We've Lost A Friend


The passing of a loved-one is a painful experience. The recording and preservation of the information associated with a death of a member of our body is of vital importance to the church and its members, all death announcements are important.  If you know of a member who has died please forward that information to us so we can publish their information.  These are the important facts: Note, only electronic submissions will be accepted.
1. What is their name
2.   What was their birth date and death
3.   Where did they go to church
4.   Burial information, time, place,
5.   If there is a viewing, where and when
6.   If you have a photo please scan it and forward it to us
7.   If a funeral program is available please send an electronic copy so we can include that with the death announcement.  If this is to be released after the funeral, please remember to send it. 
8.   The information should come from the parent or if married it should come from the spouce.
All submissions should go to [email protected]   If there is a write up, or information you would like us to publish please also send that in to us.  God be with you in this time of grief.  We want to be there with you.


Logos Bible Seminar

There will be a Logos Bible Seminar on Sunday April 26, from 9:00 – 12:00 in the Board Room of the Conference Office. The software needs to be pre-loaded before the seminar.
There will be a Spirit of Prophecy workshop at the office of the South Bahamas Conference Board Room from 12;30 – 2:30 P.M. on Sun

Bethany 18th Anniversary


Health Impact Day

health fair april copy

Ministerio de Mujeres

invite flyer

Share In The Poetry Fest


Women's Health Reform


Bethany Calendar of events

Bethany Seventh-day Adventist Church
Calendar of Events 2015
March to July
20 First day of Spring
21 Global Youth Day – Youth Pastor Alvarico Moss
21 Women’s Ministry Prayer service @ 5 pm
22 BA PTA Fun walk & Souse out 7 am from Blue Hill Plaza to School
22 Benefit Concert for Stephen Brown @ BFM @ 7pm
28 Community Guest Day, potluck lunch for everyone
28 Blood Bank will be at Bethany parking lot. Please give blood. 1-3 pm
2-10 Bahamas Academy closed for Spring Break [Easter]
3 Good Friday Holiday
4 Easter Baptism Sabbath [Personal Ministries Emphasis Day]
5 Easter Sunday
5 Praise Reunion Concert at Evangelistic Assembly
5-12 Union Pathfinder Camporee, Group visit from Cayman
6  Easter Monday Holiday. “Let’s Move, Fun Run Walk”
10 First Quarter Reports due at Conference
11 Bethany Church 18 Anniversary
18 Elders Day
25 Health Evangelism Intensive (1 week). Health Book of the Year Distribution
25 Christian Education Emphasis
2 End of One-Week Intensive Health Evangelism / Baptism
2 Personal & Children Ministries Emphasis Day / Day of SDA books, IADPA
9 Mothers’ Day – Men & Non-mothers in charge
16 Pastor Peter Kerr
17 Men celebrate with Mothers
23 World Day of Prayer for Children
23 Schools of Prayer Emphasis in IAD Territory
23 Conference meet with all planning to attend General Conference [pm]
25 Whit Monday Holiday
27 Joint prayer meeting (ATCU symposium, field reports)
05 Sir Randol Fawkes Labour Day Holiday
06  Bahamas Academy Class of 1980 visits
09 Pastor & Sis 30th. Wedding Anniversary
12 Bahamas Academy Baccalaureate Service
13 WM Emphasis / Baptism
15 BA Elementary & Kindergarten Graduation
16 BA Secondary Graduation
17-20 South Bahamas Conference Camp Meeting
20 Fathers’ Day – Mothers & Non fathers in charge
20 Conference Joint in the PM Camp Meeting
27 Vision One Million Baptismal Day / BA Elementary Emphasis
2-12 60th. General Conference Session, San Antonio Texas
4  Day of Prayer and Fasting [Elder Howard Knowles]
4  Personal Ministries Emphasis
10 2nd Quarter Reports due at Conference Office
10 Independence Day Holiday
11 World Mission Budget
11 Communication Day Emphasis [Elder Harvey Braithwaite]
18 Pastor Kenny Deveaux
25 Children’s Sabbath
Fruit, Vegetables & Grains Day
1 Personal Ministries Day
3 August Monday Emancipation Day Holiday
8 Youth Day
15 Women’s Ministries Emphasis
Fruits, Vegetables & Grains Day [Each Monday after the weekend]

Praise Reunion 2015

Praise Reunion 2015 (4)

Women's Ministries - Calendar

2015 Calendar of Events – SBC Women’s Ministries Department

  • Women’s Ministries Consecration Service - January 30th, 2015
  • Women’s Day of Prayer  - March 7th, 2015
  • Women’s Health Forum - May 2nd, 2015
  • Women’s Ministries GEMS Launch (Youth) TBA, Women’s Ministries Emphasis Day - June 13th, 2015
  • End It Now (Abuse Prevention Emphasis) - August 22nd, 2015
  • Women’s Ministries One Day Conclave - October 24th, 2015
  • Women’s Ministries Praise Fest - December 11th, 2015


Women's Ministries - Reporting Lines

Reporting Lines

1. General Conference Women’s Ministries Director – Sis. Heather-Dawn Small
2. Inter- American Division Women’s Ministries Director – Sis. Cecilla Moreno de Iglesias
3. Atlantic Caribbean Union Mission Women’s Ministries Director – Sis. Denise Johnson
4. South Bahamas Conference of SDA Women’s Ministries Director – Sis. Jacqueline Gibson
5. Local Women’s Ministries Leader – Elected Yearly

Role and Function of Local Church Women's Ministries Leader

The leader is appointed by the local church nominating committee. The Women's Ministries leader is a member of the church board.
• The leader will assist the church in meeting the spiritual, emotional, and intellectual needs of women in their various stages of life and cultural diversity.
• The leader is to create an environment that encourages productivity, rewards effort and initiative, and provides a spiritual climate in which each woman can experience growth.
• The leader assesses the needs of the women in the church through surveys and interviews. She acts as chairperson for a Women's Ministries committee to develop programs and activities to meet the needs identified through the surveys.
• The leader is an active member of the local church board disseminating information on women's activities and harmonizing these activities with the larger church program. She works closely with the pastor and the local conference Women's Ministries director.
• The church board or nominating committee selects the Women's Ministries leader in the local church. Qualifications include a sensitive, caring nature, a clear spiritual understanding of God's design for women, and a burden for women's broad needs and concerns.
The major duties and responsibilities of the Women's Ministries leader includes the following:
1. Establish a Committee. The leader will work with the church board to establish a committee. The committee should be composed of women interested in the broad spectrum of women's needs and concerns. The purpose of the committee is to brainstorm, develop strategies, and assist in planning programs and activities that relate to women's specific and varied needs.
2. Needs Assessment. The leader will work closely with her committee to survey the needs of the women in the local church and community. Survey questionnaires can be used to obtain this information.
3. Program Development. The leader will work with her committee and the pastor to develop and implement Women's Ministries programs or seminars, and network with existing support groups active in the church. She and her committee may decide to sponsor such programs as support groups for abused women, support for elderly members, single parents, health care, hygiene, time management, grief recovery, spiritual care (discipleship), witnessing, personal devotions, self-improvement, and support for women married to non-believers, etc. Other activities may include prayer breakfasts, literacy programs, day care, and programs for the elderly.
4. Chairperson of the Women's Ministries Committee. It is the responsibility of the local church Women's Ministries leader to chair the Women's Ministries committee. She will encourage ideas and plans that maximize women's contribution to the mission of the church. The chair will put together an agenda, moderate discussion, and facilitate group cohesion through personal sharing, prayer, and fellowship.
5. Advocate of Women's Concerns, Needs, and Contributions. It is the leader's responsibility to keep the church membership informed of Women's Ministries and its contributions to church life. This responsibility includes allotting time during personal ministries, announcement period, or Sabbath school to share with the congregation at large. This responsibility includes being a liaison between the women of the church and the church board members, assisting the board members to keep in view the needs of the women in the church and recognizing the Women's Ministries as a significant and vital part of church growth and church dynamics.


