Fight To Win
1 Timothy 6:11-12

I love to sit in my imaginary recliner and remember some of the great fights that I have watched as a child growing up. I always look forward to ‘Saturday Night At The Fight’. It was a cant miss for my step father, in fact, long before the match-up his eyes were fixed to our ‘black and white box’ and no one dear touch that big nob that change the television station. I can recall many fight nights, some were live and others delayed but they were all treated with equal enthusiasm. Fun, fear and faith was entwined in each ‘match-up’. Muhammed Ali, Oscar De La Hoya e, and Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield are just few of the men the I can recall who entered the ring with one common goal, ‘Fight To Win”
Every true Christian will have to enter the boxing ring of life and challenge the advisory in the Fight of Faith. This is the same fight that the apostle Paul encourage his ‘
beloved Son Timothy’ to fight. It is a fight that will test your integrity, a fight that will test your tenacity, yes one that will put your Christianity to the fire. It is one thing to say what we believe in but when the trials come our way it is another thing to stand in the ring. It will take resilience, determination, prayer and fasting, quality time in the word of God and a firm faith in God to stand victorious in this spiritual combat.
With all this been said, if as Christians we enter the ring with doubt and fear the battle has already been lost on our side, even though Jesus has already won the battle for us. Additionally, many times we loose the match long before game time giving the enemy an easy default triumph, all because of our mindset, well, or even our lifestyle since the two is inseparable. When the wealth of the world means more than the things of God the battle has already been lost. Temptations and snares will hunt for the first opening to throw a knock out blow to the child of God. Therefore, in the ring of life we must be wise and vigilant and always fight to win.
This is a good concept, after all, who wants to enter a fight to loose? We all want to win, the idea of wearing a golden crown, walking on streets of gold, feasting at God’s banqueting table, talking with Jesus face to face, eating from the tree of life, having an home in the new Jerusalem, living forever and so much more is why we want to win. But, the reality is just having the desire will not make us win the fight, preparation for the fight is a must. One of my spiritual philosophies is proper preparation prevents poor performance. In other words when we are properly equipped then we can fight to win and really win. Every Christian must make it his or her responsibility to develop an intimate relationship with God. This certainly, does not come over night but it takes time at the feet of Jesus. We must if our own free will set aside special time to be with Jesus. It is out of these training sessions with Jesus we will be made stronger, bolder, braver and wiser.
Just few sentences prior to Paul’s encouragement to Timothy to fight the Good fight, Paul advise him not only to be a Christian, i.e. to be called by God’s own name, but to be contented. Sometimes because of lack of contentment many Christian fall to the canvas with blows of worldly satisfaction. For the past five months I watch a new convert fighting in the Fight of Faith. I will call this member Victoria. Victoria was very much in need of a job before she came into the church. I can recall in bible studies with her I promised her that God will provide for her ‘how, I don’t know but based on his promises in Matthew 6 and my own experiences I was confident that He will. So after a few studies Victoria requested baptism, knowing that the Sabbath might come into question in her quest for employment. But as soon as the decision was made to follow God’s commandments and be baptized then the opportunities started to flow. It was not long before Victoria was employed standing firm that she will remain faithful to not working on the Sabbath. Though initially the place of employment did disagree with her following the dictates of God as it regards to the Sabbath, she was granted the job. However, it was not long before Victoria was told that her services were no longer needed ‘in an unprofessional way’. It was no secret that it was because she decided not to work on God’s Sabbath. In her continued job pursuit, Victoria was promised a sure job only if she would renounce her faith in Keeping God’s Sabbath. But this new member did not succumb to the blows of the devil her determination was to ‘fight to win’. She is still unemployed but not unfaithful, still struggle financially but not spiritually, I guess many ‘mature’ Christians could learn from her faithfulness. Never allow you perspective on your need to override your faith in God.
Sometimes, the discouragements of life knocks you down flat on your back, but With God’s help you can get right back up simply by taking hold of His hands. We were not given a manual to fail but to win. If as Christians, we” Pursue a righteous life—a life of wonder, faith, love, steadiness, [and] courtesy” success in guaranteed. The opponent has his several victories before but that does not make him a winner, in fact he has his fair measure of power, and spiritual wickedness, but he has lost many matches before, he will lose the match with the weakest Christian who takes hold of faith in God, because in the first place The Redeem of all the Ages, Michael, Jesus, the Saviour of all has won the victory. The greatest blow that we can throw back at the opponent is faith in God, a faith in him that tells us that we are not going to loose even when we are at our weakest point, when we are exhausted by punches of all sort thrown by the enemy, Jabs, Straight Lefts, Straight Rights, Left Hooks, Overhand Rights, and Uppercut Right Hooks.

In closing, when we fight to win, we are laying hold on eternal life and to lay hold on eternal life we are trusting God. God wants us as his children to trust Him even when we can’t trace him. When we are in the fighting ring just remember that He is there with us, and He will not lead us to failure when we put our confidence in Him. May of these fighters who I mention earlier lost their previous competition, but stepped under the ropes into the ring with a determination to fight to win and many times they have won, not because they were stronger, bigger or braver but because of their faith.
Don’t ignore it, you too are in a spiritual fight, confront it, take hold of eternal life and fight to win.
May God increase your faith