Youths Of The Month

Youths Of The Month


Genae Darville, although small in stature is big in both heart and mind. Her wilingness to serve God and love man is evident in her activities in both church and school. Genae is an active AY of the Hillview Seventh-Day Church. She is a Musician and is a technician in the Communications department at Hillview SDA Church. She is also a member of the Hillview Youth Choir. In each of these activities, Genae displays a pleasant attitude at all times and her willingness to go the extra-mile (even at the last minute) is to be commended. She attends Bahamas Academy where she is the  Sergeant-At-Arms, a cook in The Jesus and Me Club, a Sub-Prefect and the Photographer for The Yearbook Club. She is also a member of  the Choir and is apart of The Track & Field Team. Genae thoroughly enjoys singing, painting and playing the piano. Her favorite Bible verse is 2nd Timothy 2:15and her favorite hymn is 524 - Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus. 


Sis. Bien-Aime is a lover of Christ, a wife and mother whose passion is to do her part in finishing the work before Christ second coming. She is very active in our Youth Department; she is the leader of the AY prayer ministry and social planning.
Over the years I've enjoyed watching her grow and mature in her walk with Christ and also in her leadership skills. She has always demonstrated a passion for ministry, and a specific passion for ministering to young people and challenging them to be the best they can be for Christ.
With her contagious smile and bubbly personality, Sis Bien-Aime is always excited to share the Word with fellow believers and neighbors.


Name: San-k-yaw Wright
Age: 13
School: Bahamas Academy
Church: Real Harvest SDA
Church Office: Jr. Chorister, Jr. Deaconess
Activities: Actively involved in Pathfinders, RH Youth Choir & Praise Team, Senior Praise Team, Bahamas Academy Jr. basketball team & recently joined the SBC Mass Youth Choir.


Tonysha Russell has been quite an asset to the Maranatha Church. She is an up and coming leader who shows great passion in motivating and encouraging others. At the age of 19, she has taken the mantle of being the Youth Choir Director where she is flourishing beautifully. Even though some persons are older, they still co-operate with her and trust in her leadership.


Byron Devaughn Jones is a student at the College of The Bahamas who is pursuing his degree in biochemistry.  He enjoys listening to gospel music and finds enjoyment in being helpful.  Byron currently serves as Sabbath School Secretary, Deacon and Counsellor for the Adventurer and Pathfinder at the Philadelphia Church.

Mr. Jones dislikes are Mathematics and the fact of facing so much crime and violence on this rock he calls home.

His greatly pleasure however, is eating a palatable meal of healthy foods.


Name: Dwight Rolle
Church: Real Harvest SDA
Church Office for 2015: Asst. Adventist Youth Leader, Asst. Pathfinder Director, Deacon
Activities: Invested Master Guide, RH Youth Choir, Member of SBC Mass Youth Choir.


Name: Roeshell Bowen
Church Agape Seventh-day Adventist

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