Women's Ministries Presents

History of Womens Min.
Calendar of events 2015

Women's bible

History 2

History 3

Mission Statement

GC Women's Sessions 2015


From the desk of Pastor Eric D. Clarke

Bethany Seventh-day Adventist Church
Greetings and Announcements
14 March 2015


From the desk of Pastor Eric D. Clarke

A very cordial welcome is extended to all in worship of our great God. As we submit to Him, may our souls be blessed beyond measure. Welcome to Bethany where resurrection takes place thru anointed preaching & Holy Ghost singing. We offer you the red carpet treatment in worship of our awesome God.
Congratulations to Sisters Dnevia Seymour and Jacqueline Collie on their baptism last Sabbath, 7 March. Today we extend the right hand of fellowship to them and present them with their Baptismal Certificates.
Today is Communion Sabbath with a Difference. We get to wash each other’s feet, once per quarter. All are invited to be involved. Sisters are passing on a legacy to the women & girls. Brothers are washing the feet of men & boys under the tent. Husbands & wives are washing each other’s feet in the Upper Room.
A team will be visiting and singing with Sis. Pendalyn Thompson this afternoon from 5:00 to 5:30.  Interested persons are welcomed and may contact Elder McFall, or Sis. Paulette Dean.
Hospital visitation continues this afternoon.  We meet in the hospital parking lot at 6pm.  All are invited to join us.
There will be a meeting for all married couples tonight at 8 pm. at the home of Elder Carl and Renee Scavella.
Personal Ministry Council will meet tomorrow from 3-4pm. It is important that all members come on time for this one-hour meeting.
"Who moved my cheese Part 2 will be held tomorrow at 4pm where we will discover new "Cheese." Please bring your folders and let's make it real! (Come, even if it's your first time and bring your friends. Ladies, please meet with Sis Dillette after service today.
There will be a special needs ministries summit over this weekend at the Maranatha Church. The purpose is to highlight and sensitize the church and the community to minister with persons with special needs. Presenter is Dr. Elvetha Derrick-Telemaque.
Our Women's Ministry Prayer Service will be held next Sabbath, March 21st at 5pm. The theme is "You are the light of the world." Let's light up Nassau for Jesus!
Bethany’s prayer focus for March 15-21 is: A Spirit Directed Conscience.
7 Health and baptism
14 Communion
15 Personal Ministry Meeting @ 3pm
15 Who Moved My Cheese @ 4pm
20 First day of Spring
21 Global Youth Day – Youth Pastor Alvarico Moss
21 Women’s Ministry Prayer service @ 5 pm
28 Community Guest Day, potluck lunch for everyone
28 Blood Bank will be on parking lot, Please give blood. 1-3 pm
3 Good Friday Holiday
4 Easter Baptism Sabbath
5 Easter Sunday
5 Praise Reunion Concert at Evangelistic Assembly
5-12 Union Camporee
6  Easter Monday holiday
11 Bethany Church 18 Anniversary
18 Elders Day
25 Pastors Pulpit Exchange
9 Mothers’ Day – Men & Non-mothers in charge
25 Whit Monday Holiday
All departmental directors are asked to discuss their church proposals and programs with the Pastor.
In 2015, May God remember you like Noah, favour you like Moses, honour you like Mary, fight for you like the Israelites, prosper you like Isaac, promote you like Joseph, intervene for you like Esther, protect you like Daniel, use you like Paul, heal you like Naaman, answer you like Elijah, anoint you like David, and keep you safe like Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. Amen
Please feel free to contact your Pastor at 364-8793, 341-4021, 457-3648, [email protected] or Whatsap or Facebook.
Have a Blessed and Wonderful Sabbath!


Youth's Of The Month


Breath of Life Seventh-day Adventist Church
Youth of the Month
Bro. Ashley Edwards

Bro. Ashley Edwards is a FBI. His mission is to serve the King.
Bro. Ashley currently serves as deacon and head of the communication department at Breath of Life. He is very active in the youth department. He loves to sing and is a member of BOL Youth Choir.
Bro. Ashley is a disciple of Jesus Christ.
His goal is Heaven, his road is narrow, his Guide reliable, and his mission clear. He cannot be bought, compromised, deterred, lured away, turned back, diluted, or delayed. He won't give up, back up, let up, or shut up until he have preached up, prayed up, paid up, stored up, and stayed up for the cause of Christ. Bro. Ashley is a FBI…………a Firm Believer in Christ!


Name: Kameron Hanna
Age: 15
School: Bahamas Academy
Church: Real Harvest SDA
Church Office: Asst. Treasurer, Jr. Deacon
Activities: Actively involved in RH Youth Choir & Asst. Choir Chaplain, Bahamas Academy Sr. Basketball team, School Photographer & Maritime Cadet.



Johnson Park's youth of the month, Deion Nicols. She is a adventurers deputy director and also teaches children Sabbath school.


Dante Clarke

Dante Clarke is a young lady who is serious about serving God. A 12th grade student at Anatol Rodgers Senior High, Dante ensures that she represents Christ wherever she goes. She is involved in the youth department, as she has been chosen to serve as a youth leader in training at the Good News SDA Church this year. She is also very active in youth forum and the youth choir. Already she has displayed her enthusiasm and commitment by confidently expressing creative and spiritually impacting ideas for the youth department, which we look forward to executing by God's grace.


Aaliyah Mackey

Aaliyah Mackey rightfully deserves to be Good News SDA youth of the month. With her willingness to take an active part in the AY department, Aaliyah has proved that and more. Aaliyah recently received numerous awards at the Good News Pathfinder's Award Ceremony, earning the Director's Pathfinder of the Year award. An 11th grade student at C.V. Bethel Senior High, Aaliyah makes every effort to be involved in every aspect of the work of the youth.

Traveling To GC Get Insurance

What You Need to Know about GC Session 2015 Travel Insurance

General Conference Session is the quinquennial convention of the Seventh-day Adventist church and is attended by more than 50 thousand delegates and guests from around the world. Adventist Risk Management Inc. has designed a special travel insurance policy for those traveling to the 2015 GC Session that will be held in San Antonio, Texas from July 2-11.   .
What do I need to know about GC Session 2015 Travel Insurance? 
This policy is travel insurance for delegates,
visitors and guests traveling to GC Session 2015. This policy lasts for up to 30 days that can be taken between June 1 and August 10, 2015.
What if my trip lasts longer than 30 days? 
If you enter a date range more than 30 days when purchasing the GC Travel Insurance, there is an additional charge and the system will automatically switch from the GC Travel Insurance to our regular Short-Term Travel Insurance policy after the 30-day policy has expired.  
Are there any new features available when entering an application for this policy?
  Yes.   You can make your own edits to existing applications up until the first day of travel.

