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The Logos: Taking Media Ministries to the Next Level

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On May 27-31, 2019 the South Bahamas Conference Communications Department will host its Annual Pledge-a-thon to raise funds for our Media Ministries.

God has blessed this church with more than we could ask for as we are the only denomination in the Bahamas that own and operate a Radio Station and we have full access to a Television Channel (HOPE Channel) as our very own Adventist Television (ATV658) Channel. However, we have not maximized these opportunities.

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The Logos: Honouring Mothers


I don’t need to write an epic explaining how hard it is to be a mother, or an essay listing out the innumerable sacrifices that mothers make for their children daily.  In fact, it is a universal truth that true motherhood is physically demanding, emotionally exhausting and mentally taxing.

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The Logos for April 27, 2019--Youth, Free Youth Mind for Greater Service

The Logos for April 27, 2019--Youth, Free Youth Mind for Greater Service. Lead article by Ghia Morley. It is very important to bring awareness of one of the most subtle yet powerful prisons there is - and that is the prison of the mind. Indeed the chains have been removed from our feet but only to be placed on our minds - the way we view ourselves, our interactions with each other, the limitations we place on ourselves, the things we can do, the places we can go and even the thoughts we can conceive.

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21 Century Ministry--Logos for April 20, 2019

LOGOS FOR APRIL 20, 2019.   21st Century Ministry, Are We Ready? As we study the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation there are times when it appears as if there is no hope for the church. In fact, like the Apostle John while on the Isle of Patmos, you may wonder if when Jesus returns if He will find faith on the earth. This is the lead article by Pastor T. Basil Sturrup

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