food.

The mothers had anticipated that the day was going to be special, but they totally underestimated the ambiance and hospitality they received. The maitre’d and his team of waitresses and servers, so spectacularly dressed, catered to the whims and fancies of their special guests. The vegetarian cuisine was attractive, healthy and very tasty. It was prepared by the famous Bahamas Academy Catering Services headed by Executive chef, Mrs. Brenda Scott and her team. It was indeed a banquet made in heaven.

The entertainment was top notch, as items of special music were rendered by a few of the song birds of the school: Ms. Alison Sawyer and Nadia King, followed by a Boyz-2-Men trio from the Secondary division. We could not close this session without a special word to the mothers. This was eloquently done by Ms. Carol Jackman, a grade six teacher from the Elementary Division, as she recited a poem of dedication to Mothers.

The program came to an end as Mr. Nelson Bain thanked the mothers for attending. They had helped to make the occasion a most memorable one with their presence. He sang a love song on behalf of the boys as they hugged and kissed their mothers on both cheeks.

Article By: Nelson Bain


It Takes Three

localnews ittakesthree
Reflections and advices from a happy wife.

After the stress of wedding planning, with its attendant hurry and inevitable glitches, you finally enjoy that beautiful church service with all your loving family and friends in attendance. The endless picture taking and the happy and gastronomically-satisfying reception are finally over, and you ride off with the large “Just Married” sign attached and all the noisy tins ratting behind your car. The long-awaited delights of the honeymoon are glorious and euphoric. After those relaxing and unforgettable two weeks in a beautiful setting, you reluctantly pack your bags and head home to the work-a-day world. You wish the time did not fly by so rapidly, and you long to spend just a few more days, but duty calls and you have to set up house and begin a new dimension of your life – marriage and work.

On January 1, 1956, yes 57 years ago, Silas and I were united in holy matrimony. He was 29 and I was almost 20. After four years of courtship on the college campus, the lovely wedding, exciting honeymoon and a week or so of orientation in Nassau, we found ourselves assigned to work in one of the most delightful and tranquil islands of the Bahamas – Andros. In the area where we lived, Kemp’s Bay, the coconut-tree-fringed, white beach stretched for miles and miles and miles. Silas was the pastor for six small churches and I was the principal of the small elementary school. The setting was idyllic and the people were very friendly!

From the moment we were alone after the wedding, the first thing we did was to pray for God’s continued blessings on our lives and for Him to give us a double portion, as we were establishing a new home together. We had our regular morning and evening devotions, for prayer was then and has always been the basis of our lives together. We firmly believe that, “with Christ in the vessel you can smile at the storm!” Before taking up our new work assignments, we asked for God’s help every step of the way, for it takes three – husband, wife and Jesus - to make a happy and successful marriage.

Life was not a bed of roses, for there were adjustments to be made. For example, I had no teacher training experience, yet here I was in charge of a school with over fifty students. Sure, I had passed eight subjects in one sitting in the Senior Cambridge Examination, but that was not enough, so I had to learn on the job. I contacted former teachers and friends who had been teaching for some time and got as many pointers as I could. I bought relevant books to get as much help as I could. In that way with the Lord’s help, I was able to do a creditable job there for almost three years before being transferred. Silas had to do a lot of walking, even though we had a small motorbike, which we were able to use on the footpath, called The Dixie, and on the firm sand of the beach close to the edge of the sea. There were some routes, like on the way to Pleasant Bay Church from Kemp’s Bay, where he could not use the motorbike for most of the journey. Seven hills and many miles had to be covered by “foot-mobile” in order to get to Church on time. We were committed to the Lord’s work and to one another.

Then, there was the clothes washing experience, with the tin tub outside and that dreadful scrubbing board, which made both my wrists bleed after washing the sheets, towels, etc. for the week. I really tried, but it was difficult. So, we prayed about it, and worked out a solution. We pinched our pennies in another area and paid someone to help with the washing. Sometimes compromise is needed for life to go smoothly.

