T. Basil Sturrup

Ministerial Director

Meet our Ministerial Secretary

T. Basil Sturrup is a visionary leader, innovative church pastor, and provocative thinker. He has a broad scope of experience in Christian ministry having served as a pastor for many years, a full-time military chaplain, and adjunct professor.

Pastor Sturrup travels extensively to conduct workshops and seminars on friendship evangelism, post modern church growth methods, and biblical preaching. 

He has authored 19 books along with training manuals and an array of Bible lesson study guides.

He currently pastor's the Good News Seventh-day Adventist Church in Flamingo Gardens, Nassau Bahamas, and describes his congregation as the best church in the world.

Official Launch of RENEW Ministry Magazine July 25, 2019

The Ministerial Department of the South Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists is excited to present to you a quarterly publication designed to:

  • Bring clarity to the mission of the body of Christ.
  • Educate the reader about our fundamental beliefs.
  • Inspire Members to play an active role in the ministries of their church.
  • Present cutting-edge approaches to all facets of evangelism.
  • Facilitate bridging the gap between Baby Boomers and Millennials
  • Provide great subjects for dialogue for youth and children.

Unlike traditional Ministry Magazines that are intended to reach mainly pastors and elders. RENEW will provide a forum for all members to receive relevant information about our church, and it will also allow persons in our churches to contribute (through articles) to the growth and development of our conference.

How Can I Support RENEW ?

Subscribe: Whether it be an individual Subscription, or a church subscription, you can receive RENEW for the low price of $2.99 per copy.
Email: (please state number of copies requested)
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Submit An Article: To Submit an article to RENEW, Please apply the following stipulations.

  • Article should be between 1,500- 2,000 words. (Children’s Articles should be 500-1,000 words).
  • The purpose of articles should not bash, the content must be one or more of the following; useful information, instruction, a testimony, a solution to a problem, etc.
  • RENEW is a quarterly publication so articles should be submitted at least 2 months before intended time of viewing.
  • *** All articles are subject to the be edited before being published.

Advertise: You can advertise you church or your business in RENEW. There is only one size available- Full Page. For more information on the cost please call South Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists at 242-341-4021 and ask to speak to T’nee Moss. All checks should be made payable to South Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists c/o RENEW Magazine.

Donate: Thanks for donating to this initiative of the Ministerial Department. Please make your check payable to South Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists c/o RENEW Magazine. Checks can be dropped in the offering plate at your church, at the conference office, or call 341-4021 and we will come and pick it up. For additional questions of information call the office and ask for Ms. T’nee Moss.


Minister's Appearance
Whether out of the pulpit or in, your appearance matters—The work in which we are engaged is a responsible and exalted work. Those who minister in Word and doctrine should themselves be patterns of good works. They should be examples in holiness, cleanliness, and order. The appearance of the servant of God, out of the pulpit and in, should be that of a living preacher. He can accomplish far more by his godly example than by merely preaching in the desk, while his influence out of the desk is not worthy of imitation. Those who labor in this cause are bearing to the world the most elevated truth that was ever committed to mortals.—Testimonies for the Church 1:446.

Your clothes preach to your people—Carefulness in dress is an important item. There has been a lack here with ministers who believe present truth. The dress of some has been even untidy. Not only has there been a lack of taste and order in arranging the dress in a becoming manner upon the person, and in having the color suitable and becoming for a minister of Christ, but the apparel of some has been even slovenly. Some ministers wear a vest of a light color, while their pants are dark, or a dark vest and light pants, with no taste or orderly arrangement of the dress upon the person when they come before the people. These things are preaching to the people. The minister gives them an example of order, and sets before them the propriety of neatness and taste in their apparel, or he gives them lessons in slackness and lack of taste which they will be in danger of following.—Testimonies for the Church 2:610.

Ministers negligent of their apparel wound those of refined sensibilities—A minister who is negligent in his apparel often wounds those of good taste and refined sensibilities. Those who are faulty in this respect should correct their errors and be more circumspect. The loss of some souls at last will be traced to the untidiness of the minister. The first appearance affected the people unfavorably because they could not in any way link his appearance with the truths he presented. His dress was against him; and the impression given was that the people whom he represented were a careless set who cared nothing about their dress, and his hearers did not want anything to do with such a class of people.—Selected Messages 3:251.

Inappropriate dress can destroy your influence—Some who minister in sacred things so arrange their dress upon their persons that, to some extent at least, it destroys the influence of their labor. There is an apparent lack of taste in color and neatness of fit. What is the impression given by such a manner of dress? It is that the work in which they are engaged is considered no more sacred or elevated than common labor, as plowing in the field. The minister by his example brings down sacred things upon a level with common things. The influence of such preachers is not pleasing to God.—Selected Messages 3:251.

Neglecting the body is not the humility that savors of heaven—But this voluntary humility, this will-worship and neglecting of the body, is not the humility that savors of heaven. That humility will be particular to have the person and actions and apparel of all who preach the holy truth of God, right and perfectly proper, so that every item connected with us will recommend our holy religion. The very dress will be a recommendation of the truth to unbelievers. It will be a sermon in itself.—Selected Messages 3:251.

Cultivate courtesy and a quiet dignity—The minister must remember that favorable or unfavorable impressions are made upon his hearers by his deportment in the pulpit, his attitude, his manner of speaking, his dress. He should cultivate courtesy and refinement of manner, and should carry himself with a quiet dignity becoming to his high calling. Solemnity and a certain godly authority mingled with meekness, should characterize his demeanor. Coarseness and rudeness are not to be tolerated in the common walks of life, much less should they be permitted in the work of the ministry. The minister's attitude should be in harmony with the holy truths he proclaims. His words should be in every respect earnest and well chosen.—Gospel Workers, 172.

On this page I will give important information about the Ministerial Department.