Bahamas Academy: Day of Prayer

A week of activities spearheaded by Chaplain Natalie Roberts climaxed on Friday, March 7, 2014, with the Inter-America Division’s Day of Prayer celebrated in its field schools.

Students from both campuses of Bahamas Academy gathered at the Marshall Road site in Nassau, New Providence for an unforgettable and spiritually uplifting event. Plans for this event started in September, no wonder the planning committee was impressed with the powerful results wrought by the Holy Spirit!

Some of the highlights of the event are listed below:
Pastor Peter Joseph, executive secretary of the South Bahamas Conference gave a power packed charge encouraging all of us to pray. He said, “The reason why I pray is simple - I pray because Christ prayed. If He being perfect found the time to pray, I should also.”

  • Testimonies were given by two students who told the receptive audience how God answered prayer in their lives. A 9th grader testified of God’s healing of premature twins directly after she prayed for them. She related the story of her mother’s client who had premature babies who were very ill. The student gave her mother a message to give her client, “Tell that mother that on Sabbath at 12:00 noon her babies will be discharged from the hospital.” The 9th grader prayed for the babies and also that they would be discharged. Her prayers were answered precisely by God and as a result the twins’ siblings are now students at Bahamas Academy! Our enrolment increased because of a girl who prayed! Isn’t God powerful? The 12th grader gave a testimony of God revealing His purpose for her and allowing her to be granted acceptance into her medical missionary program.

  • A group of 12th grade students performed a wonderful skit which reminded us all on how we should pray. They portrayed thankfulness as the number one component of prayer.

  • Our Director of Education, Mrs. Joan Scavella gave a succinct but all-encompassing prayer for our school and extended gratitude to God for the work of other fields of the Inter-American Division including our union.

  • Songs performed by the Early Learning Centre, Primary school and the School Band were well received by the audience.

  • A special feature was the prayer tent. The school came together as a student body to pray over the prayer requests that students, staff, and teachers left in the prayer tent.

The prayer tent, decorated by teachers and students, provided an intimate and sacred place to pray. Both teachers and students were able to leave prayer requests in the love box and prayed at prayer stations, namely: Prayer for Others, Repentance, Thanksgiving, and Prayer for Oneself.

Prayer is the life of the soul. Prayer is the life of the school. Coming together as an entire school body to pray not only unites us as a school, but as children of the most High King. I truly believe the promise found in Jer. 29 that says, “When we call upon Him, He will answer.”

Natalie Roberts,
Bahamas Academy Chaplin,
Nassau, Bahamas


The Parenting Seminar Of The Decade

All parents, guardians and interested persons are invited to attend the parenting seminar of the decade on Tuesday, March 4, 2014 at 6:30 p.m. at Bahamas Academy on Marshall Road. Three skilled professionals will present topics to inspire, inform and equip us in the development of our children. Invite your family members and community friends to participate in this important event. Topics include:

  • Pay Now or Pay Later
  • Developing an Academic Culture in the Home
  • Conflicts in Children’s Psychological Development

Make a deliberate effort to equip yourself for the future of our children by attending and participating in this important seminar.

Joan Scavella
Education Director, SBC

Bahamas Academy Teacher Receives Honor

With the calibre of teachers at Bahamas Academy, it is no surprise that one of their teachers, Miss Marcia Na’Tricia Smith was honored by the National Society of High School Scholars, in Atlanta Georgia. It is delightful to learn that Miss M. Smith was bestowed the esteemed honor as a Claes Nobel Educator of Distinction. (This is the same Organization that awards the Nobel Peace Prize.)

This honor was awarded to her for the positive impact she has made thus far and is presently making as an educator and a scholar of excellence. She was nominated by one of her senior students, Malika Turnquest, after which the Organization in Atlanta Georgia found her worthy and bestowed on her this distinguished and esteemed honor. Miss M. Smith enjoys the perks that come with such an honor and so we say congratulations to her and Bahamas Academy

Bahamas Academy Receives Donation For School Band

A brand new school building in a century old system of education! What could be missing in this equation? Could it be a swimming pool? Or is it solar panels? What could make this school different in its offerings of over 100 years?