In those by-gone years, things were not as modernized as they now are. There were no roads in Kemp’s Bay, no electricity, no running water, no doctor, no nurse, no computers, no televisions, no telephones, etc., etc. Accommodations left a lot to be desired. In one house the leak in the thatched roof was so bad I could not cook when it was raining. We had to cover down the stove with heavy plastic sheeting, when it was not in use, to protect it from the elements. In all of this, somehow, I did not feel deprived or disadvantaged, for Silas and I were together, and we knew the Lord would see us through. It takes three for contentment and happiness!

There were many advantages and plusses. The simple, quiet life with the kerosene lamps made “early to bed and early to rise” a pleasure! The children in the school were eager to learn and did well in their studies. The amiable people made us feel at home. Quite often we would get gifts of plums, or sapodillas, or coconuts from friends and neighbours around. We made many genuine friendships while we lived in Kemp’s Bay. To this day we get calls and occasional visits from the life-long friends we made while we were there.

Preplanning is vital to success in any venture, and we did a lot of planning before our wedding. In order for any marriage to succeed, earnest prayer, careful thought and wise planning are needed. For example, we did not go in debt to have a lavish wedding. We knew how much we could afford and we made our plans accordingly. Afterwards in our marriage, we still tried to keep to our budget. I understand that a half of all marital breakups come because of disagreement over money matters. This is serious! It is not her money and his money, but our money. We have to put selfishness out of the financial equation, give God His portion, assess priorities and distribute the money accordingly.

Serious prayer, observation and assessment on the part of both prospective husband and wife are necessary. Sometimes individuals enter into this state of matrimony without due thought and consideration. Love (or lust) makes them blind, and they enter into relationships that later prove to be disastrous. To see a person on the surface and live with that individual are two different things. Even if the two people are Christians, the first year of marriage is crucial, requiring much give-and-take and consideration for the likes and dislikes of the other spouse. “In sickness and in health, till death do us part,” is a serious commitment.

Once, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, you have chosen Mr. Right or Miss Right and have tied the knot, do not neglect the pleasantries and niceties you used to do while you were courting. Here is where some spouses take each other for granted and many marriages get “boring.” Life becomes a humdrum, routine affair. Love needs to be expressed in words as well as in deeds, in order to keep the love fire burning brightly. Love God supremely and your spouse with all your heart, for it does takes three!

Ruth McKinney


3ABN Visits SBC

local news 3ABN
A pleasant surprise is always welcomed. The Commonwealth of the Bahamas was recently visited by a team of leaders from the three Angels Network, 3ABN. Long Island enjoyed a spiritual feast with Pastor Jim Gilley and his wife. On the Island of New Providence, the team toured the local studios and shared their projections for future partnership. Courtesy calls were made to The Governor General of the Bahamas, The Deputy Leader of the Opposition, The Minister of Financial Services and the Member of Parliament for Long Island.

Bahamas Academy ELC Grandparents Day

local news ELC Grandparentd Day
On Wednesday, February 6th, 2013 the students of Bahamas Academy Early Learning Centre invited their grandparents to a morning of beautiful singing and poetry. First, the K5’s welcomed the grandparents, and then the K2’s treated them to a love note attached to a sweet treat. The k4’s then gave a beautiful acrostic of the word grandparents in grand style. Later they were serenaded by the K3’s, followed by another lovely song by Mrs. Valerie Poitier.

Our speaker was the former Coordinator of the Early Learning Centre Mrs. Hermia Brown. She started out with a story just for the children of Little Red Riding Hood. After admonishing our boys and girls to obey their parents and elders and to always stay on the right path, she then addressed grandparents, parents and other visitors encouraging them to enjoy the time they have with their grandchildren. She spoke of the importance of grandparents in molding the lives of their grandchildren. Mentioned was made of how Timothy, companion of the Apostle Paul was greatly influenced by both his mother and grandmother resulting in him becoming a positive influence on others.

