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In the Courtyard, was the theme chosen for the Prayer Breakfast that brought ASI members, families and friends together on December 9, 2012. Were Jesus to have found this gathering in the courtyard of His Sanctuary, He would have been pleased, leaving us with commendations and not chastisement as in days gone by. The atmosphere of fellowship and praised was framed by the decorative accents of burnt orange with white and cradled by the soft playing of inspirational music. Our special guests out of Florida USA, were the over 30 participants in the Family Life Weekend Cruise, sponsored by the Educational Foundation for Children’s Care INC. This group was lead by Pastor L. B. Wellington, Vice President of the Inter American Division.

A sumptuous vegetarian breakfast, complete with fruits and island tea, was followed by an unforgettable spiritual feast served up by Pastor Shian O’connor. The captivating presentation, entitled Mary had a Little Lamb, had listeners riveted to their seats as they journeyed back in time to the genesis of the real Christmas story. Bible based, thought provoking facts were explored, all the time begging for personal application of the gift of ‘The Lamb of God’ to each listener’s life. Renditions by our visiting recording artist, Pierre Wright, etched this occasion in our hearts as we shared personal testimonies and prayed together. Truly a memorable occasion where both body and soul were satisfied.

Heartiest appreciation is extended to the ASI executive without whom this project would still be just a dream.

Patrice Williams-Gordon
Special Events and Fund Raising
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