Youth Of The Month - March 2015

Youth Of The Month - March 2015


Youth of the month for March: Adelaide
Roneka Callender she is a song bird, who works and blesses everyone she
comes in contact with, through this ministry. She is also an active youth
that participates in community out reach out programs and she attends
Bahamas Baptist college and is currently studying to be a nurse.


Youth of the month for March: Philadelphia SDA
Corey Thompson is recently married to Simone Thompson. He grew up in the
beautiful island of Eleuthera until he completed high school and came to
Nassau to pursue a college degree. Now finished with three (3) degrees,
he's a HR Manager at Public Hospitals Authority and also owner of a small
own business. He's a friendly person who loves The Lord.


Youth of the month for March: Maranatha SDA
Misty Rolle
Currently pursuing CPA designation, BSc in Business admin. With emphasis in
1999 graduate of SAC and 2004 graduate of NCU
Assistant treasurer, social committee, assistant church clerk


Youth of the month for March: Good News
Aliyah Mackey rightfully deserves to be Good News SDA youth of the month.
With her willingness to take an active part in the AY department, Aaliyah
has proved that and more. Aaliyah recently received numerous awards at the
Good News Pathfinder's Award Ceremony, earning the Director's Pathfinder of
the Year award. An 11th grade student at C.V. Bethel Senior High, Aaliyah
makes every effort to be involved in every aspect of the work of the youth.

Youth of the month for March: Hillview
Shante LaCroix is an energetic youth for the Lord . She recently completed
a six months Medical Missionary training at the Uchee Pines Health
Institute. Now she has a made up her mind in what she feels God has called
her to be - a Medical Missionary Doctor. She is a trained Lifestyle
Educator, and a 2014 graduate of Bahamas Academy. Currently, she is
pursuing a Biochemistry major at The College of The Bahamas. There is not a


Youth of the month March: New Providence
Sherrica Stewart, a person with a very willing heart that shines through in
everything that she does. She is an active youth of the New Providence
Church where she is involved in the Youth Choir. She is one always wearing
a smile and displaying an attitude of love.


Youth of the month for March: Breath Of Life
Bro. Ashley Edwards is a FBI. His mission is to serve the King.
Bro. Ashley currently serves as deacon and head of the communication
department at Breath of Life. He is very active in the youth department. He
loves to sing and is a member of BOL Youth Choir.
Bro. Ashley is a disciple of Jesus Christ. His goal is Heaven, his road is
narrow, his Guide reliable, and his mission clear. He cannot be bought,
compromised, deterred, lured away, turned back, diluted, or delayed.He
won't give up, back up, let up, or shut up until he has preached up, prayed
up, paid up, stored up, and stayed up for the cause of Christ. Bro. Ashley
is a FBI…………a Firm Believer in Christ!

Youth of the month for March: Johnson Park
Deion Nicols. She is a adventurers deputy director and also teaches
children Sabbath school.

(MR LEONARDO didn't send in a pic)

Youth of the month for March: Message of Hope

Leonardo Ferguson

Assistant Adventist Youth Society Leader


College Student Sojourner-Douglass College

A founding member of The Messengers Quartet now Quintet

Youth Choir Leader

An ordained Deacon and former Pathfinder Director

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