Saints of God

My dear saints of God,

Another week is upon us and there is so much to be thankful for!

Pastor Nikita Thompson, one of our resident pastors in Eleuthera, has reported one baptism in Harbour Island with others pending. I travelled to South Andros over the weekend to install Pastor Asha-Dane Duncan in the district. Similarly, on the island of New Providence, the executive secretary, Pastor Peter Joseph installed Pastor Wilfred Adderley at the Redemption church. We pray for these two pastors and their families as they continue to serve our Master and King.

Union’s Rally:
I wish to express my gratitude to our members for supporting the Public Affairs and Religious Liberty Rally held at the Centreville Church on Sabbath, December 3, 2011. Dr. Michael Toote and his team are to be commended for the role they played in the exercise.

Week of December 4 - 10:
On Monday, Bahamas Academy hosts the annual Christmas Programme at the Trinity Activities Centre in Stapledon Gardens. All are invited to come and support our children and staff of the academy in an evening entitled “Give a Little Love at Christmas”.

Pastors and office staff evaluation continue and should conclude this week. This essential exercise helps the administrators to assess ongoing work with the view to make adjustments if needed. Evaluation is an integral component of the Lord’s work.

Our baptismal count reflects 837 precious souls. Our goal is 850. With God’s help, we can share the Word of God with 63 more persons and witness the transforming power of the Holy Spirit as they yield and become a part of the Remnant church. Let us not limit the power of God before year’s end. Let's fast and pray. Share your plans with your pastor and win one more soul before December 31. Work, fast and pray. Watch God work it out!

Constant in Prayer …:
In this joyous season, when many incline their hearts to our Saviour, it is a great time to share the Word. Let us remain constant in prayer, let us heed the word, and continue to tell the world of a risen Saviour who is in the world today. His Hand of mercy and His loving care abideth always!

Praise report:
A few weeks ago, I asked you to pray for a young lady who was baptized but did not have a job. I sent her to a company where she was interviewed and who indicated they would call her if they needed her.

She returned to the site a few days later to retrieve a photograph from the establishment. As she walked in, she was told that she was hired. Isn't God good? Let us continue to trust, believe and obey. Have a great week fellow believer! Keep your focus on God.
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