Pastor Artur Stele

Pastor Artur Stele, vice president of the General Conference and director of the Biblical Research Institute will conduct a number of seminars in the South Bahamas Conference on January 6 - 8, 2015. Kindly note the schedule below:
*Tuesday, January 6 at 7:00 p.m. - Presentation on The Shepherds’ Rod.
*Wednesday, January 7 at 9:30 a.m. - Pastors’ Meeting - Statement on Women’s Ordination and Pastoral Continuing Education.
*Wednesday, January 7 at 7:00 p.m. - Presentation on Nurture and Retention.
*Thursday, January 8 at 7:00 p.m. – Presentation on Secularism: Living Godly in a Secular World. (Venue/s will be published in next week’s edition of The Logos.)
We invite the entire church to participate in these educational and spiritually uplifting seminars.
-Pastor Lynden Williams, Spirit of Prophecy Coordinator

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Back To Faith Fall Revival Series

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God Is Still God

In recent times our country has been rocked by the catastrophic death of Dr. Myles Munroe, his wife Ruthann, and seven others who died as a result of a plane crash in Grand Bahama on November 9, 2014. Not long ago I watched an interview on television with four local clergymen who shared their viewpoints on the life and times of Dr. Myles Munroe. I commend these men for their insights and the different perspectives they brought to the fore, however, the host of the program asked two questions to these men that I believe only God can answer.

1. Where was God?
2. Why did Dr. Munroe and the others on that aircraft die in such a tragic way?

Let me state at the onset that I do not have the answers to these questions, however it is not an uncommon or unusual thing for persons whom God has used to help others in a meaningful way to die tragically.

One of my favorite personalities of the twentieth century is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. This man gave all of his energy to the noble cause of civil rights. On April 4, 1968 he died from an assassin’s bullet while standing on the balcony of the Lorraine Motel, in Memphis Tennessee. Seventeen years ago I watched my father battle the ferocious forces of old age and lose when he succumbed at 83 years of age. My favorite Bible writer is the Apostle Paul. He died on Nero’s chopping block where his head was severed from his body. So let’s ask the questions again, but this time we will remove the name Myles Munroe, and replace it with the names of Martin King, Pembroke Sturrup, and the Apostle Paul, and maybe we might begin to see death from a different perspective.

One week prior to this infamous plane crash I preached a sermon on the subject “Now Are We The Sons and Daughters of God” and one of the passages of scripture used in that discourse will help us to understand why bad things happen. In the book of Romans 8:17-18 we find these words.

“And if children, then heirs; heirs of God, and joint-heirs with Christ; if so be that we suffer with him, that we may be also glorified together. For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time, are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.”

This scripture tells us that as long as we live in a world where sin is present, it will always be possible for us to experience horrid situations and undesired circumstances. God gives us the answer in His word and it is crystal clear. Suffering will be a part of our existence as long as we are living in this present age.

The Apostle Paul taught that there are only two ages. He refers to the first one as “The present age” and the second is “The age to come,” which is reserved for those who are joint heirs with Christ. The Apostle makes a clear distinction between the two: in this age we will suffer, and in the next age we will share in God’s glory!

This profound concept helps us to see the beauty in the plan of salvation, and to make sense of the chaos in this world. The Apostle Paul likens everything that happens to us in this present age as a state of suffering, when it is compared to the age to come. The comparison between the two ages is so great a contrast that he is not making reference only to the things we despise such as starvation, violence, poverty and tragedy, but he includes even the things we consider to be good. According to this Bible text, even when we get a new house, a promotion on our jobs, or even if we make millions of dollars every year, we are still in a state of suffering compared to the age that is to come. And just for the record, he makes it clear that Christians are not exempt from the sufferings of this age.

This scripture teaches that I might be saved, but I can still die from cancer; you can serve Jesus with all your heart, and your children can still be murdered; like Dr. Munroe, you and I can empower people, and help them to maximize their potential, and we too can die in a tragic plane crash. The Apostle Paul does not mince his words. He presents us with this brutal truth, “In this age we will suffer.” The earth is only temporary accommodations for those who will occupy the next age (which is eternity with God). Additionally, let us never forget that when our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ left eternity and entered into what the Apostle Paul refers to as this present age, His entire life was described as good. He was the only man that lived a perfect life, yet He was nailed to a cruel cross by Roman soldiers. If a good and perfect man suffers this way in this age, the death of all others is pale when compared.
Therefore, let us not confuse this age with the one to come, and even though we may experience glimpses of God’s glory in this age, according to the scripture it is in the age to come that we will partake of His glory in its fullness. Until the transition is made we will remain subjected to the results of sin: racism, religious barriers, sickness, poverty, sorrow, and death.

So how should we respond when death takes away our loved ones? It is okay to weep, but not as those who have no hope. For if we share in the sufferings of Christ in this present age we will share in His glory in the age to come. Secondly, let us celebrate the positive contributions our loved ones have made to the human family. The real tragedy is not the plane crash, a bullet wound, or the hospital bed. The tragedy is death. It is the fact that they are no longer with us that induces the emotions and causes pain. At the end of the day, it makes no difference whether a man dies sitting at a table having lunch, or is crushed by an avalanche. It is the news of his death that brings pain. This is why we are admonished not to weep as those who have no hope. The resurrection will restore life to all who die in the Lord (1 Thessalonians 4:13-16) and in the age to come death will be no more (1 Corinthians 15:26).

Finally, and most important of all, let us ensure that our lives demonstrate our desire to share in God’s glory in the age to come.

