We've Lost A Friend


The passing of a loved-one is a painful experience. The recording and preservation of the information associated with a death of a member of our body is of vital importance to the church and its members, all death announcements are important.  If you know of a member who has died please forward that information to us so we can publish their information.  These are the important facts: Note, only electronic submissions will be accepted.
1. What is their name
2.   What was their birth date and death
3.   Where did they go to church
4.   Burial information, time, place,
5.   If there is a viewing, where and when
6.   If you have a photo please scan it and forward it to us
7.   If a funeral program is available please send an electronic copy so we can include that with the death announcement.  If this is to be released after the funeral, please remember to send it. 
8.   The information should come from the parent or if married it should come from the spouce.
All submissions should go to silas_neil_mckinney@hotmail.com   If there is a write up, or information you would like us to publish please also send that in to us.  God be with you in this time of grief.  We want to be there with you.

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