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The Logos for SEPTEMBER 22, 2018

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Ingathering: Sharing the Love and Hope of Jesus Christ

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In the book, Christian Servicepage 176.1 Ellen G. White speaks to what is described as, A Perplexing Problem. She says, “For years the perplexing question has been before us. How can we raise funds adequate for the support of the missions which the Lord has gone before us to open? We read the plain commands of the gospel; and the mission, in both home and foreign fields, present their necessities. The indications, yea, the positive relations of providence unite in urging us to do quickly the work that is waiting to be done.”

The History of Ingathering?Well the answer to this perplexing problem was coined as, “Harvest Ingathering!” The history of Ingathering began in 1908 in North America. Annual Ingathering campaigns were held in North America exclusively until 1919. In 1920 the Ingathering campaign was introduced to other divisions, and it grew steadily over the years as a major humanitarian outreach programme of the world Church.

Philosophy of Ingathering: The plan of salvation is centred in Jesus. He left heaven on His great mission of love and came to this world so overflowing with human suffering and woe. Jesus worked tirelessly to meet the physical and spiritual needs of humanity. In life and in death, Jesus revealed God’s purpose for mankind, to restore man to the image of God. Jesus is the great example for His followers to emulate. He assigns them the same task. As His representatives, they are to help alleviate human suffering and need. The Ingathering programme provides an opportunity each year for church members to invite friends, community, the general public, business leaders, and governmental agencies to participate in meeting some of the enormous needs of the world.

The Objectives of ingathering:The annual Ingathering campaign is one of multiple services and ministries coordinated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The objectives are: 1. To involve church members as active participants in the annual Ingathering campaign.

2. To visit in the homes and businesses of people, sharing the love and hope of Jesus Christ.

3. To present specific project needs and to invite a response in financial support, donations in kind, or contributions of volunteer labour.

4. To share with the public the humanitarian work of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

5. To report on projects that have been previously promoted.

Use of Ingathering Funds: Ingathering funds are to be used:

1. To help meet humanitarian needs around the world.

2. To help meet the need for health, education, community service, disaster, food distribution including famine relief, and similar projects.

3. To finance the specific projects for which funds were solicited.

I present to you today, the same perplexing question the prophet brought to the Adventist movement many moons ago, “How can we raise funds adequate for the support of the Gospel mission?” Answer: Ingathering! Today, our country faces challenging times economically. We are confronted with the issues of unemployment coupled with the effects of rising inflation rates; while taxation proves to be a test to all socioeconomic classes in our beloved Bahamaland.

The South Bahamas Conference (SBC) of Seventh-day Adventists has relentlessly ministered to the needs of hundreds of individuals and families in the areas of rental, educational, medical assistance, food and clothing distribution. We are determined to be a forefront responder for emergency hurricane relief. By the grace of God, we the SBC will be able to respond to these increasing demands in extraordinary ways as we venture out into the community, encouraging those who are able to give to give liberally. May the grace of God be with you as you go forward in faith. -Pastor Craig Williams, Community Services Coordinator


Please be advised that our Adventist radio station WORD SBC 88.3FM will be off air until further notice. Our transmitter has been damaged leaving us only with the ability to broadcast on the internet, using the TUNE IN radio application. We are in the process of purchasing a new transmitter, along with seeking a temporary solution to allow us to resume transmission. As we seek to rectify this matter promptly, we appreciate and solicit your prayers and continued donations to this project. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. -Mrs. Lavern Sturrup, Radio Coordinator


Take careful note of the activities that will be held by the CHAM Department:

Art Exhibition

The art exhibition has been extended for an additional week. Remember to mount your art work on a sturdy surface. You are required to provide an easel to display your work. Art Exhibition closes on Friday, September 28, 2018.

Child Preacher’s Workshop

All children are encouraged to attend the Child Preacher’s Workshop at the Ephesus Church on Parkgate Road on Sunday, September 30 from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon. Pastor Natalie Roberts will be their coach.

CHAM Week of Prayer

This will be a high week in the year of the Child and Adolescent. There will be a joint Week of Prayer on October 14 - 20. On October 14 - 19, the service will start at 7 o’clock nightly. A big baptism is planned for the concluding service on Sabbath, October 20 at 11:00 a.m. All Week of Prayer services will be held at the Living Faith Church. The emphasis is Stewardship.

