Youth To The 10th Power


August 9 – 22, 2015

Youth to the 10
th power or Y10 encompasses the idea of a youth spending 10 extraordinary days with Christ and experiencing power magnified to the 10th power. Y10 hopes to help youth see that worship cannot be manufactured for them but they must allow worship to happen personally despite the external or internal factors. Worship must begin at a young age when strength, creativity and vitality are at an all time high. It incorporates the theme of WE WILL RISE. We will rise to the 10th power in 10 days of intense prayer, Bible study, and service.
Target Audience
We aim to reach the following audiences;
     Dormant Adventist Youth
     Youth not in a saving relationship with Christ (on the outside)
     Youth in an active saving relationship with Christ
The H.D. Colburn Gymnatorium is the proposed site. This is a central location and will allow for more space for the exhibits we hope to host each evening.
Aims of Y10

Through Y10, we aim at mobilizing dormant young people in the church to actively work for Christ. These are youth who grow up in the church but take the back seat either because they feel they have nothing to contribute or they are simply not interested.  We intend for youth to understand that evangelism is creative and they are to use their own talents and gifts to spread the Gospel. When they are actively on the field working, they will be pushed to seek a deeper relationship with Christ. They will personally see their own need for them to be filled so that they can pour into others.
Through Y10, we aim to show youth on the outside that life is better in Christ and a part of his fold. He offers all that they desire but on a deep and eternal level. We aim to show Christ through loving them, having Bible studies and praying with them. To reach this target audience, we will also be reaching out to non-Adventist singing groups.
Through Y10, we aim to show youth that their relationship with Christ must not remain stagnant. It can grow everyday and grow to the tenth power. Even though they are actively involved in the church and serving Christ, they must not neglect their relationship
How is Y10 unique?
The following aspects will be implemented and these will make
Y10 unique. Firstly, each person in attendance will have a work book which contains information for each day. The work books will contain power points to remember, questions to ponder, scriptures to memorize, and so much more. We plan to have organizations from the community to set up an exhibit. Each evening, a particular organization will be featured. the exhibit will be open for an hour leading up to the program. Off nights will be designated as Community Power nights. There will be activities taking place that will be open to the community and in which everyone can participate. The program will be creative, participants will be trained, and the speakers will be filled with the Holy Spirit to deliver the Word. This is an experience that no one can afford to miss.

The speakers are two young, and dynamic ministers. Manasseh Simms is an intern at the South Bahamas Conference and Newton Joseph is going into his Sophomore year at Northern Caribbean University in Mandeville, Jamaica. Stay tuned for a full biography on both of our speakers.

You are invited! You cannot miss this experience and you are encouraged to not come alone. Bring someone along who needs to deepen their experience with Christ. This is your opportunity to have your life changed as we are empowered to the tenth power.


Youth Of The Month

Youth of the month for June

20150606_090921 copy

Francophone SDA

Stanesha Deligence...She is a role model for her peers at church, passionate about her singing ministry and looks well after her three younger siblings, she is a student of C.I. Gibson and looks forward to being a paedeatrician one day.


Maranatha SDA

Markus Blackmore has shown brilliance in his efforts not only to do more, but give more of his time and effort to the work of the church and standing out from the crowd. He's honest and very dependable and enjoys lending a helping hand. Favorite text: Philippians 4:13 I can do ALL things (not some) through him that gives me strength.


