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Conference Administrators Form New Spanish Company

localnewssbccompanyimage47 church added to Conference in South Bahamas Conference: History of the first Spanish Church plant in the South Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists By Student Missionaries from Montemorelos University, Mexico. Reported by: Dr. Wilfred T. Adderley, Sr., Sabbath School/Personal Ministries Director
Mission Project: Local Coordinator July 1, 2013.

This Special Church-Plant Project Commission
: came into being, at the Autumn Council Meetings of the Inter-American Division of Seventh day Adventists, held November, 2012. It was voted that a team of student missionaries from Montemorelos University in Mexico, travel to the Bahamas and plant a Spanish company during their summer-break. There were about four such projects for this year to be done in the Caribbean and in the Inter-American Division. It was about January 14st, 2013, that President Paul A. Scavella indicated to Dr. Wilfred T. Adderley, Sabbath School and Personal Ministries Director, the need for starting a Branch Sabbath School with a few Spanish members, within our Conference. Unfortunately, Pastor Adderley, suffering from a spinal injury was given medical leave for some ten weeks. The President on Monday, April 29th, 2013, began with a small group of about fifteen persons, some desiring to learn English and others desiring to learn Spanish. This initiative attracted a few more persons, who attended the weekly classes from May 6th and May 13th, which was led by Sister Karlene Miller, a Conference Bible-Worker and Mrs. Wilkinson a Spanish teacher. It was on May 27th, that Pastor Andrew Burrows, Associate Personal Ministries Director of the Atlantic Caribbean Union assisted by Dr. Adderley, Local Coordinator for the Spanish Church project met with the group and presented the missionaries Strategic Plan to plant a church, grow a church and expand God’s kingdom. Elder Carlton Wright, Nadia King and Osvaldo Rodriquez, along with Yamali Harris assisted with translation.

The Team of twenty-five Missionaries: on Thursday, June 6th, 2013, arrived at the Lynden Pindling International Airport on New Providence Island, near the capital city of Nassau. Pastor Andrew Burrows, Pastor C. Melvin Lewis, Treasurer of the South Bahamas Conference, and Dr. Adderley, welcomed the group and settled them at the Waterways Condominiums, Coral-Harbor. They were then hosted to a reception by Elder Carlton and his wife Mrs. Audrey Wright at their home in Skyline Heights. Mr. Wright was the former Bahamian Ambassador to Haiti and Cuba and is presently a Sabbath School Director at The Centreville SDA Church. Following a nice Bahamian Cuisine dinner, the group was driven to their hotel by Mr. Solomon Brooks an employee at the Bahamas Academy of SDA. Mr. Brooks was the group’s assigned bus driver for the ten days. On Friday, Mr. Brooks, along with Dr. Adderley and his son Matthew Adderley, gave the group a tour of the western-end of New Providence. The tour begun at Adelaide Village, then to Albany Resort-South Ocean, Clifton Heritage Park, Lyford Cay, Old Fort Bay, Love Beach, Gambier Village, the Caves, Cable-Beach and Bahamar, Goodman’s Bay, Saunders Beach, Fort Charlotte, Arawak Cay, Adastra Gardens, and the Thomas A. Robinson National Stadium.