Children’s Day

Our Children’s Day will be held in our churches on Sabbath, November 17, 2018. Our leaders need the support of all parents as we prepare them for ministry on the theme, Helping Kids Say Yes to Jesus!Be sure to encourage and assist where needed. -Joan Scavella, CHAM Director


Third Quarter (July -September)

“WE” (Women Empowerment) - at a glance:

September 2018

September 30th: Retreat Registrants’ Meeting

All women registered to attend the ATCU Retreat in Grand Bahama are asked to attend a very important meeting at the South Bahamas Conference Office on Sunday, September 30, 2018 at 10:00 a.m.


The registration for the Atlantic Caribbean Union Retreat, at the Grand Lucayan Resort, in Freeport Grand Bahama, on October 19-21, 2018 is now closed.

The organizers of the North Bahamas Conference have advised that all payments for hotel accommodations are now to be made at the South Bahamas Conference to Mr. Dwight Brown. Please indicate your room preference and ensure that you list the names of your roommates, along with payment. This will ensure that you are receiving the rates negotiated by the

organizers, which include all meals and other taxes negotiated by the organizers. Kindly provide your confirmation numbers to T’Nee Moss, by Friday, September 28, 2018, if you have already made bookings directly with the hotel, so that the organizers can confirm the details of your reservations with Our Lucaya.


Kindly donate your used, but in good condition devotionals to your local Women’s Ministries Leader for distribution during our community out-reach projects this year.-Mrs. Jacqueline Gibson, Women’s Ministries Director


It is going to be great! It is going to be exciting! It is our ASI Business Receptionwhich will be held on September 30, 2018. Save the date! Stay tuned for more information. -Mr. Ian Greene, President


2019 Reaping Campaigns in ATCU

The prayer focus of The Atlantic Caribbean Union (ATCU) for the week, September 23 - 29, 2018 is: Ushers and Prayer Teams.-Pastor Peter Joseph, Prayer Coordinator


All local health leaders, past and present, Adventist Health Professionals and those with a passion for health who have been working closely with Health Ministries are invited to a joint Health Ministries Dayon September 22 at the Berea Church at 11:00 a.m. Come out and be blessed! --Mrs. Nathelyn LaCroix, Health Ministries Director


The Health Ministries department of the Bethany Seventh-day Adventist Church in conjunction with the Health Ministries department of the South Bahamas Conference will hold a Let's Move to Live

Fun/Run Walk on Sunday, October 7 at 6:30 a.m.

Route: Goodman's Bay to Sandy Port and back.

Fruits and water will be provided for all who participate. For more information, please call 323-0610. -Mrs. Nathelyn LaCroix


Let’s continue movement! Join us every Sunday except the first Sunday in the month for overall rejuvenation. The route is Goodman's Bay to Sandyport and back. We encourage participation from all churches.

At the end of the year, the church with the greatest participation will be recognized.

Bring along some water and a fruit. -Mrs. Nathelyn LaCroix


Sept. 22 - Health Ministries Day

Oct. 7 - Let’s Move Day

-Mrs. Nathelyn LaCroix


Clean Up Month

During the month of September our pathfinder clubs will be involved in community clean-up all over our country. So, please feel free to lend a helping hand wherever you can. -Mr. Patrick Wilson, Pathfinder Director


The Youth Ministries Department announces the airing of Upsurge. The programme is sure to stimulate the mind and give the viewing audience a taste of our youth in their cognitive development as it relates to spiritual issues. This can be viewed on Hope TV Channel 658 at 7:00 p.m. Upsurgeis played on Mondays with a repeat on Thursdays. Tune in and support the young people of the conference. -Communication Department


All youth interested in attending Osh Kosh Camporee in Wisconsin 2019 are advised to register now. Visit the treasury department of the conference to pay your fees.-Mr. Patrick Wilson, Pathfinder Directo


September 29th, 2018, at 6:58 P.M.

Conference website:


Telephone: 242-341-4021

Have a blessed Sabbath!

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