Mrs. Brown then called on her granddaughter Ilka Rodgers who recited a poem she wrote for the grandparents. At the end of the program the grandparents were treated to light refreshments and some of them visited the classroom of their grandchild and even shared a story.

By Daviette Powell

An Excellent Resolution

larry green news
A great writer once penned these words: “The greatest want of the world is the want of men - men who will not be bought or sold; men who in their inmost souls are true and honest; men who do not fear to call sin by its right name; men whose conscience is as true to duty as the needle to the pole; men who will stand for the right though the heavens fall. “

When I first saw this quotation, I purposed in my heart that, with God as my strength, I would be one of those men. Nine years later, my resolution remains my creed. Like the Hebrew Boys, I pledge to stand even if threatened with death by the fire of men. Like Joseph, I will flee to the arms of God even when faced with life’s darkest dungeons. This is my life resolution, to move only by the impulse of the Spirit of God. And BE STRONG.

Today your tenacity to hold to God may be challenged. You may very well be asked to give up your principles or deny Jesus’ lordship over your life. You may face blazing fires because of your decision to order your steps in the way of the Lord. However, I encourage you to be strong and courageous. Never forget that it is still God’s desire, as in Bible times, to fashion men and women who are strong and courageous when faced with Satan’s obstacles, tricks and lustful enticements. Fear not because the Son of God will make your stand strong. You are an ambassador of Heaven. Do not bow! Do not be bent or be bought but believe in God. The God of Daniel, Joseph and Joshua is your God! “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9

Bahamas Primary School Awards Nominee

The Bahamas Primary School Awards Program recognizes students who have exemplified themselves as outstanding leaders and scholars with a keen interest in school and community projects. Each year, primary schools from across the Commonwealth of the Bahamas select from among their best, one student to represent their school. This is one of the most prestigious national recognitions for primary school students in this country. Khaylee Sands, a member of the Bethany Seventh-day Adventist Church, has been nominated as the 2013 nominee of the Bahamas Primary School Student of the Year representing the Bahamas Academy Elementary School. The artistic Khaylee is a diligent pathfinder who enjoys playing her violin, writing, reading and a good conversation. In addition to being an exceptional student, she makes time for serving God and others. Her special ministry, Khaylee’s Touch Bookmark Ministry (KTBM) has reached many across the world.

Chivalry Still Lives

With age comes change. Some we embrace, such as shorter bank lines and retirement but there are other changes we loath such as aches, pains and forgetfulness. There are some things however that just does not seem to change with age such as principles, love, core values and chivalry. This thought was riveted on my mind as I was blown away by the expression of tenderest care as I watched Philip Antonio open the car door for his daughter, watch her get seated then closing the door before taking his seat. Did I mention that his pace is slowed, that he is slightly bent forward, that he uses a cane to help him walk or that he is 91 years old? Now you may understand my intrigue with his gracious demeanor.

When questioned about this display of affection, his daughter Terri responded “ Oh Daddy, my daddy is a gentleman par excel lance.” For as long as she can recall, he never sits to the dinner table without first pulling the chair for his daughters and wife or any other lady who may be dining. This transitioned outside the home to any female who shared his space creating an atmosphere of refinement wherever he went. Even more valuable than the comfort of being assisted is the sense of value and self esteem that is transmitted to the recipient of his kindness.

His sister Elizabeth, recalls similar mannerisms in their father William Wilshere Antonio who she insists is the “nicest dad in the world”. Being the older sister she recounts the tenderness with which he treated her but says it has got even better with age as she too greatly admires his finesse. This display transcends habit. It springs form a place of love and care. For his daughter Terri, one of the most memorable expressions of his love occurred on a raining afternoon when Phil Antonio was seen waiting for her at her office with an umbrella, just to walk her across the street to the parking lot where her car was parked. Much like a generational blessing, his chivalrous practices have become the hallmark of his son and grandson and an anticipated privilege to his daughters and grand daughters.

