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What You Need to Know about GC Session 2015 Travel Insurance

General Conference Session is the quinquennial convention of the Seventh-day Adventist church and is attended by more than 50 thousand delegates and guests from around the world. Adventist Risk Management Inc. has designed a special travel insurance policy for those traveling to the 2015 GC Session that will be held in San Antonio, Texas from July 2-11.   .
What do I need to know about GC Session 2015 Travel Insurance? 
This policy is travel insurance for delegates,
visitors and guests traveling to GC Session 2015. This policy lasts for up to 30 days that can be taken between June 1 and August 10, 2015.
What if my trip lasts longer than 30 days? 
If you enter a date range more than 30 days when purchasing the GC Travel Insurance, there is an additional charge and the system will automatically switch from the GC Travel Insurance to our regular Short-Term Travel Insurance policy after the 30-day policy has expired.  
Are there any new features available when entering an application for this policy?
  Yes.   You can make your own edits to existing applications up until the first day of travel.

      Session attendees might take the opportunity to travel to other destinations within the U.S. before and/or after Session. This coverage will be in effect wherever you are for the duration you purchased.  
    What is covered under this policy? 
    This is a comprehensive policy that provides a broad range of benefits designed specifically for your needs. The policy covers medical benefits for sickness and accidents for international policy holders, and accidents for policy holders within the U.S. If you are in an accident and you need to go to the hospital, no matter where you are, you will have coverage. Other benefits include: accidental death and dismemberment, emergency evacuation, repatriation of remains, trip cancelation and lost personal baggage.   If anything happens to me while I am at session, what should I do?
    Your first step is to handle the emergency. If you have an injury and need to go to the hospital, make sure you get there. Also as soon as possible, get in touch with someone at the Adventist Risk Management Inc. on-site claims office who will assist you.  
    What should I do if something happens while traveling before or after session? 
    Again, first things first, seek medical assistance. If it’s a medical emergency and you need evacuation, contact Europ Assistance and they will facilitate your immediate needs. Then, as soon as possible, contact Adventist Risk Management Inc.  
    How do I purchase GC Session 2015 Travel Insurance? 

        We would suggest each person print out their ID card and have it with them so it is easy for us to identify them in the case of an emergency.    Please note when you enter your information into the application that you are consistent with what is on your passport so we are able to efficiently look you up in the system.*

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