Breath of Life Celebrates 20 Years

The 20th Anniversary Celebrations of the Breath of Life Seventh-day Adventist Church on Marshall Road commenced on April 19th under the theme "Honouring the Past, Pressing Onward to the Future.  Trumpets heralded their melodious sounds with pomp and pageantry to capture the attention of everyone and to announce the commencement of this special occasion.   Pathfinders adorned in all of their regalia marched with military precision as they presented the flags of all of the countries represented in the membership of the Breath of Life church. President Paul Scavella, keynote speaker for the opening session, challenged the membership to remain focused on Christ bearing in mind that our friends, neighbour and co-workers will follow us as we follow Christ. The praise continued on Sabbath morning with an inspiring Sabbath School program, reminiscing the past and looking onward to the future. Wonderful and melodious singing featuring Faith, Bridgette Bastian, Ashley Knowles and Brittany Mackey punctuated the session.   The Breath of Life Choir ushered in the Divine Service by marching into the sanctuary singing "My God Is Awesome".  Dr. Leonard Johnson, President of the Atlantic Caribbean Union and the first pastor of the Breath of Life Church, presented a powerful message anchored in Revelation 12:8-14.  He excavated three important points from the three angels message: endurance, obedience and faithfulness.  He stated that these are the things we need to have for the next 20-year journey.  Attendees were all invited to a scrumptious four-course meal, delightfully served by the men of the church.
A crescendo of lively and uplifting musical performances from Churches throughout our community concluded the weekend’s celebrations. As members continue to reminisce on the 20th Anniversary weekend, a feeling of excitement still resonates in their hearts. They look forward to the future with great expectancy while inviting all to make Christ the center of their lives.  

Article By: Elder Kenny Deveaux
Pastor, Breath of Life SDA
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