Pastor Artur Stele

Pastor Artur Stele, vice president of the General Conference and director of the Biblical Research Institute will conduct a number of seminars in the South Bahamas Conference on January 6 - 8, 2015. Kindly note the schedule below:
*Tuesday, January 6 at 7:00 p.m. - Presentation on The Shepherds’ Rod.
*Wednesday, January 7 at 9:30 a.m. - Pastors’ Meeting - Statement on Women’s Ordination and Pastoral Continuing Education.
*Wednesday, January 7 at 7:00 p.m. - Presentation on Nurture and Retention.
*Thursday, January 8 at 7:00 p.m. – Presentation on Secularism: Living Godly in a Secular World. (Venue/s will be published in next week’s edition of The Logos.)
We invite the entire church to participate in these educational and spiritually uplifting seminars.
-Pastor Lynden Williams, Spirit of Prophecy Coordinator

Comparative Differences Between...


Back To Faith Fall Revival Series

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Adventist Pastors Respond To Campus Ministry Initiative

At the Mid-Year workers meeting, President of the South Bahamas Conference, Pastor Paul Scavella, suggested to the Academy leadership and Chaplin Natalee Roberts, that the Pastors would love to be assigned classes to mingle and worship with the students so as to further impact them for good.

On Tuesday, October 21 the program was launched when three Pastors made their first appearance for this purpose. These Pastors were Mark Ewen, Lynden Williams and Paul Scavella. Pastor Scavella was assigned to grade 9DT, and was greeted warmly by the students. He guided the children's minds to Genesis Chapter 1:3 which states initially, "And God said".

The questions were asked: What is God wanting to say to young people today? Can we expect to hear Gods voice in 2014 as it was in heard in the garden of Eden?

The young people were challenged to listen out for the voice of God until the Pastor returned the following week.

This program will only assist in making our school the better. I dear say that the greatest days are yet ahead for the children of Bahamas Academy - as this ministry becomes apart of the fabric of the institution.

Article By: Pastor Paul Scavella
President, South Bahamas Conference

Mission To The City

How quickly time flies when one is having fun. The 2nd phase of Mission to the City begun on September 6, 2014 at the Queen Elizabeth Sports Center, opposite the Government High School. Four weeks have quickly passed and the Nassau Experience has come to an end.
Phase 1 was the flow of love demonstrated throughout our communities by the various projects conducted by SDA churches throughout the New Providence. Projects such as soup kitchens, whole wheat bread distribution, clean up campaigns, and distribution of clothing and food supplies.

Hundreds of persons attended each night and were guaranteed a blessing. Many unrelentingly explained how impacting the Nassau Experience has been on their lives. Participants continue to bask in the wonderful glow of Christ and are strengthening their relationship with HIM.

Through the power of the Holy Spirit, God has rescued 233 precious souls from the grips of the enemy through baptism.

The powerful preaching of International Evangelist, Pastor Peter Joseph, coupled with the inspirational singing of a 200-voice choir, backed up by a melodious band, the nightly program was reported to be “off the chain”.

The Ministry at the Altar was truly divine as each night, attendees were invited to the altar and prayed for, and then they were led in prayer by the Evangelist.

Persons are still talking about the refreshing experience of praying together as they reflect on joy found in ministering and be ministered to at the Altar.

Now the 3rd phase of the Mission to the City begins as the 223 souls are transitioned to the SDA churches throughout theIsland. This is an important aspect of Mission to the City. We are depending on God to “renew in us a clean heart” as we welcome these dear ones. Continue to pray for the new believers that they will now impact the communities around them and bring honour to God thus changing this Bahama Land we love.


Great Joy: Camp Meeting 2014

campmeetingimage1Camp Meeting 2014 was a great success. The energy was high. From the opening hours on June 21, with the Celebration of Praise, the power could be seen and felt as more than 600 Adventists packed the Hillview Seventh-day Adventist Church, on Tonique Williams-Darling Highway, to listen to the best of Adventist music in The Bahamas. It was a wonderful, inspirational event. You could have seen it on the faces of all who attended. You could have heard it in their voices as they joined in the singing, clapping, and even shouting “Amen.”

The Camp Meeting 2014 continued each evening with workshops and 6 p.m., which had standing room only. The workshop speakers included Vincent Duncombe, from Michigan; Pastor Donald Rolle, from New York; Phil Olson and Wendell Scanterbury of the Cancer Treatment Centers of American, Pennsylvanian, USA. The worship sessions began at 7:15 p.m. and consisted of inspirational singing, well executed dramatic presentations and powerful preaching of the Word. Oh how it motivated us. One member was heard reporting, “This is truly the best Camp Meeting ever.” Each speaker brought power and inspiration. Of special note, was the attendance of the Minister of Tourism, The Hon. Obediah H. Wilchcombe, Dwight Armbrister, (director for Religious Tourism) and an impressive contingency of other dignitaries from that ministry.

Activities relocated to the Kendal Isaac Gym on Friday night and all day Saturday. It was worth the move. Although not full to capacity on Friday night (approximately 1200 persons), the crowd far exceeded any of the before used locations. On Sabbath morning, June 28, the crowd swelled to approximately 2,300 excited exciting believers. Although the air-condition did not work well and hundreds sought to cool themselves by swaying their Camp Meeting fans (straw and paper) very few left. The energy remained high. Special guests included keynote speaker, Dr. Carlton P. Byrd, the senior pastor of the Oakwood University Adventist Church, and the Speaker/Director of the Breath of Life Television Broadcast, which airs on international television networks. International guest musicians included Krystle Hepburn from Texas, Reggie and Ladye Love Smith of the Gaither Homecoming Family, and the acappella wonders, 7th Element out of Orlando, Florida.

The planning committee chaired by Roger Forbes, elder of the Grants Town Seventh-day Adventist Church did an outstanding job. Special congratulations are in order to Audrey Dean-Wright who not only chaired the music committee but also wrote and composed this years electrifying theme song—“Stay Connected to the Vine.”

The curtains are down on a successful Camp Meeting only to usher in the commencement of making plans for Camp Meeting 2015.

