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Children's Ministries On The Move

The 2013 Children’s Crusade, under the theme "Kids Surrendering to Jesus", climaxed on Sabbath, April 6 at the Berea Seventh:day Adventist Church with 19 precious new souls born for the kingdom of God. Every evening for one week, different child preachers shared with power and conviction on different aspects of Salvation. The speakers were Danae Greene, Charles David Greene, Devon Chambers, Malik Clarke, Oneil Willis, Jayden Roberts, Mary Bien, Damani, David(Exuma), Talia Burrows, Carl Kemp Jr., Derrika Bodie(Exuma) and Shamara Thomas. The evenings’ presentations were complimented by Puppet presentations, prizes, surprises and melodious music provided by
children from various churches and the South Bahamas Conference Children's Combined choir.

The Children’s Crusade is only one of the many annual events that cater to the holistic growth and development of the children within the Seventh:day Adventist Church. It is therefore imperative that the Children’s Ministries Department ensures longevity of its programs and mission through training of new leaders. On the afternoon of Sabbath April 6, thirty two (32) Children’s Ministries Leaders and teachers received certiUicates for completion of level 2 of the training module. Guest Speaker, Pastor E. Danny Clarke, spoke to the graduates and attendees on the theme "Find Us Faithful.” Dr. Cheryl Rolle, Children's Ministries Director of Atlantic Caribbean Union, brought greetings and remarks. In her deliberations, she stressed the importance of adapting to the changes in technology in reaching our children. This climaxed another successful venture of the Children’s Ministries Department of South Bahamas Conference led by Diane Jones. If our children are indeed our future, there are exciting days ahead.

Train up a child...

Proverbs 22:6 says, "Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it."
This text does not mean that if children are properly trained that they may not stray from the proper principles and values instilled in them. They may drift away from what they know to be right but they will come back to the initial proper training learnt.

It is said that training begins at home and ends abroad. Therefore, it should be the parents paramount aim to train their children the best way they know how. With the help of God, these children will grow up to be the type of individuals that will please God and make family and society proud.

Some tips that parents can use to assist in the proper nurturing of children are:

1. Establish a family altar on a daily basis. When Christ is the centre of individual lives, wise decisions will be made each day.

2. Parents modeling how they want their children to conduct themselves. Some parents may set do's and don'ts for children but a child will be more receptive in modeling the behavior of their parents.

3. Use everyday situations to bring out a positive lesson to their children.

These are just a few tips to assist parents with the proper training of their children.

The primary goals of every parent should be to train their children to be productive citizens on earth and above all to make Heaven their eternal home.

Article By:
Diane Jones