Bahamas Academy Receives Donation For School Band

A brand new school building in a century old system of education! What could be missing in this equation? Could it be a swimming pool? Or is it solar panels? What could make this school different in its offerings of over 100 years?

Bahamas Academy encourages the harmonious development of the whole person by offering options in all areas of the faculties, yet has decided to move from good to great in the area of music. It has been the dream of all stakeholders of Bahamas Academy is to have a fully complemented school band.

With the employment of a band teacher in August 2013, the school now has a fledgling band. Students with and without musical abilities have gravitated toward the efforts of investing in instruments. This dream has been unfolding since the principal, Mr. Burrows procured a few instruments and accompanying effects. Just when the school band was planning to perform at its official opening in November 2013, a philanthropist, from Reiss Engineering Limited, Mr. Bill Taylor made a generous contribution to further mature that ongoing project.

The school is grateful to Reiss Engineering Limited for this injection of goodwill and extension of faith in the success of the music programme at Bahamas Academy. We will now move from good to great because they cared enough to make our dream a reality!

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