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Zone 2 Social Event

Women's Ministry Zone 2 Bowling Social Event - characterized by Fun and Fellowship, Food and Friendships created. Mario's Bowling and Entertainment Palace, August 2, 2015.



Breath of Life and Berea’s Care Package Ministry


Re-Elected: Heather-Dawn Small has been the Director of Women’s Ministries for the past 5 years

Re-Elected:Heather-Dawn Small has been the Director of Women’s Ministries for the past 5 years



Crooked Island’s visit with SBC Women’s Ministries

Crooked Island’s visit with SBC Women’s Ministries


Centreville Church Women’s Ministries Care Package Distribution

Centreville Church Women’s Care Package Distribution


SBC Women’s Ministries Director spends an afternoon with the ladies of the Francophone Church.

SBC Women’s Ministries Director spends an afternoon with the ladies of the Francophone Church.




Women's Ministries Report - Johnson Park

Women's Ministries Report - Johnson Park Sister Sister Ministry



Real Harest and New Providence Church Hospital care

Real Harvest and New Providence Church Hospital Care
Package Ministry Distribution May 30, 2015

There are numerous accounts in the Bible that clearly emphasis the role of women in the church. As part of the body of Christ, we are commissioned to help spread the gospel of Jesus.

It is against this backdrop that last Sabbath, 30th May 2015, the women of Real Harvest and New Providence Seventh Day Adventist Churches, along with the Women’s Ministries Director of the South Bahamas Conference, Sis. Jacqueline Gibson , visited the Princess Margaret Hospital. Just as we were unified in our attire, we were on one accord in meeting some of the needs of over 66 patients by distributing care packages and sharing the Word of God.

An atmosphere of hope, comfort and joy was evident as patients expressed their gratitude for the physical gifts received and the blessed assurance of Jesus’ love.

Let us continue to be steadfast in working for the Master, in preparing hearts for His second coming.

Sis. Kerene Calvin
Women’s Ministries Leader



Real Harvest SDA.


San Salvador Women's Ministries

Women’s Ministries weekend in San Salvador under the theme Women of God Arise and Shine for Such a Time as This.





It was with great delight and excitement that the Women’s Ministries ladies of the Bethany Seventh-day Adventist Church gathered in the parking lot of the Princess Magaret Hospital for the purpose of ministry. Dressed in our lavender and purple Women’s Ministries t-shirts, we armed ourselves with the Holy Spirit through prayer. Joining us were the Women’s Ministries Directors of the South Bahamas Conference, Sis. Jacqueline Gibson, Sis. Denise Johnson, of the Atlantic Caribbean Union Mission and Sister Cheryl from the Living Faith Church.

We each took several care packages in hand ready to share love with those we came in contact with. Each package was labeled with our Church’s phone contact and stuffed with a few cosmetic items and a magazine. We divided ourselves into three groups and covered 6 wards, inclusive of the nurses, distributing over 70 care packages. Our ladies were so energetic as they greeted patients, their family members and friends. It was my delight to see ladies, otherwise shy, venture out and pray with patients on their own and spend more time with those, who, obviously had no visitors.
We believe that God blessed our efforts as we became His hands and feet in ministry. As we prepared to leave we shared experiences and opportunities to follow up with individual situations. Sister Jacqui also passionately shared her vision for a few other initiatives that we will engage in this year.
Indeed, we look forward to our next visit as we seek other ways that we can engage in specific ministry projects. We plan to collaborate with Men’s Ministry for alleviating some of the burdens in the community, one person at a time.
As we were the first in the schedule of churches, we joyfully encourage other ladies to participate when you can in the hospital ministry.
Thank God for His Holy Spirit’s power! Thank God for this opportunity to serve.
By Dillette Miller
WM Leader, Bethany

IMG-20150510-WA0018IMG-20150510-WA0021Hospital visit -May 9, 2015WM Pic 2WM Pic


Moss Town Seventh Day Adventist Church Women’s Ministry Community Outreach.

Moss Town Seventh Day Adventist Church Women’s Ministry Community Outreach.