      Session attendees might take the opportunity to travel to other destinations within the U.S. before and/or after Session. This coverage will be in effect wherever you are for the duration you purchased.  
    What is covered under this policy? 
    This is a comprehensive policy that provides a broad range of benefits designed specifically for your needs. The policy covers medical benefits for sickness and accidents for international policy holders, and accidents for policy holders within the U.S. If you are in an accident and you need to go to the hospital, no matter where you are, you will have coverage. Other benefits include: accidental death and dismemberment, emergency evacuation, repatriation of remains, trip cancelation and lost personal baggage.   If anything happens to me while I am at session, what should I do?
    Your first step is to handle the emergency. If you have an injury and need to go to the hospital, make sure you get there. Also as soon as possible, get in touch with someone at the Adventist Risk Management Inc. on-site claims office who will assist you.  
    What should I do if something happens while traveling before or after session? 
    Again, first things first, seek medical assistance. If it’s a medical emergency and you need evacuation, contact Europ Assistance and they will facilitate your immediate needs. Then, as soon as possible, contact Adventist Risk Management Inc.  
    How do I purchase GC Session 2015 Travel Insurance? 

        We would suggest each person print out their ID card and have it with them so it is easy for us to identify them in the case of an emergency.    Please note when you enter your information into the application that you are consistent with what is on your passport so we are able to efficiently look you up in the system.*


      Youths Of The Month

      Youths Of The Month


      Genae Darville, although small in stature is big in both heart and mind. Her wilingness to serve God and love man is evident in her activities in both church and school. Genae is an active AY of the Hillview Seventh-Day Church. She is a Musician and is a technician in the Communications department at Hillview SDA Church. She is also a member of the Hillview Youth Choir. In each of these activities, Genae displays a pleasant attitude at all times and her willingness to go the extra-mile (even at the last minute) is to be commended. She attends Bahamas Academy where she is the  Sergeant-At-Arms, a cook in The Jesus and Me Club, a Sub-Prefect and the Photographer for The Yearbook Club. She is also a member of  the Choir and is apart of The Track & Field Team. Genae thoroughly enjoys singing, painting and playing the piano. Her favorite Bible verse is 2nd Timothy 2:15and her favorite hymn is 524 - Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus. 


      Sis. Bien-Aime is a lover of Christ, a wife and mother whose passion is to do her part in finishing the work before Christ second coming. She is very active in our Youth Department; she is the leader of the AY prayer ministry and social planning.
      Over the years I've enjoyed watching her grow and mature in her walk with Christ and also in her leadership skills. She has always demonstrated a passion for ministry, and a specific passion for ministering to young people and challenging them to be the best they can be for Christ.
      With her contagious smile and bubbly personality, Sis Bien-Aime is always excited to share the Word with fellow believers and neighbors.


      Name: San-k-yaw Wright
      Age: 13
      School: Bahamas Academy
      Church: Real Harvest SDA
      Church Office: Jr. Chorister, Jr. Deaconess
      Activities: Actively involved in Pathfinders, RH Youth Choir & Praise Team, Senior Praise Team, Bahamas Academy Jr. basketball team & recently joined the SBC Mass Youth Choir.


      Tonysha Russell has been quite an asset to the Maranatha Church. She is an up and coming leader who shows great passion in motivating and encouraging others. At the age of 19, she has taken the mantle of being the Youth Choir Director where she is flourishing beautifully. Even though some persons are older, they still co-operate with her and trust in her leadership.


      Byron Devaughn Jones is a student at the College of The Bahamas who is pursuing his degree in biochemistry.  He enjoys listening to gospel music and finds enjoyment in being helpful.  Byron currently serves as Sabbath School Secretary, Deacon and Counsellor for the Adventurer and Pathfinder at the Philadelphia Church.

      Mr. Jones dislikes are Mathematics and the fact of facing so much crime and violence on this rock he calls home.

      His greatly pleasure however, is eating a palatable meal of healthy foods.


      Name: Dwight Rolle
      Church: Real Harvest SDA
      Church Office for 2015: Asst. Adventist Youth Leader, Asst. Pathfinder Director, Deacon
      Activities: Invested Master Guide, RH Youth Choir, Member of SBC Mass Youth Choir.


      Name: Roeshell Bowen
      Church Agape Seventh-day Adventist


      President Takes Up New Districe Photos






      Logos Bible Software Seminar


      The Atlantic Caribbean Union will host a Logos Bible Seminar on Wednesday, March 4, 2015 at their headquarters on Gladstone Road at 8:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. Register early! -Pastor Lynden Williams, Spirit of Prophecy Coordinato


      The Women's Ministry of Bethany S.D.A Church invites you

      "The Women's Ministry of Bethany S.D.A Church invites you to the first seminar of the year, "Who moved my cheese? It will be held tomorrow, February 22, 2015 at 3pm at Bethany, Westridge, Cable Beach. It's purpose is to empower both Men and Women towards person, professional and spiritual productivity as the Holy Spirit leads us out of the "mazes" and "ruts" in our lives. Plan to be there! God is waiting to do a new thing for you. Call 436-3421 to register today!



      Concecraton Service

      Women's Ministries Consecrations Service January 2015

      Womens event 1

      Womens event 2

      Womens event 3 Womens event 4

      Women's Event

      Women's Event Poster

      Women's Event Poster

      Breath OF Life SDA Church

      Breath Of Life SDA Church
      Youth Department

      An Evening Of Praise
      Marvin Edgar

      Marshall Road
      February 14
      th, 2015

      Come And Bring A Friend

      Marvin Edgar - Feb 14 2015


      Vegetarian Cookin Classes

      Vegetarian Cooking Classes Berea SDA Church

      Berea SDA Church
      Brothers and sisters, vegetarian cooking class will be held at Berea Seventh-day Adventist Church on Sunday, February 15, 2015, 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm.  Health screening will take place from 2:00 pm  - 3:00 pm.  At the cooking class, you will learn to prepare (and taste) healthy, vegetarian dishes that will assist you with your healthy lifestyle plan.  Please share this information with your family and friends.

      Attached are the flier and the ingredient list for the class.  Please register with us so that we may reserve a place for you.

      We look forward to seeing you there.

      Have a fantastic day.

      Audley Mitchell
      P.O. Box CR-55493
      Nassau, The Bahamas

      Ingredient List for cooking Class 2-15

      2015 cooking class flyer


      April 18, 2015 has been dubbed Health Impact Day 

      April 18, 2015 has been dubbed Health Impact Day 

      Dear friends,

      According to the instructions God gave to His prophet, our health message will play a very important role as we preach the Three Angels’ Message.
      Our new missionary book, Health & Wellness: Secrets That Can Change Your Life, is an important missionary tool for our church members everywhere to help spread God’s Message.