Article By: Barrington Brennen
Pastor, Centreville Seventh-day Adventist Church

Redemption Dedicates Its Temple

On Sunday April 27th at 3 O’clock in the afternoon, the Redemption Seventh-day Adventist Church took its final step in the journey of erecting a Sanctuary, The Dedication Ceremony.

The Redemption Church was born out of “Sweet Redemptive Crusade” held at the Queen Elizabeth Sports Center in March 2008 where Evangelist Wilmont James presented the word and over 200 souls were won for Christ’s Kingdom.

The church initially convened in the auditorium of the Old Bahamas Academy and was pastored by Pastor Kent Price however the benevolence of Pastor Roy Hanna under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit resulted in a donation of land for the erection of their own building. The journey begun with a ground-breaking ceremony on July 10 2011 and occupancy of the Fellowship hall on December 20, 2011. A team of dedicated members led by Kervin Oliver Hall along with the VBA led by Elder Winston Ash toiled acidulously until the project was completed. Several pastors were blessed to have served during this journey, namely Kent Price, Lynden Williams and Wilfred Adderley.

The long anticipated Dedication Celebrations led by Pastor Wilfred Adderly and wife, began on Wednesday April 23 and concluded Sunday April 27. Members and friends from across the breath of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas signaled support through their attendance. Administrators from both the Atlantic Union and South Bahamas Conference played pivotal roles in the services. Also in attendance were the former Governor General of the Bahamas, Arthur D. Hanna and Deputy Prime Minister of The Bahamas The Hon. Philip E. Brave Davis.

In honor of this occasion, the road on which the church is located was named Redemption Way.

Article By: Patrice Williams-Gordon
Special Events Coordinator

Leadership Seminar For Greater Works

Every now and again it is important for leaders and individuals alike to come apart in order to reflect, project and inspect in order to ensure that the organization in which one is a part is truly meeting its objectives. The weekend of April 13th, 2013 will for a long time be etched in the minds of the leaders of Philadelphia and Maranatha Seventh-day Adventist Churches as the Annual Leadership Seminar was held at the Breezes Hotel in Cable Beach New Providence Bahamas. Under the leadership of Pastor Leonardo D. Rahming the leaders from both churches were engaged in a time devotion as he spoke from 1Samuel 17:19-58. Seven key points were established in regards to leadership.

1. David’s perspective was different from others.
2. His methods were different from others.
3. His conviction was different from others.
4. His motives were different from others.
5. His vision was different from others
6. His experience was different from others.
7. His attitude was different from others.

Leabner Forbes, an official John Maxwell trainer, conducted a first class seminar that absolutely wow the attendees and elevated their thoughts, preparing them for greater good in the district as they lead the people of God. Under the theme “Everyone Communicates-Few Connect the entire book was discussed. Some of the highlights of the seminar were:

1. Connecting Increases Your Influence in Every Situation
2. Connecting is All About Others
3. Connecting Goes Beyond Words
4. Connecting Requires Energy
5. Connecting is More Skill than Natural Talent
6. Connectors Connects on Common Ground
7. Connectors Do the Difficult Work of Keeping it Simple
8. Connectors Create an Experience Everyone Enjoys
9. Connectors Inspire People
10. Connectors Live What They Communicate

The one-day seminar concluded with each participant receiving a certificate of participation. All leaders left inspired to do greater work in the district thus ensuring greater growth for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Article By: Pastor Leonardo Rahming
Pastor, Men’s Ministry Coordinator


A Good Thing Can Be Made Bad

A Good thing can be made bad
Ellen G. White Made the following Statements about Drama.
Written by Danhugh M. Gordon
Communication Director, South Bahamas Conference 2014

As is so often the case, something that may be effective for good when rightly used can also, if wrongly employed, be effective for evil, even to the point where the rightful use may have to be curtailed. Note in the description of Satan’s work in the world generally that drama is listed first among the “amusements” that Satan uses to destroy souls.{DPSDAI 2.5}

“Many of the amusements popular in the world today, even with those who claim to be Christians, tend to the same end as did those of the heathen. There are indeed few among them that Satan does not turn to account in destroying souls. Through the drama he has worked for ages to excite passion and glorify vice.

The opera, with its fascinating display and bewildering music, the masquerade, the dance, the card table, Satan employs to break down the barriers of principle and open the door to sensual indulgence. In every gathering for pleasure where pride is fostered or appetite indulged, where one is led to forget God and lose sight of eternal interests, there Satan is binding his chains about the soul.”—Patriarchs and Prophets, 459 (1890). {DPSDAI 2.6}

A decade earlier in the Testimonies, sensational dramas were pointed out as preoccupying the minds of men and women and thus hindering their reception of the message of truth:{DPSDAI 3.1}

“The world is teeming with errors and fables. Novelties in the form of sensational dramas are continually arising to engross the mind, and absurd theories abound which are destructive to moral and spiritual advancement.”—Testimonies for the Church 4:415 (1880).{DPSDAI 3.2}

“Among the most dangerous resorts for pleasure is the theater. Instead of being a school of morality and virtue, as is so often claimed, it is the very hotbed of immorality.

Vicious habits and sinful propensities are strengthened and confirmed by these entertainments. Low songs, lewd gestures, expressions and attitudes, deprave the imagination and debase the morals. Every youth who habitually attends such exhibitions will be corrupted in principle. There is no influence in our land more powerful to poison the imagination, to destroy religious impressions, and to blunt the relish for the tranquil pleasures and sober realities of life than theatrical amusements. The love for these scenes increases with every indulgence, as the desire for intoxicating drink strengthens with its use. The only safe course is to shun the theater, the circus, and every other questionable place of amusement.”—Testimonies for the Church 4:652, 653.{DPSDAI 3.4}

It is obvious from the statements and utterances made by Mrs. White, that she not only has great and grave concerns about the practice but she also issues warnings of condemnations against it.

What was really diabolic about theatre and drama as seen by Mrs. White? What is it about attending or participation in such activities that she perceives would put ones soul in peril of eternal damnation? What were the corrupting influences that would destroy the soul? What was happening at the time that made her conclude that it would “deprave the imagination and debase the morals”? What has prompted her to say, “There is no influence in our land more powerful to poison the imagination, to destroy religious impressions, and to blunt the relish for the tranquil pleasures and sober realities of life than theatrical amusements?”