Article By: T. Basil Sturrup
Pastor, Agape Seventh-day Adventist Church


Adventist Pastors Respond To Campus Ministry Initiative

At the Mid-Year workers meeting, President of the South Bahamas Conference, Pastor Paul Scavella, suggested to the Academy leadership and Chaplin Natalee Roberts, that the Pastors would love to be assigned classes to mingle and worship with the students so as to further impact them for good.

On Tuesday, October 21 the program was launched when three Pastors made their first appearance for this purpose. These Pastors were Mark Ewen, Lynden Williams and Paul Scavella. Pastor Scavella was assigned to grade 9DT, and was greeted warmly by the students. He guided the children's minds to Genesis Chapter 1:3 which states initially, "And God said".

The questions were asked: What is God wanting to say to young people today? Can we expect to hear Gods voice in 2014 as it was in heard in the garden of Eden?

The young people were challenged to listen out for the voice of God until the Pastor returned the following week.

This program will only assist in making our school the better. I dear say that the greatest days are yet ahead for the children of Bahamas Academy - as this ministry becomes apart of the fabric of the institution.

Article By: Pastor Paul Scavella
President, South Bahamas Conference

Community Services & Pathfinder Exhibition 2014

The grounds of Breath of Life Seventh-day Adventist church came alive on Sunday October 12, 2014 as the Community Services and Pathfinder Exhibition unfolded their showcase of various foods and skills. The exhibition is an annual event of the South Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventist held the National Heroes holiday weekend during the month of October. The fair allows the Community Services and Pathfinder Departments of each local church to combine their efforts and accomplish three major goals. These are:

1. Inspire potential members to join the official youth groups of the Church through the display of various skills learnt by Adventurers and Pathfinders during the year.

2. Allow for friendly competition among the Pathfinder Clubs of our churches as they compete in Knot Tying, Precision Drill, Fancy Drill, Booth Display (of crafts made during the year), First Aid and Tent Pitching.

3. Raise funds to assist in the various programs of both departments of the local church.

parthfinder2014 2
A major highlight of the day was the Health Ministries booth which demonstrated assorted plants and their uses. Elder Lukandah Gardiner of South Andros was a special guest of Dr. Idamae Hanna and demonstrated how to make greater use of the whole plant as opposed to discarding valuable portions. Of special emphasis was the coconut bark. Elder admiral Forbes revealed many uses of the bark to make boats and other small household trinkets.

Each year many patrons attend primarily to watch the Adventurers and Pathfinders display their skills, while many others attend to purchase and enjoy the tasty dishes and desserts on sale. This year, churches out-baked themselves and offered the most delicious desserts ranging from potato bread to tropical fruit salads and corny corn fritters. The occasion allows for great fellowship in a relaxing atmosphere among the many members from churches spread across New Providence. Complete with bouncing castle for the children and seating under tents for casual exchanges, the day went without a hitch.

The results of the Pathfinder Club Competition are:

1st place - Grants Town Northern Stars Pathfinder Club (who placed fourth last year)
2nd place - Ebenezer there are regional contests and 3rd Johnson Park,
4th place - Message of Hope,
5th place - Centreville and
6th place – Francophone.

This completion is the final leg of a series of qualifying activities. It is noteworthy that the trend of dominance by larger churches is being reversed.
The Adventist Youth Director and Coordinator for the Community Services Department, Pastor Kent Price thanked the attendees and encouraged all to support other locally planned events as well as to begin making plans for the 2015 exhibition which promises to be even greater.

Curtis Bryan,
Assoc. Youth Director


Mission To The City

How quickly time flies when one is having fun. The 2nd phase of Mission to the City begun on September 6, 2014 at the Queen Elizabeth Sports Center, opposite the Government High School. Four weeks have quickly passed and the Nassau Experience has come to an end.
Phase 1 was the flow of love demonstrated throughout our communities by the various projects conducted by SDA churches throughout the New Providence. Projects such as soup kitchens, whole wheat bread distribution, clean up campaigns, and distribution of clothing and food supplies.

Hundreds of persons attended each night and were guaranteed a blessing. Many unrelentingly explained how impacting the Nassau Experience has been on their lives. Participants continue to bask in the wonderful glow of Christ and are strengthening their relationship with HIM.

Through the power of the Holy Spirit, God has rescued 233 precious souls from the grips of the enemy through baptism.

The powerful preaching of International Evangelist, Pastor Peter Joseph, coupled with the inspirational singing of a 200-voice choir, backed up by a melodious band, the nightly program was reported to be “off the chain”.

The Ministry at the Altar was truly divine as each night, attendees were invited to the altar and prayed for, and then they were led in prayer by the Evangelist.

Persons are still talking about the refreshing experience of praying together as they reflect on joy found in ministering and be ministered to at the Altar.

Now the 3rd phase of the Mission to the City begins as the 223 souls are transitioned to the SDA churches throughout theIsland. This is an important aspect of Mission to the City. We are depending on God to “renew in us a clean heart” as we welcome these dear ones. Continue to pray for the new believers that they will now impact the communities around them and bring honour to God thus changing this Bahama Land we love.


Message From Paul A. Scavella

messagefromthepresidentbannerDear members and friends:

Another school year has begun, and certainly glory and honour can be given to God for a successful opening. Does this mean we are without challenges? No, only in heaven will we be void of that. The school board continues to give oversight to the operations as we seek the Lords guidance from day to day.

