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From The Heart Of A Servant Leader

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Each Morning when the sun rises my greatest joy and comfort is in knowing that my life is hidden in Christ.  This fact assures me that whatever the challenges that might come, there is maximum support from the ultimate source of hope and comfort namely Jesus Christ.

More often than not, at the office, or over the phone, and just in meeting with people by the way, the reality is that so many folk are without this God joy.

At the same time when one reflects on world events, like the posturing of North Korea's new Leader and his efforts to create fear in the hearts of nations around the world,  the terrorist bombs at the Boston marathon disrupting  the lives of so many, and other timely world event's, and yet much closer to home,  nightly murders or shootings one humanness would tend to be fearful.

At the hospital this past Monday in the emergency room, as I visited a member, I looked on the faces of the scores of people there and what I saw was fear and uncertainty.

However I am reminded of the words of scripture which says "Great peace have they which love thy Law and nothing shall offend them".    Psalm 119:165

Each and every day my goal is to love Christ perfectly as I rest all my cares upon Him.   

Today you have a choice, to have this perfect joy, or live with intense restlessness. Choose you this day!

Let me invite you, the reader to day, If there is a restlessness in your heart, to consider the Love of God and a full surrender to His love. It comes with peace, joy, and happiness in the package.

The free spirit, and lasciviousness that prevails our nation is a direct fulfilment of Bible prophecy which states that men will be lovers of self more than lovers of God.

I can assure you today, the emptiness you sense right now is erased simply by saying yes to an intimate relationship with Christ. 

On the other hand if you have joy, real joy, wonderful joy it is directly related to an intimate relationship with Christ.

If you would like further study and counselling re a walk with Christ give us a call at 341-4021, or email [email protected] and I would be delighted to provide a support group for your spiritual growth and development.

Also the first 25 persons who call will receive a free DVD gift from Path to Life Ministries when you make contact.

Additionally 88.3 FM is the only seventh-day Adventist operated radio station in the Bahamas that will assist in this process as we uplift Christ to the nation everyday 24/7.  Tune in and be blessed.

May I suggest that you visit any one of our 46 churches in our conference scattered throughout the Islands of the Bahamas and experience the freedom of a joyful walk with Christ.  

Article By: Paul A Scavella

Family Campaign

ptl famil campaign

Executing New Bible Studies

Have you ever wished that you could have a series of Bible lessons in a single booklet form. Well, wish no more. Just arriving from the IAD publishers are 1000 thousand of these lessons. They are a part of the year of the laity thrust.

Under the caption (Place the name here for me) these lessons will be available through the PM leaders at your churches as of this week.

Members if these lessons were taken by 1000 members and used effectively what a glorious end result we could anticipate. Ask God today to help you find someone to give a bible study to and assist in meeting a need. Join me in praying to this end today.

By: Paul A. Scavella,

Be Healthy Be Happy

It's been a wonderful two weeks since the Be Healthy Be Happy club was formed and now eight people have joined. We meet every Sunday morning at 7:00 at the GMCI centre. I would like you to benefit from this family of exercisers who fellowship at this time. Remember to Bring your large towels or exercise mats.

Could you imagine a fully outfitted exercise Gym at the GMCI. It's the vision we share and join us and make it a reality.

Encourage your none SDA friends to join us and help meet their need for better health while being a witness.

Find an exercise picture to place here with this note for me.

Also get the name of the Lessons as well as a photo to go with it. Have one of the Directors holding a copy of the lessons.

Leadership Today

Many folks wonder why I am called, “Pastor Paul”. This reference is the brain child of an elder in my early ministry. You see, in the then Bahamas Conference, there were three Scavellas, my father, my uncle and I. On my employment as an intern, the elder quipped, “There is only ONE Pastor Scavella, so we will call your uncle Pastor Hugh and you Pastor Paul.” That marked the beginning of what eventually became the norm for both young and old. Today, though there is only one employed Pastor Scavella but for many I will always remain Pastor Paul.

The ministerial depart will share with you each week as God provides the wisdom and strength to assist with encouraging, and building ministry in our conference. There will be times when I will share from sources other than myself concepts and ideas which I deem helpful to me and thus to others. This week the author identified below supplies us with seven deadly Siphons, or reasons why folk lose enthusiasm for ministry. How is your energy level today?

In my own experience there have been times when there would have seem to be no energy left. That’s when I cry out to God and he always here’s my cry.

Proverbs 3:5 says in all thy ways acknowledge him an he shall direct thy path. He will also renew your strength. How is your enthusiasm today Pastor Leader, member?