Chivalry is more than a show it is the outward manifestation of deep seated virtues such as courage, mercy, generosity, faith, hope and nobility. So say chivalry is dead is to proclaim doom. Christian men bring hope to a harsh and uncouth world by displaying understanding, pure affection and refinement to everyone in their path. So if only in the Centerville Seventh-day Adventist Church, I know chivalry is still alive and much adored. Just ask many women who are sure to greet Philip Antonio before leaving the hallowed spot each Sabbath.

Article By: Patrice Williams-Gordon

A Wellness Experience - Live Well: Body, Mind & Spirit

local news item 20
Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth. 3 John 1:2 KJV

On Sunday, February 3, 2013, the Health Department of the Parkgate S.D.A. Church sponsored a Wellness Experience under the theme: Live Well-Body, Mind & Spirit. The participants were treated to an array of wellness tips and remedies wrapped up in a sumptuous presentation style.

Born out of a desire to help persons live their best life; presenters encouraged, motivated and inspired their audience to adopt healthy lifestyles for optimum health and longevity by Church Pastor, E. D. Clarke, presented as the appetizer, Spiritual Wellness.This he stated is “foundational for successful living”.

The entrée was served by motivational speaker, Patrice Williams-Gordon in an animated display that emphasized the importance of maintaining balance in an imbalanced world. This course was complimented by a Fitness Blast Session where the audience stretched, twisted and turned in an energetic 7 min. exercise session conducted by Tyrone Neely.

Participants was able to choose from various side dishes that included a Financial Wellness Session which outlined practical budget saving tips by CPA Mrs. Vanria Gardiner; House hold tips straight from the kitchen by Mrs. Charisee Smith and Easy Effortless Recipes by Mrs. Tinia Browne. Not to be left undone, the teens were treated to a special feast on Living Healthy in an Unhealthy World by Mrs. Anastacia Carter while the men enjoyed their treat on Men’s Health by Urologist, Dr. Joseph Evans.

The dessert was the final portion and was beautifully served in our Back Yard Farming segment by Mr. Dwayne Adderley. The audience was able to sample the fruit of his labour, prepared right before their eyes. Many pledged to create their own back yard farms in their quest to lead healthier, well balanced lives. The day ended with a four course healthy meal, gifts and surprises and a promise to live well- Body, Mind and Spirit.

Article By: Phyllis Woodside

Inagua In Good Hands

Local News Item 1
Inagua, the southernmost Island of The Bahamas, renowned for its abundance of wild life and Salt ponds, is in good hands. This was the verdict of Pastor Danhugh Gordon as he visited the Island recently. He recognized good stewardship among the church members, security force and citizens in general as a tell tale sign for diligence and continued development.

Pastor Danhugh Gordon, non-resident Pastor for the Matthew Town SDA church, paid his first visit for 2013 on the weekend of January 25. As always, he was impressed by the slowed pace and warm disposition of the residents who on the surface seem to enjoy a stress-free existence. The tidy group of faithful members shared multiple worship sessions over the weekend including Holy Communion. There was much enthusiasm expressed at expanding the reach and influence of the Adventist church on that island.

Pastor Gordon and his wife Patrice, shared in a brief devotional exercise with the local security officers at the Mathew Town Police Station. this, before the law enforcers embarked on the activities of the day which included overseeing the voting for the referendum. Pastor Gordon was impressed by the warm welcome he received and intends to make this a regular activity.

He noted, with tender admiration, the humane side of the policemen and their dedication to the preservation of the uniqueness of Inagua. In what may seem to be an insignificant gesture, the local policemen rescued and continue to care for a lone foal (baby donkey) on the premise of the station. Two years ago, Robert, as he is affectionately called, wandered onto the compound one night and has never left. The wise man Solomon writes in Proverbs 12:10 “A righteous man cares for the needs of his animal…”

The Bible has more to say of faithfulness in small things being a pre-requisite for larger responsibilities and of such we must not take this act of kindness for granted.

Order, cleanliness, kindness and yes donkeys are still the hallmark of the beautiful and tranquil Island of Inauga thanks to those who live and lead there. Indeed, Inagua is in good hands.

