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A Jamaican gives his dreadlocks - his all - for Jesus
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April 16, 2015 | Falmouth Gardens, Trelawny, Jamaica | Dyhann Buddoo-Fletcher/Adventist Review Going more than 30 years without a haircut did not disqualify a 66-year-old Jamaican man from baptism. But his decision to dart out of an evangelistic meeting and find a barbershop on a Sunday night convinced the pastor that he was willing to sacrifice all for Jesus. … Read More

In Costa Rica, largest health expo
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Hundreds gathered at the Terra Mall to participate in a health expo activity featuring the eight natural remedies to live a healthier life, in Cartago, Costa Rica, Apr. 18, 2015. … Read More

ADRA trains more than 200 pastors
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More than 200 Seventh-day Adventist ministers pose for a group picture after spending two days training for a special  emergency response and community … Read More

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In Adventist Church in South Africa Responds to Xenophobic attacks

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For the fifth consecutive year, teachers and students throughout schools of the North Caribbean Conference put away their academic activities in their classrooms on Mar. 6, to reflect on God’s blessings,

La Sierra University Enacts team places second

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April 20, 2015 | Riverside, California, United States | La Sierra News Staff

La Sierra University’s Enactus team finished second in the nation April 16 at the Enactus organization’s United States National Exposition, held in St. Louis, Mo., April 13-16. … Read More

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