Jamal Franklyn


Born in Barbados, Pastor Jamal Franklyn started preaching from the age of 7. He received his ministerial training at the Montemorelos University, where he served for 7 years in the youth department responsible for youth evangelism and missions. He also served as associate pastor, chaplain and lecturer during the past 3 years. His passion for missions led him to postgraduate studies in Missiology and inspired him to preach the gospel across 6 continents, resulting in more than 2000 baptisms for the Kingdom and to the Glory of God. Jamal is multilingual and accredits his gifts to God, his mother and the 2000 and Beyond Mission group. As a youth evangelist for 18 years, he believes in saving youth to love and serve God and mankind.

2016- Fuller´s Theological Seminary- M.A. Intercultural Studies
2008 – 2011: Montemorelos University- B.A. in Theology
2010- Institute of World Mission, Andrews University- Dip. in Mission Service
2008-2009 Institute of Languages- Dip. in Spanish as a Second Language

Mr. JAmal Franklyn
La Fuente #309, Zambrano, Montemorelos, N.L. México 675300 | +1-52-826-262-6963 | [email protected]
Fuller Theological Seminary
M.A. Intercultural Studies 2017 (expected)

Montemorelos University
B.A. in Theology 2012

Institute of World Mission, Andrews University
Dip. in Mission Service 2010

Montemorelos Language Institute
Dip. in Spanish as a Second Language 2008

Combermere Secondary School
7 Caribbean Examination Courses 2006-2007

Service Award, Montemorelos University 2009 – 2010
Director Award,
Montemorelos University 2010 – 2011
Leadership Award, Montemorelos University 2011 – 2012
Montemorelos University
Lecturer “Character Development”, ¨Principles of Leadership¨ and ¨Christianity in Acts¨ 2014
Developed syllabus and administered all grades.
Lecturer “Life and Teachings of Christ” “Introduction to the Bible 1 and 2” and “Historical Development¨ 2013
Developed syllabus and administered all grades. Elaborated a guideline for english speaking students to read, interpret and use the Bible in Spanish.
Ministerial experience
Faculty Chaplain, Associate Pastor for English Sabbath School, Youth Ministry Office Director Execute all pastoral duties as assigned by the Senior and Youth Pastors of the University Church and Vice President for Student Life. 2014-Present

Assistant Chaplain and Youth Ministry Office Director 2013-2014 Developed a pastoral visitation and counseling plan for students. Executed all pastoral duties as assigned by the chaplain.

Assistant Youth Pastor and Youth Ministry Office Director 2012 – 2013 Assisted the Youth Pastor in planning the weekly youth service, week of prayers, pastoral visitation to residence halls and supervised all the spiritual activities related to youth.

Student Life Department Youth Mission Projects Coordinator 2011 –Present Coordinate mission projects across Mexico and abroad.
Youth Ministry Office
Campus Ministry Student President 2011 – 2012
Youth Evangelists Club Student President 2009 – 2011
Institute of Youth Ministry Editor 2012 – 2013 Edited an instructional manual for youth leaders
Institute of Youth Ministry
Writer 2012 – 2013
Wrote a guide for planning local and regional mission projects
ASI Mission 2000 & Beyond
Evangelism Coordinator 2003 – 2013
Coordinated the outreach and evangelistic projects

“Conservando la imagen de Dios”
Presentation presented to youth conferences in Mexico and Colombia 2014
“Gender Issues in the home, church and society and the ecclesiology and mission of the Church”
Paper presented for seminar on evangelism in global contexts in California 2013

English-native language
Spanish- speak fluently and write with high proficiency
French and Portuguese- read write and speak with conversational competence
Global Business in Missions
Society of Adventist Communicators
Adventist Chaplains
Youth and Young Adults SDA Pastors

Reading, learning new languages, singing, travelling, playing the keyboard, jogging, blogging and eating.