The main purpose for addressing you the friends and well wishers of Bahamas Academy is twofold. Firstly, to make you aware of ways in which you can assist in helping this outstanding institution. As school prepared for opening, it became obvious that a minimum of twenty students are having challenges meeting the financial requirements. You can help! The school is constantly seeking to assist through scholarships. The teachers even go as far as contributing out of their salary to a scholarship fund. What an excellent example of commitment to Christ Centered Education. You are invited to join them in this effort by contributing monthly, quarterly, or annually to the fund.

Secondly there are a few urgent needs: The Home Economic lab is in need of a fridge, two stoves, a washer and dryer. Additionally, the academy is in need of three additional computers for the elementary lab.

Persons willing to assist are kindly asked to contact Ms. Nadia King at the School, or Mrs. Patrice Williams-Gordon at the SBC headquarters.

Financial Services Trip To Colombia

On August 4, 2014, Elder Roderick Sands, Treasurer of the Atlantic Caribbean Union Mission, along with auditors from across the territory, travelled to Medellin, Colombia for auditing training administered by the Inter-American Division (IAD) in association with the General Conference Auditing Services (GCAS). In attendance were over 150 auditors, conference/union treasures, and personnel from IAD and GCAS, including Robert E. Lemon, General Conference Treasurer, Paul Douglas, Director of GCAS, and Pastor Filiberto Verduzco, IAD Treasurer. During the four-day conclave, the financial services sector of IAD fellowshipped and received training in a new level of financial services.

New Financial Service
The IAD in partnership with GCAS have developed a new level of financial service to accompany financial audits, financial reviews, and local church audits. This new level, called Financial Inspection, will aid in helping with some of the financial service difficulties within the division. Though it is not an audit or review, it will allow local field auditors to inspect the 300+ small entities in the IAD (outside of the local churches), and it will allow auditors of GCAS to assist in the auditing of very large churches. This platform is still in its introductory stage, and being tested in the various fields within IAD.

Outside of extensive training, the attendees were able to get away for several hours to see parts of Colombia. During the exploration they visited Colombia Adventist University, where they received a tour of the campus and got acquainted with the brethren in that region. It was amazing to see how God is using our brothers in different parts of the world to spread The Word through the ministry of education. The Colombia Adventist University is currently seeking relocation due to the excessive property taxation. They are encouraging Adventists around the world to pray for them as they embark on this new venture.

We are very excited with this new level of financial services, and we solicit your prayers for the Colombia Adventist University, and for the financial team as we seek to strengthen the financial services in the IAD.


Biblical Research Seminar

Beginning Wednesday, July 16 through July 20, Dr. Elias de Souza will be a holding a series of seminars at the Good News Seventh-day Adventist Church.

He will help with those troubling questions such as does the Bible contradict itself, how do we resolve difficulties with translations, how should we read the Bible and messages from the Sanctuary.

Independence Calendar of Events


Great Joy: Camp Meeting 2014

campmeetingimage1Camp Meeting 2014 was a great success. The energy was high. From the opening hours on June 21, with the Celebration of Praise, the power could be seen and felt as more than 600 Adventists packed the Hillview Seventh-day Adventist Church, on Tonique Williams-Darling Highway, to listen to the best of Adventist music in The Bahamas. It was a wonderful, inspirational event. You could have seen it on the faces of all who attended. You could have heard it in their voices as they joined in the singing, clapping, and even shouting “Amen.”

The Camp Meeting 2014 continued each evening with workshops and 6 p.m., which had standing room only. The workshop speakers included Vincent Duncombe, from Michigan; Pastor Donald Rolle, from New York; Phil Olson and Wendell Scanterbury of the Cancer Treatment Centers of American, Pennsylvanian, USA. The worship sessions began at 7:15 p.m. and consisted of inspirational singing, well executed dramatic presentations and powerful preaching of the Word. Oh how it motivated us. One member was heard reporting, “This is truly the best Camp Meeting ever.” Each speaker brought power and inspiration. Of special note, was the attendance of the Minister of Tourism, The Hon. Obediah H. Wilchcombe, Dwight Armbrister, (director for Religious Tourism) and an impressive contingency of other dignitaries from that ministry.

Activities relocated to the Kendal Isaac Gym on Friday night and all day Saturday. It was worth the move. Although not full to capacity on Friday night (approximately 1200 persons), the crowd far exceeded any of the before used locations. On Sabbath morning, June 28, the crowd swelled to approximately 2,300 excited exciting believers. Although the air-condition did not work well and hundreds sought to cool themselves by swaying their Camp Meeting fans (straw and paper) very few left. The energy remained high. Special guests included keynote speaker, Dr. Carlton P. Byrd, the senior pastor of the Oakwood University Adventist Church, and the Speaker/Director of the Breath of Life Television Broadcast, which airs on international television networks. International guest musicians included Krystle Hepburn from Texas, Reggie and Ladye Love Smith of the Gaither Homecoming Family, and the acappella wonders, 7th Element out of Orlando, Florida.

The planning committee chaired by Roger Forbes, elder of the Grants Town Seventh-day Adventist Church did an outstanding job. Special congratulations are in order to Audrey Dean-Wright who not only chaired the music committee but also wrote and composed this years electrifying theme song—“Stay Connected to the Vine.”

The curtains are down on a successful Camp Meeting only to usher in the commencement of making plans for Camp Meeting 2015.

Article By: Barrington Brennen
Pastor, Centreville Seventh-day Adventist Church

Island Wide Fun Run Walk

flyer for move to live for zns for Ida with time change

Self Empowerment Financial Seminar


Redemption Dedicates Its Temple

On Sunday April 27th at 3 O’clock in the afternoon, the Redemption Seventh-day Adventist Church took its final step in the journey of erecting a Sanctuary, The Dedication Ceremony.