Jeff Rodgers Basketball Camp



Basketball Jamboree

You really missed it if you did not come out Saturday night to the GYM, it was a blast. Look at what you missed….See More

Ten Days of Prayer scheduled

Peter JosephThe Ten Days of Prayer scheduled for January 7-17, 2015, as well as Christian Home and Family Week scheduled for February 7-14, 2015 are not accessories on the calendar, but necessities. As a matter of fact, given our current state of affairs in the church and the world, the emphasis on family and prayer comes at an opportune time. By simple observation, one can see the moral and spiritual decline all around us. In order to appreciate the moral and spiritual necessity of prayer and family, one must first understand the function of prayer and family in the society.
First, let us look at the function of family. Inclusive in the function of family are reproduction, sexual expression, socialization, status, economic cooperation, emotional satisfaction, and social control (Charles M. Sell, 1995). If one takes a look at the Ten Commandments, it is immediately evident that they are tied to family function. Hence, the issues of family are moral and spiritual. Examine the major issues of today such as homosexuality, premarital and extra marital sex, abuse of children, abortion, communication, emotional disorder, anger, rebelliousness, drug use, anti-social behavior, divorce, parental absence and low self esteem. These are all connected to unstable and dissatisfying family. Such family has little or no regard for morality and spirituality. Consequently, we have wide spread moral and spiritual decline. The church that addresses family matters contributes to the moral and spiritual strength of the church members and the wider community. So, it will do us all well if every pastor leads his church into Christian Home and Family Week during the period, February 7-14 2015. As the issues facing Christian families and non-Christian families are the same, the church can seize a witnessing opportunity by inviting non-Christian families, or even families of other denominations to attend.
Second, let us look at the function of prayer. The life of Jesus shows us clearly the function of prayer. By becoming human, Jesus bridged the spatial distance by being engaged in constant prayer with His Father. Also, in prayer He received revelations from the Father to prepare Him for ministry the following day. In addition, His physical and emotional energies were replenished in prayer. Further, Jesus received power to resist temptation and evil. Now, if Jesus a perfect person needed to pray, what about us sinners? So, the function of prayer for us is closeness to Jesus, receiving revelations from Jesus, restoring our emotional and physical energies, and seeking power to resist evil and temptations.
Man experiences difficulty in keeping the moral law, hence the refreshing grace of prayer. Prayer is no accessory but a moral and spiritual necessity. In prayer, God makes Himself accessible to us, and from Him through Jesus flows the presence, power, and person of the Holy Spirit to energize us for mission, enlighten us for victorious living, fill us for daily challenges, protect us from evil, and restore us in His image. Prayerlessness precedes all apostasy and fall of human beings. Those who fail and fall in the public did so first by neglecting the prayer closet. Hence, we see the moral and spiritual decline all around us. So get excited about Ten Days Of Prayer. Let all pastors lead their churches to this spring of living water. Remember, prayer is common ground, so let us seize this as a witnessing opportunity. -Pastor Peter Joseph, Executive Secretary & Prayer Coordinator


Youth Coordinators Prayer Meeting In Nature

Youth Coordinators Prayer Meeting In Nature

Mark 1:35 says that "very early, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went to a solitary place to pray". On Sunday morning January 4th, the Youth Coordinators followed in their Savior's steps. As the Nassau sun began to stroke the morning sky, the heads of the various arms of the youth department gathered on The Harold Pond boardwalk to spend quiet time with Jesus in preparation for the year of service. Those present were Pastor Larry Green, Youth Director; Felecia Datus, Communications leader; Nicole Hepburn, Special Events Coordinator; Patrick Wilson and Alexandria Scott Pathfinder Director and Assistant; Daran Clarke, Social Director; Torri Knowles, Evangelism Coordinator, and Kevon Spence, AY Leader. The worship was blessed by the soothing sounds of nature as the young people pleaded with God to empty them of self and fill them with His Spirit.
Prayer circles were formed as the coordinators voiced prayers of intercession on behalf of each other. Felecia Datus gave a charge from Matthew 2, reminding the small of group of worshippers that in order for the Spirit to produce the image of Christ in their lives, they had to, like Mary, return to the place where kings are born...a spiritual Judah. The message also reminded them that even though Christ is produced in their lives, they will be lead to "Egypt" where trials will be encountered but God always protects and keeps his own. The prayer service on the pond ended with breakfast and a meeting to discuss the logistics of upcoming events. Continue to lift up the leaders in your prayers.