I hope the following note will be helpful:

Loss of spiritual passion seems to be the inevitable result of:

1. Words without action. We are tempted to think that saying something actualizes it. We have a momentary feeling of spirituality when we talk about wanting to pray more or "have more time in the Word."

2. Busyness without purpose. Ministry produces activities, programs, conversations. If our choices of time-use are not disciplined by call and purpose, our energies become like a lazy, shallow river.

3. Calendars without the Sabbath. A datebook filled with appointments but absent of significant hours (days) of quiet and reflection—written in first—is an abomination (an old and harsh word) to the God of the Bible, who said, "Six days you shall labor … the seventh day is a Sabbath to the Lord your God."

4. Relationships without mutual nourishment. Pastors tend to be acquainted with too many people but know too few people. The spiritual masters have told us for centuries that without soul-friends, we won't gain spiritual momentum.

5. Pastoral personality without self-examination. Too much ministry is built on unresolved anger, unhealthy needs for approval, and the instinct to control. Failing to explore our soul for unholiness ultimately takes its toll.

6. Natural giftedness without spiritual power. A pastor can go a considerable distance in ministry with catchy words, people skills, political savvy, and a facility for organizational dynamics. But kingdom work demands qualities that only a filled-up soul can offer.

7. An enormous theology without an adequate spirituality. A pastor cannot represent a view of reality that includes Creation, evil, reconciliation and conversion, sacrificial service, and eternity—a mind-boggling expanse of conviction—and have a spiritual-exercise regimen that is pea-size in contrast. A great theology demands a great spirituality.

—Gordon MacDonald


Revival & Reformation Coordinator for SBC

Friends let me invite you to reflect on this thought from the Spirit of prophecy for this Sabbath:

As we meditate upon the perfection of the Saviour, we shall desire to be wholly transformed and renewed in the image of His purity. There will be a hungering and thirsting of soul to become like Him whom we adore. The more our thoughts are upon Christ, the more we shall speak of Him to others and represent Him to the world.

Our efforts will be doubled in this regard if we accept the admonition.

Have a blessed weekend.


Ministry of Healing

"We should not allow our feelings to be easily wounded.We are to live, not to guard our feelings or our reputation,but to save souls. As we become interested in the salvationof souls we cease to mind the little differences that so oftenarise in our association with one another. Whatever othersmay think of us or do to us, it need not disturb our onenesswith Christ, the fellowship of the Spirit. “What glory is it, if,when ye be buffeted for your faults, ye shall take it patiently?but if, when ye do well, and suffer for it, ye take it patiently,this is acceptable with God.” 1 Peter 2:20.

What and interesting quote from the servant of the Lord. In order to over come our damaged feelings, (which are real) may I suggest the following?

Firstly we must die to self daily. This is the time of the year when folk are sometimes injured or hurt in the church environment as decisions are made re service from an elected point of view, as well as folk will just rub you the wrong way. Protecting one self from emotional injury comes firstly by looking unto Jesus.

Secondly, remembering that our salvation is tied to Christ who died for you.

Thirdly when one is engaged in the work of evangelism it helps to focus your attention on Christ and not self.

If you are somewhat discouraged today find someone to invite to Jesus and watch that pain go away.

Cast all your cares upon him, and watch God do a new thing for you. I am a witness and a testimony.

Call me this week and let's begin a new journey together in prayer.

Use this Sabbath as an opportunity to make it right with God and others. Commit yourself to winning at least one soul for Christ.

Who in the South Bahamas Conference will have the joy of bringing a friend to Jesus before the week is out.

If it is you I would like you to submit a story in this regard as an encouragement to others.

Happy New Year to all from my heart to yours, and Gods richest blessing.

Be Responsible With The Servant Of The Lord

During this time of the year and especially in matters relating to The Christmas season many members within the church tend to misuse Sister Ellen White to make points that she never made and never intended to make.

The prophetess to the remnant church was given as a gift to this church for the purpose instructing and encouraging the saints on their path to Heaven.

Members who abuse the writing of the servant of the Lord are no better than those who take the bible to support the abolishing of the Sabbath in exchange for Sunday or any other worship day.

In the same manner to not use her works is like a father giving his child the gift of a college education with full payment of tuition and the child goes to school but never attends class. What a waste.

I came across this poem by Thelma Burton and I though to share it with you today:

Sister White said it!!!!

Sister White said it
Well…. I never really read it,
But someone said she said it.
So of course it must be so.