      In a joint venture of Health and Publishing Ministries, we are planning an Impact Day event for April 18, 2015. During this event, all departments and institutions of our church are welcome to join and participate in health expos, activities, and in distributing books.

      This newsletter has the goal of sharing with you what our leaders are planning for this project.
      Send us the plans for Impact Day in your territory. We will be happy to share them in our next newsletter.
      We pray that our health message will impact the lives of many people around the world.
      Enjoy reading the first Health Impact Day Newsletter.


      Wilmar Hirle, Editor
      Health Impact Day Newsletter

      Nathelyn LaCroix
      Health Director SDA


      Year Of The Pastor Award 2015

      Do you have A pastor you think fits the Award Criteria, apply here…Click for Application

      Northern Caribbean University
      2015 Pastorof the Year Award Criteria & Evaluation

      Purpose of Award

      This award is designed to recognize and reward the valuable services of our ministers of religion within the fields of the Jamaica Union (JAMU) and the Atlantic Caribbean Union (ATCU), in support of the General Conference’s Year of the Pastor initiative. This award is not limited to age, gender or tenure in the field or profession.
      Award Criteria
      Awards will be granted to one pastor from each Conference/Mission based upon the weights assigned to the following criteria:
      1. Advocates Christian education and encourages members of his/her district to attend our Adventist schools/ colleges/universities. 10 points
      2. Fulfils his/her calling from God by living his/her life in service to others. 8 points
      3. Models servant-leadership both in the context of his/her life and ministry. 6 points
      4. Gives credible witness to the truth in both speech and action. 4 points
      5. Strives to promote Christian dignity in all spheres of his/her ministry. 2 points

      Total Points 30 points
      Nomination Process
      A nomination for the Pastor of the Year Award should be submitted to the Honours, Awards & Recognition Committee (HARC) of Northern Caribbean University (NCU). Once a nomination is approved by the HARC, it will be submitted to the President’s Cabinet and then to the Board of Governors for approval.
      The following guidelines are to be observed:
      Nominee – an active ordained minister of religion, approved by the administration of the respective field within ATCU & JAMU. Nominator – any member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in good and regular standing. Kindly submit the following with your completed nomination form:
      _Letter from nominator – outlining personal knowledge of the nominee’s work and ministry in his/her field, and/or public or volunteer service.
      _Nomination Summary – 50 words or less, summarizing the nominee’s accomplishments.
      _Biographical Information – to include nominee’s address, date of birth, education, employment history, public and/or volunteer service.

      Date for Submission – on or before Friday, February 27, 2015. Christ-centredness Affirmation Respect Excellence Stewardship
      Submit to – the Honours, Awards and Recognition Committee, Office of the Provost, Northern Caribbean University, Mandeville, Manchester, Jamaica, W.I.
      Selection Procedures
      The Honours, Awards & Recognition Committee will process all applications meeting the guidelines outlined above. Individuals selected for the award will be notified directly or via their respective conferences/missions.
      Presentation Procedures
      When the University Board has approved the awardee, a letter from the President will inform the awardee of his or her selection. This award will be presented on the Main Campus of the university in Mandeville, Manchester, Jamaica during the 2015 Baccalaureate Service on Sabbath, August 8, 2015.
      Disclaimer: Northern Caribbean University will not be responsible for paying any expense related to the nominees’ attendance at the Awards Service.


      Real Harvest an Evening of "Praise" with Marvin Edgar


      A New Series Of Meetings at Living Faith SDA Church "Love At Home"


      A New Series of meetings, "Love At Home"

      Presenters: Pastor Mark and Taweisha Ewen
      Month Of February
      Sabbath mornings sermon
      Sabbath evening seminars
      11AM and 4PM

      February 7 morning : The Christian home
      February 7 Afternoon: Young Free and Single
      February 14 Morning: Love at Home
      February 14 Afternoon: Marriage Commitment Service
      February 21 Morning: The love of husbands
      February 21 Afternoon: Teen Dating
      February 28 Morning: The love of wives
      February 28 Afternoon: Y2k 15 parenting


      The Agape Seventh-day Adventist Church presents: The Ministry of Ellen G. White. Are the writings of Ellen White equal with the Bible?

      A New Series Of Meetings by: Pastor T. Basil Sturrup



      The Agape Seventh-day Adventist Church presents: The Ministry of Ellen G. White. Are the writings of Ellen White equal with the Bible? Is the Seventh-day Adventist Church in recent times guilty of downplaying her writings? Are those who claim that Ellen White is a false Prophet correct? Get the answers to these questions and more. Services begin Wednesday January 28 at 7pm and continue Sabbath January 31. The final presentation will be Wednesday February 4 2015 at 7pm. Be a part of this timely presentation with Pastor, Author, and Evangelist T. Basil Sturrup at the Agape Seventh-day Adventist Church, Located on the campus of the Global Mission Center of Influence, Formally Bahamas Academy on Wulff Road.


      Do Seventh-day Adventist Believe In The Trinity?


      The Theological Debate with T. Basil Sturrup.
      Do Seventh-day Adventist Believe In The Trinity?
      Several months ago I saw the necessity to write a weekly article in the News Paper to help persons understand the doctrines of the Bible as taught by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The fact is, after more than one hundred years of existence in the Bahamas, there are members of this Church, as well as persons in the wider community who are still not aware of what Seventh-day Adventist believe.
      Many persons know that this Church is a main stream Christian denomination. However, there are others who see this organization as a cult, or a group of believers who are still under the Old Covenant. As you read this weekly column I invite you to come to your own conclusions on the matter.
      I chose to title my weekly article The Theological Debate, because after presenting a doctrine of the church, I will publish questions from the readership along with answers to those questions based solely on the Biblical text. The first subject will be THE TRINITY. This theological discussion is still as interesting today as it was a thousand years ago. There are some Christian denominations who argue in favor of the Trinity, while there are those who do not accept this doctrine as biblical.
      Let me state from the outset that the Seventh-day Adventist Church believes in the doctrine of the Trinity, (otherwise referred to as the Godhead, or God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit). For the next few weeks there will be a series of short articles on this subject and I encourage you to follow me as we engage in what I hope to be an informative and productive Journey together.
      If you would like to ask questions on upcoming articles, you can contact T. Basil Sturrup at: [email protected]