Community Services & Pathfinder Exhibition 2014

The grounds of Breath of Life Seventh-day Adventist church came alive on Sunday October 12, 2014 as the Community Services and Pathfinder Exhibition unfolded their showcase of various foods and skills. The exhibition is an annual event of the South Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventist held the National Heroes holiday weekend during the month of October. The fair allows the Community Services and Pathfinder Departments of each local church to combine their efforts and accomplish three major goals. These are:

1. Inspire potential members to join the official youth groups of the Church through the display of various skills learnt by Adventurers and Pathfinders during the year.

2. Allow for friendly competition among the Pathfinder Clubs of our churches as they compete in Knot Tying, Precision Drill, Fancy Drill, Booth Display (of crafts made during the year), First Aid and Tent Pitching.

3. Raise funds to assist in the various programs of both departments of the local church.

parthfinder2014 2
A major highlight of the day was the Health Ministries booth which demonstrated assorted plants and their uses. Elder Lukandah Gardiner of South Andros was a special guest of Dr. Idamae Hanna and demonstrated how to make greater use of the whole plant as opposed to discarding valuable portions. Of special emphasis was the coconut bark. Elder admiral Forbes revealed many uses of the bark to make boats and other small household trinkets.

Each year many patrons attend primarily to watch the Adventurers and Pathfinders display their skills, while many others attend to purchase and enjoy the tasty dishes and desserts on sale. This year, churches out-baked themselves and offered the most delicious desserts ranging from potato bread to tropical fruit salads and corny corn fritters. The occasion allows for great fellowship in a relaxing atmosphere among the many members from churches spread across New Providence. Complete with bouncing castle for the children and seating under tents for casual exchanges, the day went without a hitch.

The results of the Pathfinder Club Competition are:

1st place - Grants Town Northern Stars Pathfinder Club (who placed fourth last year)
2nd place - Ebenezer there are regional contests and 3rd Johnson Park,
4th place - Message of Hope,
5th place - Centreville and
6th place – Francophone.

This completion is the final leg of a series of qualifying activities. It is noteworthy that the trend of dominance by larger churches is being reversed.
The Adventist Youth Director and Coordinator for the Community Services Department, Pastor Kent Price thanked the attendees and encouraged all to support other locally planned events as well as to begin making plans for the 2015 exhibition which promises to be even greater.

Curtis Bryan,
Assoc. Youth Director


Re-visioning of Youth Ministries

“We have an army of youth today who can do much if they are properly directed and encouraged. We want our children to believe the truth. We want them to be blessed of God. We want them to act a part in well-organized plans for helping other youth. Let all be so trained that they may rightly represent the truth, giving them reason of the hope that is within them, and honouring God in any branch of the work where they are qualified to labor.” (General Conference Bulletin, January 29, 30, 1893, p. 24)

Youth ministry is not something that exists alongside the ministry of the church. It is an integral part of the church and its ministry. Its philosophy is based on the same foundational principles that undergird the ministry of the whole church.

There are four independent forces that have sustained the life of the early church and continue to provide motivation for the growth of the church today and these are as follows:


Today, this youth blog has been launched to engage you the youth in an open dialogue about the “Re-visioning of Youth Ministries” and what can we do to “Rebuild Youth Ministries.” It also offers news and resources about the youth at South Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

Camp Shirts and Tickes Available


T-shirt and Polo Shirts are available for the First Historic Camp meeting of the South Bahamas Conference.
Your can order them at the conference office by calling 3414021.
Ask for Pastor Burrows or anyone in the Treasury Department to purchase your memory shirt.
Prices for the T-shirt are:

$10/$14 & The Polo shirts are $25.  

Order must be placed Thursday July 30, 2011 - 12:00 noon.

Meal Tickets

Meal Tickets for sabbath Lunch are still available up until July 29 at 5:00 p.m.  Come into the office and purchase your
Tickets right away - ask for sister Curline Forbes or Althemae Knowles.
Thank you for being a part of Camp meeting 2011. Read More...