The Women’s Ministry Department of the Moss Town Seventh Day Adventist Church in Exuma garnered the support of the Men’s and Children’s Ministries Department to take part in a Community Outreach project on Sabbath, May 2. The exuberant church members knocked on almost every door and received warm receptions from the residents. The multi-purpose community walk about was to remind residents that the Seventh Day Adventist Church in their community loves them and want to impact their lives. Additionally, residents were given a short questionnaire to ascertain their needs and see how best we could respond to those needs. Furthermore, residents were given copies of the book, Health and Hope.
Pertinent to our community visit was to invite persons to the Mother’s Day Service. In an act of unselfishness, the mothers of the church opted not to celebrate Mother’s Day in the traditional way where they are served and pampered. They instead decided to serve the people in the community. Members of the community responded in a positive way and joined us on Sabbath for a day of worship and fellowship. Dr Deval Rolle was the Speaker for the day and the guest soloist was Nurse Gina Ferguson. At the end of the service our visitors joined us in a fellowship meal.
The response from the community was encouraging and a resident has committed to worship with us every week. We are grateful to our Heavenly Father for guiding us in this venture. We will endeavour to do this again soon. Please pray for our church us as we continue to “grow together in Christian love.”

Moss Town Church family in church T-Shirts....ready to go into the community

Residents receives a visit from team members

Dr. Deval Rolle meditates as she prepares to deliver the message on Mother's Day


Mothers in the kitchen


Matriarch Leona Curtis cuts the cake on Mothers Day


La Senda De La Vida

Women's Ministry at La Senda De La Vida




Breath Of Life Women's Ministry Prayer Breakfast…Photos

Breath Of Life Women's Ministry Prayer Breakfast…Photos

Pink Impact Day Photos

Pink Impact Day A success …. photos

Women’s Health Forum, joint initiative of Women’s and Health Ministries Department of The South Bahamas Conference held May 2, 2015.

There was a time of silence, of whispers. There was a time we didn't talk about our health issues. Many suffered alone in silence, in shame, in pain, in fear. Not so much anymore because we've begun to talk, to have the conversation. Going public with a disease as scary as breast cancer began the conversation and that public awareness has expanded beyond breast cancer to other cancers and other illnesses. The color pink is perennially tied to breast cancer. That's the Pink Impact!



Janaury 30th, Women’s Ministries Consecration service At Living Faith


the soakingthe soaking2 inside of progwomens min bk mk (front)

Cockburn Town Women's Ministries

WM Poster

Grant's Town Women's Ministries Prayer Breakfast

Grant's Town Women's Ministries Prayer Breakfast

Grant's Town Womens' Ministry

Grant's Town Womens' Ministry

On Saturday February 21th, 2015, The Women’s Ministries Department of the Grant’s Town Church hosted a program under the theme “Heart Smart” in keeping with Heart month.
The focus was on keeping our hearts healthy physically and spiritually and the ladies were all dressed in reds and pinks representing the colors of the heart.
The Women’s Ministries Director of the South Bahamas Conference, Sis. Jacqueline Gibson gave us the Charge on how to keep our spiritual hearts healthy and Dr. Dionne Dames-Rahming enlightened the women of the importance of keeping our physical hearts healthy.
All refreshments served focused on heart related healthy food – Fruits, Nuts and Grains, fresh fruit juices.
To God Be the Glory for the Women’s Ministries Department of the Grants Town Church.





SBC Prepares To Host ATCU Annual Women's Ministries Retreat

Under the theme “That I May Share Him,” the women of the Atlantic Caribbean Union are excitedly making last minute preparations for what promises to be an unforgettable Women’s Ministries Retreat. Beginning September 20, 2013 at the Sheraton Hotel Cable Beach Nassau Bahamas, women from The Cayman Islands, Turks and Cacaos Islands and the Bahamas will assemble for their annual retreat.