To prove my point, I’ll quote it,
Though I can’t show where she wrote it,
But someone said she said it,
And that’s all I need to know.

It save a lot of time for me,
If I just listen carefully,
When others speak of sister White
And they say she said.

Though I can’t repeat it word for word
I’ll Tell you what I think I heard,
And quote you things from sister White,
That no one’s ever read.

Let us be responsible with the writing of the servant of the lord this Christmas.

She was a well-balanced lady. To misuse her or anybody for our own selfish opinions is not pleasing to God.

Have a blessed Sabbath.

How Can We Assist Members In Need of Our Help?

I found it difficult to rest last night because my thoughts were consumed with a young man who was baptized in the Youth Crusade two weeks ago. After responding to the call of God to became a member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, Demontry Ferguson now find himself in a situation where he is unemployed, in need of a place to live, and recently his life has been threatened.

The Apostle Paul tells us in 2 Corinthians 12:9 that God’s grace is sufficient for us to triumph over our trials. As Demontry exercises his faith in God, I invite you to join me in prayer for this young man and others who might be in a similar situation. Additionally let us extend our arms of love in tangible ways and let Demontry know that he is not facing his trials alone.

Consider This!

If every Adventist who needed their car washed this weekend would say to Demontry I would let you clean my car; it would make a difference. In fact if we do this every week he would have a permanent Job. What are some of the other ways we can provide real help for those in need of our assistance?

Notes from the President’s Desk!

The Centreville Seventh-day Adventist Church Celebrates its 50th Anniversary this weekend.
- Friday Evening’s Speaker: Pastor Michael Smith, President: Turks and Caicos Mission.
- Sabbath, Divine Hour Speaker. Pastor Leonard Johnson: President: Atlantic Union Conference Mission.

Best Wishes During This Holiday Season

Happy Holidays and remember to be safe, kind and loving to as many people as we possibly can. This is how we live the gospel.

The Samaritan’s Purse

Have you contributed to the Samaritan’s Purse at your Church? Ask your Pastor how you can be a part of this ministry.

Text For Today

In as much as you have done it unto one of the least of these my children you have done it unto me. Matthew 25:40 King James Version

Quote for Today

The Savior sympathized with people, ministered to their needs, and then bid them to follow Him (paraphrase). Ministry of Healing page 143 Ellen G. White.

Saints of God

My dear saints of God,

Another week is upon us and there is so much to be thankful for!

Pastor Nikita Thompson, one of our resident pastors in Eleuthera, has reported one baptism in Harbour Island with others pending. I travelled to South Andros over the weekend to install Pastor Asha-Dane Duncan in the district. Similarly, on the island of New Providence, the executive secretary, Pastor Peter Joseph installed Pastor Wilfred Adderley at the Redemption church. We pray for these two pastors and their families as they continue to serve our Master and King.

Union’s Rally:
I wish to express my gratitude to our members for supporting the Public Affairs and Religious Liberty Rally held at the Centreville Church on Sabbath, December 3, 2011. Dr. Michael Toote and his team are to be commended for the role they played in the exercise.

Week of December 4 - 10:
On Monday, Bahamas Academy hosts the annual Christmas Programme at the Trinity Activities Centre in Stapledon Gardens. All are invited to come and support our children and staff of the academy in an evening entitled “Give a Little Love at Christmas”.

Pastors and office staff evaluation continue and should conclude this week. This essential exercise helps the administrators to assess ongoing work with the view to make adjustments if needed. Evaluation is an integral component of the Lord’s work.

Our baptismal count reflects 837 precious souls. Our goal is 850. With God’s help, we can share the Word of God with 63 more persons and witness the transforming power of the Holy Spirit as they yield and become a part of the Remnant church. Let us not limit the power of God before year’s end. Let's fast and pray. Share your plans with your pastor and win one more soul before December 31. Work, fast and pray. Watch God work it out!

Constant in Prayer …:
In this joyous season, when many incline their hearts to our Saviour, it is a great time to share the Word. Let us remain constant in prayer, let us heed the word, and continue to tell the world of a risen Saviour who is in the world today. His Hand of mercy and His loving care abideth always!

Praise report:
A few weeks ago, I asked you to pray for a young lady who was baptized but did not have a job. I sent her to a company where she was interviewed and who indicated they would call her if they needed her.

She returned to the site a few days later to retrieve a photograph from the establishment. As she walked in, she was told that she was hired. Isn't God good? Let us continue to trust, believe and obey. Have a great week fellow believer! Keep your focus on God.