Many are of the view that Education is not necessary to understand the word of God, but on subjects that the bible does not cover such as “Drama in the Church”, here is case in point where education is vital to the understanding of principles relevant to this discussion.

A logical way to understand the meaning of scripture or the Spirit of Prophecy or any writing for that matter, is the contextual approach. Statements must be understood in their right context.

The contextual approach asks the following questions:
1. Why were those statements made? 2. What was happening with the theatre movement and drama in the 1700s and 1800s that prompted those statements? 3. What was the practice at the time? 4. What was the setting?

In an article entitled Christianity and the Romantic Movement written by Christopher Dawson, 1937, the following is noted:
In the seventeen and eighteen hundreds following the French Revolution, the revival that characterized religion spread worldwide. There was a revolt against everything orthodox and traditional, whether it relates to religion or morals. This revolt was in fact a second reformation, but frankly, an anti-religious one. It was a revolt against the established church and whatever it stands for, including belief in God, morality, and mans ability to look within himself to determine his destiny. Philosophy and the ability to reason were taken to extreme. This was the Age of Enlightenment. The Enlightenment was essentially a declaration of freedom, to be able to think for ones-self, free from the tyranny of politics and religion.

The philosophic rationalism of the eighteenth century was the product of a highly civilized and privileged society. Behind the change in literary taste and aesthetic appreciation there lies a profound change of spiritual attitudes: an attempt to enlarge the kingdom of the human mind by transcending the limits of ordinary consciousness. The existence of God was called into question. Man within himself was thought to have had the power to be his own god.

The Enlightenment period was characterized by a group of radical intellectuals who were known as philosophes. The philosophes were of course highly critical of the church’s ideas as this goes completely against their ideology of man’s ability to think and discover for himself.

Man was seen as having the propensity to understand his own nature and the natural world, to determine his own destiny without help from any dogmatic authority such as institutional religion. Man has the ability to think and discover himself.

This concept manifested itself in the in philosophies such as Libertine and Hedonism which deeply colored the fine arts of Poetry, Music, Painting, Sculpture, Arts, Theater, and Drama.
Among the philosophers of the day were stalwarts like Voltaire, Immanuel Kant, Chateaubriand, and others.

These systems of belief gave one the freedom to be devoid of most moral restraints, which are seen as unnecessary or undesirable, and suggests that one should ignore or even spurn accepted morals and forms of behavior sanctified by the larger society. Values are placed on “Sensual” and physical pleasures, meaning those experienced through the senses. Pleasure is seen as the only intrinsic good. In it is the idea that all people have the right to do everything in their power to achieve the greatest amount of pleasure possible to them. Interestingly, words such as “pervert” and “degenerate” are synonymous with the Libertine philosophy.

These are the some of the “absurd theories” and practices that characterized Drama and Theatre that Ellen G. White spoke about in Testimonies for the Church 4:415. “In every gathering for pleasure where pride is fostered or appetite indulged, where one is led to forget God and lose sight of eternal interests, there Satan is binding his chains about the soul.”—Patriarchs and Prophets, 459

Can you now see a better picture? Against this historical backdrop, I invite you to revisit Mrs. White’s statements on this form of entertainment.

She states: “Among the most dangerous resorts for pleasure is the theater. Instead of being a school of morality and virtue, as is so often claimed, it is the very hotbed of immorality”. “Vicious habits and sinful propensities are strengthened and confirmed by these entertainments. Low songs, lewd gestures, expressions and attitudes, deprave the imagination and debase the morals. Testimonies for the Church 4:652, 653”

Having taken a look at all her statements relating to Drama, it is clear that she did not condemn the “simple exercise of participating or attending drama” but as she enumerated the principles involved, she pointed out the grave perils that usually accompany drama as it existed then and still exists today. It is not the form or method (Drama) that she was against, but what the form or method was used to do.

Any good thing can be made bad depending on how it is used. Among the most common causes of death and injury in any country is the motor vehicle. We don’t abandon the use of motor vehicles because of this; rather, we try to find safer ways to use them. The next time you contemplate the value of an unusual mode of communicating the gospel ask yourself these questions:

1.“Will it make those who acted their part in it more spiritually minded? 2. Will it increase their sense of obligation to our heavenly Father who sent His Son into the world at such an infinite sacrifice to save fallen man from utter ruin? 3. Was the mind awakened to grasp God because of His great love wherewith He has loved us?” Manuscript Releases 19:300-303

1. See Article in Logos March 22 by Pastor Paul Scavella or Manuscript Releases 19:300 & 2:236 by EG White

2. Quotations and EG White references were taken from a letter written by the Arthur L. White entitled Dramatic Productions in SDA Institutions: ( search for DPSDAI --Dramatic productions in SDA Intuitions)
3. Extracts from Religion and the Romantic Movement by Christopher Dawson, 1937

Holy Week? Holy Life!

Easter, Passover, Lent, and Palm Sunday, are all ways the Christian church has used to highlight the events that preceded the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. This week has also been referred to as holy week. From a youth I would question the term holy week as from my biblical observations and training, the word of God limits what is defined as holy.

Such a hallowed title would seem to me to require more than just a human or organizational decision. It requires a holy Source to authorize a holy designation. Only a holy God can pronounce something ‘Holy’. For example, God is defined as Holy, tithes are defined as holy, and the weekly Sabbath is defined as holy. These are ascribed the designation ‘Holy’ because God made them holy.

While I personally am very respectful of the commemoration of the death of Christ, the word of God instructs me specifically how I should demonstrate respect for it. Firstly, in 1 Corinthians 11, Paul writes, “For I received from the Lord the teaching that I passed on to you…every time you eat this bread and drink from this cup you proclaim the Lord's death until he comes.” Today we obey this command through the ordinance of communion until Christ returns.

Secondly we are reminded to commemorate Christ’s death by being baptized. Colossians 2:12 states “…having been buried with him in baptism, in which you were also raised with him through your faith in the working of God, who raised him from the dead.”

Baptism performed from a biblical perspective, through submersion, is a symbolism of being buried as Christ was buried, dying to self and being resurrected to newness of life. Other forms of baptism do not allow for this imagery and hence does not meet the biblical requirement.