      Logo Competition

      Radio Logo Contest

      New Logo Contest Promo

      Competition Application Download it here PDF

      This competition is being held in order to select three (3) separate logos. One logo is needed for SBC
      MEDIA NETWORK, one logo is needed for WORD SBC 88.3 FM (radio) and one logo is needed for ATV
      53 (television).
      1. The Contest is open only to individuals. Companies, Churches, Educational institutions, groups,
      organizations, large bodies, etc are not eligible.
      2. Workers of the South Bahamas Conference, the media department, the contest judges and their
      immediate family are not eligible to enter the Contest.
      How to Enter
      1. Initial entries must be submitted by email to [email protected] The entries must be submitted
      as a scalable vector graphic in EPS format, and also as a JPG. The email must include the name, age,
      postal address, phone number and email address of the Entrant. The email must also include whether
      the design is being submitted for the overall logo, TV logo, or radio logo.
      2. No more than 2 Entries may be submitted by any one Entrant.
      3. Entries which fail to conform to submission guidelines will be rejected.
      4. The deadline for Entries is 12:00 p.m. January 30, 2015
      5. We will attempt to acknowledge all entries within one week of receipt; however, we cannot be
      responsible for entries or responses lost in e-mail.
      6. There is no fee to enter the Contest.
      Submission Guidelines
      The purpose of the contest is to design logos for the SBC MEDIA NETWORK and its affiliated entities
      ATV Bahamas and WORD SBC 88.3FM. The logos will be used online, in print, on merchandise, books,
      DVDs, etc. The logo must be able to be resized easily and to look good in black and white as well as color.
      The final version of the logos will need to be suitable for high quality printing. Please keep in mind that
      the logo will be used as a Favcon and so details of the design must be flexible.
      Because the logos will be the trademarks of the SBC MEDIA NETWORKS, entrants are to ensure that the
      entries in no way resemble any existing logo or other copyrighted material.
      Entrant is free to be creative
      with the use of the logo of the Adventist church or any of its components.
      The logo for SBC MEDIA NETWORK, must include:
      • Symbols for radio, television, print, and internet
      The logo for ATV 53 must include:
      • The number 53
      The logo for WORD SBC 88.3FM must include:
      • The dial 88.3
      Due to the requirements for high quality printing and re-sizing Entries must submitted in scalable vector
      graphic format (EPS). We advise against the use of halftones and gradients unless created inside a vector
      graphics program. Color in this version must be CMYK, no spot colors.
      The Winners will be announced publicly at the Media Night on February 28, 2015. The winner will
      notified personally on or before 12:00 p.m. February 6, 2015. Prizes include Andriod devices and watches.
      Judging and Selection of Winner
      1. The winning design will be selected by media personnel of the SBC MEDIA NETWORKS and the
      committee for the SBCMN. Their decision will be final. No further correspondence shall be entered
      2. The Media Department reserves the right not to select a winner if, in its sole discretion, no suitable
      entries are received.
      3. The Media Network reserves the right to disqualify any Entrant or Entry at its sole discretion. No
      correspondence shall be entered into.
      4. The winner will be required to sign a contract assigning all ownership of the logo to SBC Media
      5. The winning design will be selcted based n the following criteriea:
      • Creativity and originality
      • Flexibility of design to be used in any print form


      Message From Paul A. Scavella

      messagefromthepresidentbannerDear members and friends:

      Another school year has begun, and certainly glory and honour can be given to God for a successful opening. Does this mean we are without challenges? No, only in heaven will we be void of that. The school board continues to give oversight to the operations as we seek the Lords guidance from day to day.

      The main purpose for addressing you the friends and well wishers of Bahamas Academy is twofold. Firstly, to make you aware of ways in which you can assist in helping this outstanding institution. As school prepared for opening, it became obvious that a minimum of twenty students are having challenges meeting the financial requirements. You can help! The school is constantly seeking to assist through scholarships. The teachers even go as far as contributing out of their salary to a scholarship fund. What an excellent example of commitment to Christ Centered Education. You are invited to join them in this effort by contributing monthly, quarterly, or annually to the fund.

      Secondly there are a few urgent needs: The Home Economic lab is in need of a fridge, two stoves, a washer and dryer. Additionally, the academy is in need of three additional computers for the elementary lab.

      Persons willing to assist are kindly asked to contact Ms. Nadia King at the School, or Mrs. Patrice Williams-Gordon at the SBC headquarters.

      Biblical Research Seminar

      Beginning Wednesday, July 16 through July 20, Dr. Elias de Souza will be a holding a series of seminars at the Good News Seventh-day Adventist Church.

      He will help with those troubling questions such as does the Bible contradict itself, how do we resolve difficulties with translations, how should we read the Bible and messages from the Sanctuary.

      Independence Calendar of Events


      Great Joy: Camp Meeting 2014

      campmeetingimage1Camp Meeting 2014 was a great success. The energy was high. From the opening hours on June 21, with the Celebration of Praise, the power could be seen and felt as more than 600 Adventists packed the Hillview Seventh-day Adventist Church, on Tonique Williams-Darling Highway, to listen to the best of Adventist music in The Bahamas. It was a wonderful, inspirational event. You could have seen it on the faces of all who attended. You could have heard it in their voices as they joined in the singing, clapping, and even shouting “Amen.”

      The Camp Meeting 2014 continued each evening with workshops and 6 p.m., which had standing room only. The workshop speakers included Vincent Duncombe, from Michigan; Pastor Donald Rolle, from New York; Phil Olson and Wendell Scanterbury of the Cancer Treatment Centers of American, Pennsylvanian, USA. The worship sessions began at 7:15 p.m. and consisted of inspirational singing, well executed dramatic presentations and powerful preaching of the Word. Oh how it motivated us. One member was heard reporting, “This is truly the best Camp Meeting ever.” Each speaker brought power and inspiration. Of special note, was the attendance of the Minister of Tourism, The Hon. Obediah H. Wilchcombe, Dwight Armbrister, (director for Religious Tourism) and an impressive contingency of other dignitaries from that ministry.

      Activities relocated to the Kendal Isaac Gym on Friday night and all day Saturday. It was worth the move. Although not full to capacity on Friday night (approximately 1200 persons), the crowd far exceeded any of the before used locations. On Sabbath morning, June 28, the crowd swelled to approximately 2,300 excited exciting believers. Although the air-condition did not work well and hundreds sought to cool themselves by swaying their Camp Meeting fans (straw and paper) very few left. The energy remained high. Special guests included keynote speaker, Dr. Carlton P. Byrd, the senior pastor of the Oakwood University Adventist Church, and the Speaker/Director of the Breath of Life Television Broadcast, which airs on international television networks. International guest musicians included Krystle Hepburn from Texas, Reggie and Ladye Love Smith of the Gaither Homecoming Family, and the acappella wonders, 7th Element out of Orlando, Florida.

      The planning committee chaired by Roger Forbes, elder of the Grants Town Seventh-day Adventist Church did an outstanding job. Special congratulations are in order to Audrey Dean-Wright who not only chaired the music committee but also wrote and composed this years electrifying theme song—“Stay Connected to the Vine.”

      The curtains are down on a successful Camp Meeting only to usher in the commencement of making plans for Camp Meeting 2015.

      Article By: Barrington Brennen
      Pastor, Centreville Seventh-day Adventist Church

      La Senda De La Vida Health Classes


      Formation of the Rolleville Company Exuma

      Conference President Pastor Paul Scavella journeyed to Exuma for the conclusion of the CONNECTED... The Divine Encounter on Sabbath March 25th. Some twenty persons were baptized which added to an already existing twelve persons making up the branch sabbath school. The majority of these persons became the nucleus of the Rolleville company. Since then the conference has validated the action of the church. Pastor Scavella outlined the procedures and policies of the church to the new members and officially embraced Elder Ivan Rolle, of the Mt. Thompson church, as the local leader of the group along with four other officers. Pastor Terry Tanis will now meet with the group to elect other officers.

      This is the fourth church formed since this administration took office three and a half years ago. Congratulations Pastor and Sister Tannis as you have allowed God to use you along with Pastor Larry Green and the Exuma District at large in this effort.