The Redemption Church was born out of “Sweet Redemptive Crusade” held at the Queen Elizabeth Sports Center in March 2008 where Evangelist Wilmont James presented the word and over 200 souls were won for Christ’s Kingdom.

The church initially convened in the auditorium of the Old Bahamas Academy and was pastored by Pastor Kent Price however the benevolence of Pastor Roy Hanna under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit resulted in a donation of land for the erection of their own building. The journey begun with a ground-breaking ceremony on July 10 2011 and occupancy of the Fellowship hall on December 20, 2011. A team of dedicated members led by Kervin Oliver Hall along with the VBA led by Elder Winston Ash toiled acidulously until the project was completed. Several pastors were blessed to have served during this journey, namely Kent Price, Lynden Williams and Wilfred Adderley.

The long anticipated Dedication Celebrations led by Pastor Wilfred Adderly and wife, began on Wednesday April 23 and concluded Sunday April 27. Members and friends from across the breath of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas signaled support through their attendance. Administrators from both the Atlantic Union and South Bahamas Conference played pivotal roles in the services. Also in attendance were the former Governor General of the Bahamas, Arthur D. Hanna and Deputy Prime Minister of The Bahamas The Hon. Philip E. Brave Davis.

In honor of this occasion, the road on which the church is located was named Redemption Way.

Article By: Patrice Williams-Gordon
Special Events Coordinator

Leadership Seminar For Greater Works

Every now and again it is important for leaders and individuals alike to come apart in order to reflect, project and inspect in order to ensure that the organization in which one is a part is truly meeting its objectives. The weekend of April 13th, 2013 will for a long time be etched in the minds of the leaders of Philadelphia and Maranatha Seventh-day Adventist Churches as the Annual Leadership Seminar was held at the Breezes Hotel in Cable Beach New Providence Bahamas. Under the leadership of Pastor Leonardo D. Rahming the leaders from both churches were engaged in a time devotion as he spoke from 1Samuel 17:19-58. Seven key points were established in regards to leadership.

1. David’s perspective was different from others.
2. His methods were different from others.
3. His conviction was different from others.
4. His motives were different from others.
5. His vision was different from others
6. His experience was different from others.
7. His attitude was different from others.

Leabner Forbes, an official John Maxwell trainer, conducted a first class seminar that absolutely wow the attendees and elevated their thoughts, preparing them for greater good in the district as they lead the people of God. Under the theme “Everyone Communicates-Few Connect the entire book was discussed. Some of the highlights of the seminar were:

1. Connecting Increases Your Influence in Every Situation
2. Connecting is All About Others
3. Connecting Goes Beyond Words
4. Connecting Requires Energy
5. Connecting is More Skill than Natural Talent
6. Connectors Connects on Common Ground
7. Connectors Do the Difficult Work of Keeping it Simple
8. Connectors Create an Experience Everyone Enjoys
9. Connectors Inspire People
10. Connectors Live What They Communicate

The one-day seminar concluded with each participant receiving a certificate of participation. All leaders left inspired to do greater work in the district thus ensuring greater growth for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Article By: Pastor Leonardo Rahming
Pastor, Men’s Ministry Coordinator


WOW Wellness Health Retreat


A Good Thing Can Be Made Bad

A Good thing can be made bad
Ellen G. White Made the following Statements about Drama.
Written by Danhugh M. Gordon
Communication Director, South Bahamas Conference 2014

As is so often the case, something that may be effective for good when rightly used can also, if wrongly employed, be effective for evil, even to the point where the rightful use may have to be curtailed. Note in the description of Satan’s work in the world generally that drama is listed first among the “amusements” that Satan uses to destroy souls.{DPSDAI 2.5}

“Many of the amusements popular in the world today, even with those who claim to be Christians, tend to the same end as did those of the heathen. There are indeed few among them that Satan does not turn to account in destroying souls. Through the drama he has worked for ages to excite passion and glorify vice.

The opera, with its fascinating display and bewildering music, the masquerade, the dance, the card table, Satan employs to break down the barriers of principle and open the door to sensual indulgence. In every gathering for pleasure where pride is fostered or appetite indulged, where one is led to forget God and lose sight of eternal interests, there Satan is binding his chains about the soul.”—Patriarchs and Prophets, 459 (1890). {DPSDAI 2.6}

A decade earlier in the Testimonies, sensational dramas were pointed out as preoccupying the minds of men and women and thus hindering their reception of the message of truth:{DPSDAI 3.1}

“The world is teeming with errors and fables. Novelties in the form of sensational dramas are continually arising to engross the mind, and absurd theories abound which are destructive to moral and spiritual advancement.”—Testimonies for the Church 4:415 (1880).{DPSDAI 3.2}

“Among the most dangerous resorts for pleasure is the theater. Instead of being a school of morality and virtue, as is so often claimed, it is the very hotbed of immorality.

Vicious habits and sinful propensities are strengthened and confirmed by these entertainments. Low songs, lewd gestures, expressions and attitudes, deprave the imagination and debase the morals. Every youth who habitually attends such exhibitions will be corrupted in principle. There is no influence in our land more powerful to poison the imagination, to destroy religious impressions, and to blunt the relish for the tranquil pleasures and sober realities of life than theatrical amusements. The love for these scenes increases with every indulgence, as the desire for intoxicating drink strengthens with its use. The only safe course is to shun the theater, the circus, and every other questionable place of amusement.”—Testimonies for the Church 4:652, 653.{DPSDAI 3.4}

It is obvious from the statements and utterances made by Mrs. White, that she not only has great and grave concerns about the practice but she also issues warnings of condemnations against it.

