Adventist Pastors Respond To Campus Ministry Initiative

At the Mid-Year workers meeting, President of the South Bahamas Conference, Pastor Paul Scavella, suggested to the Academy leadership and Chaplin Natalee Roberts, that the Pastors would love to be assigned classes to mingle and worship with the students so as to further impact them for good.

On Tuesday, October 21 the program was launched when three Pastors made their first appearance for this purpose. These Pastors were Mark Ewen, Lynden Williams and Paul Scavella. Pastor Scavella was assigned to grade 9DT, and was greeted warmly by the students. He guided the children's minds to Genesis Chapter 1:3 which states initially, "And God said".

The questions were asked: What is God wanting to say to young people today? Can we expect to hear Gods voice in 2014 as it was in heard in the garden of Eden?

The young people were challenged to listen out for the voice of God until the Pastor returned the following week.

This program will only assist in making our school the better. I dear say that the greatest days are yet ahead for the children of Bahamas Academy - as this ministry becomes apart of the fabric of the institution.

Article By: Pastor Paul Scavella
President, South Bahamas Conference
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