On this weekend when the world pauses to commemorate the death, rest and resurrection of Christ, the best way for you to show appreciation for His ultimate sacrifice is to give your life to Christ, following with a literal baptism if you have not already done so. Additionally, whenever possible participate in the full service of the ordinance of humility and the ordinance of the Lords supper as instituted by Christ just before his death.

As a matter of fact Jesus told Peter if he could not participate in these ordinaries with Him, he Peter would not qualify to be a part of His eternal Kingdom.

I am grateful for another opportunity to be washed in the blood of the lamb today, and I invite all my fellow Bahamians and people of all backgrounds to try Christ and watch Him transform your life. I am a testimony and I recommend Him wholeheartedly to you today.

Have a spirit filled and blessed weekend.

Article By: Paul A. Scavella,
President, South Bahamas Conference

Formation of the Rolleville Company Exuma

Conference President Pastor Paul Scavella journeyed to Exuma for the conclusion of the CONNECTED... The Divine Encounter on Sabbath March 25th. Some twenty persons were baptized which added to an already existing twelve persons making up the branch sabbath school. The majority of these persons became the nucleus of the Rolleville company. Since then the conference has validated the action of the church. Pastor Scavella outlined the procedures and policies of the church to the new members and officially embraced Elder Ivan Rolle, of the Mt. Thompson church, as the local leader of the group along with four other officers. Pastor Terry Tanis will now meet with the group to elect other officers.

This is the fourth church formed since this administration took office three and a half years ago. Congratulations Pastor and Sister Tannis as you have allowed God to use you along with Pastor Larry Green and the Exuma District at large in this effort.

Church Without Walls

Amidst the upsurge of crime and violence that seem to permeate our society, some may ask the question – what is the church doing to reach out to members of the community or how is the church impacting the lives of society in a positive way?

The members of Maranatha & Phildelphia SDA churches, in its efforts to meet the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of the community, launched an outreach program called “Church Without Walls” which was held at the Fox Hill Park on Sabbath, March 22, 2014.

Here we reached out to members of the community by giving away over 600 pieces of literature, more than 500 plates of food, and distributed over 300 pieces clothing. A counselling centre, along with a nursing and the blood bank station were also set up for persons to have their blood and glucose levels checked. The wonderful sounds of inspirational music and singing could be heard from miles away that added that extra special touch to the overall atmosphere. Persons coming onto the park sensed something spectacular was happening as they whispered amongst themselves – “which church is this”, “where is it located”, “is the food really free’? Countless lives were touched because of our love and commitment to the cause. What a positive witness!
As a church, we can no longer sit in the four walls and maintain the status quo. The bible admonishes us in Matthew 28: 19 & 20 to “go ye therefore and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost; teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you; and, lo, I am with you always even unto the end of the world. How are you fulfilling the great commission?

By: Gayle Farquharson
Communication Sec.
Maranatha SDA

Revelation Of Hope

Revelation of Hope Large

Search For Truth Bible Seminar


Week of Prayer for Pastoral Families

Article By: Patrice Williams-Gordon
Special Events Co-ordinator, SBC

Pastoral families across the Atlantic Caribbean Union (Bahamas Cayman and Turks and Caicos Islands) joined, via Internet, the over 3000 other pastoral families across the Inter American division in a virtual week of prayer. Commenting on the aim of the event, Pastor Héctor Sánchez, ministerial secretary for the church in Inter-America, and one of the organizers of the event said, “Our main focus is to strengthen the unity of the pastor and his family, let them know that we value their ministry and are concerned for their well-being in general”. The week of prayer began with a live program broadcast from the headquarters in Miami Florida on January 31, at 7:30 p.m. Pastors and their families in New Providence, congregated at the ATCU headquarters on Gladstone Road. It was an inspirational experience as they sung hymns, prayed and viewed the live broadcast together. Some family members who were separated by distance even joined the session by Skype.

World Church president, Elder Ted Wilson and his wife greeted the pastoral families and extended words of encouragement through a prerecorded message. He said “As you consider the vital work you have each been called to do, I want to encourage you to go forward in the joy and strength of the Lord, ever keeping in mind that wonderful promise found in the book of Nehemiah, chapter 8, verse 10: ‘Do not sorrow, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.”

Keynote speaker, Elder Israel Leito, President of the Inter American Division shared intimately from his own experience on the real meaning of service to pastoral family.

He encouraged pastors, “Renew your commitment to God, renew your call, be grateful to parents, spouses and children, worship the Lord, serve the Lord and be faithful to the Lord during this week of re-dedication and consecration to our God.”

Throughout the ensuing week pastors and their families continued the week of prayer by watching the prerecorded programs prepared by pastors across the region in Spanish, English and French. Themes covered included the pastoral family as a whole, the pastoral marriage, the pastor as a husband, the pastor’s wife, his children, devotional habits for the family, and more.

Pastor Pedro Iglesias, IAD Family Ministries Director and co-organizer of the event describes a successful out come as one resulting in strengthened family ties with every member of the pastor’s family being drawn closer to the Lord thus providing sound support to the church.” The virtual week of prayer will conclude with another live broadcast from Miami, on Saturday, February 8, 2014.

Cat Island Convention

Cat Island, home of the highest point in the Bahamas, lived up to its reputation by hosting a true ‘mountain top’ experience during the recently held winter convention. Travelling from Nassau, the home of the South Bahamas Headquarters, were pastors and laypersons who both conveyed a blessing and received many themselves. The contingency was lead by the non-resident pastor, Mark Ewen and his wife Tawisha. Other members were Pastor and Sis. Kenny Deveaux, Bro. and Sis. Okell Damastus, Bro. and Sis. S Rolle and Eld. Norman Seymour.

Friday evening’s program commenced with a melodious singspiration on wheels, as the delegation joined by other church members travelled by bus from Seaview to Devil’s point, a journey of approximately 90 minutes. Time passed quickly as they sung reassuring hymns and praise he Lord of the Sabbath. On reaching the Devil’s Point SDA Church, the travellers were received by the local congregation and the praises continued. Okell Damastas delivered the night’s message, “ The world’s Greatest Infomercial”, which was well received.