New Pastor Installed In Cat Island

Local News 8
The Elders, officers and members of the Cat Island District of Churches, during the recently held Family Island Convention, welcomed their new non-resident Pastor, Mark Ewen, on Sabbath January 19, 2013. Under the theme ‘Double Your Portion’, members of both Seaview SDA Church and the Devil’s Point SDA Church assembled at the Seaview SDA Church for a joint convocation. Executive Secretary for South Bahamas Conference, Pastor Peter Joseph, lead the installation of the new pastor and delivered the Divine Service message. He presented the word of God with power and clarity as he spoke of the gift of prophecy to the Adventist church. The members received their new pastor with open arms. They praised God for another pastor to provide leadership and direction.

Pastor Ewen is no stranger to the Bahamas. A native of Jamaica, he previously served this Conference in the district of North Andros from 2004 to 2008. He returns from Andrews University, Michigan, where he pursued the Masters in Divinity.

Pastor Ewen is married to, Taweisha Whylly a Bahamian guidance counselor. They are proud parents to two children Matea, age 12 and Mark Jr., age 5. Mark Ewen began pastoral ministry in his native home, Kingston, Jamaica, in 1997, where he pastored eight churches and was ordained to the gospel ministry in 2002. In addition to serving as non-resident pastor to the Cat Island District, Pastor Ewen also serves as the Pastor of the Living Faith Church in Nassau.

Welcome To Health Ministries

Welcome to the Health Ministries Department of the South Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventist!

In III John 2 God says, “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.” It was always God’s plan that we strive physically, mentally, socially and spiritually, which will maintain total health of mind body and soul. God’s original plan was for man to live forever. Sickness, depression, social unrest and death are all the result of sin and its curse.

The Seventh-day Adventist Church believes there is a real connection between the spiritual and the physical. People with clear minds are better able to understand the will of God, and people with healthy bodies are better able to serve others.

The Health Ministries Department has two goals:
• To provide Health Education for church members
• To Evangelize our communities through Health Ministries

All for one purpose: to restore the image of God in men and women; “To make man whole.”


Bahamas Academy Opens Two E-Libraries

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Thursday, January 17, 2013 will be remembered as an outstanding day in the life of Bahamas Academy. The long awaited libraries were officially opened. The students were assembled in the courtyard for a joint Chapel exercise.

Present for the occasion were Officers and Directors of the South Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventist, former school administrators and employees, special guests and parents. The Guest speaker, Mrs. Ruth McKinney, a former teacher of the institution, challenged the students to cultivate the habit of reading making wise decisions in their choice of reading material, realizing that the plethora of information available on the Internet.

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The highlight of the morning was the cutting of the ribbons to officially open the libraries. The library of Elementary Division was fittingly named in honor of Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Brennen, a former teacher and Vice Principal. She was accompanied by her husband, children and grandchildren as she cut the ribbon.

Dr. Ruth White a former teacher, vice principal, and Principal of Bahamas Academy was the person chosen to cut the ribbon for the Secondary division. The library for this Division was named in her honor. Dr. White was accompanied by her daughter Ms. Shelly Wilson.
The Secondary Library is equipped with 30 I-Pads and the Elementary presently has 15 I-Pads with plans for another 15. As a result of this event, students are now able to navigate the Internet and log in to any of our Seventh-day Adventist Universities accessing their libraries. This enables them to explore countless volumes and obtain current information in real time.

The Institution expresses heartfelt gratitude to former students who gave unselfishly to realize this grand milestone. Donations are still being accepted to enhance offerings in both Libraries in an effort to remain on the cutting edge of technology.

