VBA Committee Members

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Winston Ash
VBA President

Henry Moncur:
Building Contractor

Roger Lewis:

Electrical Engineer

Erskin Oliver:

General Contractor

Dr. Evans:

Urologist & Businessman
Howard Barr:
Carpenter & Minister

Andrew Hanna:


Hugh Rollins:

Building Contractor

Stanley Major:

Building Contractor


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About VBA

In recent years your new conference administration launched a new initiative known as Volunteer Bahamas Adventist (VBA). As a non- profit venture, VBA is designed to address all capital development needs of our conference inclusive of church, conference and school buildings.

How does it work?

Modeled after Maranatha Flight International, VBA works in tandem with Bahamas Conference and ASI (Adventist Service Industries) to renovate, construct and complete all existing church/conference buildings. In addition, this program seeks to generate funding. In this respect, it proposes to encourage local churches and members to invest in the Capital Development Fund seeking to make the fund healthier (2 million dollars) so that internal funding for all church/conference related projects will be provided, thus minimizing the need for external financing and reducing the time to secure funding. There is no doubt that God's people possess everything necessary to do His work. God, according to Paul in I Corinthians 12, blesses His church with every gift but not any one person with all of the gifts. Consequently, those gifts must be identified, harnessed and tapped for the advancement of God's kingdom. Additionally, God promises His people that if they obey His statues and requirements they will be blessed in a significant and noticeable manner (Duet 28).


The objective of VBA is to provide skilled, semi-skilled and non-skilled labor for the constructing of all Church, Conference Convention Center and school buildings, where necessary. Also, to facilitate through the Capital Development Fund in conjunction with ASI & UDF funding and repayment (competitive loans) for all projects.


Based on data collected through the recruitment drive, persons will be encouraged to devote themselves for a period of time (a few days or a week, or more which could be vacation time or otherwise). The aim is not to limit the period to a long holiday weekend but to a period one is prepared to sacrifice. Whatever time a member can allot will be accepted to provide voluntary labor throughout the year. Hopefully with many persons signing up enough persons needed for a job or a phase of a job would be available throughout the year.


Given the conviction that God's coming is near, we must do the work assigned to us while it is still day. The time is coming when we will no longer be able to work and money would have lost its value. However, with a concerted effort we can accomplish all of our projects in a reasonable period.


The Conference, along with ASI, will provide an initial seed fund of about $10,000 to $20,000 to assist with operations pertaining to an office worker, utilities and travels to Family Islands. This will be augmented by dues from each member of a suggested amount of $5 per month or $60 per annum. Contributions are not limited to this amount. It must be noted that this is a full voluntary-service, oriented organization. All persons with the exception of a director/supervisor will be expected to work gratis. Travel and local accommodation (inclusive of meals) will be taken care of when traveling outside New Providence.

As there is an immediate need of funds as Ephesus is now under construction. Stevens, Long Island, is expecting the arrival of its building supplies by next week. It is here proposed that we reactivate the Adventure In Faith offering. Thus, we appeal to each member to pledge an amount whether weekly, bi-weekly or monthly towards this plan. Funds will be used strictly for this plan. This amount pledged is to be separate and apart from what one is giving. An offering of faith is solicited. Finally, thanks for the generous offering give during Convention. Nearly four thousand dollars was given. This amount, as promised, was divided and shared equally with Bahamas Academy and Stevens Long Island. Thanks to each member and to the Hillview Church for accommodating two of the services at no charge. Do your part as together we shall accomplish all of these goals. ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE IF WE UNITE OUR EFFORTS AND RESOURCES!

Upcoming Projects:

Completion of New Bahamas Academy
Bamivoca Campsite
Completion of Millerton Church, Long Island
Bethel Church
Ebenezer Church
Inagua Church
Completion of Parkgate Church
Gambier Church
Communication Centre for South Bahamas Confernce
Redevelopment of Old Bahamas Academy

Want to Help?

1. Looking for a mission project to assist in 2012? Well, The Bahamas is the place to come! Lend a hand as we experience the growth of God’s work in this part of the vineyard. Enjoy an atmosphere of brotherly love as you share your time, talent, treasure and temple to the honor and glory of God. Come to The Bahamas!

For further details contact us at [email protected] or skype us at ptlmvisionministries and we would be happy to work with your group as we seek to grow God’s Kingdom in The Bahamas.

2. The South Bahamas Conference recently received a license to operate our own radio station. This is good news because it will provide a medium to promulgate the Gospel of God to the far corners of the archipelago and beyond! We need your prayers and support. Help us purchase over twenty thousand dollars of equipment and build a new Communication Complex on our conference grounds.
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