As the sun rose on Sabbath morning so did the anticipation of the members of the Seaview SDA church, they were in for a treat. The Sabbath School program was moderated by Sis Darlene Deveaux under the theme “God’s Garden”. Special recognition was paid to Margret Cleare, George Williams, Cosett Johnson, Eugene Marcellus, Brittney Marcellus and Rudolph Hart for outstanding service. The children story was presented by Tawisha Ewen, Wife of the church pastor while Pastor Kenny Deveaux delivered a soul-searching sermon entitled “Are you Connected?” Special guests to the services included Pastor and Mrs. Markum Thurston, pastor of the Church of God Dumferies and Mr. Jullian Rolle, Principal of the Auther’s Town High School.

Members who were unable to attend the services were blessed by the visitation program of the afternoon. The Spirit of God certainly moved setting a heavenly tone for the start of the new year.


Breath Of Life Member Gives To Children

Ali McIntosh Children Charities (AMCC) will warm the hearts of thousands of Bahamian children this year with their gifts of brand new shoes, care packages, book packages and rice & soy meals. Almost four thousand (4000 lbs) pounds of humanitarian items was imported into the country this past week, to help brighten the faces of many children during the holidays. With the help of their U.S. ministry partner One Hope One Life and its president Pastor Frank Schindler of Dallas Texas, the gifts were arranged and sent to The Bahamas.

The shipment which left the warehouse in Cincinnati Ohio since October 29th, took exactly one month to arrive in the possession of Ali McIntosh Children’s Charities. The items were as follows:

A) Fifteen hundred pairs of new shoes for children
B) Thirteen hundred pounds of rice and soy meal packages
C) More than a thousand care packages that include shampoo, body wash, toothbrush and toothpastes, lotions, and other hygiene items
D) More than a thousand book & pencil packages

The shipment of shoes will help support the ‘Shoes for Tots’ program, which was started three years ago. The program has expanded each year, with Ali McIntosh Children Charities receiving an additional 500 shoes each year to distribute. In the past, the shoes were given to children in New Providence, Grand Bahama, Abaco and Exuma. However, this year, the reach will be expanded to children in Andros, Eleuthera and Cat Island.

In addition to the community organizations that will receive donations, the children at all government children homes will receive shoes, care packages and books packages. This year, the young girls at the Willamae Pratt Centre for Girls will also be receiving care packages.

Bethany's Family Ministreis Enrichment Weekend

Bethany Family Life Weekend

The Book of Romans

Sunday, November 10, 2013 at 7:00pm The Gambier and Agape Churches will join forces to continue its assault on the Kingdom of Darkness as Pastor T. Basil Sturrup present the light of God's word under the caption "The Gospel According To The Book Of Romans."

This series of sermons is designed to strengthen, enlighten, and provide the steps needed for listeners to apply the Word of God to their daily lives. Come, bring a friend, and participate in this spiritual summit which promises to be an unforgettable walk through the Book of Romans.

SDA 4x6 flyer

Revealing His Grace In Prophecy 2013


SBC Welcomes New Interns

Elders Manasseh Simms and Alvarico Moss were warmly received into the service of pastoral ministry by Pastors Paul Scavella and Peter Joseph, President and Executive Secretary of the South Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, respectively. Others ministers of the gospel joined them in the reception on Monday, October 7, 2013 at the Conference Headquarters on Tonique Williams–Darling Highway.

Both interns, who obtained Bachelor of Arts degrees in Religion, are recent graduates of Northern Caribbean University (NCU). Elder Simms has been assigned to the Iglesia Adventista del Septimo Dia La Senda De La Vida ( The Path to Life Seventh-day Adventist Church) while Elder Moss is assigned to the Bethany Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Pastor Paul Scavella presented two manuals on Intern Development to the young interns and wished them God’s blessings.
Northern Caribbean University is a private, liberal-arts institution owned and operated by the Jamaica Union Conference (JAMU) and the Atlantic Caribbean Union Mission (ATCU) of Seventh-day Adventists, and is located in Jamaica. Currently the university offers graduate and post-graduate programmes in the sciences, religion, business and education in a spiritually wholesome and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere.

SBC Launches 40 Days Fasting and Prayer

South Bahamas Conference launched 40 days of fasting and prayer on Wednesday September 4, 2013 at the Hill View SDA church. Hundreds of members and friends converged on the hilltop to worship, praise and pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Choirs from across the Island led a soul stirring praise service, which preceded an interactive exercise on the Privilege of Prayer. Solemn reminders from Dr. Leonard Johnson, President of Atlantic Caribbean Union, and a compelling testimony from Bro. Stanley North, deepened the listeners resolve to strengthen their relationship with Christ through quality time in prayer and reading the Word of God.

Drawing on the sterling example of boy king Josiah, Pastor Paul Scavalla, President of South Bahamas Conference, presented important steps to turning a nation back to God. Pastor Peter Joseph, Prayer Coordinator and executive Secretary outline the intent of the initiative and invited participants to identify activities in their lives from which they need to fast so as to intensify the prayer experience throughout the next forty days.

Each day has been assigned a special emphasis the details of which can be fond on the Conference’s website by clicking this link. During these forty days, joint noonday services will be held every Tuesday at the Centerville SDA Church and at 6 am on Sunday mornings at the Living Faith SDA Church. All are invited.


Vernal T. Rolle - 2013 Laity Awardee

localnewsrolle14567In recognition of the year of the, The Northern Caribbean (NCU) Board on the nomination of the administration of South Bahamas Conference awarded Elder Vernel Rolle for outstanding service in the field of Lay Evangelism. The 2013 Laity Award recognizes the valuable services of laypersons within the field of Atlantic Caribbean Union (ATCU) and Jamaica Union (JAMU) in support of the World Church’s Year of the Laity.

To be eligible for the award the awardee must:

- fulfill his calling from God by living his life in service to others
- model servant –leadership both in the context of his life and his ministry
- advocate Christian Education and
- strive to promote Christian dignity

This award was presented at the 2013 Baccalaureate Service on Saturday August 10.