What was really diabolic about theatre and drama as seen by Mrs. White? What is it about attending or participation in such activities that she perceives would put ones soul in peril of eternal damnation? What were the corrupting influences that would destroy the soul? What was happening at the time that made her conclude that it would “deprave the imagination and debase the morals”? What has prompted her to say, “There is no influence in our land more powerful to poison the imagination, to destroy religious impressions, and to blunt the relish for the tranquil pleasures and sober realities of life than theatrical amusements?”

Many are of the view that Education is not necessary to understand the word of God, but on subjects that the bible does not cover such as “Drama in the Church”, here is case in point where education is vital to the understanding of principles relevant to this discussion.

A logical way to understand the meaning of scripture or the Spirit of Prophecy or any writing for that matter, is the contextual approach. Statements must be understood in their right context.

The contextual approach asks the following questions:
1. Why were those statements made? 2. What was happening with the theatre movement and drama in the 1700s and 1800s that prompted those statements? 3. What was the practice at the time? 4. What was the setting?

In an article entitled Christianity and the Romantic Movement written by Christopher Dawson, 1937, the following is noted:
In the seventeen and eighteen hundreds following the French Revolution, the revival that characterized religion spread worldwide. There was a revolt against everything orthodox and traditional, whether it relates to religion or morals. This revolt was in fact a second reformation, but frankly, an anti-religious one. It was a revolt against the established church and whatever it stands for, including belief in God, morality, and mans ability to look within himself to determine his destiny. Philosophy and the ability to reason were taken to extreme. This was the Age of Enlightenment. The Enlightenment was essentially a declaration of freedom, to be able to think for ones-self, free from the tyranny of politics and religion.

The philosophic rationalism of the eighteenth century was the product of a highly civilized and privileged society. Behind the change in literary taste and aesthetic appreciation there lies a profound change of spiritual attitudes: an attempt to enlarge the kingdom of the human mind by transcending the limits of ordinary consciousness. The existence of God was called into question. Man within himself was thought to have had the power to be his own god.

The Enlightenment period was characterized by a group of radical intellectuals who were known as philosophes. The philosophes were of course highly critical of the church’s ideas as this goes completely against their ideology of man’s ability to think and discover for himself.

Man was seen as having the propensity to understand his own nature and the natural world, to determine his own destiny without help from any dogmatic authority such as institutional religion. Man has the ability to think and discover himself.

This concept manifested itself in the in philosophies such as Libertine and Hedonism which deeply colored the fine arts of Poetry, Music, Painting, Sculpture, Arts, Theater, and Drama.
Among the philosophers of the day were stalwarts like Voltaire, Immanuel Kant, Chateaubriand, and others.

These systems of belief gave one the freedom to be devoid of most moral restraints, which are seen as unnecessary or undesirable, and suggests that one should ignore or even spurn accepted morals and forms of behavior sanctified by the larger society. Values are placed on “Sensual” and physical pleasures, meaning those experienced through the senses. Pleasure is seen as the only intrinsic good. In it is the idea that all people have the right to do everything in their power to achieve the greatest amount of pleasure possible to them. Interestingly, words such as “pervert” and “degenerate” are synonymous with the Libertine philosophy.

These are the some of the “absurd theories” and practices that characterized Drama and Theatre that Ellen G. White spoke about in Testimonies for the Church 4:415. “In every gathering for pleasure where pride is fostered or appetite indulged, where one is led to forget God and lose sight of eternal interests, there Satan is binding his chains about the soul.”—Patriarchs and Prophets, 459

Can you now see a better picture? Against this historical backdrop, I invite you to revisit Mrs. White’s statements on this form of entertainment.

She states: “Among the most dangerous resorts for pleasure is the theater. Instead of being a school of morality and virtue, as is so often claimed, it is the very hotbed of immorality”. “Vicious habits and sinful propensities are strengthened and confirmed by these entertainments. Low songs, lewd gestures, expressions and attitudes, deprave the imagination and debase the morals. Testimonies for the Church 4:652, 653”

Having taken a look at all her statements relating to Drama, it is clear that she did not condemn the “simple exercise of participating or attending drama” but as she enumerated the principles involved, she pointed out the grave perils that usually accompany drama as it existed then and still exists today. It is not the form or method (Drama) that she was against, but what the form or method was used to do.

Any good thing can be made bad depending on how it is used. Among the most common causes of death and injury in any country is the motor vehicle. We don’t abandon the use of motor vehicles because of this; rather, we try to find safer ways to use them. The next time you contemplate the value of an unusual mode of communicating the gospel ask yourself these questions:

1.“Will it make those who acted their part in it more spiritually minded? 2. Will it increase their sense of obligation to our heavenly Father who sent His Son into the world at such an infinite sacrifice to save fallen man from utter ruin? 3. Was the mind awakened to grasp God because of His great love wherewith He has loved us?” Manuscript Releases 19:300-303

1. See Article in Logos March 22 by Pastor Paul Scavella or Manuscript Releases 19:300 & 2:236 by EG White

2. Quotations and EG White references were taken from a letter written by the Arthur L. White entitled Dramatic Productions in SDA Institutions: https://egwwritings.org/ ( search for DPSDAI --Dramatic productions in SDA Intuitions)
3. Extracts from Religion and the Romantic Movement by Christopher Dawson, 1937
4. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Libertine
5. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hedonism
6. https://www.newworldencyclopedia.org/entry/Voltaire
7. http://www.humanities360.com/index.php/essay-voltaire-and-the-enlightenment-3-65523/

Holy Week? Holy Life!