      Search For Truth Bible Seminar


      Wilnise Valsaint & Fritz Gerald Francois

      "We choose to live with gratitude for the LOVE that fills our hearts,
      the PEACE that rest within our spirit and the voice of HOPE that says...all things are possible."

      Hence, Wilnise Valsaint & Fritz Gerald Francois are happy celebrate together in HOLY MATRIMONY
      on Sunday February 16 of the year of the Lord two thousand and fourteen
      at the Hilview Seventh-day Adventist Church at 2 p.m.



      Then Came The Morning

      then came the morning large banner
      Nassau, 18 March, 2014. For four days this Easter, The South Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists will present Then Came the Morning, a dramatic musical set in the shadow of Golgotha in the hours following the execution of Jesus Christ.

      Combining narrative monologues, vocals, live music, video and choreography, the production delivers a multisensory display of the extraordinary events of Good Friday by presenting the story of Christ’s passion and crucifixion through the eyes of those who knew and loved Him best.

      “Because Then Came the Morning opens after the death of Jesus, we don’t actually witness the spectacle of Christ’s torture or see Him portrayed hanging on a cross,” said the production’s Writer and Director Melanie Hutcheson. “What we focus on instead is a series of firsthand accounts of those chaotic hours, each full of emotion and punctuated with music and choreography in order to demonstrate the impact of Jesus’ sacrifice on His loved ones and other witnesses to His execution. We hope that by experiencing their grief and observing the change that comes over each of them, this sacrifice will become real to the audience and cause them to draw closer to Him – either for the first time or as a return to faith.”

      All the key characters, including Jesus’ mother, disciples and friends, are intimately characterised and invite the audience to share in the range of their emotions, from the grief, guilt, doubt and despair of His crucifixion to the joy and surprise of its startling aftermath – the morning of His resurrection.

      “The South Bahamas Conference is pleased to be a part of Then Came the Morning and to be working with the young writers, chorographers, dramatists, musicians and singers who are using artistic expression to bring an awareness of the healing power of Jesus Christ,” said conference Fundraising and Special Projects Coordinator Patrice Williams-Gordon. “The production was conceived as an evangelistic tool to reach the community through Christian drama and adds yet another bold and distinctive dimension to the church’s mission to tell people from all walks of life about the unconditional love of Jesus. Wherever your spiritual journey has taken you, this drama will be meaningful for you.”

      Then Came the Morning will debut at the Dundas Centre for the Performing Arts and has a scheduled run of April 16th, 17th, 18th and 20th at 7:00 PM. For more information, visit or email [email protected]


      Invitation La Senda de la Vida

      invitation to event

      Bahamas Academy Centennial Gala!

      On behalf of the Chairman of Bahamas Academy School Board, Pastor Paul A. Scavella, we wish to officially announce the event of the century: Bahamas Academy Centennial Gala to be held on Thursday, 14th November 2013 at the Sheraton Hotel, Cable Beach.

      Persons appointed to serve on the BA Centennial Gala Planning Committee are as follows:

      Valderine Heastie (Chairperson), Anthony Burrows, T. Milton Lewis, Todd Beneby, Gayle Farquharson, Dwain Wallace, Stephanie Hutcheson, Allerine Damastus, Pandora Moxey.

      This event will be one of the highlights during the week of Celebrations leading up to the official opening of Bahamas Academy at its new campus on Marshall Road. The Committee will keep you posted on plans and will be reaching out to you for support to make this event a memorable success.

      It will be the Centennial Homecoming of BA Alumni and Friends and you want to be there.

      Thank you for your anticipated support. Save the date!

      Joan Scavella (Mrs.)
      Director of Education
      South Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

      Clark Family Concert & CD

      Clarke Concert Flyer

      ATCU Welcomes World Church Leader

      Today marks a historic event in the life of the fledgling Atlantic Caribbean Union (ATCU). After weeks of anticipation, God has made the visit of our world church leader a reality. We praise God for granting him and his wife, Nancy traveling mercies across the expanse of wood and water.
      We look forward to a blessed experience in Christ as our leader, called for such a time as this, proclaims God’s Word in an atmosphere of praise and thanksgiving.

      “Sound the battle cry! See the foe is nigh…. These words have fashioned the life of our leader since his early sojourn with Christ. Like many of us, he has traversed the channels of time observing, discussing and arresting some of the challenges faced by our church, yet he remains undaunted as he embraces them with urgency. With a ready heart and a steady head he rouses this great army of believers to stand firm and rest our cause upon God’s holy word. The foe that presses us to battle makes our longing for Christ’s second coming even more desirous.
      Our illustrious leader, Dr. Leonard Johnson, president of the Atlantic Caribbean Union invited Elder Ted Wilson to the territory. We are blessed to have this convocation in the South Bahamas Conference. So with grateful hearts our members gather for this holy sitting.

      Let us celebrate our God with our world church leader! Soon Christ will come and there will be no parting over there! -Pastor Paul Scavella, President, South Bahamas Conference.

      Pastor Wilson who was born in Takoma Park, Maryland on May 10, 1950, was elected as president of the Seventh-day Adventist world church during the General Conference Session in July 2010. The son of former General Conference President Neal C. Wilson and Elinor E. Wilson, he spent part of his childhood in Egypt.

      He began his church career as a pastor in 1974 in the Greater New York Conference. In 1975, he married Nancy Louise Volimer, a physical therapist. The couple has three married daughters - Emilie Louise, Elizabeth Esther, Catherine Anne, and seven wonderful grandchildren.

      Pastor Wilson served as an assistant director and then director of Metropolitan Ministries in New York from 1976 to 1981. He went on to serve as departmental director and later as executive secretary in the Africa-Indian Ocean Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, based in Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire, until 1990.

      Following his post in West Africa, he served for two years at the church's world headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland, United States, as an associate secretary. Next he accepted the position of president of the church's Euro-Asia Division in Moscow, Russia, which he held from 1992 to 1996. Pastor Wilson returned to the United States to serve as president of the Review and Herald Publishing Association in Hagerstown, Maryland, until his election as a General Conference vice president in 2000.

      An ordained minister, Pastor Wilson holds a doctoral degree in Religious Education from New York University, a Master of Divinity degree from Andrews University, and a Master of Science degree in Public Health from Loma Linda University's School of Public Health. In addition to English, he speaks French and some Russian.

      Contrasting Good-byes

      What do you say to a wife who has lost her husband of just ten months? Can those same words soothe the void of a child who has lost a parent they have known all their life or a parent who has the pain of burying a son? Words are inadequate. Sunday July 7, 2013 will long be remembered as a day of contrasting good-byes. The Seventh-day Adventist Church eulogized two outstanding members whose ministries touched many lives and leaves behind a legacy of service: One in the evening of her life the other at high noon, yet words still fail.

      Florence Eulee Scavella

      In 1934 The seaside Settlement of Tarpum Bay welcomed the first child of The late John and Alice Carey and released her to the world as an ambassador of dignity. This beautiful Bahamian damsel touched the lives of people wherever she resided; From Eleuthera to New Providence to South Andros, from New York to Jamaica. Her artistry as a baker was closely rivaled by her keen sense of business skills she used to complement her most treasured calling, that of wife and mother. Eulee emptied herself in service for many years before yielding to the tenacious clasp of Alzheimer’s for ten years. During this period she imperceptibly groomed the caring and thoughtful side of her children and grandchildren as they returned the doting love and attention she had once lavished on them.