Vernal Theophilus Rolle, Sr. was born on February 23rd, 1942, in the settlement of High Rock, South Andros Island in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. on September, 10th, 1963 he was baptized into the SDA Church by Silas N. McKinney, former Union President and subsequently became a member of the Grants Town SDA Church.

Elder Rolle's evangelistic efforts began in 1976 and after just three years, his outstanding performance qualified him to attend the Festival of the Laity (held in Barbados) as the champion Lay- Bible worker of the Bahamas Conference with over 100 souls baptized as a result of his lay efforts. From 1976-2013, Elder Rolle's baptismal Record confirms that well over nine hundred and fifty-five (955) souls were baptized into God's Remnant Church. Elder Rolle was instrumental in establishing two (2) Churches in the Bahamas, namely The Real Harvest and High Rock SDA Churches. He also was a charter member to establish the Bethany SDA Church and served as the Church’s first Head Elder and Personal Ministries Director.  As a Bible-worker in Crusades with Evangelist Peter Joseph held in Jamaica Elder Rolle has been a favored worker. To God be all the Glory" is his consistent exclamation regarding the accomplishments. Elder Rolle is married to Maxine Rolle (deceased) and they have 5 sons and 1 daughter.

South Bahamas Conference congratulates Elder Rolle for his sterling service to God’s work in our region and abroad.

Grant's Tows SDA Launches Series

Grant’s Town Seventh-day Adventist Church, Wellington Street, hosted scores of parents and children from the Bain and Grant’s Town Community at its inaugural Community Parenting Workshop held at the church on Saturday, August 3 at 2:00 pm. In attendance to bring remarks to parents was The Hon. Dr. Bernard J. Nottage - Minister of National Security and M.P. Bain and Grant’s Town. Also in attendance to bring brief remarks were Pastor, Dr. Leonard Johnson - President, Atlantic Caribbean Union, Pastor Paul Scavella - President, South Bahamas Conference, Pastor Peter Joseph - Executive Secretary, South Bahamas Conference of S.D.A and Senior Pastor of Grant’s Town, S.D.A., Pastor Kenny Deveaux - Family Life Stewardship and Trust Director, South Bahamas Conference of S.D.A. Acting Deputy Commissioner, Leon Eddison Bethel was the Keynote Speaker and addressed parents on the topic ‘A Parent’s Role in Making Your Community a Safer Place’

The series of ongoing FREE parenting workshops is designed to educate parents with children ages 0 -17 about their role and responsibilities and equip them with the resources to develop more effective parenting skills that will engender the desired attitudes and moral behaviors in children to become good moral citizens of The Bahamas. The series will cover a wide array of topics to include Parenting Roles/Responsibilities, Parent/Child Relationships, Love & Discipline, Health & Nutrition, Emotional Security, Conflict Resolution, Child Abuse, Family Planning, Domestic Violence, Peer Pressure, Self Esteem, Single Parenting, Communication, Education, Teenage Pregnancy, Safety, Stress, Spiritual & Moral Values, Behavior Management, Alcohol & Drug Addition, to name a few.

Close to 200 parents from the community attended the workshop while approximately 80 children, accompanying their parents, were entertained with bible stories and skits hosted by the young adult and teenage Pathfinder Club members of the church. A ‘Needs Assessment Survey’ was conducted as part of the workshop to assess the needs and concerns of these parents. The survey results will be used to identify additional resources to meet some of the needs of the community and as a guide for future planning of these workshops, including the development of other outreach initiatives. Immediately following the workshop, parents and other invited guest were provided with a hot meal and each parent went away with a bag of grocery items. As parents returned to their respective corners and shared their experience with neighbors, between 30 – 40 new parents dropped by to collect grocery items and register for future workshops.

This programme came as an inspiration to Grant’s Town member Wendy Butler who envisions the church playing a significant role in the solution to the unprecedented levels of crime and other social ills that continue to threaten the social fabric of our once peaceful nation. The overarching goal of these workshops is to build meaningful long-term relationships with the community that will bring about healing and social change. Organizers of the event included Peter & Wendy Butler, Stephen & Alfreda Knowles (Family Ministry Leaders), Moses & Anniemae Armbrister , Dawn Albury-Gaitor, Chilean Burrows, Aniska Barnett, Joann Lewis, Sandrena Benjamin, Harold & Carol Dorsette, Linda Hepburn, Antoinette Darling, Alexandria Scott, Obed Datus, Corey Wallace, Oneil Green, Horatio Sullivan, Ricardo Reid, Mark Brown, Pastor Peter Joseph, Elder Christopher Stewart and Inspector Chrislyn Skippings. Special thanks to our donors South Bahamas Conference, D’Albenas Agency, Xtra Value Food Store, Blue Hill Meat Mart, Thompson’s Trading, Super Value Food Stores, Milo Butler & Sons Wholesale, Asa H. Pritchard, Lowes Wholesale, Purity Bakery, Phil’s Food Services, Island Wholesale and members of the Grant’s Town S.D.A. church.

Adventist World Leader's Visit Attracts Hundreds

Article By: Pastor Keith A. Albury, Director of PARL

On Saturday July 26, 2013 Pastor Ted N.C. Wilson, President of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists (with headquarters in Silver Springs, Maryland) made his first official visit to the Bahamas. Dr. Leonard Johnson, President of the Atlantic Caribbean Union of Seventh-day Adventists welcomed Pastor Wilson and his wife Nancy along with other church officials rom the Inter-American Division, South and North Bahamas Conferences, Cayman Islands Conference, and the Turks and Caicos Mission to Nassau for the occasion. In a special thanksgiving service held in the Independence Ballroom of the Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort, Pastor Wilson addressed thousands of members, giving attention to the church’s worldwide theme of “Revival and Reformation.”

In attendance was the Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, The Rt. Hon. Perry G. Christie, who affirmed the positive impact that the Seventh-day Adventist Church continues to make toward our nation’s development. Mr. Christie commended the church for its pioneering work in relationship to the practice of healthy living, and applauded its faith-based initiatives such as youth and community initiatives. The Prime Minister challenged the Seventh-day Adventist Church to produce a proposal to the government for a joint venture, introducing some of their successful programs to the citizens of The Bahamas.