Easter, Passover, Lent, and Palm Sunday, are all ways the Christian church has used to highlight the events that preceded the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. This week has also been referred to as holy week. From a youth I would question the term holy week as from my biblical observations and training, the word of God limits what is defined as holy.

Such a hallowed title would seem to me to require more than just a human or organizational decision. It requires a holy Source to authorize a holy designation. Only a holy God can pronounce something ‘Holy’. For example, God is defined as Holy, tithes are defined as holy, and the weekly Sabbath is defined as holy. These are ascribed the designation ‘Holy’ because God made them holy.

While I personally am very respectful of the commemoration of the death of Christ, the word of God instructs me specifically how I should demonstrate respect for it. Firstly, in 1 Corinthians 11, Paul writes, “For I received from the Lord the teaching that I passed on to you…every time you eat this bread and drink from this cup you proclaim the Lord's death until he comes.” Today we obey this command through the ordinance of communion until Christ returns.

Secondly we are reminded to commemorate Christ’s death by being baptized. Colossians 2:12 states “…having been buried with him in baptism, in which you were also raised with him through your faith in the working of God, who raised him from the dead.”

Baptism performed from a biblical perspective, through submersion, is a symbolism of being buried as Christ was buried, dying to self and being resurrected to newness of life. Other forms of baptism do not allow for this imagery and hence does not meet the biblical requirement.

On this weekend when the world pauses to commemorate the death, rest and resurrection of Christ, the best way for you to show appreciation for His ultimate sacrifice is to give your life to Christ, following with a literal baptism if you have not already done so. Additionally, whenever possible participate in the full service of the ordinance of humility and the ordinance of the Lords supper as instituted by Christ just before his death.

As a matter of fact Jesus told Peter if he could not participate in these ordinaries with Him, he Peter would not qualify to be a part of His eternal Kingdom.

I am grateful for another opportunity to be washed in the blood of the lamb today, and I invite all my fellow Bahamians and people of all backgrounds to try Christ and watch Him transform your life. I am a testimony and I recommend Him wholeheartedly to you today.

Have a spirit filled and blessed weekend.

Article By: Paul A. Scavella,
President, South Bahamas Conference

La Senda De La Vida Health Classes


Formation of the Rolleville Company Exuma

Conference President Pastor Paul Scavella journeyed to Exuma for the conclusion of the CONNECTED... The Divine Encounter on Sabbath March 25th. Some twenty persons were baptized which added to an already existing twelve persons making up the branch sabbath school. The majority of these persons became the nucleus of the Rolleville company. Since then the conference has validated the action of the church. Pastor Scavella outlined the procedures and policies of the church to the new members and officially embraced Elder Ivan Rolle, of the Mt. Thompson church, as the local leader of the group along with four other officers. Pastor Terry Tanis will now meet with the group to elect other officers.

This is the fourth church formed since this administration took office three and a half years ago. Congratulations Pastor and Sister Tannis as you have allowed God to use you along with Pastor Larry Green and the Exuma District at large in this effort.

Church Without Walls

Amidst the upsurge of crime and violence that seem to permeate our society, some may ask the question – what is the church doing to reach out to members of the community or how is the church impacting the lives of society in a positive way?

The members of Maranatha & Phildelphia SDA churches, in its efforts to meet the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of the community, launched an outreach program called “Church Without Walls” which was held at the Fox Hill Park on Sabbath, March 22, 2014.

Here we reached out to members of the community by giving away over 600 pieces of literature, more than 500 plates of food, and distributed over 300 pieces clothing. A counselling centre, along with a nursing and the blood bank station were also set up for persons to have their blood and glucose levels checked. The wonderful sounds of inspirational music and singing could be heard from miles away that added that extra special touch to the overall atmosphere. Persons coming onto the park sensed something spectacular was happening as they whispered amongst themselves – “which church is this”, “where is it located”, “is the food really free’? Countless lives were touched because of our love and commitment to the cause. What a positive witness!
As a church, we can no longer sit in the four walls and maintain the status quo. The bible admonishes us in Matthew 28: 19 & 20 to “go ye therefore and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost; teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you; and, lo, I am with you always even unto the end of the world. How are you fulfilling the great commission?

By: Gayle Farquharson
Communication Sec.
Maranatha SDA

Bahamas Academy: Day of Prayer

A week of activities spearheaded by Chaplain Natalie Roberts climaxed on Friday, March 7, 2014, with the Inter-America Division’s Day of Prayer celebrated in its field schools.

Students from both campuses of Bahamas Academy gathered at the Marshall Road site in Nassau, New Providence for an unforgettable and spiritually uplifting event. Plans for this event started in September, no wonder the planning committee was impressed with the powerful results wrought by the Holy Spirit!

Some of the highlights of the event are listed below:
Pastor Peter Joseph, executive secretary of the South Bahamas Conference gave a power packed charge encouraging all of us to pray. He said, “The reason why I pray is simple - I pray because Christ prayed. If He being perfect found the time to pray, I should also.”

  • Testimonies were given by two students who told the receptive audience how God answered prayer in their lives. A 9th grader testified of God’s healing of premature twins directly after she prayed for them. She related the story of her mother’s client who had premature babies who were very ill. The student gave her mother a message to give her client, “Tell that mother that on Sabbath at 12:00 noon her babies will be discharged from the hospital.” The 9th grader prayed for the babies and also that they would be discharged. Her prayers were answered precisely by God and as a result the twins’ siblings are now students at Bahamas Academy! Our enrolment increased because of a girl who prayed! Isn’t God powerful? The 12th grader gave a testimony of God revealing His purpose for her and allowing her to be granted acceptance into her medical missionary program.