      Eulee fell asleep in Jesus on June 27, 2013 at the age of 79. She has labored and now she rests.

      Yvan Neil Cherenfant

      Unlike the disconcerting news of September 11, 2001, there was joy and celebration in 1980, September 11. Yvan Neil Cherenfant had arrived armed with charm and humility to transform lives. The second child of Yvon and Alice Cherenfant and brother to Stuart and Alex he brought a unique texture and flavor to this exemplary family. Yvan distinguished himself as a student, an employee, a basketball player, a speaker, a musician, a friend and a husband. Just when everyone expectantly anticipated the further unfolding of his life, Yvan collapses while playing basketball and never revives. No long goodbyes, no chords of amendment. Just a compelling reminder to all he touched: “Live your best consistently, just incase you have to leave suddenly.” The tributes of friends and family members excavated a void that will never be filled until that glorious Morning when Jesus calls him back to life. What a life! What a man!

      Article By: Patrice Williams-Gordon

      Ted Wilson Visits SBC

      Seventh-day Adventist World Church Leader to visit the Bahamas on July 27, 2013.

      Elder Ted Wilson, who will be accompanied by his wife Nancy, will speak at a service of thanksgiving to God in the Independence Ball Room at the the Sheraton Hotel, Cable Beach.
      Services: Sabbath School - 8:30 a.m. - 9:40 a.m. and Divine Worship - 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

      40th Independence Anniversay Celebrations

      40th independence flyer

      Adventist Risk Management Training

      Adventist Rick Management 2013
      Members of the South Bahamas Conference along with ATCU attend the Adventist Risk Management training seminars in Washington D.C.

      Youth Crusade

      Extreme TransformationBannersmall

      Happy Birth For The One Hundreth and First Time

      How many years have you been told “Happy Birthday”? Blunetta Roach would respond, “101 times”! and just to ensure you heard her correctly she’d be sure to add, “I was born 1912, the year the Titanic sink”. The Pastors and members of South Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventist are honored to celebrate with its oldest member another year of Hope in the coming of our Lord and wish her God’s richest blessings in this the twilight of her life.

      As can be expected her bank of memories far exceeds the average persons and she still recalls with warmth the joy of growing up with her six siblings while farming “Bert Road Land”, eating wild yam during the war when things were hard, going to school in Devils Point. Her devotion and tender love for her  7 kids, 16 grandkids and 10 great-grandkids exudes from the same heart that was won by her late husband A. Leon Roach. Their marriage of 73 years has raised the bar for their off-springs as they seek to emulate this pattern of a Christian household.

      Sister Roach believed the three Angels Message of Revelation 14, and joined the Seventh-day Adventist Church in 1940. As she puts it “I never looked back and never regretted being an Adventist”. She loves to sing and is a woman of prayer. Her favourite hymn is “On Christ the Solid Rock I Stand” and her favourite passage of scripture is Psalm 23 because she has lived it. Sister Roach has served her church in number of areas in the Grants Town and Maranatha Seventh-day Adventist Churches.Though words are inadequate to express the affection she engenders those who love her cant resist repeating the sentiments. For Tamara McGee Andersen, it is a treasured opportunity to be able to wish her Grandmother Happy Birthday as she adds yet another year to her century. In a tribute to Sis Roach Tamara writes:

      Grandma, you helped shape my character at your knee. I heard you pray for us you went through your day. I heard you plead with God for us and that has never left me. I laughed as a child and still laugh at your charm and your humour. You always made me believe that I was special. Grandma, you are TRULY a Proverbs 31 woman. We can indeed "rise up and call you blessed." I love you for the memories and laughter that I still carry from my childhood. Happy 101st Birthday Grandma. I love you very much and am BLESSED that YOU were chosen to be MY grandma.

      Her children all, Dr. Clara Roach McPhee, Dr. Arthur Roach (deceased) Veronica Roach McGee, Leona Roach, Annette Roach Dorsett, Anthony “Tony” Roach and Adelma Roach rise up and call her “Blessed”!

      Article By: Patrice Williams-Gordon

      Elder Daniel Adderley

      Prayers are extended to the family and friends of Elder Daniel Adderley during this time of lost.

      Elder Daniel N. Adderley was born on May 1st, 1933 in Burnt Ground, Long Island. After the Mac and Mac Crusade that was led by Pastors L.V. McMillan and S. N McKinney, Elder Adderley joined the Johnson Park Seventh Day Adventist Church 50 years ago. He immediately commenced serving as a Deacon under Bro. E.E. Ferment and was given the nick name ‘Deac”. Elder Adderley was a faithful servant of Christ and committed Christian who lived and labored intensely for the Lord. He truly believed that the harvest was plentiful, but the laborers were few. Therefore, he joyfully served in every capacity in the SDA church and was a serving Elder and Sabbath School Teacher until the time of his demise for more than 3 decades. As a building contractor, he also steadfastly labored in a physical capacity to see the new Johnson Park SDA church completed. Most importantly, Elder Adderley had a personal relationship with God. To him every day with his Jesus was sweeter than the day before. He loved the Lord dearly and he lived with the hope of spending eternity with his Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

      He was a gentleman, a peacemaker, an optimist, and a biblical scholar who was committed to his family. He was a loving husband, devoted father, and dedicated his life to providing for his family. We have the blessed hope that we will be reunited with our husband, father, and brother in the earth made new, never more to part again. Until that great day, let us all be faithful and remember his watch words: “brother be faithful soon Jesus will come.”

      Dr. Elliston Rahming: Ambassador To The United States

      Dragged Image 3
      The leadership of the South Bahamas Conference salute and congratulate Dr. Elliston Rahming on His new appointment as ambassador to the United States.

      He is a member of the Philadelphia church and the Adventist Men's Choral.

      Our prayers go with you as you leave the Bahamas early next week.

      Dr. Elliston Rahming Bio.

      Elliston Rahming – was born in the settlement of Black Point, South Andros to the Late Brother Ishmael Rahming and the wonderful Sister Daisy Rahming.

      He experienced island life to the fullest before moving to Nassau with his parents and siblings in 1962. He attended Bahamas Academy and while doing so he assisted the family by engaging in small entrepreneurial opportunities such as shining shoes, selling wholesale straw bags for his mother, selling peanuts and newspaper.

      Later in life he continued to embrace many other opportunities for entrepreneurship and employment such as being a teacher and newspaper journalist. With self-determination and encouragement from his family to further his education, Elliston Rahming engaged in a one (1) man walkathon around Nassau to raise some of the funds needed for college.

      He graduated from Bethune Cookman College in Daytona Beach, Florida with a Masters Degree in Social Work and Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri with a Doctorate in Criminology.

      Upon returning home while pursuing other ventures Dr. Rahming was appointed as the first Personal Assistant to former Prime Minister of the Bahamas, the late Sir Lynden Oscar Pindling. For the past eight years (8) he has served as Superintendant of Her Majesty’s Prison.