Also bringing remarks was the Leader of the official Opposition, The Hon. Dr. Hubert Minnis. Dr Minnis underscored his admiration of the church, and added that while serving as Minister of Health he had the opportunity to become familiar with many of the health programs of the Seventh-day Adventist Organization. “I’ve worked with the church and I’m happy to hear that the Prime Minister has made a determination, and in fact, an obligation that both he and I will work together and be guided by the programs of the Seventh-day Adventist church, in terms of improving the quality of life for the people of The Bahamas,” said Mr. Minnis.

Dr. Leonard Johnson, President of the Atlantic Caribbean Union expressed the privilege of hosting the church’s world leader, and commented on the significant opportunity for those present to witness all levels of the Seventh-day Adventist Church being represented in one locality. Pastor Leon B. Wellington, vice-president for the Inter-American Division, also highlighted the privilege afforded Seventh-day Adventist Bahamians with the church’s world leader having visited the shores of The Bahamas.

Before arriving at the Sheraton Nassau Beach Hotel for the historic service, Pastor Wilson, along with fellow conference administrators, met with members of the press. The world leader addressed questions ranging from the denomination’s global concerns to local issues. When asked about the church’s official position on stem cell research and therapy, the general conference president was not hesitant to weigh in on the nation’s current discussion. Pastor Wilson said, “the Seventh-day Adventist Church has not taken an official position on stem cell research but is very much in support of the preservation of life.” He continued that as the church upholds its Christian principles, “if there are ways to advance science and research, in terms of using methods that would not require the taking of life, then it is something to be followed. However, the church does not support taking the life of one person, to sustain the life of another.”

The Seventh-day Adventist church has 17,000,000 baptized members, worshipping in more than 70,000 churches in over 200 countries around the world.

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The Internet - An Excellent Evangelistic Tool

localnewstheworldconnectedthroughtheinternet defines evangelism as “the spreading of the Christian gospel by public proclamation or personal witnessing”. According to a recent study done by CNET Networks, the average person spends 13 hours per week on the Internet. Keep in mind that this is just the average. The same study has found that 20 percent of adults use the Internet for more than 24 hours per week. What an opportunity this presents for people interested in evangelism. Nevertheless, the Internet is one of the most underutilized personal evangelistic tools for one reason… an inability to create websites!

While professional website creation can be an extremely difficult task for many not trained in the field, it does not have to be a deterrent to the spreading of the gospel over the Internet. Here are three ways to help accelerate your Internet evangelistic efforts, despite your limited knowledge in website creation:

1. Piggyback on another professional website: type in the words “I Love God” in Google and you will be surprised to see a Facebook page with over 1.7 million likes. Social media websites are counted among some of the best websites in the world, with hundreds of millions of users. Why not create a professional evangelistic page by piggybacking on these corporate giants. It is as easy as signing up and posting.

2. Use a Content Management System (CMS): if you don’t want to piggyback off another professional website why not create your very own website using a CMS? There are many with drag and drop simplicity. Among them are,, or iweb for the mac users.

3. Avoid websites altogether: creating websites are not the only way to evangelize over the Internet. There are many services that are offered for free that can allow you to reach people all over the world while in the comfort of your home. Among them are emails, and live feeds such as skype, instant messenger, etc. They can be a great platform for conducting Bible studies or encouraging fellow believers.

Piggybacking, CMS and Live Feeds are excellent ways to use the Internet for evangelism. Many organizations have experienced much success using these tools, and you can too. The best way to find out how successful this venture can be is to get started. Why not start your Internet evangelistic outreach today?

They Served God and Community

Honoring three church members for their contributions to the first Bahamas Independence Day celebrations on July 10, 1973

On Sabbath, July 6, 2013, the Centreville Seventh-day Adventist Church celebrated the 40th Independence Anniversary of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas by honoring three of its members who played an integral part in planning and organizing the Independence Day ceremonies for July 9 and 10, 1973. They were Retired Deputy Commissioner of Police Keith Mason, the architect and commander of the Independence Parade. Retired Adventist Pastor, Conference and Union President, Silas Napoleon McKinney (represented by his son) who was one of the pastors who prayed for and raised the national flag. Former Ambassador, His Excellency, Carlton Leroy Wright, who played a major role in the organization and protocol for Independence Day activities.

Community pastors and leaders were invited to attend the Sabbath service. They were Pastor Vaughn and Mrs. Wendy Cash of the Evangelistic Temple, Pastor Allen and Mrs. Renentia “Nancy” Lee of Calvary Bible Church, Pastor Franklin Knowles of Light and Life Community Church, and Lovern Wildgoose, president of the Cancer Society; Pastor Leonard Johnson, president of the Atlantic Caribbean Union Mission of Seventh-day Adventists, and Pastor Paul Scavella, president of the South Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

The church was packed with enthusiastic Bahamians and visitors as they raised their voices to sing the National Anthem and the National Song, and repeated the National Pledge. They also sang a hymn composed by Audrey Dean Wright entitled “Father Bless Bahamaland” The church pastor, Barrington Brennen preached on the topic “40 No More . . . What’s Important Now.” He shared about the psychological and spiritual significance of the number forty. He shared that in the Bible one would notice when 40 is used whether is a time period, whether days, months, or years, it is always a period of testing, trial, probation, or chastisement (but not judgment) and ends with a period of restoration, revival or renewal.

image2 they served god and countryimage1 they served god and country
image3 they served god and country
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Centreville Seventh-day Adventists Church

Sabbath Keepers Run in Inclement Weather

Despite the inclement weather on Sunday, June 30, two hundred and fifty (250) Sabbath Keepers supported the 40th Anniversary Independence Unity Fun/Run Walk at the Thomas A. Robinson Track Stadium. The new route saw participants making four laps around the track, each lap representing ten years of Bahamian independence. The national colours were on display as churches from the western region wore gold, those from the central region wore black and those from the eastern region wore Aqua. This event was especially planned for Sunday to accommodate Sabbath-keepers who were unable to participate in the national event, which is annually held on a Saturday.

Mr. Jack Thompson, representing the Secretariat of the National Independence Committee was pleasantly surprised at the overwhelming support despite the heavy downpour of rain. Members of the National Fun/Run Walk Committee in attendance included Patricia Cleare, Patricia Francis and Seanray Jennings.