  • A group of 12th grade students performed a wonderful skit which reminded us all on how we should pray. They portrayed thankfulness as the number one component of prayer.

  • Our Director of Education, Mrs. Joan Scavella gave a succinct but all-encompassing prayer for our school and extended gratitude to God for the work of other fields of the Inter-American Division including our union.

  • Songs performed by the Early Learning Centre, Primary school and the School Band were well received by the audience.

  • A special feature was the prayer tent. The school came together as a student body to pray over the prayer requests that students, staff, and teachers left in the prayer tent.

The prayer tent, decorated by teachers and students, provided an intimate and sacred place to pray. Both teachers and students were able to leave prayer requests in the love box and prayed at prayer stations, namely: Prayer for Others, Repentance, Thanksgiving, and Prayer for Oneself.

Prayer is the life of the soul. Prayer is the life of the school. Coming together as an entire school body to pray not only unites us as a school, but as children of the most High King. I truly believe the promise found in Jer. 29 that says, “When we call upon Him, He will answer.”

Natalie Roberts,
Bahamas Academy Chaplin,
Nassau, Bahamas


Revelation Of Hope

Revelation of Hope Large

The Parenting Seminar Of The Decade

All parents, guardians and interested persons are invited to attend the parenting seminar of the decade on Tuesday, March 4, 2014 at 6:30 p.m. at Bahamas Academy on Marshall Road. Three skilled professionals will present topics to inspire, inform and equip us in the development of our children. Invite your family members and community friends to participate in this important event. Topics include:

  • Pay Now or Pay Later
  • Developing an Academic Culture in the Home
  • Conflicts in Children’s Psychological Development

Make a deliberate effort to equip yourself for the future of our children by attending and participating in this important seminar.

Joan Scavella
Education Director, SBC

Search For Truth Bible Seminar


Wilnise Valsaint & Fritz Gerald Francois

"We choose to live with gratitude for the LOVE that fills our hearts,
the PEACE that rest within our spirit and the voice of HOPE that says...all things are possible."

Hence, Wilnise Valsaint & Fritz Gerald Francois are happy celebrate together in HOLY MATRIMONY
on Sunday February 16 of the year of the Lord two thousand and fourteen
at the Hilview Seventh-day Adventist Church at 2 p.m.



Then Came The Morning

then came the morning large banner
Nassau, 18 March, 2014. For four days this Easter, The South Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists will present Then Came the Morning, a dramatic musical set in the shadow of Golgotha in the hours following the execution of Jesus Christ.

Combining narrative monologues, vocals, live music, video and choreography, the production delivers a multisensory display of the extraordinary events of Good Friday by presenting the story of Christ’s passion and crucifixion through the eyes of those who knew and loved Him best.

“Because Then Came the Morning opens after the death of Jesus, we don’t actually witness the spectacle of Christ’s torture or see Him portrayed hanging on a cross,” said the production’s Writer and Director Melanie Hutcheson. “What we focus on instead is a series of firsthand accounts of those chaotic hours, each full of emotion and punctuated with music and choreography in order to demonstrate the impact of Jesus’ sacrifice on His loved ones and other witnesses to His execution. We hope that by experiencing their grief and observing the change that comes over each of them, this sacrifice will become real to the audience and cause them to draw closer to Him – either for the first time or as a return to faith.”

All the key characters, including Jesus’ mother, disciples and friends, are intimately characterised and invite the audience to share in the range of their emotions, from the grief, guilt, doubt and despair of His crucifixion to the joy and surprise of its startling aftermath – the morning of His resurrection.

“The South Bahamas Conference is pleased to be a part of Then Came the Morning and to be working with the young writers, chorographers, dramatists, musicians and singers who are using artistic expression to bring an awareness of the healing power of Jesus Christ,” said conference Fundraising and Special Projects Coordinator Patrice Williams-Gordon. “The production was conceived as an evangelistic tool to reach the community through Christian drama and adds yet another bold and distinctive dimension to the church’s mission to tell people from all walks of life about the unconditional love of Jesus. Wherever your spiritual journey has taken you, this drama will be meaningful for you.”

Then Came the Morning will debut at the Dundas Centre for the Performing Arts and has a scheduled run of April 16th, 17th, 18th and 20th at 7:00 PM. For more information, visit Facebook.com/TheMorningMusical or email [email protected]


Week of Prayer for Pastoral Families

Article By: Patrice Williams-Gordon
Special Events Co-ordinator, SBC

Pastoral families across the Atlantic Caribbean Union (Bahamas Cayman and Turks and Caicos Islands) joined, via Internet, the over 3000 other pastoral families across the Inter American division in a virtual week of prayer. Commenting on the aim of the event, Pastor Héctor Sánchez, ministerial secretary for the church in Inter-America, and one of the organizers of the event said, “Our main focus is to strengthen the unity of the pastor and his family, let them know that we value their ministry and are concerned for their well-being in general”. The week of prayer began with a live program broadcast from the headquarters in Miami Florida on January 31, at 7:30 p.m. Pastors and their families in New Providence, congregated at the ATCU headquarters on Gladstone Road. It was an inspirational experience as they sung hymns, prayed and viewed the live broadcast together. Some family members who were separated by distance even joined the session by Skype.

World Church president, Elder Ted Wilson and his wife greeted the pastoral families and extended words of encouragement through a prerecorded message. He said “As you consider the vital work you have each been called to do, I want to encourage you to go forward in the joy and strength of the Lord, ever keeping in mind that wonderful promise found in the book of Nehemiah, chapter 8, verse 10: ‘Do not sorrow, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.”

Keynote speaker, Elder Israel Leito, President of the Inter American Division shared intimately from his own experience on the real meaning of service to pastoral family.

He encouraged pastors, “Renew your commitment to God, renew your call, be grateful to parents, spouses and children, worship the Lord, serve the Lord and be faithful to the Lord during this week of re-dedication and consecration to our God.”

Throughout the ensuing week pastors and their families continued the week of prayer by watching the prerecorded programs prepared by pastors across the region in Spanish, English and French. Themes covered included the pastoral family as a whole, the pastoral marriage, the pastor as a husband, the pastor’s wife, his children, devotional habits for the family, and more.

Pastor Pedro Iglesias, IAD Family Ministries Director and co-organizer of the event describes a successful out come as one resulting in strengthened family ties with every member of the pastor’s family being drawn closer to the Lord thus providing sound support to the church.” The virtual week of prayer will conclude with another live broadcast from Miami, on Saturday, February 8, 2014.

Cat Island Convention

Cat Island, home of the highest point in the Bahamas, lived up to its reputation by hosting a true ‘mountain top’ experience during the recently held winter convention. Travelling from Nassau, the home of the South Bahamas Headquarters, were pastors and laypersons who both conveyed a blessing and received many themselves. The contingency was lead by the non-resident pastor, Mark Ewen and his wife Tawisha. Other members were Pastor and Sis. Kenny Deveaux, Bro. and Sis. Okell Damastus, Bro. and Sis. S Rolle and Eld. Norman Seymour.

Friday evening’s program commenced with a melodious singspiration on wheels, as the delegation joined by other church members travelled by bus from Seaview to Devil’s point, a journey of approximately 90 minutes. Time passed quickly as they sung reassuring hymns and praise he Lord of the Sabbath. On reaching the Devil’s Point SDA Church, the travellers were received by the local congregation and the praises continued. Okell Damastas delivered the night’s message, “ The world’s Greatest Infomercial”, which was well received.

As the sun rose on Sabbath morning so did the anticipation of the members of the Seaview SDA church, they were in for a treat. The Sabbath School program was moderated by Sis Darlene Deveaux under the theme “God’s Garden”. Special recognition was paid to Margret Cleare, George Williams, Cosett Johnson, Eugene Marcellus, Brittney Marcellus and Rudolph Hart for outstanding service. The children story was presented by Tawisha Ewen, Wife of the church pastor while Pastor Kenny Deveaux delivered a soul-searching sermon entitled “Are you Connected?” Special guests to the services included Pastor and Mrs. Markum Thurston, pastor of the Church of God Dumferies and Mr. Jullian Rolle, Principal of the Auther’s Town High School.

Members who were unable to attend the services were blessed by the visitation program of the afternoon. The Spirit of God certainly moved setting a heavenly tone for the start of the new year.


Bahamas Academy Teacher Receives Honor

With the calibre of teachers at Bahamas Academy, it is no surprise that one of their teachers, Miss Marcia Na’Tricia Smith was honored by the National Society of High School Scholars, in Atlanta Georgia. It is delightful to learn that Miss M. Smith was bestowed the esteemed honor as a Claes Nobel Educator of Distinction. (This is the same Organization that awards the Nobel Peace Prize.)

This honor was awarded to her for the positive impact she has made thus far and is presently making as an educator and a scholar of excellence. She was nominated by one of her senior students, Malika Turnquest, after which the Organization in Atlanta Georgia found her worthy and bestowed on her this distinguished and esteemed honor. Miss M. Smith enjoys the perks that come with such an honor and so we say congratulations to her and Bahamas Academy

8 Weeks to Wellness


Oh Hush

Have you ever been to Worship and the saints with which you sit seem to insight an unholy chastisement from you? I was visiting on of the more traditional churches on the Island where worship takes on a somber and conventional mood. The hymns were beautiful and, as a worshipper, you were careful not to smile too wide least it be misconstrued as a frivolous grin. The organ and piano left no room for you to miss the percussion instruments and the deaconesses in full white waited on your incidental need for assistance.

My mother was visiting and I was more than pleased to know that her need for conventional worship would certainly be met. Then I heard a mutter and noticed a visitor, obviously so by his casual dress, speaking animatedly to his neighbours, also visitors. When the chatter continued for more than a few sentences, I flashed a disapproving glance. I hoped my mother would not have noticed, spoiling my bid for a perfect worship experience.

But it continued, stopping only for singing and the responsive reading of the scriptures. As the speaker begun the sermon so the chatting continued. What was even more disconcerting was that the man was doing all the talking and the others just seemed to be facilitating his incessant chatter. The more animated the preacher got the more so he became. My body language was sure now louder than his gab as I was incensed with holy indignation. How irreverent could one get?

As the sermon came to a close the pastor acknowledged the guests visiting from Brazil and hoped they too received a blessing. That is when it dawned on me…the target of my fury, that ‘chatting visitor’, was actually interpreting all this time. I need not mention how embarrassed I was at my intolerance of this worshipper who was using his gift of tongues to bless others. Without his aid the visitors would not have understood a word of that beautiful English sermon.

Am I alone in my impatience with other gifts when I cannot see the big picture?
God has plans for each of us and it is not always his wish to reveal the whole picture to each of us. Let us be patient with each other knowing that God has given us all different talents and in time He will reveal the working of all things together for good. The Brazilian guests sure got the blessing I missed but I learnt a great lesson. - Patrice Williams-Gordon

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