Community Services & Pathfinder Exhibition 2014

The grounds of Breath of Life Seventh-day Adventist church came alive on Sunday October 12, 2014 as the Community Services and Pathfinder Exhibition unfolded their showcase of various foods and skills. The exhibition is an annual event of the South Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventist held the National Heroes holiday weekend during the month of October. The fair allows the Community Services and Pathfinder Departments of each local church to combine their efforts and accomplish three major goals. These are:

1. Inspire potential members to join the official youth groups of the Church through the display of various skills learnt by Adventurers and Pathfinders during the year.

2. Allow for friendly competition among the Pathfinder Clubs of our churches as they compete in Knot Tying, Precision Drill, Fancy Drill, Booth Display (of crafts made during the year), First Aid and Tent Pitching.

3. Raise funds to assist in the various programs of both departments of the local church.

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A major highlight of the day was the Health Ministries booth which demonstrated assorted plants and their uses. Elder Lukandah Gardiner of South Andros was a special guest of Dr. Idamae Hanna and demonstrated how to make greater use of the whole plant as opposed to discarding valuable portions. Of special emphasis was the coconut bark. Elder admiral Forbes revealed many uses of the bark to make boats and other small household trinkets.

Each year many patrons attend primarily to watch the Adventurers and Pathfinders display their skills, while many others attend to purchase and enjoy the tasty dishes and desserts on sale. This year, churches out-baked themselves and offered the most delicious desserts ranging from potato bread to tropical fruit salads and corny corn fritters. The occasion allows for great fellowship in a relaxing atmosphere among the many members from churches spread across New Providence. Complete with bouncing castle for the children and seating under tents for casual exchanges, the day went without a hitch.

The results of the Pathfinder Club Competition are:

1st place - Grants Town Northern Stars Pathfinder Club (who placed fourth last year)
2nd place - Ebenezer there are regional contests and 3rd Johnson Park,
4th place - Message of Hope,
5th place - Centreville and
6th place – Francophone.

This completion is the final leg of a series of qualifying activities. It is noteworthy that the trend of dominance by larger churches is being reversed.
The Adventist Youth Director and Coordinator for the Community Services Department, Pastor Kent Price thanked the attendees and encouraged all to support other locally planned events as well as to begin making plans for the 2015 exhibition which promises to be even greater.

Curtis Bryan,
Assoc. Youth Director

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