Natlyn Lacroix, coordinator for the Seventh-day Adventist churches, was gratified at the support displayed by church members and visitors. The Hillview Church won the coveted trophy for largest delegation putting Grants Town church in second place and Message of Hope church in third. Dr. Idamae Hanna gave brief instruction to the participants on personal care so as not to become sick after having ran under the less than ideal conditions.

Historic Ordination Service

Sabbath afternoon, June 22, 2013, was an historic day in life of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the South Bahamas Conference and Atlantic Caribbean Union. In an ordination service held at the Hillview Seventh-day Adventist church where hundreds turned up to support, eight pastors were consecrated for the gospel ministry. The eight pastors ordained are: Howard Barr of the Acklins and Crooked Island District, Valentino Campbell of the Central and North Andros District, Kenney Deveaux of the Breath of Life Church, Asa- Dane Duncun of the South Andros and Mangrove Cay District, Larry Green of the San Salvador District, Melvin Lewis of the Francophone and Ebenezer Churches, Nikita Thompson of the North Eleuthera District, and Craig Williams of the New Engerlston and Peardale Churches. This represents the largest number of pastors to ever be ordained in a single event in the South Bahamas Conference and the fledgling Atlantic Caribbean Union.

Pastor Leonard A. Johnson, President of the Atlantic Caribbean Union, in his sermon “Called to Minister”, unfolded three main points to the congregants and the ordinants. Using the experience of the Call of Samuel, recorded in I Samuel chapter 3, he underscored firstly that God calls whomsoever He wills. Secondly, he challenged the pastors, to be convicted of their calling. He reminded them that, “ Your call will be confirmed when people see your genuine concern for souls and fulfilling God’s will as opposed to making a name or creating legacies. In his final point, Pastor Johnson emphasized that the pastor must maintain the call. "Hearing and answering God's call is no guarantee of success. You must maintain the call and I know no better way than to live close to God; Depend on Him and not on your knowledge or strength.” He cautioned them that “the ministry is not merely a profession; it is a calling. It is not for a period of time until some other more attractive occupation beckons a man, but it is a lifework.”

In presenting the ordinants to the congregation, Pastor Peter Joseph, Executive Secretary of the South Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventist and Pastor Keith A. Albury, Public Affairs and Religious Liberty Director, summarized the profiles which captured the professional experiences of each of the pastors. The international diversity could not be missed as the pastors originated from the countries of the Bahamas, Jamaica and Bermuda.

A special prayer of consecration offered by Pastor Peter Joseph preceded the presentation of Bibles, a symbolism of the charge to proclaim the word of God. Mrs. Denise Johnson, Shepherdess Coordinator of Atlantic Caribbean Union Conference ,and Mrs. Shelia Adderley incorporated the wives of the newly ordained ministers’ by a special pinning ceremony and extending a warm welcome.

Path To Life Family Campaign

Beginning May 4 , 2013 under the Big White Tent on Gladstone Road, just opposite Polar Ice, Pastor Paul A. Scavella will present soul stirring, hope restoring messages just right for this time. 

In the beginning God created man with the ability to live forever. After sin, man was destined to die yet the innate desire to live forever was never removed. No one wants to die. This is evidenced through all the resources, researches, and interventions man has undertaken to lengthen life. Mankind fears death for himself and is torn emotional by the death of those he loves. Though studies reveal that human life expectancy has increased, man is still dissatisfied because long life does not equate to quality life. So the search for life continues.

The Path to Life Family Campaign will give you the answers you have been searching for, with practical guidelines for a better life here and a sure passageway to eternal life.
The features of the crusade will address matters that are close to the heart of every family member. This family-focus is especially needed at this crucial time in our country.  Whatever affects the family affects the nation. The messages will focus on aspects of family life including singles, married couples, those preparing for marriage and those who have been divorced. Children and youth will find that the joy which Christ offers is so much more lasting when compared with the options of the world.
Some of the nightly subjects include:
  • How To Stop Quarreling and end the Violence
    Seven Steps to Get Your Child to Obey
    It Isn’t Worth the Tears
    Can I Be a good Christian and Enjoy Sex?
    Ten Things Every Man Should Know About a Woman
Come share this experience. Register for free health screening and receive Scriptural Text Balloons for the children.
Looking forward to meeting you there on May 4, the Grand Opening Night.

ptl famil campaign

Breath of Life Celebrates 20 Years

The 20th Anniversary Celebrations of the Breath of Life Seventh-day Adventist Church on Marshall Road commenced on April 19th under the theme "Honouring the Past, Pressing Onward to the Future.  Trumpets heralded their melodious sounds with pomp and pageantry to capture the attention of everyone and to announce the commencement of this special occasion.   Pathfinders adorned in all of their regalia marched with military precision as they presented the flags of all of the countries represented in the membership of the Breath of Life church. President Paul Scavella, keynote speaker for the opening session, challenged the membership to remain focused on Christ bearing in mind that our friends, neighbour and co-workers will follow us as we follow Christ. The praise continued on Sabbath morning with an inspiring Sabbath School program, reminiscing the past and looking onward to the future. Wonderful and melodious singing featuring Faith, Bridgette Bastian, Ashley Knowles and Brittany Mackey punctuated the session.   The Breath of Life Choir ushered in the Divine Service by marching into the sanctuary singing "My God Is Awesome".  Dr. Leonard Johnson, President of the Atlantic Caribbean Union and the first pastor of the Breath of Life Church, presented a powerful message anchored in Revelation 12:8-14.  He excavated three important points from the three angels message: endurance, obedience and faithfulness.  He stated that these are the things we need to have for the next 20-year journey.  Attendees were all invited to a scrumptious four-course meal, delightfully served by the men of the church.
A crescendo of lively and uplifting musical performances from Churches throughout our community concluded the weekend’s celebrations. As members continue to reminisce on the 20th Anniversary weekend, a feeling of excitement still resonates in their hearts. They look forward to the future with great expectancy while inviting all to make Christ the center of their lives.  

Article By: Elder Kenny Deveaux
Pastor, Breath of Life SDA