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NASSAU- You name it, we doubled it, at the South Bahamas Conference of SDA second State of the Conference held at the Hillview SDA Church on January 12-13 2013. Reverent anticipation mounted in pews while at the entrance of the Sanctuary Pastors with their Elders aligned themselves to march behind the immaculately regaled Pathfinder color party. The State of the Conference is an annual convention of members and leaders where spiritual motivation is heightened, the churches mission emphasized and the details of the strategies and methodologies for the new year are outlined. Each Church, led by their pastor and Elder, was given the opportunity to verbally celebrate their unique contribution to the community. This was embellished by playful competitive praise and ‘amens’ as members demonstrated unity and enthusiasm.

Also in attendance were the officers of the Atlantic Caribbean Union Mission led by the President, Dr. Leonard Johnson who sought to clarify the churches apparent silence on the nations referendum on gambling. He purported that it is the responsibility of the church to make rules for its membership and the responsibility of the Government to make rules for the nation. Johnson encouraged each member to pray for the wisdom of the country’s leaders while honoring the law of God in their individual decisions.

Rich music preceded the highlight of the evening, The Presidents Address by Pastor Paul Scavella. Each listener was transported along the emotionally charged final journey of Elijah as Elisha persisted for his blessing, A Double Portion, before the miraculous translation. With a passionate conviction of God’s sure covenant of blessing Scavella enumerated keys to ensuring our own Double Portion. He encouraged each member to demonstrate their trust in God by faithfully doubling their gifts of time, treasure and talent to Him.

Charged with this mandate, members returned on Sunday January 13, for further spiritual motivation from Executive Secretary, Pastor Peter Joseph and detailed instruction from each departmental director. In over eighteen workshops, church officers were tutored for effective execution of their roles at the local church. Very few will forget the practical demonstrations of Double Your Portion, as knowledge was doubled, praise was doubled and the very lunch was served two per person for those who waited.

Article By: Patrice Williams-Gordon
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