Bahamas Academy encourages the harmonious development of the whole person by offering options in all areas of the faculties, yet has decided to move from good to great in the area of music. It has been the dream of all stakeholders of Bahamas Academy is to have a fully complemented school band.

With the employment of a band teacher in August 2013, the school now has a fledgling band. Students with and without musical abilities have gravitated toward the efforts of investing in instruments. This dream has been unfolding since the principal, Mr. Burrows procured a few instruments and accompanying effects. Just when the school band was planning to perform at its official opening in November 2013, a philanthropist, from Reiss Engineering Limited, Mr. Bill Taylor made a generous contribution to further mature that ongoing project.

The school is grateful to Reiss Engineering Limited for this injection of goodwill and extension of faith in the success of the music programme at Bahamas Academy. We will now move from good to great because they cared enough to make our dream a reality!


The New Bahamas Academy Officially Opens For Services

Article By: Patrice Williams-Gordon
Special Events Co-ordinator, SBC


Sunday November 17, 2013 marked the official opening of the new facilities that houses the one hundred year old educational institution, Bahamas Academy group of School. With much pump and pageantry the friends and well-wishers of the school gathered to mark the momentous occasion. The ten million dollar facility was officially declared opened by the Honourable Jerome K. Fitzgerald Minister of Education, Science and Technology of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas who represented the Rt. Hon. Perry G. Christie, the Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. President of Northern Caribbean University, Dr. Trevor Gardener, delivered the keynote address while the oldest living alumni, Mrs. Elizabeth Moses, executed the ceremonial cutting of the ribbon. Special tributes were made to Dr. Leonard Johnson, former board chairman, and Mr. Winston Ash for their outstanding contributions to the actualization of this reality.


Nostalgic Chapel Exercise: For Bahamas Academy Centennial Celebrations

Article By: Patrice Williams-Gordon
Special Events Co-ordinator, SBC


In tribute to the way things use to be, the faculty, staff and students of the Bahamas Academy group of schools successfully recreated the aura and attitude of ‘chapel’, from back in the day.

As a part of the weeklong centennial anniversary celebrations, current students and guests were treated to a full reenactment of the ceremonial ‘chapel session’. The weekly Wednesday morning assembly of students, though still a cooperate worship and inspirational session for the entire school body, has relinquished a few of the hallmark actives such as flag raising and inspection.

The entire group of schools, from the Early Learning Center through to the high school, stood on parade in the school’s courtyard. Arranged in classes and led by the grade’s teacher, all students were physically inspected and infractions to cleanliness and uniform guidelines were noted. Then to further model to the student body the way things use to be, former school administrators Mrs. Hermia Brown and Dr. John Carey, escorted by Inspector Skippings, conducted inspection on a select group of alumni. It was both nostalgic and amusing to see former students again dressed in their school uniforms and subjected to the rigors of a formal inspection. Dr. Carey and Mrs. Brown punctuated the entertaining procedure with detailed remarks, dismissals and even caning of ‘delinquent students’. The laughter of the students’ as they observed the proceedings was indicative of their fascination at seeing tables turned when some of their own teachers, role playing as naughty students, were punished.

In fine military precision, complete with national anthem and pledge, the flag raising exercise was executed by student color guards.
Poetic and dramatic reflections were artistically presented by Mrs. Juliet Sands Mrs. Marissa Cleare-Wilson and Ms. Tamika Mamby. Harmonious and celestial music was provided by the newly formed school band along with the school choir, groups and soloists.

The guest speaker was the illustrious alumnus, Mr. Colin Major who motivated the teachers, student, administrators, parents and alumni to continue the tradition of Bahamas Academy from ‘Good to Great’. He highlighted the merits of a positive attitude, an open mind, motivation, high goals, persistence and good work ethics in making this possible.

Principal Burrows publicly expressed appreciation to Mrs Marie Rolle Smith for her sterling service for the past thirty-two years and wished her success as she leaves the school.

Among the special guest was accomplished musician Mrs. Audery Dean-Wright who has prepared for release during this celebration a musical collection on CD entitled Ivories in Meditation.

Her love for the piano and hymn arrangement are evidenced in this collection of ten compositions, two of which are her original pieces. This product is an expression of gratitude to her Alma Mater.

Centennial celebrations continue on Thursday, November 14, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. Centennial Gala at the Sheraton Hotel on Cable Beach under the patronage of Dr. Hugh A. Roach and Dr. Cheryl R. Rolle with reception starting at 7:00 p.m. & dinner at 8:00 p.m .The ten-million dollar facility will be opened by Rt. Hon. Perry G. Christie, Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas On Sunday November 17.


Atlantic Caribbean Union Teachers' Convention

Article By: Mrs. Marie Church-Smith
Bahamas Academy

The much anticipated Atlantic Caribbean Union Teachers’ Convention became a reality on July 14, 2013, when all roads led to the Sheraton Miami Airport Hotel and Executive Meeting Center, Miami. Florida. under the astute leadership of Dr. Cheryl Rolle, Education Director Atlantic Caribbean Union, It was the first of its kind for this brand new territory of the Inter-American Division of Seventh-day Adventists.

Under the theme, “A Teacher After God’s Own Heart”, these four days gave educators from the Cayman Islands Conference, the North Bahamas Conference, the South Bahamas Conference and the Turks and Caicos Islands Mission, an opportunity to sharpen their skills as they sat at the feet of guest speakers and presenters who shared their expertise so that the work of the attendees could be of extraordinary quality. It was an exercise that allowed not just for professional growth, but also to enhance ones relationship with God. 

The opening session generated much excitement as faculty members with their respective Education Director and Administrators participated in the Parade of Institutions, bedecked in their respective colors and toting individual school banners. Dr. Gamaliel Florez, Education Director of the Inter-American Division of Seventh-day Adventists gave the keynote address. Dr. Florez stated that teachers are the most important instruments God has for His church. By themselves they are nothing, but in God’s hands teachers make the difference in a child’s life.

Intensive breakout sessions sensitized participants in areas of Bible textbook training, using media, teaching special needs learner, effective classroom management strategies, integration of faith and learning, how to engage pastors with our schools, dealing with bullying, teaching critical literacy skills and identifying the key ingredients of a thriving Seventh-day Adventist school. 

Special presenters included Cheryl Alonzo, Pastor Shane Anderson, Kathiann Antonio, Courtney Brown, Luis Cortes, David Daniels, Trevor Gardner, Jacqueline HoShing-Clarke, Raquel Korniejczuk, Pastor L. A. Johnson, Lorna Leon, Marleen Martinborough, Faye Patterson, Jicell Taylor and Pastor Samuel Telemaque.


Twenty Students Baptized At Bahamas Academy

During the fall weeks of prayer at the elementary and secondary divisions of Bahamas Academy (BA), twenty students responded to a call to surrender to the saving power of Jesus Christ. Pastor D. Richard Henderson, assistant pastor of the Grant's Town Seventh-day Adventist Church, conducted the services at the elementary division and Mrs. Natalie Roberts, school chaplain, at the secondary division.

Subsequently, ten elementary students and ten secondary students, upon completing Bible classes to deepen their understanding of the Bible and the will of God in their lives, did not hesitate to follow the Lord all the way in baptism on Friday, May 17, 2013. With smiles on their faces and cameras in their hands, parents came to the Berea Seventh-day Adventist Church to witness this most important milestone in their children's spiritual growth.
Pastor Paul Scavella, president of the South Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists (SBC) and Bahamas Academy school board chairman; Mrs. Joan Scavella, education director of SBC; Mrs. Elmore Jacques, vice principal of the elementary division; and a representation from the faculty and staff of BA all shared in the moment.

Pastor Scavella encouraged the students to pray and ask God for strength, because all the temptations and trials that they have been faced with will not automatically disappear after baptism. He continued by explaining that constant communication with Jesus through prayer is vital to overcoming temptation and that the good news is that Jesus is always there.

Let us continue to pray for and support our children as well as our school, Bahamas Academy.

Article By:
Mr. John Garcia
IT Personnel and Spanish Teacher

Bahamas Academy Students Honoured

Our school Bahamas Academy has consistently demonstrated that they believe and live by the dictates of our heavenly Father and the words penned by an inspired writer, Ellen G. White (Education, page 13):

“Our ideas of education take too narrow and too low a range. There is need of a broader scope, a higher aim. True education means more than the pursual of a certain course of study. It means more than a preparation for the life that now is. It has to do with the whole being, and with the whole period of existence possible to man. It is the harmonious development of the physical, the mental, and the spiritual powers. It prepares the student for the joy of service in this world and for the higher joy of wider service in the world to come.”

Whilst nurturing and preparing our children physically and spiritually, Bahamas Academy is also ensuring its students are developed mentally and academically.

Thursday the 25th April, 2013 will forever be etched on the minds of proud parents, excited students and our school as we assembled in the jam-packed ballroom of the Governor General House to celebrate the hard work, academic, and athletic accomplishment of deserving Bahamian students.

Under the patronage of the Governor General Sir Arthur Foulkes three students from our school Gabrielle Montfort, Sydney Clarke and Allan Benjamin were honored by the Bahamas Outstanding Student Foundation under the theme “Keep your eyes on the prize.”

The guest speaker, the Honourable Jerome Fitzgerald, Minister of Education, reminded the students that hard work, persistence, continued love, and support of parents and teachers will result in success. The Minister encouraged the students to continue to strive for excellence, remain focused, listen to parents and teachers, and to never give up.

We are proud of our students, parents and school. Continue to “Keep your eyes on the prize.”

Thank you Bahamas Academy for ensuring that our students are prepared not only for this life, but more importantly for the life to come. Congratulations and a job well done to the students, parents, administration and our school. To God be the glory, great things He has done!

The Protective Officers's Day At Bahamas Academy

God’s presence was welcomed into our hearts as Mrs. Roberts; the chaplain of Bahamas Academy graciously rendered a word of prayer to kick off the chapel service. Then, the rhythmic sounds of wooden sticks striking the snare and base drums and canorous sounding trumpets, trombones, tubas, clarinets, cymbals and a solitaire flute vociferously echoed along the courtyard of Bahamas Academy as The Royal Bahamas Police Force Band commenced the Protective Officer’s chapel by perfecting the National. The Royal Bahamas Police Force band entertained the ardent crowd as the devotees were on their feet as band played the famous “Okay” and the Cupid Shuffle. After that superb performance, an officer from the Canine Unit did a presentation with one of the drug searching dogs followed by a concise history of the Protective Agencies in The Bahamas which was brought by two students from the Elementary Division and two students from the Secondary Division. The President of the South Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists introduced the special guest of the morning, Dr. Elliston Rahming, Prison Superintendent for the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. He was preceded by the Bahamas Academy Elementary school choir, which rendered a special item of music. In His address, Dr. Rahming asked four bright Bahamas Academy students the question, “What was the primary duty of the government?” Asha Lewis, an eleventh grade student of the Academy answered correctly by saying, “To protect the citizens of the country.” She was awarded $9 for her accurate response.

Superintendent Rahming expanded on the Protective Agencies of The Bahamas emphasizing to the students that they are the future police, defense force and customs officers as well as forthcoming Commissioners of Police. He urged students to do their best in school so that they can be successful in the future. The magnificent chapel service concluded with the melodious singing of the Bahamas Academy school song. Bahamas Academy truly appreciates the hard work, dedication and sleepless nights of our Protective Officers who strive daily to make our country safe for all its citizens!

Article By:
Scharlee Thompson

Your Child's Best Friend

We have often heard it said that children live what they learn. If this is the case, then we ought to make every effort to model positive character traits before our children. By and large Adventist Education has tried to follow this counsel.

With this in mind, discipline comes to the forefront. There is a need for us as parents, teachers and adults in general to be consistent, decisive and respectful of our children as persons. We need to be reality disciplinarians. This is not to say that we have to be serious, steel-faced and no fun to be around.
On the contrary, we ought to use guidance rather than force, be action oriented and not just satisfied to use words. We must hold our children accountable for their actions. We must help them to become mature, responsible and successful in life.

Ellen G. White admonishes us that, "Higher than the highest human thought can reach is God's ideal for His children, Godliness, Godlikeness is the goal to be reached." Education, p. 18.

Sometimes our most powerful ally is natural or logical consequences. For example, "If you don't complete your chores, you won't be able to attend the class party".

Dr. Kevin Leman in his book, Making Children Mind Without Losing Yours, gives nine ways to be your child's best friend:
- Be sure that the discipline fits the infraction.
- Never beat or bully your child into submission.
- Use action oriented methods whenever possible.
- Always try to be consistent.
- Emphasize order and the need for order.
- Always require your child to be accountable and responsible for his or her own actions.
- Always communicate to your child that he or she is good even though the behavior may have been irresponsible.
- Always give your child choices that reinforce cooperation but not competition.
- If spanking is necessary, it should be done when you are in control of your emotions.

Let us remember to pray for our teachers, parents and students that God's ideal will be realized in each heart as we seek to do His will. Always remember that only what is done for Christ will last.

Article By: Anthony Burrows

Bahamas Academy Boys Celebrate Their Mothers

It was a perfect day. Not a cloud could be seen for miles in the sky as visibility was flawless. Cool breeze kissed the cheeks of our student population. Excitement was at its peak. The occasion: Our annual Mother and Son’s Luncheon. February, the month of love, was the perfect setting for such an occasion at Bahamas Academy Elementary School.

Boys casually dressed for the event waited with bated breath for the arrival of their mothers. With the speed of “Lightening Bolt” as the boys spied their moms they ran eagerly to embrace them. They then royally escorted them to the reception area where pictures were taken to commemorate this grand occasion.

Mrs. Elmore Jacques, the Vice Principal of the Elementary School, beamed with pride and pleasure as she welcomed the mothers. She reminisced briefly about the fathers and Daughter’s Luncheon, which was held during the first term of the school year. Following this she offered the opening prayer for the occasion and the blessing of the food.

The mothers had anticipated that the day was going to be special, but they totally underestimated the ambiance and hospitality they received. The maitre’d and his team of waitresses and servers, so spectacularly dressed, catered to the whims and fancies of their special guests. The vegetarian cuisine was attractive, healthy and very tasty. It was prepared by the famous Bahamas Academy Catering Services headed by Executive chef, Mrs. Brenda Scott and her team. It was indeed a banquet made in heaven.

The entertainment was top notch, as items of special music were rendered by a few of the song birds of the school: Ms. Alison Sawyer and Nadia King, followed by a Boyz-2-Men trio from the Secondary division. We could not close this session without a special word to the mothers. This was eloquently done by Ms. Carol Jackman, a grade six teacher from the Elementary Division, as she recited a poem of dedication to Mothers.

The program came to an end as Mr. Nelson Bain thanked the mothers for attending. They had helped to make the occasion a most memorable one with their presence. He sang a love song on behalf of the boys as they hugged and kissed their mothers on both cheeks.

Article By: Nelson Bain


Bahamas Academy ELC Grandparents Day

local news ELC Grandparentd Day
On Wednesday, February 6th, 2013 the students of Bahamas Academy Early Learning Centre invited their grandparents to a morning of beautiful singing and poetry. First, the K5’s welcomed the grandparents, and then the K2’s treated them to a love note attached to a sweet treat. The k4’s then gave a beautiful acrostic of the word grandparents in grand style. Later they were serenaded by the K3’s, followed by another lovely song by Mrs. Valerie Poitier.

Our speaker was the former Coordinator of the Early Learning Centre Mrs. Hermia Brown. She started out with a story just for the children of Little Red Riding Hood. After admonishing our boys and girls to obey their parents and elders and to always stay on the right path, she then addressed grandparents, parents and other visitors encouraging them to enjoy the time they have with their grandchildren. She spoke of the importance of grandparents in molding the lives of their grandchildren. Mentioned was made of how Timothy, companion of the Apostle Paul was greatly influenced by both his mother and grandmother resulting in him becoming a positive influence on others.

Mrs. Brown then called on her granddaughter Ilka Rodgers who recited a poem she wrote for the grandparents. At the end of the program the grandparents were treated to light refreshments and some of them visited the classroom of their grandchild and even shared a story.

By Daviette Powell

Bahamas Primary School Awards Nominee

The Bahamas Primary School Awards Program recognizes students who have exemplified themselves as outstanding leaders and scholars with a keen interest in school and community projects. Each year, primary schools from across the Commonwealth of the Bahamas select from among their best, one student to represent their school. This is one of the most prestigious national recognitions for primary school students in this country. Khaylee Sands, a member of the Bethany Seventh-day Adventist Church, has been nominated as the 2013 nominee of the Bahamas Primary School Student of the Year representing the Bahamas Academy Elementary School. The artistic Khaylee is a diligent pathfinder who enjoys playing her violin, writing, reading and a good conversation. In addition to being an exceptional student, she makes time for serving God and others. Her special ministry, Khaylee’s Touch Bookmark Ministry (KTBM) has reached many across the world.

Bahamas Academy Opens Two E-Libraries

Local News Image 4
Thursday, January 17, 2013 will be remembered as an outstanding day in the life of Bahamas Academy. The long awaited libraries were officially opened. The students were assembled in the courtyard for a joint Chapel exercise.

Present for the occasion were Officers and Directors of the South Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventist, former school administrators and employees, special guests and parents. The Guest speaker, Mrs. Ruth McKinney, a former teacher of the institution, challenged the students to cultivate the habit of reading making wise decisions in their choice of reading material, realizing that the plethora of information available on the Internet.

Local News Item 3
The highlight of the morning was the cutting of the ribbons to officially open the libraries. The library of Elementary Division was fittingly named in honor of Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Brennen, a former teacher and Vice Principal. She was accompanied by her husband, children and grandchildren as she cut the ribbon.

Dr. Ruth White a former teacher, vice principal, and Principal of Bahamas Academy was the person chosen to cut the ribbon for the Secondary division. The library for this Division was named in her honor. Dr. White was accompanied by her daughter Ms. Shelly Wilson.
The Secondary Library is equipped with 30 I-Pads and the Elementary presently has 15 I-Pads with plans for another 15. As a result of this event, students are now able to navigate the Internet and log in to any of our Seventh-day Adventist Universities accessing their libraries. This enables them to explore countless volumes and obtain current information in real time.

The Institution expresses heartfelt gratitude to former students who gave unselfishly to realize this grand milestone. Donations are still being accepted to enhance offerings in both Libraries in an effort to remain on the cutting edge of technology.

Welcome to Education Ministries

Education is a multifaceted experience. It develops the entire being physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. This page is intended to inspire you as you unfold the innate potential to be the child restored in God’s image.

Come along this journey of life-long learning and harness the skills and strategies for mind, body, and soul!

Welcome to the Education Page of the South Bahamas Conference! Here you will guided with helps and strategies for the student of any age and discipline.

Important Dates For Bahamas Academy

Orientation for the Elementary and Secondary Division parents will be on Thursday, September 8 at 6:30 p.m. at the Marshall Road Campus.

Orientation for all Elementary and Secondary students will be on Friday, September 9 at 8:50 a.m. at the Marshall Road Campus.

Class will begin for all Elementary and Secondary students on Monday, September 12 at 8:50 a.m.

Parents in need of bus service are asked to sign up on the school’s website as soon as possible.

Bahamas Academy regrets any inconvenience these changes may cause.

Please note that these changes will not affect the reopening dates for the Early Learning Center (ELC) on Old Trail Road.

Orientation for new students of the ELC will be on Friday, September 2 at 8:50 a.m., and classes for all ELC Students begin on Monday, September 5, 2011.
Mr. Anthony Burrows, Principal

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Bahamas Academy Alumni Shine

Congratulations to Kenreah Brown, Cointe St. Brice, Darnell Johnson and Shervon St. Brice for making the Dean’s List and Honour Roll at Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan. These recent graduates of Bahamas Academy continue to excel though separated from the comfort of home and parents. Read More...

Seven Choose Christ

Monday, March 7, 2011 will be forever etched in the minds of seven students who were baptized at Bahamas Academy as a result of the Fall Week of Prayer held in October 2010. Subsequent to the Week of Prayer meetings, Pastors Danny Major and Lynden Williams guided the students in a course of studies over a three month period in preparation for baptism. We congratulate the students for the wise decision they made and to their parents and teachers for the supportive role they played. Read More...