      Dr. Rahming is married to Arthurlue Rahming, Administrator of Project Read Bahamas. He is a father and grandfather and his siblings include 2 members of this church, Brother Charles Rahming and Sister Ivy Rolle. Sis. Daisy Rahming, one of the oldest members of this church is his sanctified mother.

      Dr. Rahming’s recent and most notable accomplishment to date is his recent appointment as the Bahamas Permanent Representative to the Organization of American States. Last week Thursday, April 4th, 2013 he received his credential from the Governor General for his appointment as Ambassador to the United States.

      All of these accomplishments and more are great, but Dr. Rahming recognizes his greatest accomplishment as being a 3rd generation Seventh-day Adventist, a follower of Christ. He was a member of the Grants Town Seventh-day Adventist Church and is presently a member of the Philadelphia Seventh-day Adventist Church, where he serves as a deacon and is a member of the South Bahamas Conference Adventist Men’s Chorale.

      His Excellency Dr. Rahming continues to be a humble person, believing in James chapter 4 verse 6 “But he giveth more grace. Wherefore he saith God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble. Church please pray for him in this new venture that God will continue to be the center of his joy.

      Car Wash & Bake Sale (Good News SDA)


      Bethany's Blood Drive


      3ABN Visits SBC

      local news 3ABN
      A pleasant surprise is always welcomed. The Commonwealth of the Bahamas was recently visited by a team of leaders from the three Angels Network, 3ABN. Long Island enjoyed a spiritual feast with Pastor Jim Gilley and his wife. On the Island of New Providence, the team toured the local studios and shared their projections for future partnership. Courtesy calls were made to The Governor General of the Bahamas, The Deputy Leader of the Opposition, The Minister of Financial Services and the Member of Parliament for Long Island.

      Friendship Week - November 19-25. 2011

      Theme: “Be a Friend. Make a Friend”

      • Friendship Saturday – November 19 - Emphasis in churches. Repeat Friendship Pledge. Sing Friendship Anthem (Music Attached)
      • Friendship Sunday – November 20 – Emphasis in churches
      • National Friendship Day – Wednesday, November 23 – parade of Civic Ceremony with the Governor General. From Rawson Square (10 a.m.) to Southern Recreation Grounds.
      • Friendship/friendliness every day in every institution, businesses, school, home.
      Friendship Week and National Friendship Day is coming. Make sure your church or institution is a part of Friendship Week.

      Pastors and school principles, note carefully the Friendship Pledge and Anthem on the website

      The Friendship Pledge

      Driven by the spirit of friendship for my family, neighborhood and country,
      I pledge:

      My out stretched hands to serve and protect you
      My attentive ears to care and listen to you
      My winsome smiles to cheer and warm you
      My rightly spoken words to inform and guide you
      My time, efforts and motives to do to you as I would have you do to me;
      So together, under God we remain one people, UNITED.

      Written by Patrice Williams-Gordon
      Member of the National Friendship Committee (c) 2011

      The Bahamas Friendship Anthem

      Friendship Cords
      Lyrics and Music by Marguerite Samuel (c) 2011

      Let all the nation join us in love and friendship chords,
      For each of us was given a life to share his love.
      Be kind to those who do you wrong, and smile to cheer their day.
      This simple act of grace will change the pattern of disgrace.

      We cannot let our quarrels and preconceived ideas,
      Erase divine compassion, benevolence and grace.
      For in our sin God ransomed us, defeated every grave.
      But if we love beyond ourselves, our problems He will take.

      When someone seems too angry and their frustration stings,
      Make sure to think beyond their present so distinct.
      Reach out to them; don't mind the sting, for God's love conquers all.
      Your kind embrace will melt disdain on our Bahamian shores.

      National Youth March Route

      Date: Sunday, October 2nd, 2011

      The parade will travel East along West Bay Street to Navy Lion Road, North along Navy Lion Road to Bay Street. East along Bay Street to East Street. South along East Street to Ross Corner. West along Ross Corner to Market Street. South along Market Street to Chapel Street. West along Chapel Street to Meadow Street. West along Meadow Street to Nassau Street. North along Nassau Street to West Bay Street. West along West Bay Street to Clifford Park.


      The South Bahamas Conference regrets the passing of Elder Alfred Brown, an outstanding layman who served at the Grant's Town and Good News Churches. A service of thanksgiving for this great warrior of Christ will be held at the Grant's Town Church on Sunday, September 25, 2011 at 1:00 P.M. Our sympathy is extended to his wife, Gloria, children and extended family. May God provide comfort at this trying time.

      Pastor L B Wellington Visits to Re-launch ASI Chapter

      The South Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists is now home to the newest chapter of ASI in the Inter-American Division. Pastor Leon B Wellington, Vice president of The Inter American Division with responsibility for ASI (Adventist Laymen And Services Industries) official re-launched this chapter on Sabbath July 9, 2011. ASI is an association of Adventist Lay persons, business owners and professionals who formally combine their skills and efforts to lend financial and social support to projects of the church.

      The ASI Emphasis Sabbath was hosted by the Pastor and members of the New Providence Church where Pastor Wellington served as the Divine Worship speaker. Several past and prospective ASI members were in attendance and were all spiritually stirred to action and commitment. Under the chairmanship of Elder Melvin C Lewis, Pastor Wellington conducted an informative symposium outlining the aims, objectives and benefits of the ASI organization. In attendance was a wide cross section of prominent Adventist Lay business owners and professionals.

      Election of officers was the last item on the agenda. Pastor Paul Scavella, President of the South Bahamas Conference, chaired the nominating committee for the officers of the re- established chapter. The following officers were elected for the next two years:

      President: Keith L Major
      Vice- president: Jeremiah Duncombe
      Vice president: Constance Cartwright
      Treasurer : C Melvin Lewis (conference representative)
      Secretary: Stanley Sands
      Public Relation Officer: Dave Williams
      Board members: to be determined

      Though an independent organization, ASI is fully supported by the SDA organization and as such has representation from all levels of the church. Elder Roderick Sands, treasurer of ACUM is the Union representative while Elder Melvin Lewis, treasurer of the South Bahamas Conference serves as the conference administrator with responsibility for ASI in the South Bahamas.
      During the week of August, 17- 20 2011, The Inter- American Division will convene its annual Convention in Montego Bay, Jamaica. It is here that the Bahamas Chapter will be officially recognized.

      The new President, Elder Keith Major, in his remarks to the association encouraged listeners to endorse their interest with commitment while inviting others to become members. He urged them to join the team as together they all work to support the church in the spreading of the gospel.

      Eligible to join ASI is any lay Seventh Day Adventist business owner or person of influence in any organization.

      South Androsians To Meet

      Gordon, Danhugh
      Pastor Danhugh Gordon is asking all South Androsians to meet with him at the Hillview Sevenenth-day Adventist Church.

      Date: July 10, 2011
      Time: 10:00 a.m.

      Please make arrangements to be there. Thank you!

      Adventist Page

      PDF Document

      View PDF page of the Adventist News for April 7, 2011. Featured Articles: Evangelism Burns Within Our Hearts, Investiture Service and The Green Mile. Read More...