The ten days mission-trip included seven nights of Crusade meetings: under the caption, “El Cristo Incomparable”, the incomparable Christ. Friday night June 7th was a planning meeting at The Breath of Life SDA Church, located on Marshall Road adjacent to The Bahamas Academy SDA Campus. Dr. Adderley, assisted by the church pastor, Kenny Deveaux welcomed the group and the group’s coordinator, Pastor Jamal Franklyn who chaired the meeting. Pastor Franklyn introduced the members of the team and their area of service: Dr. Adrien Brutus-health, Carolina Campa-Nutrition, Filip Kapusta-Ushers, Jisseth Perez-Dentistry, Juan Carlos-Ophtalmology, Abdy Gonzalez-Evangelism, Daniel Gallardo-Communications, Alba Judith Ruiz Lugo-Children ministry, Johnathan Salazar-Prayer, Daniel Juarez-Drama, Ishmael Facio-Visitation and Bible Studies, Emmanuel de Oleo-multimedia and sound, Mayra Ortiz-Community outreach projects, Dr. Forretino y Samuel Ramirez-Song Service and Music, and Cassandra Quiroz-Co-ordination and Hospitality. The other ten students giving team support were: Paola Armenguil Jaimes, Delta Isabel Alvarez Delfin, Edith Facio Torres, Jamal Doran Franklyn, Nelson Jair Diaz Montenegro, Rudy Oswaldo Dzul Ramirez, Esther Pureza Rodriquez Granobles, Miriam Ruiz Lugo, Dr. Jose Maldonado Castillo, and Dr. Enzo Galicia.

The Nightly program: began from about 6:30 pm with a display on health, weight taking, blood pressure testing, glucose screening, heart and respiratory sounding. At 7:30 pm the crusade meetings began with song service, prayer, welcome, special music and a drama presentation.
The theme song in Spanish, “Nadie pudo Hacer, lo que Cristo hizo dentro de mi ser” in English means ‘no one can do it like Jesus’. This song unified the 180 persons on opening night and the nightly average attendance of 100-120 persons. About 25 Spanish visitors came on opening night and this number grew to about 50 Spanish visitors which were very encouraging to the student missionaries. Five theology students presented sermons nightly on topics according to the following schedule: Saturday-June 8th “By your own account” was preached by the speaker Abdy Gonzales; Sunday-June 9th “The Meaning of the Cross” was delivered by Ishmael Facio; Monday-June 10th “It is finished” was preached by Samuel Juarez; Tuesday-June 11th, “God still moves stones” was delivered by Abdy Gonzales; Wednesday-June 12th “A Preview of Eternity”
was preached by Johnathan Salazar; Thursday-June 13th was the day, the group toured Atlantis and the straw-market, they also shopped and enjoyed swimming at Saunders beach. Friday-June 14th“A Fresh Breath of Hope” was preached by Emmanuel de Oleo; Saturday-June 15th “The best is yet to come” was delivered by Ishmael Facio. Six (6) precious souls, juniors and youth (English speaking) some attending the Vacation Bible School segment responded to the call and were baptized at South Beach adjacent to the Camp-Site. Five Spanish prospects await baptism.

Organizing the Spanish Church Company: was conducted on June 15th, 2013 in the afternoon by Pastor Peter Joseph, Executive Secretary of the Conference and was overseen by the President Pastor Paul A. Scavella, who serves presently as the Pastor of this new group. Elder Kenneth Williams, elected as local leader and Head Elder of the Company is assisted by Sister Belva Zonicle serving as Clerk and Treasurer. Twenty-seven (27) charter members, including six (6) Spanish are the founding members of this Company. They worship presently at the GMCI center the site of the former Bahamas Academy School, located on Wulff Road.

These Charter members are: Dr. Willard Barr, Janet Berris-Parker, Addly Cadet, Jose Cartaya, Sr. (Spanish), Jose Cartaya, Jr. (Spanish), Mary Demari, Anisia Ferguson, Karen Forbes, Yamali Harris, Alfred Johnson, Dr. Mandela Kerr, Nadia King, Kimiko Knowles, Amileisy Lopez (Spanish), Ramon Machado (Spanish) Karlene Miller, Yosvany Plunett (Spanish), Osvaldo Rodriquez (Spanish), Latanya Sterling, Kevin Sterling, Esther Vincent, Carlton Wright, Belva Zonicle, Dr. Renaldo Zonicle, Kenneth Williams and Sister Williams. While being members and officers in their home churches, these persons answered the call to unite and by voice and vote they established the First Spanish Company not only in the South Bahamas Conference but in our Nation, the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.