The Guest Speaker is Heather-Dawn Small who currently serves as world leader of Women’s Ministries for Seventh-day Adventists. As she travels the world, she has three passions-to see more women involved in evangelism, to encourage women to be involved in ministry to others, and to share the joy that God has given her in spite of life's many challenges. Of great concern to her are the millions of women across the world who are victims of violence. The End It Now Campaign is one program she zealously promotes to address this concern. The main goal of the campaign is to raise awareness and to educate the church and the community about the problem of violence against women.

The weekend promises to provide a safe place for healing, understanding and growth with much opportunity for prayer and fellowship. Mrs. Denise Johnson, Director for Women’s Ministries for Atlantic Caribbean Union is ecstatic at the overwhelming support of this year’s host field, the South Bahamas Conference Women’s Ministries Department lead by of Donnalee Bowe. The Presence of the Lord is anticipated to change lives and restore hope.

Women's Ministries Tea Party


Women's Retreat (Atlantic Caribbean Union)

womens conference 2013 vfinal final 04-15-2013

Bahamians Celebrate International Women's Day of Prayer

March 2, 2013, was celebrated in all Seventh-day Adventists churches across the world as The International Women's Day of Prayer. This is an annual celebration experienced on the first Sabbath of March. This compliments the annual international emphasis on women on March 8, when thousands of events are held throughout the world to inspire women and to celebrate their achievements. A global web of rich and diverse activities connects women from all around the world ranging from political rallies, business conferences, government activities and evangelistic efforts.

Since 1990, the Women’s Ministries Department of the Seventh-day Adventist Church has promoted a special day for women to strengthen their spiritual bonds as they pray for and with each other. The International Women's Day of Prayer provides an opportunity for women to learn about each other and pray for one another. It is a time to reunite with God and one another. Prayers for women everywhere create a spiritual network of empathy and understanding between Adventist women. Thousands of women (and men) gather to pray on this day.

In the South Bahamas Conference this day launched a flurry of special events. Throughout the month of March, many exciting things will happen. The New Providence Seventh-day Adventist Church charts the course in a lay crusade and the All Andros Women’s Retreat explodes in South Andros to close out the month.

The purpose of these activities is to inspire women to reach their potential in Christ; to train them to deepen their spiritual life and to put their faith in action by employing their valuable talents in His service, and to play a significant role in hastening the return of Christ. It is also aimed at stimulating a ministry of love and empathy to the spiritually, physically mentally and socially needy men, women and children, showing and declaring the love of God for humanity. Don’t be left out of this opportunity to serve.

Article By: Donnalee Bowe
Women’s Ministries Director

Transform Your Life… God's Way

Event: Vespers
Theme/Topic: Transform From the Inside Out
Date: Friday, September 30, 2011
Time: 7:15 p.m.
Location: New Providence SDA Church
Contact: South Bahamas Conference
Telephone: 341-4021

Clestine I. Herbert, also known as, Clestine, the Purpose Coach, is an Elder, international speaker, mind-alignment life coach, and author of the book Knuggets of Knowledge to Get Unstuck. She is the founder and CEO of Divine Discipline, a life development company built on the principals of Romans 12:2, Some of her other accomplishments include acquiring a Bachelors of Science degree in Industrial Engineering which launched an 8 year engineering career; managing a quarter of a million dollar not-for-profit agency, pioneering and supporting many programs within the church and community; being featured on 3ABN Today, interviewed on several Christian radio programs, providing motivational nuggets for The Gospel Buzz and WTMP. She and her articles have also been featured in several Christian magazines, Overflow, SDA Collegiate Quarterly and Adventist Review to name a few.

Clestine brings a message of empowerment, encouragement and exhortation through her speaking and coaching. Her passion is to support women in aligning their minds with God, their life purpose and success habits.

Trained at the “Holy Spirit University”, her energy and passion are infectious, and will inspire you to be stretched to have a more intimate relationship with God. Her unique style provides her audience with a blended approach of applying spiritual tools with God’s success principles. In Deuteronomy, God states that if we diligently obey Him, blessings will over take us. We can have peace and joy in the midst of our trials through Christ Jesus.

Come and hear the message God has for you!