Johnson Park SDA Kicks off 50th Anniversary Celebrations

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Founded on nostalgia and topped with gratitude, embellished with elegance and sealed with fine dining. Such was the setting that begun the 50th anniversary celebrations at the British Colonial Hilton Nassau on Sunday January 20, 2013 for the Johnson Park SDA church. In fine Hollywood style, arriving guests were first interviewed on the Red Carpet before being escorted to the exquisitely adorned banquet hall, abuzz with laughter and warm fellowship. MCs Takara Lewis and her father T. Milton Lewis skillfully guided the evening’s program. Elements of the evening included tributes, musical items by the soulful Khrisna Virgil and masterful trumpeter solo Lemuel Johnson, nostalgic flashbacks, photos of yesteryear and loads of humor.

Some 110 guests attended the event including many that were present at the establishment of the church; Sis. Betty Moses, the oldest member of the church, Elder Joseph & Clara Lewis Sr., and many third and forth generation descendants of these and other founding families – Cartwrights, Majors, and Stuarts, just to name a few. Other notables present were Elder Melvin Lewis, Treasurer SBC, Pastor Danhugh Gordon Communication, Director SBC and Pastor Eric D. Clarke who served as district pastor for many years. Popular Talk Show host Steve McKinney made the rounds meeting and greeting special guest. Church Pastor, Dr. Michael D Toote, doubled his reasons for celebration as he relished the serenade by the Birthday Coral conducted by Dr. Keith Major.

Honored for years of dedicated service through his music, Dr. Keith Major recognized the skill of music and discipline to attend church rehearsals and services to the earnest and loving insistence of his father, Stanley Major.

Event coordinators, Denise Johnson and Constance McKinney, encouraged the attendees to share the magic of the evening with other past members and friends of the Johnson Park SDA. This was just the beginning of things to come and we look forward to many more activities. This event launches the three month long celebrations for the historic event that begun with a crusade dubbed “Mac & Mac” conducted by Pastors Leslie McMillian and Silas McKinney back in April 1963. Ever since then, the church, “With The Personal Touch”, has sought to be a beacon of light to the Chippingham community.

The Consequence of Freedom

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The gospel is filled with paradoxes. To live you must die. To be filled you must be empty. To be exalted you must be humble. To be chief one must be a servant. Perhaps more interesting however is humanity’s provision to choose as free moral agents, even in the revelation of grave consequences to the decisions made outside of God’s dictates. In the same context it is God himself who makes clear the choice that is most favorable to our existence. Deuteronomy 30:19 (NIV) reads, “…I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses; therefore choose life…” Does this represent real freedom by its truest definition?

Truthfully, while every human being without exception has the inalienable right of freedom, regardless of what others impose, a misunderstanding of the same can lead to great folly. Freedom always produces a crisis. It affords both danger and opportunity. And the danger is cited in Galatians 5:13 (ibid), as the bible reads, “Do not use your freedom to indulge in the sinful nature. A prisoner set free may live productively or return to crime. Even so, the Christian’s freedom must not become a springboard or pretext to an indulgence in the flesh.

This is the interpretation that should guide any conversation concerning liberty and freedom, including the current national discussion on the legalization of webshop gaming and gambling within The Bahamas. Moreover, as South Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists supports the right of every citizen to freely participate in the upcoming non-constitutional referendum, our position on the subject matter remains consistent with Atlantic Caribbean Union of Seventh-day Adventists, expressed by its president, Dr. Leonard A. Johnson. An excerpt from an article previously published by Dr. Johnson is provided below:

The Seventh-day Adventist Church stands opposed to all forms of gambling, inclusive of raffles and lotteries to raise funds for charitable organizations. It views gambling ‘as a paid game of chance . . . winning at the expense of others’ not comporting or lining up with Christian values and principles…

(We) recognize that God gave man a choice; and as dangerous as that ability is, God empowered human beings with it… However, (we) observe that the gift of choice does not mean that the church shirks its responsibility of teaching and informing mankind of consequences of decision-making. In fact, it is more incumbent on the church to instruct and inform but never to force one against his will. Therefore the Seventh-day Adventist Church will not argue against one’s right of choosing, but seek aggressively to inform and instruct in the ways of God. We have been doing this prior to the announcement of the referendum, and even after it, we will continue.


32 Bible Counselors Certified

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Certificates were presented to 32 Bible Counselors during the State of the Conference service held at the Hillview Seventh-day Adventist Church, last Sabbath afternoon, January 12, 2013. These lay persons were the first to complete the Bible Counselors Course conducted at the McKinney Scavella Leadership Training Institute last year. Instruction covered six Personal Evangelism courses (Pv101 – Pv106).

Dr. John Carey (GMCI Coordinator) expressed appreciation to the participants and presenters for what he described as a profitable and successful course with the value of the skills learnt evidenced in the recent "Countdown To The End Gospel Crusade".The smiling Bible Counselors were congratulated by Pastor Paul Scavella, SBC president; Pastor Al Powell, ATCU Personal Ministries and Sabbath School Director, and Dr. Wilfred T. Adderley, SBC Personal Ministries and Sabbath School Director.

Adventist Double Their Portion

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NASSAU- You name it, we doubled it, at the South Bahamas Conference of SDA second State of the Conference held at the Hillview SDA Church on January 12-13 2013. Reverent anticipation mounted in pews while at the entrance of the Sanctuary Pastors with their Elders aligned themselves to march behind the immaculately regaled Pathfinder color party. The State of the Conference is an annual convention of members and leaders where spiritual motivation is heightened, the churches mission emphasized and the details of the strategies and methodologies for the new year are outlined. Each Church, led by their pastor and Elder, was given the opportunity to verbally celebrate their unique contribution to the community. This was embellished by playful competitive praise and ‘amens’ as members demonstrated unity and enthusiasm.

Also in attendance were the officers of the Atlantic Caribbean Union Mission led by the President, Dr. Leonard Johnson who sought to clarify the churches apparent silence on the nations referendum on gambling. He purported that it is the responsibility of the church to make rules for its membership and the responsibility of the Government to make rules for the nation. Johnson encouraged each member to pray for the wisdom of the country’s leaders while honoring the law of God in their individual decisions.

Rich music preceded the highlight of the evening, The Presidents Address by Pastor Paul Scavella. Each listener was transported along the emotionally charged final journey of Elijah as Elisha persisted for his blessing, A Double Portion, before the miraculous translation. With a passionate conviction of God’s sure covenant of blessing Scavella enumerated keys to ensuring our own Double Portion. He encouraged each member to demonstrate their trust in God by faithfully doubling their gifts of time, treasure and talent to Him.

Charged with this mandate, members returned on Sunday January 13, for further spiritual motivation from Executive Secretary, Pastor Peter Joseph and detailed instruction from each departmental director. In over eighteen workshops, church officers were tutored for effective execution of their roles at the local church. Very few will forget the practical demonstrations of Double Your Portion, as knowledge was doubled, praise was doubled and the very lunch was served two per person for those who waited.

Article By: Patrice Williams-Gordon

Pastors & Elders Conclave

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On Sabbath afternoon January 5th the President of the South Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventist invited the 28 Pastors from the 45 churches through the conference to assemble for a time of confession and introspection.

The New Year 2013, presents an untraveled road of which we know not what lies ahead. As we embarked on this journey, the conclave was considered pivotal to the success of our Pastors and Elders in ministry as they continue to provide leadership to the Adventist churches.

The Pastors were directed to the prophet Joel and his directives to “Cry aloud and weep between the porch and the alter”. It was a moving scene as each Pastor was encircled by his Elders and prayers for his consecration and empowerment were offered. In turn the pastor prayed for each elder individually.

The charge from President Scavella, Conference President, echoed the theme of the Conference for this year, “Double Your Portion”. He challenged the listeners to heed Joel’s advice to “bring our grain and drink offerings”, which signifies our need to die to self in order to grow. He further underscored the fact that we can only accomplish the double portion if we are covered with the Blood of Jesus.

Pastors and Elders alike left renewed and committed to the work of ministry. The follow-up meeting will take place in April where the Elders and Pastors will again assemble for a one-day bonding event to begin the second quarter.

Article By: Pastor Paul A. Scavella
President, South Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventist